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Over the years many bloggers have used IndiBlogger in a variety of ways to get their brands noticed via blogs or to create a brand around themselves. This is a post that explores some of the options that you can leverage to give your blog an edge.

We get a lot of questions on how to use IndiBlogger, how long it would take to get noticed on IndiBlogger and how to drive the maximum engagement out of IndiBlogger (basically using your time wisely). We are going to focus on these elements in this blog post.

Below are some of the steps that will take your blog from depths of obscurity to the highs of your wildest dreams in no time.

1 – Register on IndiBlogger –  If you don’t have an IndiBlogger account, you can register your Blog here. Please note that your blog will be verified by a real human being. It usually takes a couple of days. We do our best to weed out spammers, plagiarists (ugh!!) and other folk who mean to do the community harm.

2  – Submit a post to IndiBlogger – Once you are verified, you will be able to use IndiBlogger freely. We suggest that one of the first things that you do is to submit your latest blog post(s) into IndiBlogger. Think of submitting your first blog post as a message in a bottle. You never know who will find it interesting, but if the post is to your satisfaction, it will find other like minded bloggers. There is no reason to fret if no one found your first post interesting, keep at it. That’s the beauty of writing, the more you write, the better you get at it and eventually, you will start attracting a following.

3 – Start your Network – Building your network is one of the most crucial aspects of using IndiBlogger. You can choose to add bloggers to your network by looking through our vast directory of Indian Bloggers. The main advantage to having other bloggers on your network is that you get notified immediately on your dashboard when someone in your network submits a post and vice versa. This will give you a chance to immediately respond to blog posts of your liking. This in turn helps you connect with like minded bloggers. The more active you are, the stronger your network becomes. The dashboard also becomes key for you to track all conversations that happen around your blog on IndiBlogger.

4 – Be a good friend – The IndiBlogger Forum is a great place to get noticed. You can ask questions, participate in conversations, contribute to knowledge, review blogs and basically share ideas on improving IndiBlogger as well. We realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion and you will find the forum to be a place of great discussion where thoughts flow and new ideas emerge.

5 – How’s my Blogging? – There will come a time when you will want to know how you are doing. Our proprietary grading algorithm popularly known as IndiRank will help you understand a few things about your blogging. IndiRank combines a number of factors including your blogging habits. You will be scored from 1 to 100. The more you write and share you will find that your IndiRank increases. This is a great way to understand how your blog is performing.

6 – Get Indispired – A lot of the times as writers and content makers, you find that you are lacking in inspiration, or have run out of things to say. Head over to indispire on IndiBlogger where you can suggest a topic and vote for topics that have already been put up. This enables you to write and contribute to ideas decided upon by the IndiBlogger community.This is our longest running initiative spanning 186 weeks!

7 – Help others discover Blog posts – “Liking” a blog post is a great way to show appreciation for a fellow bloggers work. You can only vote for a blog post once you have visited it on the writers blog. This stops spammers from simply liking every post that they see on IndiBlogger. If your post has been liked by someone on IndiBlogger, you can be assured that its a genuine visit from a real human being. Liking the blog posts that you find useful, helps the content to be discovered by others and it gives quality content the recognition that they deserve.

8 – Spread the word outside IndiBlogger – One very powerful feature on IndiBlogger is the ability to tweet “Via IndiBlogger”. This feature that connects FaceBook, linkedin, Stumbleupon, G+ and Twitter to your IndiBlogger account, helps you ferry your audience from IndiBlogger to these social channels. For example, when you tweet a blog post using this feature, it helps you start conversations based on the content of your blog post on twitter. It also helps you promote your blog better as it can reach other community members contributing and listening to the IndiBlogger channel on twitter. You can tweet any members blog post and not just your own, so this helps you to share a plethora of content on your subject of expertise. So if you are a travel blogger focusing on international travel, you can tweet  travel posts from others straight from IndiBlogger onto your twitter. Hundreds of blog posts are submitted to IndiBlogger everyday and you will always find plenty to share.


IndiBlogger has a very readable interface that allows others to not only read the blog post that you have shared but it also recommends your most popular articles based on your submission history. It also helps other bloggers in your network gain as it shows the most popular posts from their network as well.


9 – The power of a comment – The one big thing that we always encourage people to do is COMMENT. It takes two minutes of your time and it can gain you a friend for life. When someone writes a blog post, he/she is willing to openly declare their vulnerabilities and when someone responds, they help share that vulnerability. When done regularly it helps create a very deep connection, much like a pitcher and catcher in baseball. Giving feedback also helps you give more ideas to others and it also helps you gain new ideas. Think of the dynamic in your offices for example, how many of you have grown your intellect by just listening and absorbing the experiences of others and vice versa? IndiBlogger makes finding the latest bloggers and blog posts very easy, so you have all the time in the world to stop by a few blog posts and comment.

10 – Beginner or Pro –  A “beginner” on IndiBlogger has at-least 20 posts, so they have some experience upon signing up. Hundreds of bloggers get added to IndiBlogger every week and a true pro really knows the value of gaining influential readers. As a newbie on IndiBlogger, you instantly get access to the very top bloggers across India. You can absorb their knowledge and behavior. You can also communicate to them via the private messaging system called IndiMail (Needless to say, please be considerate when you use this feature). There is a need for both to exist and that’s a big reason why IndiBlogger is special. It is an inspiration to new bloggers and a constant source of new readers and inspiration to the pro’s.

11 – One more thing? – IndiBlogger is great for businesses who have their own blogs as well. If your business has a blog, head on in here and give it a shot. It helps you become a part of serious content creators in your own domain. If you are a large Ecommerce store or a small boutique, it helps you reach out to other members on the network and aid in creating organic relationships where both you and other creators are benefited.


IndiBlogger is a full fledged social platform for Indian Bloggers. It has some very simple yet powerful features to help you on your blogging journey. Sometimes people tell us that it is hard to get recognized on IndiBlogger. That is not necessarily true. In-fact it is the easiest social network in India that can help you get recognized.

For example, if you were solely promoting your blogs on Facebook or twitter or Instagram, even though your content reached your friends, your noise is drowned by the overwhelming number of people including spammers on these networks. It can be daunting to get started. IndiBlogger has only serious creators and influential folk. The very resource that every brand is looking for these days and most of them are registered on the network. We manually screen people to ensure that your noise is not drowned out in a meaningless chatter. This way your blog posts reach the intended and target audience very quickly. Just visiting IndiBlogger once everyday and performing some of the actions provided in this blog post will take your blog places.

It is totally free so hop on in.

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  1. Vidya Sury says:

    What an excellently put together post, Indiblogger team. I love being a part of this. Will you be making an infographic of this? 🙂 Hugs! I think you’all rock.

    • anoop says:

      Thank you Vidya! We are getting some great feedback and the number of people following some of the suggestions mentioned in this post has increased dramatically. So, We are damn happy 🙂 Hugs from everyone to you as well.

  2. Alok Vats says:

    A few years back I too write a blog on exactly the same topic, How to Be Successful in IndiBlogger? I guess with the help of this blog Anoop you touched the main chord of all the bloggers. IndiBlogger is undoubtedly one of the finest platform to spread time, develop your network and promote your blog posts. Ideally this blog post of Anoop should be considered as a Wikipedia for newbie bloggers. Those who want to read my blog as well can do so from:

    • anoop says:

      Hi Alok! you have shared the link! .. Thats great. Your post is more detailed and talks about some other aspects of IndiBlogger as well. I recommend that everyone visit Aloks post as well.

  3. Sujata Roy says:

    Its a great help. Thanks to Indiblogger team. I am very happy to be a part of this. Thanks again 🙂

  4. Indiblogger has indeed helped bloggers to substantially increase the readership and in turn growth in traffic to the website. It is also instrumental in introducing me to some lovely people and blogs. Not to forget the amazing opportunities for brand cooperation through IndiPR, happy hours, contests and the awesome Indimeets. Thanks Inditeam! So happy to be part of Indiblogger family ?

  5. Amrita says:

    I loved reading this article.Indiblogger is a wonderful platform to learn and grow together as bloggers and writers .Thank you for always helping us od more.

    • anoop says:

      Hi Amrita, Thank you and your observations are spot on, its a great place to learn and grow. I have learn’t so much from everyone and representing Bloggers on an everyday basis is the greatest job on earth 😀

  6. Swarupa says:

    Thanks Indiblogger for providing such a big platform to grow. I have already registered and waiting for approval. I am sad that I don’t have enough posts as per terms but soon i will be a member..

    • anoop says:

      Hi Swarupa, Glad that you are taking blogging seriously 🙂 You will be completely in sync with why we insist on our submission guidelines and just the “cleanliness” of the environment within the IndiBlogger network will be one of those things that you will be thankful for 🙂

  7. NEHA JAIN says:

    I have recently started exploring IndiBlogger, more. In the past, i wasn’t using it much for promotion and building connections. And this post adds more to my knowledge about IndiBlogger and its power for blogger’s success. Thanks much for providing this platform.

    • anoop says:

      Hi Neha, Yes its an amazing place to build connections.Its actually just a few steps performed regularly. Hoping to see more of your posts as well 🙂

  8. jaideep says:

    Indiblogger is undoubtedly blogger’s anthem 😉

  9. Freya says:

    Awesomesauce! Thanks for this team. I’ve been wanting something like this for so long. I’ve been lost. Thank you <3

  10. This sure is very very helpful. Being new to Indiblogger, sort of felt disoriented and overwhelmed by all the amazing content and bloggers and all the things to do. This post sure helped.

  11. Over the years, one thing that has made IB a friendly platform for bloggers is that we don’t feel that it’s somebody doing the admin and we listening. The freedom and transparency in here has created a unique bonding – that of a human to a virtual family of bloggers, brands and a bunch of humorous, level headed and polite team ! Grateful to IB, as ever.

  12. kalaa shree says:

    Indiblogger के बारे में यही कहूँगी-

    जब तुम मेरी जिन्दगी में हो आये
    लगता है जैसे मेरे तन-मन में समाये
    मिलकर तुमसे जाना मैंने जिन्दगी है क्या
    मेरी जिन्दगी हो तुम और अब कहूँ मैं क्या.

    thanks Indiblogger ke मंच mujhe milne ke liye.

  13. thanks for give me a place to promote my blog

  14. This is really insightful and it gave me a good understanding why I need to be present on this platform.

    I had applied for registering my site almost a month back, but I havent hear back yet. I tried raising a ticket but that’s pending still. Is there anything I can do to take this ahead. Here is my site

    I also write for MyCity4Kids

  15. Good information Anup…Keep inspiring and and informing. Cheers for Indiblogger!

  16. Abhi says:

    To be frank, it took me a long time to get used to this platform, despite being registered for a long time. But i am finally getting a hang of it, and I think it is one of the best resources for bloggers in India! Great job guys

  17. 🙂 Indiblogger is my family. I enjoy some very special friends I made here.

  18. Indiblogger is a great platform for indian bloggers to get noticed, networked and inspired.

  19. Very apt and to the point post. Great to be associated with you guys. Love the surprise ‘top post’ nominations too.

  20. Hi, alok.. it was indeed a great post. its definitely going to help the blossoming bloggers like me.

  21. Could you organise a meet for food bloggers?

  22. I am also member of this great blogging community, here i learn a lot about blogging and several other things…

  23. Yeah Loved indiblogger Services., Proud to be an Indiblogger

  24. Great platform. Great to be part of Indiblogger family.

  25. Great article, enough to get me started. Thank you so much!

  26. Shubhangi says:

    I am glad I came across this platform. I am a new blogger and was getting overwhelmed with so much of knowledge available on the internet. Registering my blog now 🙂

  27. Nupur says:

    Love the pitcher baseball analogy.

  28. Pleasant surprise to me since 2 years i am working on internet but didn’t
    have an idea about it. Thanks Vidya for it .Thanks IndiBlogger for being with me.

  29. Manpreet says:

    This is awesome guys!
    Really agree with you about comments. Somehow, we look for others to support us but we seldom do that ourselves. I make it a point to comment on every blog I read.
    I didn’t know that you allow business blogs too. I must have checked years ago when I guess you didn’t or maybe, I just assumed. hehe
    Another submission coming!

  30. SHAZIA IQBAL says:

    Very good job by IndiBlogger.It changed my life.
    I am very much thankful.

  31. Sneha says:

    happy to join Indiblogger! Thanks and keep up the good work! Lots of love and blessings!

  32. PRANITA says:

    I am well satisfied with indiblogger .& i definitely know that this platform will help me to reach the higher place. Thanks, indiblogger.

  33. Sapna Dhyani says:

    The first thing that comes to my mind after writing a blog is- posting it on Indiblogger! This is a great platform for all of us who want to share our thoughts with like other minded people. A commendable initiative indeed! All the very best!

  34. Nayan Saud says:

    Very nice information. I have just join IB. You article help to understand how IB works…thanks.

  35. Just got to know about Indiblogger through a senior blogger and think you’ll are doing great work. I have about 5 posts yet so will wait till I get 20 before I register. Or can I atleast register and start sharing others blogposts which are in connection to my blog on twitter etc. Lots to learn and a long way to go. Thank you!

  36. I’ve just hopped onto the Indiblogger wagon and I’m all excited to make new friends. This blogpost is good information for a newbie like me! 🙂

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