Break on through

Some of you may have noticed – things have been quiet at IndiBlogger for a while! This is due to 2 reasons:

  1. The operational challenges that come with running a 12 year old product. Although the principles we setup IndiBlogger on so many years ago still stand good today, the industry’s requirements have changed.
  2. A decision we made a long time ago has left us without the means to overcome the above-mentioned operational challenges. We’ve been trying to make it work over the last few years, but in the end, IndiBlogger has always been about freedom – and we’ve decided that there’s no way we can do justice to this community with one hand tied behind our backs.

So we’re doing the right thing for everyone and taking a step back, so we can do greater things. We don’t know what shape or form it will take, but this team has never been one to dream small, so I personally can’t wait to see what happens.

So what happens now?

  • Any section of IndiBlogger which does not require any human intervention (such as IndiVine, Top Posts, IndiSpire, IndiMail, IndiNetwork) will continue to run as usual.
  • Any section on IndiBlogger which serves as proof of an accomplishment – (IndiContests, IndiMeets, Indian Blogger Awards, BNLF, WeBlogAcademy Certificates, etc.) will be permanently archived and accessible.
  • Any confidential information that you have shared with IndiBlogger will remain private and secure, as it has always been.
  • Moz recently announced that Mozrank, an integral part of our IndiRank algorithm is being phased out, so IndiRank will not be updated any more.
  • IndiBlogger Badges will continue to be hosted on the same world-class CDNs.
  • We are no longer accepting signups.
  • IndiSupport is no longer manned. You can always reach out to us using one of the options on our contact page.
  • 25th – 30th June 2019
    • The IndiForum will be made read-only and archived to prevent spam.
    • The Android app will be taken off the play store and will cease to function.

Where does the team go from here?

As it has always been, our future is full of uncertainty, and full of possibility; but here’s one thing for sure – what true blogging stands for, and represents, will always be in our DNA. It’s never been about the platforms or mediums we’ve used, the languages we chose to communicate with, or even the banner “IndiBlogger”. Everyone you’ve ever interacted with, either online or in person, is and always will be a part of the IndiBlogger family. What brought us together is something that can never be taken away from us. Stay tuned!

We blog, therefore we are.

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173 Responses

  1. Goms says:

    But how will I get all my stolen sketch pens back? How? The nation wants to know. How?

  2. Sad to hear this but happy to hear about the new things that can come anytime.This because legends never die . Give your best indi team and we all are with you because you give us everything an opportunity to meet new blogger and learn something , make our blog post read by more and more people and the one thing which is main is you gave us freedom and we don’t have to invest a single rupee to join it but you gave us hard cold cash just because you want that we all must be independent . Thank you indiblogger for everything . This is not the ending of indiblogger this is the starting of a new indiblogger.

    • Nandita says:

      Hey Aditya, this was emotional to read! Thanks for all the love, we’ve all come such a long way together. Thank you for giving us purpose. Much love, this isn’t the end.

  3. Aww shucks… Well you gotta do what you gotta do.. so good luck to you guys and thanks for all the kick-ass events and memories… 😍😊

  4. Man, you guys have been so helpful in every blogger’s journey. Waiting to hear something big, a big bang entry… soon… Good luck!

    And thanks to all those behind the scenes Heroes!!! Salute.

  5. Rajat says:

    I was introduced to professional blogging industry by you only. I still remember the event Word Up 2015 which was my first blogging event and first interaction with you.
    So many like me have learnt a lot from/through this platform. You have always been a part of my professional career in the industry and i feel proud to be a member of this highly dynamic platform.
    Please stay!

  6. Swati Maheshwari says:

    IndiBlogger will always remain the most amazing team that there can ever be, and that’s easily agreeable to anyone who has met us ever. But, to have been a part of the core team has been one of the most fulfilling experiences for me; professionally and personally. Everything I know, everything I learned about working hard, work ethics, having fun, having each other’s back, and what it means to “belong”, was here, with this team. And so IndiBlogger will always live in me, as it will in you if you were part of this brilliant journey!

  7. Oh no.This is sad Indiblogger.Hope you find the right way to go forward and do all the amazing things you do .Best wishes.

  8. Certainly, IB needs to have its footprints across the globe and not just in India now. I am hoping high with the team with a firm belief in the community and power of Indians.

    The entire world should know the power of bloggers in India.

    Lets set the bar high again one more time.

  9. This is really a very sad news…
    Wishing to see you in a new Avatar ASAP.

  10. Hey! What the heck! Feel like crying! It was indiblogger that gave me the imprtus required to persist with blogging. I just can’t digest this. Really really sorry to see this happen. Come back soon with something even better soon. Will wait for it.

  11. Mansi says:

    My heart 💜❤ goes for this. It’s been one home for all. Hope it comes back with a bang.

  12. Atulmaharaj says:

    You guys have done a commendable job to make Indiblogger what it is today. Thanks for bringing all the Bloggers closer. My heart goes out o each one of you. Wishing you all the best for the future and hoping for a better, bigger comeback.

  13. Thank you Team Indiblogger 🙏🏻
    No matter what, we continue to be a part of the Indiblogger family & possess bragging rights of the folklore. If the end isn’t happy, it isn’t the end…a fresh beginning is in store.
    My blog post has more-
    Life before & with Indiblogger-

  14. Tikuli says:

    Ten years of togetherness. So many memories, so much love and sharing. This is making me very emotional. Each one of you have been such a pillar of strength and love. I built friendships that are stronger than before.
    I know change is the only thing constant and i wish you guys all the very best. We remain a family. Once in gang always in gang.

  15. Mahendra says:

    We will miss you always your work, events and networking we had in IBs Events

  16. Saru says:

    This made me emotional. I wish team members the very best for their future endeavours.

  17. Debdatta says:

    I have made so many friends and memories through IB!

    Sad to say Goodbye… But I am sure whatever journey you guys decide to go on next will be amazing!

    Much love to all of you and All the Best!

  18. This feels so sad to read. Been part of IndiBlogger since 2011 and have so many incredible memories associated with IB. Can’t imagine life without IB. Can’t imagine how my blogging would have taken off without the readers I got thanks to IB.
    More than the online platform, I feel sad because I have met all of you- the incredible IB team- so many times over the years- at the blogger meets, 2 BNLFs, the train ride to Dehradun together- and such awesome memories they are. I have always loved and appreciated the way you guys work together and bring about innovation while having so much fun.
    Will miss an active IB but what must be done ought to be done. So glad to see you are not willing to move away from the ethics- something only people who are truly passionate about a thing can do. Thank you IB team! All the best to each one of you and hope to see you back together on a new adventure soon 🙂

  19. Phenomenon says:

    Oh man this is heartbreaking. Looking forward to your new endeavors. Loved this platform and all the events I was part of. All the best for your journey forward.

  20. Change is the only constant thing in the world. However, somethings are close to heart and wish it remains forever. My respect for Indiblogger is one such emotion. I met our Chennai blogger club friends first time in Ambipur indiblogger meet and from there no looking back. I still have that T shirt. More than that the great opportunities this amazing platform has gives to us as bloggers. Every sunset is a beginning for new sunrises. So wishing the team here the best as you move forward. Love you all

  21. Oh… I did not liked this news. I want my old indiblogger to come back. With lots of contests and indi posts…

  22. Heta says:

    Ohh not feeling good to hear that, but thank you so much nonetheless. It was you and your team, because of whom we got such a great platform to showcase our work to the world. Best wishes for your future and I hope that you guys come with some exciting thing again. Good luck 👍🏻

  23. you mean Indiblogger as we know it will cease. I hope the indimeet stays those were great.

  24. You’ve made so many bloggers active and keep going with their momentum. Without IndiBlogger and the super cool contests I’m sure we’ll have less blog posts on our blogs. I’m sure you’ll come back with a great trend. My hearty wishes to each one of the member at IndiBlogger team.

  25. This was the fear we had carried all these days and here’s the news. It could not have been easy to have come to this point for all of you. My heart goes out to you all. What your team has been to Indian bloggers is something beyond what one can expect in this ordinary world and this feeling shall remain with us forever. Of everything, it’s tons and tons of gratefulness that stands out for IB. Wishing each one of you a well-lived and meaningful future. Let my gut continue to feel that one day Indiblogger will be back with a bang.

  26. Monika says:

    Oh it doesn’t feel good at all. You have been a great support – a friendly support for all bloggers. It will be so difficult without you. Anyway all the best for your future venture. Good luck and thankyou for everything.

  27. Gunjan says:

    This is sad! I have so many good memories with you Indiblogger. Wish you guys all the beat, looking forward to hear about the new update super soon..

  28. Oh….man. I can’t believe this. So sad. The first forum that I was close by heart. This is shocking too. But any changes that lead to new begginnings and new hopes are most welcome. We are with you, Indiblogger. Waiting with fingers crossed.

  29. Kala Ravi says:

    Extemely saddened to read this! But I do hope, like the phoenix, IB too shall rise from the ashes. This too shall pass guys! The IB family will always remain special for all us bloggers, a common platform, a melting pot of like-minded individuals. Sighhh!

  30. Vartika says:

    God! This is really sad. How I wish it was just a bad dream. You have done a tremendous job and I wish you come back soon with a bang. Thanks for everything and awaiting your comeback.

  31. Indiblogger has been my first every exposure to blogosphere and have made tons of friends through it. Back in 2008 when no one cared about bloggers or blogs, you guys spearheaded it all. Yes the industry has changed and terribly so. Some of the most abysmal things I have seen as a content creator over the years is that people now equate an IG profile to be a blog.
    So I feel you guys and want to thank you deeply and from the bottom of my heart , you have helped make many friends and many many memories. IB will be dearly missed.

  32. Tina Basu says:

    Ohh no that’s sad. April is long gone, but I’m hoping this is a joke and you will write tomorrow you have fooled us with this post. I’ll be happily fooled!

  33. Anagha Yatin says:

    Not so happy to read this😔 IndiBlogger platform was more than a platform to showcase our writing. It was a virtual family, a web of security that would boost the confidence of a blogging newbie. Having experience immense warmth at IndiBlogger, its disheartening to know that curtains are going to fall.
    However, I am optimistic that something new, all the more better, all the more appealing and more viable model will soon emerge with IndiBlogger core values intact!
    Heartfelt thanks to Team IndiBlogger for tremendous work you folks have been doing and a sincere wishing for a great future to all of you.

  34. Srinivasan says:

    This is really sad. This was the first community I signed up when I started blogging. I started knowing nothing and made a lot of mistakes as a newbie. This community helped me learn a lot to improve the quality of what I post on my blog in many ways. Had a chance to interact and connect with so many inspiring bloggers across the country.
    Will be missing IndiBlogger.
    Thank you for the support so far.

  35. This is sad news, but thanks for everything Indiblogger! I have personally learnt a lot from here and the team did a commendable job…All the best for all your future endeavours.

  36. Pri says:

    Indiblogger, thank you for all the wonderful memories, You will be missed!
    I hope this isn’t the end though and we see you in a new and better avatar very soon.

    Until then,

  37. Arti says:

    I came across IndiBlogger at a time when I had no where else to go. The more I spent my time here, the more it felt like coming home. It was the very first time in my life when I heard my own voice and realized that what I said actually meant something, it mattered – I mattered.

    Thank you for broadening my horizons IndiBlogger (literally!) in a way I could have never imagined, ever – you weren’t just any platform but an amalgamation of so many voices, faiths, cultures, beliefs and ideas, all so unique and inspiring and what was truly incredible is that you held in you a space for us all. Even when dealing with words, it’s impossible for me or any of us here to express the sense of immense love and gratitude we feel for this wonderful platform. Thank you for being you and letting us just be as well, thank you for accepting us as we are and celebrating us for who we are — Yes! We blog, therefore we are but I hope you also know… a huge part of what we are today is because of you!

    No matter how long it takes for our next meeting within these jungles of time and space, I’ll be waiting for you IndiBlogger! Till then, here’s to fresh beginnings, new adventures and the journey of discovering who we really are!!

  38. Vikram Karve says:

    We will miss you.

  39. Sad to hear this and thanks for the wonderful memories. We will miss you

  40. Judy says:

    Sad to hear this. May IB bounce back very soon, maybe in a new avatar or a new name but with the same soul.

  41. Priyanka Nair says:

    I feel so emotional while I read this, I wish you all the best and I hope to see Indiblogger back soon. Will miss you

  42. Radhika says:

    Good things always come to an end !? Not really. They also change for the better. IB is just about to get better. Keep doing something you’re good at guys. If it has to be it will be! Thanks for the ride and looking forward to a longer journey with you!

  43. MeenalSonal says:

    Being a blogger and starting to share your post to the world Indiblogger is a place one looks at.
    Getting read by Indi members is always special. Very grateful to the team who have created such a strong platform for all of us. And very much thankful that still we all can share posts and participate in Indispire.
    This surely gives us hope that new version of Indiblogger is in process.

    Got very emotional afrer reading the post…read it twice to actually make my senses understand what is written.
    Wishing all the luck and hoping that IndiTeam comes up with bang .

  44. Hello team Indiblogger,
    Good luck for your bright future.

  45. Reality is really harsh and sometimes too bitter to handle.

  46. Ankita says:

    I’m writing this comment on a laptop I won through an Indiblogger contest. You guys have blessed so many of us with so many treasures. You will always have our love and gratitude.

  47. Suman says:

    Very sad to hear this bit of news. For me the journey probably began around 10 years back and it had been a great journey together.
    Wish the team all the best and hope indiBlogger will be back with a bang soon and some of you guys will be able to return. You are welcome to our side of the Indiblogger as the ship sails on autopilot,

    We will be around playing our music during this rough patch.

  48. oh, oops! Never ever saw this coming.

    Good luck team! Heartfelt thanks for those amazing years. Lots of love and wishes!

  49. Rahul says:

    We will never forget memories and platform to meet people which IndiBlogger gave us
    Best of luck for the future

  50. Matheikal says:

    No one gave my blog as much exposure as IB did. You guys rocked in inimitable ways: Bloggers’ Meets, Competitions, Promotions, etc. Popularisation of anything has its perils. Blogging is going through such a crisis now. I’m sure standards will return to blogging and IB will find new ways in the meanwhile. All the best.

  51. Katie says:

    Once an Indiblogger, always an Indiblogger. Loved being with you guys. Take care all.

  52. niks joshi says:

    This is a very nice platform. It’s a good place to share ideas and stories. I appreciate the good work by IndiBlogger team. Hope the best wishes for the indiblogger team.
    After joining this community I realized that everything we do is competitive so do something that makes you feel good.
    thanks and good luck

  53. Naveen Vadakkan says:

    I came across the chance to work with the core team at IB when I was personally going through some tough time. I feel immensely fortunate and lucky to have had the chance to work along with the most epic team ever. You guys ROCK!!! Being a part of a community which has touched numerous lives and have helped give wings to so many dreams, IndiBlogger will and always be an integral part of me!

    Unfortunate IB’s strength and its weakness was staying true to its core values – Bloggers first, which in the current scheme of things became really difficult to hold on to. I hope and wish the team to come back stronger and better than what it once was. As they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

    The legend of IndiBlogger will always live on. Hurr Hurr!

  54. Vidya Sury says:

    I love you and always will. Thank you for me blogging highlights and for wonderful moments. I’m honored to be connected with you. I wish the Indiblogger team great things– you guys are the best team I know.

    Just tell me this… What do I tell my kindergarten teacher? ❤️

  55. Ritesh Saini says:

    Been a part of IndiBlogger from 5 years now. It is so sad to see this post today. All the best for future endeavors.

  56. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Indiblogger to me is the creator of Identities. With cessation of signing up, the news faces and minds that need identity will surely be at loss. But I wish to think that this phase is just ephemeral. And team Indiblogger will start creating unfathomable success for obscure names again…very soon.

    On personal front, I owe confidence in my writing to Indiblogger. Otherwise, how come I would have been able to know if I write some worthy sentences or not? The appreciation from fellow Indibloggers gives great fillip to thinking pattern and provides satisfaction of being able to create something worthwhile. This aspect of Indiblogger is just unmatchable and magnanimous.

    I have been part of different campaigns of Indiblogger through my write-ups and been part of happiness that was showered on me in the form of coupons with which I bought happiness for my family. I had been writing since 2004 but people used to say that what is the point of your writing when it can’t but a thing in the market. Indiblogger gave me that opportunity that with my writing skills I could also buy things from market. This way Indiblogger brought that ‘point’ in my writing life that was missing. And to make a writer feel worthwhile in this commercially driven society is no mean feat.

    Recognition is something that a creative soul longs for and I thank Indiblogger for creating recognition in galore for many different types of bloggers and imbuing aplomb in them with regard to their passion.

    Thanks Indiblogger for coming into my life and introducing me to several other wonderful people whom I could have never known had you not been there. And I strongly wish that our association doesn’t cease. A slowdown in the relationship is ok but complete severance in this association is something that I can’t bring myself to imagine.

    Hope to see a full-fledged and stronger version of Indiblogger in very near future.

  57. Kalyan Panja says:

    Being in the blogging space for more than a decade, I can feel the operational challenges that you are perhaps facing as all the other similar platforms also faced the same problem. I do hope the glory days of profitable blogging returns once again as the blogging and influencer arena stabilizes a bit and brands become aggressive once again. For any help or suggestions you can always get in touch as I wish this platform to rise again and start a new journey.

  58. Indiblogger provided me with the best of blogging memories. I had never thought that I would see a future without this wonderful blogging platform.

    Best of luck, Indiblogger team.

  59. Sumit Nangia says:

    This is a really heartbreaking news Team Indi. You guys were just awesome and have given us the opportunity to grow and evolve as bloggers, as better writers , introducing us to some of the finest craftsmen of the trade who have become friends.

    I wish the team good luck and courage to begin again in the competitive and evolved blogging “industry”. Indiblogger will always be a part of some most amazing memories and chersihed friendships.

    Best wishes team 😇😇✌

  60. voices says:

    Hardly a year of association has made IB a part of my existence. You put me through to the best of bloggers and made achievements look very simple. We hope to see you bigger, better and continuing your contribution to the blogosphere

  61. Roma says:

    Indiblogger and you Renie have given us the most beautiful family in fact you are family to us. Really look forward to some really wonderful news from you. Wishing you and the dearest Inditeam all the very best.

  62. Sanjay Thampy says:

    Indiblogger, indeed you made me a blogger!

    At a time when I as @yesteethatsme along with my daughter Clementia as @missweirdandnormal started penning down our thoughts, we had never expected to monetize it.

    Novices in these field, when we bloggers never knew how to connect to the brands and sell them the idea that our words can influence their sales, Indiblogger stood tall and believed that we can.

    Indiblogger wasn’t just a stepping stone forvus, it was the university where we learnt how to hone up our writing skills, how to influence and more importantly how to grow from a blogger to an author.

    Blogging campaigns and events with Indiblogger was like something we just wait for, it was like a picnic where we bloggers and the Indiblogger team met as a family, full of fun, full of zest, and what has left everlasting memories for us to cherish for life.

    I and Clementia would surely be eagerly looking forward to the Indiblogger second innings, ready with our pads and our gloves on, ready to step on to the field when you call us.

    We “Indi”blog; therefore we are!

  63. Sometimes you need to look back to know how far you have come… Down the memory lane…in September 2014…I entered into this blogosphere to shape my daughter’s amorphous blogging journey and the first term I learnt was none other than Indiblogger. And the journey continued…until they have posted this.

    This is heart wrenching! Indiblogger has always been my second family, be it the team or the co-bloggers I’ve met through the forum.

    Don’t know why, my heart refuses to believe this family of mine won’t exist from now on. Don’t know why it strongly hopes that you guys would come back with a bang, stronger than before, shinier than ever. I won’t miss IndiTeam because, somewhere, I know this forum isn’t going to fade away of its glimmer. I have seen the dedication and hard work of these boys and girls, which ensure its revival. Hoping to see my Indiblogger soon back in action, sparkling like never before…May be with some other mood, in different season, on a new horizon. Perhaps in a new incarnation, but with the very same beating heart… <3

  64. Pradeep says:

    This is a very emotional post. With the last line, I started seeing my beginning as a blogger when I joined this wonderful platform in 2013. Much love and all the best. Waiting to see you all after a gap. I am very hopeful that we all will again share our stories and emotions. Much love.

  65. Ouch! Don’t know what to do with this bit of reading I possibly cannot unread now. I still hoard Indiblogger lanyards, for you, hoping one of you guys would still need them and pick them up. But that’s tertiary. Primarily, a lot of faith, and wishes. Dream on. Much love and the very best to each of you, karthik, sai, renie, every team member. You are the heroes!

  66. Yes, like Pradeep said, this is a very emotional post. Indiblogger was the first blogging network through which I met several uniquely talented bloggers and made some friends for life. I could travel to places across the globe in my armchair. Don’t know what the future holds, but it holds something better!

  67. Nita says:

    This is very sad news. I was introduced to Indiblogger years ago and when a blog of mine (which I do not update anymore) won a contest. This was in 2009! I won a domain name and used it to start a new blog on palmistry and kept renewing the site. It was a time when I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to pay for a domain name. I am forever indebted to Indiblogger for showing me the way. I have not looked back since. True, I do not blog as much as I used to, but I have understood the importance of it.

  68. It was with Indiblogger (in 2012 perhaps) that I began my blogging journey in the true sense. It was because of IB actually that I found a purpose in blogging regularly. I wasn’t that good then, nor am I now 😀 but it’s because of IB that I started expressing my unsaid emotions. It’s here that I made some great friends on Indichat even when I have never met them in person. But those fun times, those leg-pulling, those chats and their memories I still cherish and will always do. But this can’t be the end.. certainly not.
    Wishing you all the very best and hoping to see you guys back with a bang!
    Like Rakhee had said, “Mere Karan Arjun aayenge”…
    Likewise we are saying, “Mere Indibloggon aayenge… Zameen ki chaati fhaad ke aayenge… Aasmaan kaa seenaa cheer ke aayenge… Mere Indibloggon aayenge…”

  69. Amina says:

    This really was a shocker. I still have tears in my eyes. You people gave us the impetus and encouragement to keep blogging. Without you blogging world would be lonely and dark. But I would like to thank the Inditeam for all that you have given us. We are where we are today because of you. Thank you for all those wonderful memories. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to you coming back wit a bang.

  70. I vaguely remember some big change that had been made 6-8 years ago (or was it even more years earlier?) when the earlier website used to introduce us to great new bloggers. With the new Indiblogger, things had changed and in some ways improved though I think I never regained that earlier thrill. I hope that this time again there will be reincarnation and the new avatar will be better. Thanks and best wishes to all of you

  71. Hope soon Team Indiblogger back.
    Thank you. Best wishes.

  72. I am literally in tears after reading this because IB had always been my home. Back in 2013, IB only had taught me the perks of blogging and made me feel that ‘blogger’ is indeed someone special and worth capable of. However I am waiting for even a bigger comeback! Cheers to team IB!

  73. dee says:

    You guys build a wonderful community here. Thank you for letting us be a part of it. We made some great friends here. Sad to see you wrap up this very-happening platfrom. :'(
    You will be missed!

    Thanks a ton. And all the very best to you guys.

  74. IB, You’ve always been so dependable, supportive, encouraging, and honest during your time here. Thank you for all the support you have provided to bloggers like me over the years. The memories of working with a platform like IB will be hard to forget. It will be so difficult to fill the void created by your absence. I am really going to miss you. However, your team is bound for achieving bigger and better things.
    Wish to see you come back with a bang!

  75. Hi looking forward to the next turn in flow. If there is anything we can do in the meanwhile do remember we are family.

  76. आर्थिक तंगी य कोई और वजह खैर कुछ भी हो ! मै चाहूँगा कि इसका अंत आरंभ से हो ! अंत से नही !

  77. This is so not good. But we’re here to help you guys. Renie and team, bounce back. If you need us to pay an annual fee to remain on board, well, I for one would be happy to support you. See if you want to do that.

  78. What seems sad today ,may be the reason of joy tomorrow. Best Wishes Always.

  79. Akshata B says:

    You guys have been great and brought this community together and actually gave the value bloggers deserve. Sending the Indiblogger team lot of love and luck. There will only be great things that will happened to you because you made great things possible for millions of people. Good karma will always come back to you in multifold. <3

  80. Varsha Nitin says:

    This is shocking! I always loved IndiBlogger 🙂 Lots of love and virtual hugs to the team 🙂
    I felt privileged to be a part of this platform and every time I received an email for top post from IndiBlogger I was literally on cloud 9 🙁 Wish you all good luck!

  81. Shalu Sharma says:

    Very sad. I hope the site wont close. If there is anything we can do to help then please let us know,

  82. Murtza Abbas says:

    Sad to hear this and thanks for the wonderful memories. We will miss you

  83. InvajyC says:

    This is very sad news. I was introduced to Indiblogger just a year ago, when I started my blogging journey. You will be missed!

    Thanks a ton. And all the very best to you guys.

  84. Indiblogger – you guys were the best we had … and we ever will …

    Thanks for everything!

  85. Deepa Gopal says:

    This is such sad news! I have been part of Indiblogger for many years now and it was Indiblogger that gave me the impetus I most needed – the first Indiblogger Award (for Arts and Theatre)!!! And of course, many blogger friends whom even though I have never met are an inevitable part of my creative journey! Well, I am filled with nothing but gratitude and love! Thank you so much for the supporting platform that you offered to all of us. Wishing each one of you the very best ahead! Hoping for the return of your new avatar asap! Thank you <3

  86. Monalisa B. says:

    Thought to submit a blog but sorry to see it’s not accepting new links. Any chance of revival ? anyway great work guys. One of the biggest Indian blogger community ever made.

  87. I am so sad to hear this. Indiblogger gave me the motivation to keep blogging. So many friendships, associations, achievements, highs and lows happened here. Will miss you guys. Thanks for everything and I hope you come back full throttle soon! 🙂

  88. Thanks IndiBlogger team for providing such a wonderful platform and introducing to so many blogger friends. It’s great to be part of this family.

    On a positive note, nice to know that you guys are planning to do something new in the blogging world. Wishing you all the best for this new journey.

    Looking forward for the big bang come back.

  89. Mukesh Rawat says:

    I am really shocked. This is really a very sad news for me. I have jyst started my blog and tpday i came to know that Indiblogger is the best platform to share your blog post, so i have come here today but there was no sign up option now. Am i unlucky guy?? I hope soon Indiblogger will open the sign up option.
    Wishing to see you in a new Avatar ASAP.

  90. Mukesh Rawat says:

    I am really shocked. This is really a very sad news for me. I have jyst started my blog and tpday i came to know that Indiblogger is the best platform to share your blog post, so i have come here today but there was no sign up option now. Am i unlucky guy?? I hope soon Indiblogger will open the sign up option.
    Wishing to see you soon.

  91. Indiblogger – you guys were the best.
    Thank you for all the wonderful memories.

  92. Vishal Dorge says:

    Sad to hear that, Very sad!
    I hope the site wont close. this is one of the best blogger community that I love. If there is anything we can do to help then please let us know, I ready to help!

  93. Thaya says:

    This is very sad news. I was introduced to Indiblogger just a year ago, when I started my blogging journey. You will be missed!

    Thanks a ton. And all the very best to you guys. Read more..

  94. keshav says:

    Definitely, Indiblogger is a super platform for the new Indian Bloggers. But I was trying to sign up for a new account today which I could not be able to do. I don’t want to miss this platform. I would request Indiblogger team to start new sign ups.

  95. Geeta Meena says:

    I am very happy to see that indiablogger team is providing excellent platform and also introducing so many big brothers for blogging , I feel great to be part of the team.
    Ii is also a excellent to see that you all are planning to go for something innovative in the universe of the blogging.
    congrats to the team Indiabloggers.

  96. I wish you guys all the best for whatever you do in the future. It was great knowing all of you 🙂

  97. Had thought as much, as I too went into introspection mode for a reboot. But thank you for the fantastic platform. If I can be of any help with my extensive media and marketing experience, reach out to me on 9822121012. I have a couple of ideas 🙂 Collaboration is always the key to innovation, growth and long terms success.

  1. June 7, 2019

    […] Do read this post by Renie. It contains some official details as well. […]

  2. June 7, 2019

    […] a note by Renie, one of the co-founders of IndiBlogger, the changing industry requirements was cited as […]

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