#DaanUtsav reaches out to Bloggers via the IndiBlogger platform.

Hello everyone,

Blogging has always been an avenue of good since the dawn of it all. If there is something wrong in your neighborhood, the first person you should call is a blogger. Blogging goes where no media has gone before and the unbiased nature and portrayal of events around us has made blogging a trusted source of information.

IndiChange is our service that aid establishments that champion various acts of kindness. As part of the IndiChange initiative we have worked with organizations like Akshayapatra, Breakthrough, Idiya , Milaap, Tata DoRight, #swachhbharat to name a few. If you feel that you need a bit of blogger power to make a change in the world around you, give us a call!



This week we are turning our attention #DaanUtsav, to remind people that a little bit of giving can go a long way to spreading happiness. #DaanUtsav is celebrated annually from October 2 to 8. In lieu of this we have created a discussion board where you can write blog posts on the following topic.

What does Giving mean to you? Has “giving” given you Joy? Share your ‘Joy of Giving’ story this #DaanUtsav and inspire the world to give and let live!

We hope that you will join us in our efforts to make an IndiChange in our world today.

We have already received a couple of blog posts towards this cause.

talks about her personal experiences with her mother to share her story of giving.


The Blogger of rustysparkplug.com/ talks about the mercurial nature of empathy and we quote:

Empathy is evidence of sensitivity to the needs of others, and that’s not wrong. When you use your insightful nature wisely, everyone will benefit. You will no longer take on others’ stress & will have enough clarity to be helpful.


Thank you all for reading and let us know if you have made an IndiChange today.


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