… and therefore we blogged. Episode 3

So here we are,  a day after the weekend and with 6 days ahead, let’s celebrate the moments that have been, that are, and that will be!

Nihal suggests…

Sit back, plug your head phones in or turn those speakers on and just push play. Close your eyes, let the music fill your soul and take you to that special  place where you and your blog reside in harmonious pride and joy!

Karthik & Sai compete…

Trial By Kombat!

Alright! We have a few scores to settle and I’d like as many people by my side as possible. We have to settle one of the oldest argument in the world.

Hot Pizza or Cold Pizza!

Obviously, hot pizzas are the best. That’s how it’s meant to be eaten. Pizza shops don’t open their freezers to deliver your pizza now do they? On the other hand Sai believes that Cold pizzas are the best!

I, Karthik of house “Alwisright” stand by the fact that hot pizzas are the best. And Sai of house “Pees O’shit” believes pizzas are better eaten cold! We would like to settle this argument over a #TrialByKombat.

We will choose our champions who will fight to death to prove who is right!

What do you think? Would you prefer to have Hot pizza or a cold one?

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The trial will happen next week and we would like you to pick your sides now.

If your side loses you will be trashed with memes from the winners in the comments next week.

The winners can pick any meme to trash the losers, or even make your own.

If you’re too cool to pick memes off the internet or make your own, you can simply comment your thoughts as well of course.

Aarushi believes…

Being free

The most important right that people since the olden times fought for, has been the right to freedom. The freedom to think, to act, to be, to live, to do, to feel, and to exist with respect. Despite this noble thought of freedom, we as humans are afraid of releasing control and restriction of the way we understand life. We have to be at peace with people experiencing their life and their decisions, without feeling the need to have a say one way or another. It is very crucial that we as humans in a society, truly understand the meaning of freedom and the awareness that entails. The ability to allow people to learn for themselves, is true freedom. In trying to be free, ourselves, we are afraid of allowing others to infiltrate our own belief of freedom and thus end up trying to control all elements within our life, whether consciously or subconsciously.  The best that we can do, is have compassion in our thoughts, words, and actions.

Shady writes…

It was 4 o clock in the morning. I was climbing the 700ft wall and as I was about to finish, I fell down but nothing happens to me.

– Binge watching all the seasons of Game of thrones.

Saurabh figured out…

The not so interesting man in IB…

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Renie raves…

We’ve called ourselves many things over the years – Blogging Platform, Social Network for Bloggers, Blogger Network, Blog Directory, and even Blog Valhalla. However, I think the one term that resonates with us the most is Blogger Community. Whether you’re on the IB forum discussing SSL for blogs or at an IB meet discussing the art of storytelling, I think the word community is what just feels right. So in the spirit of the IB community, we ask if you could tell us about the bloggers who have inspired you the most – any blogger, anywhere. Please feel free to link to their blogs so we can all be inspired!

…. stay tuned for what’s in store! 

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16 Responses

  1. Yeah! I’ll go with Sai. Pizzas are best when eaten cold. Well, everyone has his own choice. Why a competition? ☺#TrialByKombat

  2. Ira PT says:

    Every time I read a new episode here my faith in humanity increases; there is still more left to life other than breaking news and over the head transmitted philosophies… Keep Rocking ‘Team Indiblogger’.

  3. As for the Pizza, some like it hot, some like it cold,
    some like it in the fridge nine days old.

  4. Prerna Maynil says:

    I like Pizzas hot. And Therefore We Blogged is an interesting thing that you guys have started. It is helping me to get known to some music which was earlier unknown to me. Thank you so much. Keep going, keep rocking. Love you IB guys…

  5. Pizzas are always meant to be eaten hot. In fact, it takes a lot of energy to bite, chew and gulp cold pizza that there will be no energy left to digest it. If you eat cold it will become PIPO – Pizza In Pizza Out.

  6. Sumit Nangia says:

    There is nothing better than a pizza lying around in the fridge which you stumble upon while being sleepless at night and then eat it after microwaving the same.

  7. Ranjini says:

    Hot Hot Hot! I mean, when the pizza guy brings the pizza and my eyes feast upon the oozing hot cheese, come on! You have got to admit that cheese is more alluring & viscous when hot.

    Now, you keep that extra piece of pizza in a refrigerator after hogging the rest until your stomach could stomach no more. The next day you wake up to the sweet memory of the pizza in the refrigerator. When you place it in the microwave and get the intermingled aroma of toppings and cheese, you know it is ready. You open the microwave to see the cheese melting and fumes escaping from the toppings. The heat speaks volumes. The experience of eating pizza for me, starts with my eyes and nose 😀

  8. I love Pizza. Hot or Cold… doesn’t matter when I am hungry but it must have yummy toppings…

  9. Blow hot blow cold…really uncertain on how to devour the pizzas..loved Jim Croce I’ve got a name..blogger community is really a song whistling down from the sky…

  10. The Sorcerer says:

    Revenge is also a dish best served cold!

    “Star Trek: The Unchartered Country”

    “Pizzas were served hot and cold. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked!”

  11. The Sorcerer says:

    Anand Shimpi inspired me the most. He started from 15. Used to build systems for free in exchange he reviews them and keeps it for three, which people didn’t mind at the time. Back then companies never really had PR. Let alone social networks or anything. So that site started from Geocities. Word of the mouth was very important back then. I heard stories of company executives saying that back then he met with the big guys in the company including Intel. Obviously, he was accompanied by his mother.

    Now its difficult to come up with a real-world successful website. But once you get a foothold and start growing, it comes up. In a way its good I am in India. Hardly any competition gave me an edge to start my website six years ago. Still a long way to go, but all things considered. I am happy.

    old school tech websites have a charm of their own. Like anandtech, the tech report, PC Perspective. Man, the amount of hardware they have to test multiple stuff. Its a lot of money that even heavily funded websites have a hard time to keep up.

  12. I love Pizza when it’s hot!

  13. When I started to post on my first blog, I didn’t know any bloggers, never read any posts, so there are no real inspirations for me to start blogging, but once I knew the fellow bloggers I was awed by a lot of them.

    A few names that come from the top of my mind are, Nilanjana Roy who used to blog at Akhond of Swat. I admire her for her language and the clarity of thought. StaggLand and DoctoratLarge crack me up every time I read one of their posts, though both of them post very less these days and the later is into poetry,,something I don’t get . Diary of a Whiny Guy always is a short quirky fun read.

    When I was at Cognizant, I admired a lot of my fellow bloggers and it was a great community within the company. Some of them I still follow are Neeraj Narayanan who blogs at Garam Samose and owns some travel company or something. Arun Ramkumar’s blog in Cognizant was a hugely famous one, but now he graduated to cartoons and they are fantastic. If you don’t know him already, google him. He’s just too good.

    Through IB, I knew Purba Ray, Sakshi Nanda and SloWord, three of those whose writing I envy and wish I could write like them some day.

    There are a lot of names I forgot, people who stopped blogging altogether a long while, deleted their blogs, the blogging world is a lot poorer without those posts, and my damned memory is just too hazy to recollect their posts, it can just acknowledge the brilliance.

  14. Voted for hot pizzas bcz only they tastes best. Apologies to SAI’s 🙂

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