I decided promotions and appraisals are not for me. I like to describe myself as “Half crazy, half sane. I like chicken and would probably marry one. They don’t cry and they don’t crib when you get drunk”.

That pretty much sums up what I am. Oh one more thing, I am the sales guy who also blogs!

Born in Chennai, and then it leads to a confusing discussion on where I am actually from.

I’ll be based out of Mumbai! See you there and everywhere online! You can follow the links below to know more.

LinkedIn // Twitter // Facebook // Blog

And yeah, Happy New Year and all that jazz!


Half crazy, half sane. I like chicken and would probably marry one. They don't cry and they don't crib when you get drunk

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7 Responses

  1. Gouri says:

    Vineet, you are lucky to have an opportunity to pursue your hobby as a full time profession. And we are luckier to have you with us. Wish you all the best… And Happy New year 2010!!

  2. Ram Rao says:

    Congrats to team.. Having worked closely with Vineet i know the pleasure is surely yours..May the New Year see Indiblogger Reach taller peaks.. As Vinni would say let the chicken and beer flow ..Cheers Indiblogger team

  3. Vinni says:

    @Gouri: I agree with you. I only hope the buckets of alchohol dont run dry!
    @Ram: Thanks mate! Cheers to the golden years at IT and SIBM!

  4. Juzar says:

    Have found Indibloggger to be a wonderful place to share my thoughts and opinions. It feels so much wonderful to read so many diverse posts by fellow Indians. Have been blogging since 2004 and I think it has been several times that I have just left blogging for a log long time. Indiblogger has been the best thing for my blogging experience, and all that involvement and blogging has made me write so many posts in a few days that I have rarely written earlier. Anything that pops up in my mind, any idea or thought just goes up. Thanks to Indiblogger for such motivation.

  5. Major says:

    Bhai Jaan Assalaam Valekum….and proud of you.
    keep Rocking!!!

  6. Swa says:

    Aaaa..ha ha ha!

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