A very #BNLF Thank you!

Hello everyone!

We had a very interactive Blogging conference, #BNLF in Dehradun last weekend!

Bloggers from across the country flew down to take part. The agenda was a whole lot of blogging. When we did the first edition of BNLF in 2015, we had a “speaker centric” agenda. We missed the interaction in that event. We felt the bloggers were being talked at and so for the 2017 edition of #BNLF, we decided to cut the red tape and spark engaging conversations! In order to do that we took everyone outside their comfort zone to the land of Dehradun. Some traveled for hours and others for days to get there. A lot of bloggers including women were traveling for the first time on their own. There were a number of firsts for many including emotional and memorable talks by the community, some accomplished writers and authors, book launches, music, the chill in the air and the sound of blogging.

If you missed it, you can catch some of the highlights in the photo vlog. đŸ™‚ A blog post on it will follow soon.


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