Bangalore Blogger Meet 2009

Hey hey hey! Its time for round two of the bloggers meet in Bangalore in as many years. We’re excited, pumped up and are hell bent on making this a very fun evening.

Last year we found that many liked the introduction round (now called the “One Minute of Fame”) as it gave bloggers a chance to talk about their blogs and their interests. We had a gala time listening to everyone of you, from the self proclaimed blogger meet virgin Kamal Tripathi, to BlogGanesha, the guys from, and to the very funny Parthasarathi , we had a super cool evening.


We cant wait to see everyone again and also see some new faces and characters. Bangalore has always been close to our hearts, it was our first blogger meet back in february 2008 and it it ranks as one of the best.

Its great when the community can give something back to the community. Enter, they are moderating a discussion on blogging rights and freedom of speech on blogs. So if you are a blogger who speaks his or her mind, this is a topic that you need to closely monitor. Recently a 19 year old was directed by the supreme court to take down his opinion on a political party. I say, what the blazes!!??


This year promises to be smashing with Microsoft providing us with a very cool sneak peak at Windows 7. We have heard a lot about windows 7 on the web and this is a fabulous chance to hear all about it from the horse’s mouth. So be ready with all your questions on Windows 7 this Saturday! Microsoft Bizspark is also going to be present, now for all you bloggers who have start ups and are struggling to find means to source your development tools, this is a great oppurtunity to capitalize on what Microsoft Bizspark has to offer.

Overall, with 75 bloggers registered already, this promises to blow the old numbers out of proportion, so if you haven’t registered at, this is a good chance to do so. If you are in the vicinity of Bangalore, this is a must attend meet for any serious blogger.


Looking forward to meeting you all. We cannot wait!

Official meeting page:

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