IndiBlogger members get an early peek into the working of Google’s Blog Compass

Being in the midst of the latest happenings in the world of blogging is something we love at IndiBlogger and this time around, it felt a bit more special when we received an email from Google asking for assistance with getting critical feedback on their new venture from the IndiBlogger community.

And Google loved it! Here’s what they told us:

Thanks to all of the trusted testers from IndiBlogger
who helped us test the app until now. Your input found 316 bugs and feature requests, over 80% of which have already been fixed.

It was very enterprising to know that Indian bloggers played a key role in sharing their experience with IndiBlogger and Google. However, we’re sure that every Indian blogger must have been ecstatic to talk about blogging, especially with a company that can make things happen for Blogging on a very large scale.

Blog Compass is an Android app that integrates with WordPress and blogs. It tracks all of your site’s statistics and helps you get inspired to write your next blog post.

It is available today as an open beta.

Blog Compass By Google

Blog Compass By Google

We thank everyone for their contribution. The sheer preciseness and magnitude of your feedback can never be quantified, in fact it is priceless and we’re positive that Google Compass will serve blogging well, because of your own unique experiences.

We are sure that every time we open Blog Compass, we will see a little bit of all of you in it.

For us, this activity reconfirmed our faith in the medium of blogging. It is an art that would never stop, a hope that would never be lost and as long as it remains on the open highway of the internet, it will continue to be the most credible and thought enabling source of information. Blogs don’t hide and there is something about that openness and freedom that cannot be denied.

Some awesome days ahead! Keep Blogging.

If you were a part of the program or a curious user or a believer in the whole blogging story, do drop in the comments and give us your thoughts on Blog Compass.


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50 Responses

  1. Ms Arora says:

    I was really eager to use the app. I was missing it on my phone. It is really a good app for bloggers as it provides a lot of new features which can be a great help for your blog. Going to download it today.

  2. Shivali says:

    Sounds great. Is it for IOS too?

  3. Kumar says:

    This app is great! Everyone who has a blog should try it!

  4. Saba irfan says:

    Hey, love to see blog compass finally out all perfect and fine! I reviewed and used it for six weeks for the survey and still have it! The features are most helpful and it’s a useful app too!

  5. Hema says:

    I am in . Keen to learn more.

  6. I participated in the Blog compass testing in three phases and I have an idea this app will be a game changer.Great work Indiblogger team and Google.Would love to get a testimonial too ?

  7. Just got my hands on the Blog Compass Android app. It is a praiseworthy initiative to bring different services like blogging, keyword research or topics, Analytics data, AdSense, tips and knowledge for blogging the best in a single app.

  8. helpful informative post for bloggers thanks for sharing

  9. Need to figure how to use this.

  10. Babit Kumar says:

    This is such a fantastic app so far for bloggers, i was the part of this blog compass App and got early access few months back.

  11. KS Rao says:

    Sounds interesting will be downloading it and see how to get around it…! sure it will be useful for the fellow bloggers.

  12. Bikramjit says:

    Hope it will help in a great way to blogger s, thanks to Indiblogger

  13. Sudha Jeevan says:

    Eager to download and test Blog Compass.

  14. d Nambiar says:

    I’m off to check it out.
    Thank you for the heads up.

  15. Neha Tambe says:

    This is great news! Looking forward to some interesting anaytics that Blog Compass may throw up

  16. d Nambiar says:

    Not available to Uncle Sam, yet. πŸ™

  17. Sujata Roy says:

    Installed this app yesterday. Its really awesome. Thanks to Indiblogger and Google.

  18. harun says:

    I already used this Blog compass . Its really awesome. it help blogger

  19. I came to know of this only three days ago in a mail by indiblogger. Would have loved to participate in the programme. Have tried using this app now and for now I am liking it.

  20. Gita Madhu says:

    I was already used by Google when they were testing the App. However, I have no idea how to use the digital payment with which they rewarded us.

  21. Yes. I was one of the people Google approached for testing. I use Blogger for my blog. I used it regularly during testing and suggested certain changes too.

  22. Srikanth says:

    A quick check on if this would be rolledout to iOS devices too…

  23. SHAZIA IQBAL says:

    I participated in their pre launch survey.

  24. Dipika Singh says:

    It’s really nice to see the app is out and helping bloggers to build up positively with the blog insights. I joined during the testing phase and had a tough time installing during then, however when it came out a Blog Compass the installation and authentication were super easy.
    Glad to see all the features working fine and helping with trending topics too.

  25. Sumit Sharma says:

    I have used this app and it is very useful for planning my blog posts.

  26. Hope it will help in a great way to blogger s, thanks to Indiblogger

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