10 Most Awe-Inspiring and WTF Moments at BNLF

Hello everyone! I am writing this blog post to recap IndiBlogger’s very own BNLF for those who couldn’t make it, and to reminisce on some of the key moments, both seen and unseen.

Thank you to everyone who turned up over the weekend. We know you had a choice of events happening around the country that weekend, and yet you chose to spend it with the IndiBlogger community and BNLF.

We present the 10 most awe-inspiring, crazy, WTF moments at BNLF.

I’m going to take a page out of Jeff Bullas’ book and write a post with a list in it :-). This is in no particular order of importance.


BNLF Stage

When we conceptualized the idea of BNLF, we envisioned an environment like no other. We wanted a setup that would be worthy of hosting IndiBlogger members from across the world. When we first saw the finished setup, we were thrilled and we hope you were too. We had members flying down from different countries, and from every corner of India. I felt like I was struck by lighting when over 60% of the crowd raised their hands when I asked if there were bloggers who came from outside Mumbai. Just the amount of money people would have spent to make it here made our eyes water a bit. IndiBlogger meets have always been free for everyone registered on IndiBlogger. Even though the entry to BNLF was also free, bloggers still had to spend to get there. For a second, I was speechless on stage. We hope it was worth it…


Purba Ray at BNLF

Christoph Trappe’s candor throughout the event was refreshing! For instance, when I was looking for him at the backstage party and couldn’t find him, I sent him a message asking him why he wasn’t there. He replied saying, “I didn’t know about the backstage party! I am in my PJ’s!” :-). Purba Ray was a bundle of energy. At the start she seemed a bit nervous to get up there, but after her talk she came up to me all bright and sunshiney saying something along the lines of “Hey I didn’t do my FAQs, put me back up there” :-). We were not able to speak to Kanan Gill at length because of his hectic travel schedule, so what I thought was to be a talk on video blogging, turned out to be his journey as a video blogger. He mentioned his approach of talking about his journal at some point, and I missed the details. My bad, but hey, I still enjoyed the hell out of that one. Preeti Shenoy and Arnab Ray were also quite excited. Preeti was a keynote speaker at one of our first IndiBlogger events back in 2008, which made it all the more special to have her with us at BNLF. I loved it when Arnab came to us on the second day and said that he could offer constructive advice on character creation. Creating great characters is the cornerstone of every great story, and without a moment’s hesitation, we said yes! In the green room, Anshul Tewari blew my mind when he said investors had bought into Youth Ki Awaaz knowing fully well that he had no plans of advertising on his site, a site that was purely based on public opinion. There are very few investors with heart, and we are so glad that he found them.

We didn’t send out bulk emails to ask people if they would consider speaking at BNLF. We sent personal emails to people whom we thought were just right to convey the agenda that we had in mind, and everyone said yes, except one who had to drop out because of personal commitments.



When we were planning the idea of an IndiCrew, I remember we had sent out an email to bloggers saying that “they would not be there to fill the labour gap, but to be a part of organizing the event and to have fun”. Oh boy, were we wrong. We needed every able bodied person at all action stations that day! I was working closely with the IndiStage crew behind the scenes, and they were just brilliant. They were like pros, mic-ing up every speaker, cuing in the audio visuals, keeping the green room tidy, etc. I outlined a limited set of processes during the briefing, and these guys managed to figure out the rest. Towards the end though, fatigue set in and the suppressed selfie addiction in some of them popped back up. It was nonetheless a tiny blemish in an otherwise perfect day for the IndiStage crew. The IndiWelcome, IndiPolice and IndiHospitality crews also worked their butts off and missed quite a few of the sessions. We will have a special screening of the talks just for you guys once the videos are processed!


Blunder in the Code at BNLF

Nadisha Thomas at BNLF

The sound and stage setup took longer than we expected, and the sound check for the band (Blunder in the Code) did not transpire at 9:00 PM the previous day as expected. We had to do it at 6:00 AM (with due permission of course). However, the blaring guitars and screaming vocals sent the hotel staff running around helter-skelter with complaints streaming in from all around. Heh..a true rock band moment. Blunder in the Code is comprised of in-house musicians from our very own team IndiBlogger. This time around, we decided to get our good friend, special guest Nadisha Thomas to lend us her voice so that we could play some songs we wouldn’t usually attempt. We felt like a youthful Axl Rose was on stage during Sweet Child O’ Mine. Goosebumps. Did you feel that too? I was so excited, that I almost forgot my chords during Jesuwin’s hell raising drum solo, and Nihal’s guitar theatrics as well.


Jeff Bullas at BNLF

When we were saying our goodbyes to Jeff Bullas, we asked him what his thoughts were on BNLF. One line that he said made my heart skip a few beats… He said “This is digital marketing with a soul”. Just the way he articulated it made me tear up again (just a bit). At this point, I looked around at the IndiBlogger team, and saw them having the same epiphany.


Bruce Dickinson at BNLF

I remember the moment a few months ago, when the final confirmation from Bruce Dickinson’s office came in confirming his participation at BNLF. I remember my hands getting cold as I was trying to type a befitting reply. A few hundred tries later, I just said “Thank you, we will get back to you soon”. Everything else was a blur, as I walked into the office to tell everyone that the deed was done.

I encountered my most awkward moments in life, when I was around Bruce Dickinson. For the months leading up to the event, like a true fan boy, I thought I had everything nailed down on what I was going to tell Bruce when I met him. At the backstage party, after walking around a bit and psyching myself up, Renie told me that I had to at least say hello. So I walked up to him, only to say “Bleeh, blef, bluben, blah, bluey, boo, blah BLECH!”. Then my blood sugar dropped and I heard the “clinking” of our glasses and Bruce saying “Cheers”. I still remember that distinct sound. When we were leaving, and the team was there to say goodbye, I thought I should give it another shot. This time, it was a lot better. Absolutely no words came out of my mouth. It was like all the words were stuck in my throat like some alphabet soup. All this is after I was preaching to some folk, who came to me asking to help them get a selfie with Bruce and I told them to have a conversation with him first. The only person who seemed at ease was Renie, and the conversations that he later recounted were more than enough for me. Many celebs have come and shared the IndiBlogger stage in the past, but I have never seen the team and I so starstruck as we were when we met Bruce. I don’t think we will ever be again. That’s how much he meant to all of us. What did you guys think?

Although, if Eminem comes down, The Captain (Saurabh) would be on his knees, slobbering like a disoriented gremlin.


The IndiBlogger Team

I don’t get to introduce the IndiTeam at most of our events. These guys are mostly shy, except for “The Captain” and I who like the limelight :-). This time I made it a point to grab all those buggers, and make them forget all their duties for some time. This time, I had everyone in the hall at the end of day-2, waiting so that I could call them on stage. The energy that they brought, running up onto the stage after a week of no sleep was just what we needed to end BNLF with hoots, howls and hurr-hurrs! I am going to name them all here, because I don’t know if I can ever round them up again to do another intro. So here goes, and in no particular order – Renie, Karthik, Vineet, Nitin, Nihal, Swati, Diana, Nandita, Naveen, Vijay, Rashmi, Kavya, Shady, Saurabh, Sainath, Adina, Jesuwin and I (Anoop). BNLF has roughly taken 8 months for financial and agenda planning. These guys helped cut a lot of corners so that we could make this happen. I am speechless at the prolonged commitment from the team towards our ultimate goal.


Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 6.13.18 PM


It was great to hear advice from people on myriad subjects regrading BNLF. I was ecstatic – after the execution of BNLF, people still wanted more! That hunger and fire for knowledge and perfection was making my brain bounce around, enabling new pathways to form in a sort of synaptic explosion. Many bloggers were asking us how this event made financial sense,  considering the sheer amount of money we dropped into it without any sponsors. To be frank, sponsors were asking too much of us. They were offering money, but they wanted their CEO to speak and such. We, however, did not want to compromise on the editorial content surrounding blogging. The theme was “The Pioneers of Blogging”, and we decided to stick to that no matter what. We took a leap of faith. We gave sponsors a chance to creatively do something on stage, but none of those who approached us showed any inclination towards leveraging their creative IQ. Imagine how stupid it would have been, if before Purba’s talk, some marketing guy decided to tell us how awesome his product was. So yes, a ton of money was spent, but BNLF was as pure as ever and stayed true to Blogging. A small price to pay for the greater good. StayZilla and Cleartrip were brilliant though. Cleartrip as part of Cleartrip activities, managed to keep people from getting bored during the breaks by having Harley Davidson motorcycles, Segways and a rock-climbing wall, amongst other things. StayZilla provided free accommodation for out-of-station bloggers traveling to Mumbai for BNLF, and even went above and beyond, organizing a hotel room on the day of BNLF, so that a blogger would not have to travel alone at night. A very noble gesture indeed!

Update – Heineken and Fratelli Wines! How did I miss this one? They added the flavor to the backstage party with their unlimited supply of beverages for BNLF!! The backstage party will be in my mind for ages to come. I took home some very touching conversations with people and stood there with awe as legends walked the halls of BNLF.

The moral of the story is, please continue coming for our regular IndiBlogger meets and try out some creams and the latest gadgets, so that we can have another unadulterated version of BNLF soon! 🙂



In one of my BNLF posts, I said that we had wanted to create a set-up for BNLF that was unique and memorable. As Arnab rightly said on day 2, a good fantasy needs a world with it’s own rules. Our BNLF world was the experience of flying – which we tried to emulate via the blog badges, boarding passes, a QR code check-in system, airport signage and security, and finally – the actual airplane itself where we were flown around the world in 12 hours.

The stage setup I thought was quite different and I liked it a lot. Our event management team led by Rajan Godfrey of EvantsPro, worked with us more like a friend than someone out to do business. This helped us relax through the days leading up to the event, and on the event days as well. There were no surprises, they stayed true to what they could deliver and did everything they could to help. We hope you liked the final creation.


Indian Blogger Community at BNLF

We set out to achieve the following:

  • To make this a truly global conference, and have some of the most loved personalities from across the world be a part of it.
  • To try and inspire everyone to take blogging seriously, and write in detail about everything concerning their lives and beyond.
  • To somehow convey to IndiBlogger members about our passion, our belief in blogging and our genuineness to keep the sanctity of blogging intact.
  • To host the most disruptive conference on blogging…ever!

From where we stand, we think we did. What are your thoughts and take-aways from BNLF?

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96 Responses

  1. The Sorcerer says:

    I thought Karan Gill will talk about video blogging, but it turned out to be something else. Its not as if people hated it or anything, it’s just that we were expecting him to talk about how he started about vlogging. It just felt out of place. There are so many Youtubers (non-Indians) who talk about how they started and how they evolved by putting up a video of that online. I had pretty high expectations because unlike in the United States where it’s probably easier, it’s not really easy over here.

    When you have investors backing you, a lot of things gets pushed quickly. But then again keeping them interested is a very daunting task.

    Mr. Trappe is just in a different league especially on Day 2. The same with Jeff Bullas. I know a lot of people enjoyed success from writing here, but it shows that we still have a long way to go. But I believe a lot of people on Day 2 were more interested in monetizing. No offense to Arnab, but I really feel that Mr. Bullas should have taken care of the second part of the day completely because a lot of stuff (and useful) was skipped. I didn’t know what Arnab said on Day 1, but at the start of his session on Day 2 is something which I disagreed with. There’s no harm in quoting the source. Everyone has an opinion based on what they read and write. You’re just being courteous when you’re linking to the source. People who read TOI read other content too. Keeping crappy content writers aside, if you’re not reading my content, it simply means you’re not my audience.

    I went to check out Mr. Trappe’s twitter account out of genuine curiosity. On November 2nd, he posted two Speaker tips: “Be aware that you are the entertainment – be entertaining” and “Talk to the audience – not at them.” He’s very right. I am not saying that all should be pros at public speaking, nobody is. But I feel that speakers should give a direction to bloggers on how to be a serious writer and get something out of it like a business (exactly what Mr. Bullas spoke from the start). Focus is very important, and something even serious bloggers lack.

    But the best part was interacting with other people- within the Indiblogger community. They had good ideas. One of them was showing a useful WordPress tool where you can highlight a part of the write-up in a blog post and share it in social media. There were people whom I was inspired from and some people were inspired from me. On day 2, I was speaking to this one person who seems to be more engaged as a blogger and has the potential to grow more. We were talking about monetizing and I told about a concept I was working on to monetize. She liked it. Also about trying to have special features like reviewing wireless tracker, like the Fitbit I was testing and recently posted. I genuinely felt good sharing these ideas and knowing that she loved it. I think we really should have sessions where people not only listen and discuss with the speaker but also with each other. Most of those who achieved success through blogging are the ones who started in 2005-2008ish. Once you enjoyed getting Youtube success are pretty recent. I would like to see Indian Youtubers in, but I would love them to talk about how they plan on making videos, what kind of equipment they started off with, how they pitch an idea or a concept to potential sponsors and prioritizing to make quality content. I think we should have a concept to have a Day 2 BNLF type sessions on a much smaller scale but with people within the community- like Purba Ray and that guy from phone arena (oh whoops…the one with an ‘F’).

    Also, please do invite Medianama.com and askvg.com in the near future BNLF events. askvg.com has been running for a long time, probably since when my age was 16-17 (I am 29 now). Probably back when Geocities was about to get axed(?). As for international guys, Gigaom, Anand Shimpi who started Anandtech (who now works in Apple), etc. Both of these sites achieved a high level of reputation and credibility, but eventually moved on. So, it’s important for bloggers to know from such people with this side of the fence.

    • The Sorcerer says:

      Also, what I liked about Bigrock event was that it was like an amphitheatre. Small crowd, yes. But it was in a way where the environment made people to look at what the readers were talking. The slides and the other display was clear compared to the BNLF thingy. Day 1 setup was long. People at the back cannot see what they were really showing. Minor hiccups. No biggie.

      • The Sorcerer says:

        Oh yeah. If youtubers are going to coming in the future, they should also talk about video processing/encoding as well. Most of the time I end up converting .MOV to MP4, then again encode MP4 via handbrake which brings the total size of the video completely down. If Indian youtubers can talk about it, it would be great.

    • anoop says:

      Hey man! good to hear from you and thanks for all the feedback.

      let me try and talk about a some points that you mentioned:

      1) video blogging – This is definitely an untapped territory. We could have got people excited about that and had some content around it for sure. Its a great way to express oneself.

      2) Jeff’s curriculum – The training that jeff takes on is quite intense and cannot be completed in a few hours. He told us that much before the event. The idea was to give a window into his training so that people could then latch on to his online training program/books if they needed more. 3 hours was certainly not enough and even if we had given 5 hours, it still wouldn’t have been enough. Its a curriculum built over 6 years of experience.

      3) Smaller scale – events with 100 people etc are really personal and have a different feel to it. personally I love the smaller events and people tend to connect with each other a lot better. We wanted to get people from all over India and having a smaller scale event would mean lots of people would not get a chance and we wouldnt be able to generate enough excitement for people to come from other places. People from towns got an intro into BNLF/IndiBlogger because of this. BNLF events will always be on a larger scale .. there are tons of IndiBlogger events which are usually done with 100 -150 bloggers.

      4) We will look at Gigaom etc but dont these tech conferences cover all these angles? It cant be too technical as well. We will be alienating a huge part of the crowd.. we have to look at a section of events built for pro training etc if we are targeting this level of knowledge.

      In any case all this is great food for thought. I will also run this by other people and let you know what they think. I can comment back here again after further understanding.

      • The Sorcerer says:

        3. aaah. fair enough! Good show, btw.

        4. Well, honestly no tech site can survive unless technical aspect is explained so that the general mass can understand and/or relate to it. Or else it will simply become into a B2B site. I suggested GigaOm because one of their revenue models was premium content. We talk about ads, affiliates and sponsored posts as revenue models, but then there’s a premium content- virtually untapped. I am pretty sure they can have suitable presentations. Same goes for Anandtech. I mentioned Medianama because they’ve grown over the years and have explained many aspects about startups, telecom jugaad, company claims jugaad, etc- something that mainstreamers don’t. Being honest and having consistent growth at the same time from ground up is not very easy. Even I am very interested, considering its an Indian website operating in India, so the issues and roadblock he faces is something we can know. ASKVG.com is a very old website. He’s a Microsoft MVP though I doubt he was one back then. I see so many ‘How to’ content from tech blogs asking for reviews in Indiblogger, but it’s too ‘bland’, monotonous, part of it copied from certain sources, etc.

        The faking news guy is also something we can call, though he didn’t have a business model and hence he sold it to Network18, he could probably talk about stuff.

      • anoop says:

        Hey Sorcerer, This advanced bit is going to have a learning curve for me.. Lets have a chat sometime on the phone so that I can get an understanding of the broad subjects that need impetus. I am not sure if BNLF is the right path for this but we can certainly have something else that fills this gap. I need to understand the curriculum. I will do some research and then we can talk and take things forward.

  2. nabanita says:

    How I wish I could have been there…So happy for you guys…If anyone could have envisage and come up with such a successful event it’s you..Hats off and congratulations

    Now come to Bangalore please!

    And when you have one in Shillong (If I’m right, I remember seeing that name in the list of cities/towns as well), I will try my best to be there too because that is where I grew up…!

    Love being an Indiblogger 🙂

    • anoop says:

      Hey Nabanita, WHat happened? I thought you were going to make it .. In any case we will try and make another one happen but unfortunately it wont be with the same speakers etc.. so that’s an opportunity missed.

      More than that it was the environment… people who know IndiBlogger for years would have added a whole lot of value to the many who were first timers to BNLF…It was actually, quite a different crowd from what you would encounter in other IndiBlogger meets..

      regardless, we will see what we can do for those who couldn’t attend ..

      • Rajiv says:

        I still fell terrible for not being able to attend this one 🙁 . I hope another one comes-up soon enough.

        And three cheers to you guys for having pulled it off so wonderfully!!

        Hope to see you guys soon again


      • anoop says:

        Hi Rajiv, We will try and do another one. The agenda planning etc takes a bit of time but we are hopeful we can set another one up. I am not quite sure if we can recreate the same magic but we will do our best 🙂

  3. This was a fabulous event. The right amount of information was injected considering the level of a vast majority of the audience. It was amazing to see Bruce, although we are more used to seeing him sing and run around on stage.

    The highlight of the event, though, was Jeff Bullas’ masterclass. Hats off for pulling this off seamlessly Team Indiblogger…

    • anoop says:

      Hi Vishal, Good to hear from you man .. I think many would have heard Bruce sing all the time in concerts, CD’s etc but to hear him talk about his personal life is something else.. very few across the world can say they heard the real Bruce be real and not just a showman.. Anyway that’s what I think 🙂

      Jeff was brilliant. He is just an amazing person to talk to. Very warm. I was half expecting an angry Aussie before I spoke to him for the first time 🙂

  4. Alok Vats says:

    Awesome Anoop, I cannot believe that you too can become speechless at stage 🙂 Strange men, but it is the quality of such events organized by IndiBlogger. It sometimes made us speechless and this time it was the turn of IndiCrew 🙂

    Anyways, frankly speaking, I missed being a part of this event and I seriously will feel the same for the rest of my life, unless and until I attend the next version of it and I am sure that will surely heal it out 🙂 Since I missed the event, I won’t comment anything on it. But yes I am a big fan of Preeti Shenoy and wanted to meet her, other than Jeff Bullas but then I cannot complaint about it.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Alok, Thanks for writing in. It goes without saying that it would have been great to have you there considering that you use IndiBlogger quite well.. You would have helped many people. I was faced with questions on submitting etc and I spent half the time blinking 🙂

      A couple of nice surprises on stage .. some funny moments.. yea I was definitely taken aback a few times that day 🙂

      but you were definitely missed so get yourself prepped for the enxt one 🙂

      • Alok Vats says:

        Sure man, I am already preparing for the next one. BTW you could have mentioned one of my post written especially on it only: http://www.inewsindia.com/2014/06/06/how-to-be-successful-in-indiblogger/

        I actually love to be a part of such an inspiring community and this is the reason which always inspire me to help others too. Don’t know I helped how many people about how to use IndiBlogger properly 🙂 You won’t believe that last Sunday only I was in Delhi Metro with Punam and my sweetheart Pihu, and someone from the crowd asked me whether I am a blogger associated with IndiBlogger, of course, she recognized through the t-shirt which I was wearing that time, and I guided her as well about how to create a blog first, then to manage it out, and then how to become a part of Indi 🙂 One thing, quite honestly IB provided us the platform which helped us as well to get recognition 🙂 I honestly wanted to be associated with IB, but no issues, am associated with it in some other way only 🙂

      • Alok Vats says:

        Hey Anoop, BTW I replied to your comment, hopefully it went to spam….

      • anoop says:

        Hey Alok, I just approved the comment.. it was in spam for some reason ..

        Thats quite a story and on a train too! You remind me of a very motivated teacher I had 🙂

        well try not to miss the next one 🙂

  5. Chaithra says:

    I’m still starstruck! I last saw Bruce perform at the 2007 concert when I bought a VIP pass (that was half my one month’s salary back then, yes I I said Half!!) to attend the Maiden Concert. To listen to him talk was amazing. I was totally inspired by how he quoted a lot of things w.r.t. the Business of Music, I’m going to share that with my musician friends of course. What the team Indiblogger did was great, to bring out that unseen side of Bruce! Kudos, you guys!

    Well.. Although I enjoyed waking up to the Intro music of the song “Sweet Child of Mine”, my roommate was a little peeved, she doesn’t really enjoy that genre of music. So, It was us who complained about the early morning music ‘coz who sound checks at 4.45AM? Yes, u guys started at 4.45AM not 6AM. We called the reception at 5.30AM to bring this to notice. For me though, it was my fanciest alarm clock everrrrr!!

    Oh! May I also point out that this was my first event at the IB. And, no I had no idea Bruce was speaking. Couldn’t take a look at the agenda except for the first few speakers, since I was held up with a lot of work and travel. I was only thrilled to see the email dated Oct 6th confirming my passes and all I did immediately was to book the stay and travel tickets.

    To sum it up!! The event was GREAT!! Thank you for this! Looking forward to future events by IB.

    • anoop says:

      LOL .. Oh crap! Did you guys really complain?? this is the craziest story ever! he he.. Well a lot of other people complained too from the looks of things.

      Yea I went to all the 3 concerts that Maiden put out including flying to Mumbai which was my favorite because that was the somewhere in time tour.

      He was everything we had ever hoped far .. I would have been a tad disappointed if he was un approachable but au contraire, he was just perfect 🙂

      Not bad for the first event. Come try some shampoos next 😀

  6. Ananya Kiran says:

    Hey Anoop,

    I am a very lazy reader and find it really hard to read long posts however this time I am surprised when I reached the end of your post. Kudos to your writing flare 🙂

    I must again congratulate you and entire Indiblogger Crew for putting up a grand show. Honestly, its my first Blog conference in India and I didnt really know what to except. I was impressed with the entire set up and neon lights totally justifying the fun ride, that it was. The way your team tried to keep up with the schedule was commendable. The energy in the room was infectious and thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your wonderful event.

    At last I would like to make a small suggesation- Please Do strictly moderate the Q&A next time. The guest speakers were addressed very rudely by few audiences, who in excitement of asking a question seemed to have forgotten common courtesy. Sometimes they even interrupted the speaker unnecessarily. Someone asked about a X guest speakers mother behaving weird- that was totally unacceptable, in my opinion.

    But in the end I carry wonderful memories with me.
    Thank you for your prompt email response which made this possible.

    • anoop says:

      Hi Ananya, Hey was really awesome to chat with you at BNLF. Good to know that you enjoyed it as well considering that you may have seen some state of the art conferences back in the US.

      I agree on the moderation bit. There were a few hic cups at the end. We could not be as strict as we were when we first started as the event drew nearer. perhaps some mistakes were made when allowing people in. We had to reject over 150 people in the last few days before the event. I think the rise in inquiries was probably due to the article that came in the newspaper and it attracted the wrong crowd. We were keeping promos on the down low and with bloggers like Shashi etc just to ensure digital media people could come … hmmm .. but yea it was a blemish.

      And thanks for making it. you were always chirpy and bubbling around adding to the atmosphere. Hopefully we will see you next time as well! 🙂

      • Maybe Indipolice can be used to bring in some decorum when people are raising queries and see to that questions are crisp and short. Even sitting and rudely raising questions or showing disrespect to guest speakers can be screened.

  7. Chaithra says:

    Oh!! May I also point out to the smallest details. Like the Black Sabbath Song ‘Valhalla’ as the Boarding Gate! Very well thought and curated.. I have attended events but none this detailed!


    • anoop says:

      Yea Valhalla was actually our initial concept. We were looking at many square regular mundane ballroom halls. We initially came up with an immortality theme about mythological gods etc . We wanted to put up a huge gate in front of the hall to signify the entrance into another realm of sorts .. but we parked that the moment we found the plaza he he

  8. That’s a wonderful round-up Anoop, I just want to say how great it was to meet so many IndiBlogger members in person at #BNLF!

    I already knew we have a remarkable community here, but making some of those connections in person really endorsed how much I appreciate this group of people. So many blogs that I have known and read via IndiVine – their craving for learning and progress, and their infinite passion for blogging constantly motivate and inspire me, and I felt that even more while meeting and getting to know all those IB’ers in person. I can’t wait to meet more in the future!

    Many of the keynotes by various speakers were highly inspirational as well! Being in the blogging world for nearly 6 years now – I could more easily relate to their advice and tips that so many of them traced through their own journeys. A quote from the keynote by Jeff Bullas on the first day really stuck a chord with me where he said that blogging is a journey where you discover yourself. So true and one achievement that we all bloggers should really be proud of!

    Also! A big thank you to the entire IndiTeam and the IndiCrew members for doing an awesome job of welcoming us with such warmth and broad lovely smiles and keeping the atmosphere comfortable, relaxed and alive all throughout.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Arti.. Its been six years since you have been blogging?? oh god time flies.. I am having grey hair now and it looks like you have seen me grow old with each passing IndiBlogger meet 🙂

      Jeff really has his way with one liners .. there were several things he said to us off the cuff that had me startled at the way he could simplify complicated stuff.

      The IndiCrew has been a tremendous help. I dont really have words to thank them. You guys were awesome as well.

      But you know what when I saw you at the breakfast area and you smiled I actually felt really relaxed. lotsa stuff was running through my head at the time. Thank you for coming and it was awesome to see a friendly face at BNLF. see you at the next one 🙂

  9. SUJATA TAWDE says:

    This Ramblings would sure make us IndiBloggers write our own versions of #BNLF (‘ Other Side of #BNLF’). My IndiBlogger BFF Manisha had never read Purba’s A-Musing , so it was exciting to see her LOLing while Purba was holding forth on Nighties, Bhains, Gaays n Beef. BFFs must share likes, dislikes n Fanism 4 Purba. I got to talk, shake hands and click pic with Purba n her husband. That was my 1st Goal at #BNLF. IndiCrew was absolutely Friendly. IndiBlogger Team, especially Diana forced us to take 1 more t-shirt.Luckily, while leaving, I got to shake hands with them all except RENIE , who was BUSY. Bruce’s Buzzing Mosquito reminded us Mumbaikars of #Malaria n Nana Patekar’s dialogue ‘Ek Machchar aadmi ko …’ No I won’t use any **** words here or anywhere. Thanks Heavens 4 d IndiTeam’s intro. I was asking Manjulika Pramod, which 1 is d Renie ? And u remember Ananya asking u , I want 2 thank Anoop, where’s he ? Jeff, Christophe, Arnab , Anshul. Preeti all added to our Blogging-knowlege. “Blunder In The Code’ was much, much better this time with Pretty Girl Nadisha Thomas ( Melodious voice + Sweet Face ) Her looks added Face-Value to Indi-Band. I must save some for my #BNLF post so See u soon #BNLF

    • anoop says:

      Hey Sujata.. LOL on the mosquito thing.. you brought it up on twitter etc .. man that was funny.

      hey thanks for the mention about “Blunder In The Code” The band loves their feedback. Especially the good ones 🙂 Nadhisha was just too good. She is actually quite a pro at that with her own shows in pubs etc. The band was a little bit intimidated by her presence during practice because none of us really play live gigs apart from IndiBlogger meets. The Jam room we practiced in on the first day did not have great equipment and we sounded terrible during the first run. the second day was much better and we settled in. Nadhisha definitely brought the level of the band up by a few notches.

      Yea lots of people asked me who Renie was. I must tell him to take off that “Optimus Prime” DP that he has and put his own stupid looking face on it he he

  10. BNLF was my first Indiblogger event and boy, was I spellbound!? The whole thing was so perfectly thought of, from the Valyrian steel joke on the ‘What Not To Carry’ board to the great line-up of speakers and extreme insight. It was all so great and cohesive. The arrangement was beyond perfect, the people were all so brilliant, the IndiTeam and the IndiCrew was epic and each Keynote was extremely interesting and insightful.

    Fanboy moments all around when you see so many great people who made it big by blogging on stage while Bruce Dickinson and that handshake was an experience like no other.

    The environment was so open and welcoming that someone like me, who barely starts conversations because of how nervous he is, initiated so many conversations and made a lot of interesting friends.

    BNLF was a wonderful experience and I’d definitely want to come to many more Indiblogger events in the future.

    • anoop says:

      Hi Deepansh, Great that you enjoyed your first IndiBlogger meet and this was a rather special one at that 🙂

      Yea being a fanboy sucks sometimes .. I was always thinking of something and doing the opposite. For example, when he first walked into the green room, I thought I’d say hello but not shake his hand. I did just the opposite, I mumbled something and shook his hand..

      This is the first time someone has pointed out the “Valerian steel” rule. he he.. Thanks for noticing. That’s what you get when someone in the creative team decides to open up a bottle midway through designing a banner 😀

  11. I believe BNLF did full justice to the blogging community by having speakers to share their expertise and their personal experience about blogging.
    Nevertheless I as a marketing man would definitely recommend bringing corporate sponsorship on board for such events. For example if it happens to be a two day event nothing will go sour for a marketing person if he witnesses and understands fully well objective of bloggers concern and their passion. On the second day if they are allotted say 1 hour or so to do their presentation it would take off the financial burden.
    At the end of the day every blogger dreams that his writing or product or service will be appreciated after a few years. How long a passion can sustain on its own steam, every blogger heart of hearts looks for monetization of his blog or rather his passion.

    • anoop says:

      Hi Umesh, Thanks for writing in. I remember every time we met I had something else on my mind. It would have been good to catch up and talk about all of this. I believe we also spoke on the phone along the similar lines of sponsors etc..

      You are definitely right about sponsors. They are crucial. This is the first time we have taken a leap of faith on such a scale. We usually have everything covered. This time we had a new pitch to try out, so we wrent able to get the point across to many sponsors. For example our current IndiBlogger MO is to figure out how many blog posts said sponsor needs but our challenge was that we could not apply the same to BNLF because most people who were at BNLF came to learn and not really promote anything. So we could not indulge our partners with specific ROI’s or outcomes.

      However, I think we have it nailed down and we are getting a much better response to this new model. So hopefully we will have more support for the next one.

      Thanks again for jogging my grey cells 🙂

  12. Deepti Verma says:

    It was a very different Indiblogger meet but quite inspiring, motivational and entertaining as well. Few tips by Jef Bullas and C. Trappe shared on Day 1 was quite educational. Like you don’t get to know the 60-30-10 formula so easily…You learn it the hard way and often it takes months for you to know that. In the next BNLF event, I think it would be great if experts give their info on’How to use social media’ in a way that helps your blog as we all know getting attention in social media is not that easy, SEO know-how, link building stuff etc etc etc…The basic and important things that every Blogger is eager to know before he starts monetizing his blog and learns he knows nothing about these stuff….

    I’m really thankful for this event and looking forward for more…A Huge round of applause to the entire Indie team for making it a huge hit…

    • anoop says:

      Hi Deepti, Thanks for writing in and glad that you found it useful. The point you made about leveraging social media is a something we should cover in length as well. We will keep that as one of our objectives for the next BNLF.

  13. Rachna says:

    Hey Anoop, Kudos to the Inditeam for holding the event with such elan. Sorry to have missed it but look forward to the one in Bangalore. I know the speakers will be different but this is a great initiative — hardcore blogging and sessions devoted to it. This is what all of us wanted. And you guys delivered from what I’ve heard from those who attended. I do hope that there will be some videos uploaded somewhere so that more of us can benefit. Well done! Great going.

  14. Last but not the least I want Indiblogger or BNLF platform to be a listed entity with a broad public holding. I mean the entire platform can be a launch pad for product launches with blogging community endorsing or reviewing corporate products. Corporates spend crores to gain publicity at the time of launch for example a car launch, with test drives, cellphone launches, etc. My dream is to see the pioneers of blogging platform BNLF as a leading media in the league of TOI or Business India.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Umesh, Thank you for sharing your dream on us!:-) BNLF is not bound by some of the constraints of IndiBlogger and so I think your suggestion could be more than a possibility. Hopefully such things will be a reality soon! 🙂

  15. shwetabh says:

    The zombie missed this one.

    So have 1 in delhi soon so that i could meet u all again

    • anoop says:

      Yo what happened?? I thought everything was planned from your side and that you were going to make it. I am not exactly sure where we are going next but lets see 🙂

  16. If I’m not wrong, the first event you are referring to in 2008 was the one in Pune, right? That’s a fond memory for me since that was also the first blogger event I ever attended and a wonderful experience.
    Awesome to see how great this event was. Looking forward to squeezing time out from the hospital and definitely making it for the next one

    • anoop says:

      Hey Roshan, Yea the Pune meet was actually great. I think Vineet made his first appearance at that one. Although , our first meet was in Bangalore. See you at the next BNLF!

  17. Stuti says:

    Hi Anoop, Nicely written, loved it because I can relate to it. To add, the rock performance was awesome specially Sweet Child O’ Mine, it brought back my college memories; nonetheless, she was just amazing!

    The set up, meeting new people, old buddies; the speakers, networking, clear trip activities and last and most important “the moment when I shook hands with Bruce Dickinson” I just couldn’t say anything to him but my name when I went to meet him..whoa! and what more a blogger could ask for.

    I only regret not able to attend on Day 2, courtesy bad cold which I got due to that super chilling AC 😛 ..hope to attend future bnlf events!

    • anoop says:

      Hey Stuti, Thanks for the comment! Sweet Child was actually a last minute decision to add to the set list and we are happy it turned out well.

      I didn’t realize how cold it was until I came on stage when Bruce was doing the Q&A. I was shivering up there. I think that AC was meant to blast for thousands of people during concerts etc at the Plaza. Sorry you fell ill. The AC started acting up the second day as well and we had to turn it down 😀

  18. Hey Anoop,
    BNLF was oone hell of an event. A well planned, organized, managed event with top notch speakers & fun from the start till end. Every keynote there was a take away which can inspire all of us. Kudos to Indiblogger team for making BNLF a huge success. You do plan more events & We will support you for sure. 🙂

    • anoop says:

      Hey Gautham, Thanks for the support! It was very heart warming to feel the support from everyone. We will plan more events and hopefully your schedule will allow you to make it for that as well 🙂

  19. Nalini Raj says:

    Hi Anoop…saw all the pictures, read all the blog posts and reviews…and felt so proud of everything you, Renie and team are doing. You guys with your commitment, focus and integrity….are achieving something truly amazing in the world of blogging and bringing people together in a very unique way.

    Stay true to yourself…and the sky is definitely not the limit for you!
    All the best….from someone who actually taught some of you 🙂 LOL! (Our secret!)

    • anoop says:

      aaah!!! Good to hear from you on the blog post Nalini akka! At least inside IndiBlogger it is no secret that you pushed me up on stage during school to indulge in some public speaking that I so colorfully messed up!! 🙂 Anyway that set me on a path that I never regretted for a second.

      Next time you should try and come. I don’t think you have seen us in any of the recent blogger meets and yea there is a lot of commitment and loyalty from everyone towards IndiBlogger. That is something we all learned from great life teachers like you ..

  20. Lancelot says:

    Hey Anoop,
    First of all congratulations for spearheading yet another event.
    This event was a success the moment many hands were up when you asked for people who’ve come from beyond Mumbai. The fact that they could make it proves it. I was in that crowd and I did feel awesome to be there.
    The speakers, the networking, the activities, the super cold air conditioning and the never ending selfies.. Loved them to the core..
    Thank you indiblogger team..

    • anoop says:

      Hey yo! It was good fun man. Good seeing you as well. It was a nice crowd. I met many who I dont usually see at our other events. So maybe BNLF just strikes a different chord with people .. hmmm .. Thanks for writing in 🙂

  21. Hi Anoop,

    At the outset I would like to congratulate you for organizing such a successful event. And particularly for the stage (what I see in pictures. It’s one of the best I have ever seen)

    Also feel pathetic for missing the event. And after seeing the pictures and going through the blog posts, I am really missing the event more.

    However, I will try to be a part of your amazing round up in the next segment. Wish you all the best for all your endeavors. Congrats!!

    • anoop says:

      Hi Durga Prasad, Thanks for writing. There were some really nice unique moments all around so I am not sure if we can recreate the same magic come the next event but hope to see you at the next one 🙂

  22. Brototi Roy says:

    The photos look amazing! And I can only imagine how amazing the event would have been; the energy and enthusiasm of the place!

    Waiting for the Delhi segment soon!

    • anoop says:

      The energy was definitely infectious 🙂 Although I dont think you should wait for Delhi. The next one could happen anywhere and ideally you should be making travel plans 🙂

  23. What a post, Anoop! This is actually awe inspiring. I was travelling just before BNLF and I already knew I had missed something great, but then I read your post and I’m literally kicking myself for missing it.

    A big congratulations to the Indi Team!
    See you next time. Kudos.

    • anoop says:

      Hi Aditi, Sorry that you missed it. It would have been good to see you there. Next time try and make it no matter what. We will put in the same effort and more 🙂

  24. Hi Guys! It was my first ever Indiblogger meet. Fantabulous!
    I have shared my experience here: http://www.insightstories.in/2015/11/bnlf-my-first-indiblogger-meet.html

  25. Great show put up by the Indiblogger team with #BNLF. It was fun meeting so many interesting souls ranging from highly opinionated and critic to mild chilled out ones.

    As being pointed out earlier, this meet was more focused on story telling and was very helpful to people just taking the plunge into blogging. For experienced bloggers, it was more of a checklist and milder adaptations to what people they were already doing with their blog.

    One of the major crowd pullers was jeff and kanan from the monetization aspect of things. I’ve met very young guys ( 16 year olds ) getting traffic from developed nations and making a killing, probably more in a day than what an Infosys guy would draw in a year. Blogging is self expression but also associates with a fingering fantasy about the freedom to leave your current job and earn a living of it. Maybe in the future events, you can focus purely on the monetizations bit on day 2.

    Hope you take this as constructive feedback and keep doing what you are doing. Kudos!

    • anoop says:

      Hey, Thanks a bunch for the feed back. You are right in many ways. This event wasn’t meant to have any sort of pro sessions 🙂 Hard to compete with tech conferences on the depth of the content 🙂

      I am sure you liked Jeff 🙂 Most people who take this seriously as a business model latch onto his techniques.

      I do feel if we need to go in depth into certain subjects we will need to run these events differently. Maybe have a spin off of BNLF events to cater to advanced methodologies. The Sorceror also had similar thoughts as you. Rest assured we will figure this out! 🙂

  26. Hemal Shah says:

    Hell of an event mate, and you summed it up all so well! Awesome.

    Thank f***king god, you introduced the IndiTeam – at all the meets, I get to hear all the complaints as if I am part of the IndiTeam!! lol 😛

    For me, the meet was kind of mixed – managing the family and time at work.. I only wish I could have been there, only longer. I enjoyed it throughly on the first day, and on the second I could not keep my 1 year old not to shout when Jeff was speaking..

    Jeff’s talk needed something to keep some of the folks glued, but I think his stuff was more deep. But here is hope people change their views and pay attention to the real matter. We still have couple of them asking questions that, well, are more inclined to making money being the priority and creating (and not manufacturing) content.

    Superb effort from everyone, it is always, ever-so-awesome to meet you all.

    • anoop says:

      Yo Man! Was freaking awesome seeing you again. Having people at BNLF who know us since we started gives us immense confidence! Just seeing you around just brought some warmth in an otherwise tense day for me 🙂

    • SUMIT NANGIA says:

      Sorry Hemal from IndiStage’s Team side for asking you to leave from GreenRoom. It was just that a few members didn’t knew you and hence the confusion. I know you won’t mind kids trying to do their job. It was nice to finally meet you in person.

      Cheers !!!! 🙂

      • anoop says:

        Hi Sumit, LOL .. i remember that. You did that perfectly and Hemal knows the drill.. He usually is on IndiPolice duty when on IndiBlogger 🙂

  27. I am happy to see the success of IB. You guys are doing a splendid job turning every day writers into proud authors and in some cases celebrities.
    I am hopeful I will join you guys in a similar event one day. I do have a small network within this larger community of bloggers and would love to meet them in person. (and reveal the secret that I too have mass.)
    For that I have to learn to be in the right place and that too at the right time!
    Till then I wish the IB family all the best and many more successful events. After all me too is a part of this family.


    • anoop says:

      Hi Suman! Great to hear from you and glad that you have a “Mass”. Sounds like church! 🙂 Yea BNLF was the right place and the right time for you for sure. You probably would have met them.

      Thanks again and hopefully we will see you for the next one! 🙂

  28. Naveen says:

    Damn, good stuff guys! Cannot imagine Bruce “Air-raid Siren” Dickinson present flesh and blood. Congrats on pulling off a great event!

    • anoop says:

      Brother! How you been?? Bruce was everything we thought he was when we were growing up and more! 🙂 Will call you up later when I have the videos sorted so you wouldn’t miss everything 🙂

  29. Hey Anoop,

    It was just amazing to be a part of #BNLF! Since the day, I haven’t stopped talking about it with my family and, they are now actually begging me to choose some other topic 😀
    The Indiblogger Team along has managed the whole event with great panache and, I must say that you performed with an uncommon elan onstage! I’m quite surprised (or happy maybe :-P) that you were short of words in front of Bruce.
    Kudos to your choice of speakers, they were all awesome. Purba is my all-time favourite. It was amazing to listen to Bruce, I was mesmerized while he was talking. Thought of taking a selfie with him, but all bla-blee-bee…and no words came out 🙁 I cursed myself later!

    Thank you all once again for holding this event. I listened and learnt a lot. Now, I’m looking forward to #BNLF Kolkata…make it quick, guys.Please.

    • anoop says:

      Hi Maniparna, Same here! No one wants to call me anymore bgecause thats all I have been talking about! 😀

      We took a risk in selecting the speakers, we just went through blogs more than anything else to select them. There are many speakers in teh digital marketing industry. We didnt want to choose anyone as “Speakers”. We wanted to choose the bloggers first and decide if they could speak :-).

      The BNLF chapter in Kolkata is an exciting prospect! 🙂 I look forward to it too 🙂

  30. Amazing pictures! And love the enthusiasm of the team IB. I wish I was there though!

  31. Thanks again everyone for having me. I had so much fun. You guys are so passionate.

    Passion gets you started. Purpose keeps you going.

    • anoop says:

      HI Christoph! Lookie who decided to drop by our Blog! 🙂 Hope you had a safe trip home. I am pretty sure you must be awake most nights dude to jet lag.

      You were quite passionate too and the topic that you chose was great! I don’t think there are many if not any who speak on that specific “authentic story” niche. Thanks and we are ever so greatful that you could make it ..

  32. Thanks for this post and the pictures on facebook 🙂
    You people had such a great time. I feel sad that I missed it due to some unavoidable circumstances, but next time I will make sure that I don’t miss it.
    You guys are awesome. Big congratulations to all of you.
    Love being an Indiblogger 🙂

    • anoop says:

      Hi Purba, Thanks for writing in and sorry that you missed the action. Hopefully we can meet in the next BNLF. I love being an IndiBlogger too 🙂

  33. SUMIT NANGIA says:

    I don’t know where to begin. There are so many different perspectives to so many things.

    Firstly let me congratulate Team Indi for pulling off something which was league apart from any event/meet/conference in the history of Indiblogger. Organizing so much varied activities and talks that too keeping everything in sync without anyone(be it speakers or bloggers)feeling bored, hungry or sleepy reflects the professionalism and seriousness Indi has evolved into from its initial days.

    I am pretty sure the planning for BNLF from financial as well as logistical point of view has been immensely rigorous, painstaking and long. But what set apart BNLF was the perfection in its execution. From setting up processes for the known, to delegating responsibilities to the crew to managing the end moment crisis (Wi-Fi Issues, Clicker Trouble, Security Concerns etc etc.) there was gravitas with which issues were resolved.

    As the part of IndiStage Team, I worked closely with Anoop, Sai and Nihal (with all due thanks for letting me in “The Esteemed Crew”) I must say damn.. these people take their jobs seriously. I wish I were so loyal to my day job.As day 1 progressed, I actually felt the “zombie mode” of Anoop, man you should seriously consider auditioning for the next season of “The Walking Dead”. You were tired, stressed and de-caffinated but there was no stopping the Zombie.Saw Sai struggling with Clicker and god knows how he juggled with speakers’ demands and people on console.I think this experience was my biggest takeaway.

    Band- How can one not talk about – “Blunder in the code”. It was the start to awesomeness. With such a rocking beginning to the show, every note had to be the Keynote. Kanan was humorous, him sharing the notes from his past was something which made me a fan. The way he held the audience was mesmerizing. Anshul Tewari, the most down to earth speaker I must say, both in my interaction with him backstage as well with his talk, his genuineness and humble nature was pretty evident. Arnab(greatbong)was the multi-talented guy whose experiences mixed with his story telling art added glimmer to the stage. Sadly, these were the only talks I paid attention to while struggling to cope with crew responsibilities.

    And then there was….Sir Bruce Dickinson.Hats off to this man who needs no introduction and respect team Indi for getting this man to speak. His insights was life advice. He made me believe that irrespective of what problem a person may be passing through, there is always a way out. I just wished to have sneaked a picture with him somewhere 😉

    There was coffee and there was lunch. Ahhh.. There is no love more sincere than love for food. Some of the best one-to-ones I had were during this period. Met a few old blogger friends, made a few new ones. Some conversations extended till the after-party, some are still ongoing on fb messenger. This is magic of two bloggers bonding over a cup of coffee. Lunch was just superfreakinglicious.

    I want to write so much more… But I have a train to catch in morning tomorrow…Need to sleep abhi. I owe you a detailed blogpost for sure.

    Kudos Team Indiblogger !!!!!

    • anoop says:

      Hi Sumit, Thanks for writing in man and articulating things so well! 🙂

      Like you pointed out I was really really tired that day. The band sound check being shifted to the unearthly hours of the morning, I think drained all my energy.. but the show had to go and anad you guys executed it perfectly. I was really not worried about the processes that you guys took charge of. I was more thinking about what I had to say for each speaker and I remembered none of my preps 😀 Thankfully Archana prepared great write ups for the speakers so she took a huge load offfa me.

      Glad you liked Blunder in the code’s performance. We are quite proud of the band because its something unique to IndiBlogger. I am just thrilled that we can take time out of busy schedules to kick back and let some music fly. Its just luck that in a team of 15 you find at least 5 who can form a band. Actually when Nihal joined up the only “Interview” question he got was “Can you play the guitar?” The rest was history.

      Thanks again and you definitely took care of the stage.

  34. Wow, that was an epic post. Will try to catch it in Pocket where I have saved it for now 🙂 I want to attend the BLNF event in Bangalore or Chennai.

    Destination Infinity

    • anoop says:

      Hey Infinity, Thank you 🙂 Although I wouldn’t suggest that you wait for your city… These are large scale high budget events, so it cant be done everywhere with teh frequency of regular IndiBlogger meets.

  35. Katie says:

    Oops! Took me quite some time to reach the bottom to add a comment. Anoop, what you guys did was epic. I was following you on Twitter, thanks to the lovely bloggers at the event who kept tweeting. I wanted to be at every BNLF becos each will be unique. Keeping it friendly n simple is the USP of IB and we love it. Hope to see the next in Chennai soon. Cheers IB Team.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Katie.. What happened? I thought you were really keen on attending and come event day I saw a tweet from you that you weren’t there .. I would advice not to wait for a specific city. BNLF is suually decided on a number of factors including availability of the speakers, appropriate venues etc. So this is making it hard for us to follow a specific pattern…

      • Katie says:

        Delsyed professional schedule killed my plans. Yeah, Anoop, wherever you host, will be there. Looking forward to it in 2016.

  36. Freya says:

    That was just 10 and yet a looong list Anoop, it was a while before I reached the comments section. Kudos to the Indiblogger team for a rocking first time ever event in India. I’m so glad I made it and now have the right to boast about it for life. 😀
    I enjoyed the event. Would have been nice had Gill done what was expected but then he’s all about the unexpected (and so is Indiblogger). And that didn’t take away from the event at all. All the speakers were energising on day one and their experiences were full of learning.
    Day 2 was packed with gyaan, so much that my head was bursting by the time I left (not sure if you guys noticed my drunk with knowledge walk as I left) 😀
    Add to this the awesome bloggers I met and got inspired by and the event becomes a complete package! Thanks again guys for the memorable BNLF event.

  37. Freya says:

    That was just 10 and yet a looong list Anoop, it was a while before I reached the comments section. Kudos to the Indiblogger team for a rocking first time ever event in India. I’m so glad I made it and now have the right to boast about it for life. 😀
    I enjoyed the event. Would have been nice had Gill done what was expected but then he’s all about the unexpected (and so is Indiblogger). And that didn’t take away from the event at all. All the speakers were energising on day one and their experiences were full of learning.
    Day 2 was packed with gyaan, so much that my head was bursting by the time I left (not sure if you guys noticed my drunk with knowledge walk as I left) 😀
    Add to this the awesome bloggers I met and got inspired by and the event becomes a complete package. Thanks again guys for the memorable BNLF event. 🙂

  38. Md Mushtaque Ali says:

    I am very pleases to know that such a bold and beatiful event took place in city like Mumbai.I shall be happy to know about the events in future.

  39. Sneh says:

    I feel so proud to be associated with Indiblogger.. with the scale of events going larger everytime.
    I feel sad that I couldn’t attend this event.. but would definitely try to make it next time..

    Good Going Indiblogger team..

  40. Anand M says:

    Hey Anoop, Kudos! What a lively show it was. You people are great organizers. The energy in your team is amazing. Thanks for all your hard work for making it happen. I was first timer but could connect with fellow bloggers and listen to few exceptional talent. Purba Ray’s wisdom and Bruce Dickinson’s enthusiasm was infectious.

  41. Hey Anoop,

    It took me a while to write about BNLF due to my busy schedule. Don’t know if you got a chance to go through it. This big event has bought in something in all who attended in some form or the other. Although I was again delayed in applying for the Indicrew, for my so called excuse but would love to part of it later.

    #BNLF is still fresh after a month time and kudos to the whole IndiBlogger team for such a fantastic execution.

  42. Hi! guys it was my first BNLF meet. It looks like you guys rock the show. I will connect with you for more fun. again congratulation for success. ?

  43. Sampath Ram says:

    Hey Anoop, Kudos! What a lively show it was. You people are great organizers. The energy in your team is amazing. Thanks for all your hard work for making it happen. I was first timer but could connect with fellow bloggers and listen to few exceptional talent. Purba Ray’s wisdom and Bruce Dickinson’s enthusiasm was infectious.

  1. November 5, 2015

    […] A detailed report of the event can be found here. […]

  2. November 6, 2015

    […] If you had not been there at the BNLF, you can catch all the action and backstage info from Anoop’s post here. […]

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