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Are you submitting your Latest blog posts to IndiBlogger?

Submitting your blog posts to IndiBlogger can have a huge impact to your blogging. You get more people to visit you and you all get some great feedback on your blog from other bloggers. If you haven’t submitted your latest posts, you can do so right away.


Meet Bloggers from across India!

We are just under two months to go meeting bloggers from across India at #BNLF in Dehradun! In association with the Valley of Words literature festival, its going to be a meet of a life time. We are going to be up at night raising hell. We can’t wait.

You may have noticed how some bloggers from one region know bloggers from another region really well? Thats because of #BNLF. Its our only initiative that encourages bloggers from across India to meet up! People come from far and wide and It happens only once every two years so if you want to be really excited about being a blogger, then this is the event for you.

Is your post among the most popular in your category?

IndiVine is the heart of IndiBlogger. Its where content is posted, viewed and shared every minute and hour of the day. You can now check if your post is popular in your own category. Head over to IndiVine and select your category and check if you are among the popular posts of the day.

Reading is also a pleasure on IndiVine. The finest bloggers from across the land write on a myriad of topics and emotions. Below are a few examples:

Show off your writing skills!



Our new contest with Asian paints lets you explore your writing and creativity. It’s a great time for you to marvel at the creativity of others as well. IndiBlogger contests started 10

years ago and back then it was called “The IndiBlogger Of the Month”. As time evolved it has grown into a huge platform to get yourself noticed and recognized. The number of visits to your blog upon winning a contest is staggering and at times in millions. If yo

u want to see top industry standard traffic on your blog then winning an IndiBlogger contest is a sure shot way to achieve it.

The greatest prize of all:

The Indian Blogger Awards has been packed with a lot of action. From star studded judges to heart melting testimonials, it has brought joy to many taking part. If your blog had feelings, it would cry. There has also been a huge upturn in registrations that a lot of people are yet to apply for the Blogger Awards. We have no choice but to extend the Indian Blogger Awards until midnight of October 3rd! If you haven’t submitted your nomination, you have a second chance.

Some of the categories are performing better than others. The Region and the languages categories for the IBA could use more participants. If you find any blogger in regional languages, do share with them our website. You can also submit your blog to the region where you hail from. For example if you are from Hyderabad but you write poetry, you can still submit your blog in the Hyderabad section. Also, a blogger who writes about Hyderabad but is not from that region can also nominate that blog.

If winning an IndiBlogger contest would help you get your blog recognized, winning the Indian Blogger Awards is a shortcut to stardom. Its a sense of accomplishment like no other because your blog would have been judged by some top industry folk and more often than not, they tend to find the best blogs.

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At present we get tagged on posts on our Instagram page, people share blog posts on twitter (You can tweet posts from IndiBlogger directly) and we also get people promoting their latest posts on LinkedIn. Let us help you out on these platforms as well. So join in.

Start doing!

Everything you do here will impact your blogging for the greater good. Try being regular on IndiBlogger for a few days and you will see a marked difference. Hundreds of bloggers who are excellent writing talent get added every week and to start off try saying hello!

As always do let us know how you are doing and See you soon.










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