Star Movies, Indiana Jones and blogging!

Indiana Jones came alive for a few weeks when hosted the “Star Movies – Indiana Jones Blogger contest”.

Reema of My Random thoughts and Ali Naqvi of TheReelMag took the top honours. Our hearty congratulations to these two deserving IndiBloggers!

Inceidentally, Reema also won the IndiBlogger of the Month award in the humour category. won the prize for their portrayal of George Lucas and Spielberg’s very first conversations that led to life for Indiana Jones on the big screen. We highly recommend them for some great movie reviews!

The gift hampers from Star Movies were quite enviable and we had to provide a good level of security for it, lest someone stole the book on Heroes or the Casino Royale playing card set.

Look at the glee on the face of Ali Naqvi Co-Editor, We remind him that this is not a pirate movie and that he should share his treasures with the IndiBlogger team. :-)

More pics of the prizes, courtesy Reema:

You can look to the IndiVine channels for more competitions of this kind. Whether you are a sports, science or technology blogger, you can find competitions that choose your writing style and area of expertise within these specific IndiVine channels. The Star Movies blogger contest was run on the Movies channel.

The first IndiBlogger of the Month awards in 2009 will most likely be for blogs on movie reviews. Bloggers will be thrilled to submit their posts on a lot of new movies from Twilight New Moon to The Ugly Truth.

Once again, thank you Winners and everyone else who participated. We had a wonderful time getting this done!