IndiBlogger and Asian paints partner to encourage a healthy lifestyle

IndiBlogger and Asian paints have teamed up to encourage more people to blog about health and its related lifestyle. To further this cause we have come up with a Blogger contest that aims to find the best writers and thinkers from across India. The contest asks bloggers to talk about some of the most overlooked indoor pollutants that directly affect people’s health. You can get as creative as possible weaving your blog posts with satires and poetry. This contest is going to focus on creativity so bring in your A game.


This contest is also open to Youtubers! For you to participate with your youtube channel, you have to be registered on IndiBlogger. The video that you submit should be for a minimum of 3 minutes. We encourage you to go crazy, do a little jig, use some mid blowing CGI, with some curt dialogues thrown in for good measure or whatever you want to do is fine with us, as long as it is interesting.

There are some special categories as well. We are also giving away prizes for those who tastefully promote their blog posts. We are also placing emphasis on the beauty of your completed work. Great visuals and narratives will be given extra special credit. Think of this as you would your own brand and you will learn a lot more about applying those skills towards your own blog. Many who have taken IndiBlogger contests seriously are household names on the internet today.

We expect some of the finest bloggers from across India to participate in this contest. We hope that you will use this opportunity to test out your writing and encourage others to do so as well.  Our previous first time contest winners tell us that they never expected to win. Its true and there is only one way to find out!

The winner will walk away with a shopping voucher worth a whopping ₹ 50,000 and thats not all ₹ 65,000 will be shared across four runner ups and thats not all, if you are one of the first 15 valid entries you get an assured ₹ 2,500 and that’s not all, its best that you check it all out here!

Multiple entries are allowed and its sometimes a good idea to put in that extra effort to experiment and understand what people think about the different aspects of your writing.

Need some tips in using IndiBlogger effectively for this contest?

Take a look at this official blog post from IndiBlogger to give you an idea of how to promote yourself via the platform.

Dont have an IndiBlogger account? Get yourself one!



5 Responses

  1. Kala Ravi says:

    Hi, do I submit my youtube video as a post or do I embed the youtube video in my blog and then submit it as a blogpost?

  2. anoop says:

    `Hi Kala, Have you registered your youtube channel with IndiBlogger? Please register it and them you will be able to submit any video form that channel onto IndiBlogger.

    • Kala Ravi says:

      I haven’t! Hope if I register now, it gets approved soon. In the meanwhile, I’ll embed the YT video and submit it as a blogpost. Multiple entries are done after all!

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