Pepsi Youngistaan ka WOW!

The Pepsi Youngistaan ka WOW! IndiBlogger of the month is in its final phase of nomination. There have been over 80 nominations so far and quite a few of them aiming for the 30,000 rupee cash prize. The nominations will be revealed this week, and the contest will enter the voting phase.

Having read through some of the entries, we feel that these posts are some of the bloggers best work yet. There have been some very creative suggestions on the Pepsi game which is live on twitter with #pepsithegame and is promoted through all channels.

We wish everyone the very best for the next crucial phase of this competition. A good tip for getting more votes is to participate actively within the online community. The winners of the previous IndiBlogger of the month contests have always been amazing in using multiple channels to bring the online community closer to their blogs. This enables them to get feedback on their blogging and also give that little inspiration to write a masterpiece next time around.

If you have not nominated yourselves yet, please do so at the contest page on IndiBlogger. Hopefully this contest would have helped some of you improve your creative writing, get some new followers but most of all we hope that you had a great time blogging!

Anoop Johnson & The IndiBlogger Team

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