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Break on through

Some of you may have noticed – things have been quiet at IndiBlogger for a while! This is due to 2 reasons: The operational challenges that come with running a 12 year old product....


10 Most Awe-Inspiring and WTF Moments at BNLF

Thank you to everyone who turned up over the weekend of 31st Oct and 1st Nov 2015. We know you had a choice of a lot of events happening around the country that day and yet you chose to spend it with IndiBlogger and BNLF. We present, the 10 most awe-inspiring, crazy and WTF moments at BNLF!


IndiBlogger Weekly Diary | Edition 1

Hey everyone, Welcome to the first edition of our weekly diary on IndiBlogger! In today’s edition we are going to take a look on the week gone by and its key events, blog posts,...

Is blogging on the wane? 10

Is blogging on the wane?

Chip, the popular tech magazine ran a featured article on the present state of blogging in the face of the rising popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. We had our say...

IndiBlogger V3 is out! 25

IndiBlogger V3 is out!

Merry Christmas everyone! What was meant to be our usual Xmas update to IndiBlogger took us much, much longer than we expected it to, thanks to more ideas getting added to the mix every...