The Pagoda IndiBlogger Meet

A very eventful Sunday it was for Birla, the owner of Pot Luck restaurant in BTM layout.

His tweet read “Teaching kite flying and chopsticks to 100 kids, hosting bloggers meet and catering for a bday party. ZZZ..What a weekend!

At the bloggers meet is where we all came in.  25 bloggers came together for a time out and we were pleasantly surprised to find the terrace garden venue extremely refreshing. Dhempe wanted to make it into a film studio of sorts.

It was an interesting blogger meet. It did not have the strength of the Bangalore blogger meet before this as we promoted it only through twitter. But I would say that this is the most comfortable I have been with a bunch of Blogger URL’s in a long time!  A lot of jargon was exchanged in the time allotted for discussions and needless to say, it all flew over my head. In times like this, we like to say that we left our technical brains at Chennai, safely with Renie. Everyone gave us some very good feedback. Mohan from Yahoo gave us his view of the voting process in IndiVine being misused. We will be brainstorming this on priority after we brush up on our php skills, re-learn our code and fill up our drinks cabinet. 🙂

This blogger meet was ever so memorable for the IndiBlogger team. Even though we were from different professions, our unique hobby made us realize that we shared similar problems. I mean, we hated “The Man”, we abused a few companies/films, we screwed over a few technologies, we shared stories of the many failed companies/blogs we once started 🙂 and the camaraderie was just brilliant!

The pagoda blogger meet?? Here’s the good stuff; our man Birla definitely put something in the pagodas to get everyone hooked. I ate three plates of assorted pagodas and 2 cups of coffee. How much did everyone else have? It was a very worthy snack for all of us also considering the fact that Birla was flying kites in the morning, literally! 🙂

Well, until we meet again, you’ve been awesome; we’ve been IndiBlogger, Goodnight! See the official meet page here.

Anoop Johnson

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5 Responses

  1. Mohan says:

    Thanks for setting up a nice meet up. It is a great feel to have met so many bloggers from Bangalore at one place! Thanks for the special mention too 😉

    Birla did a fabulous job by offering such a nice place with a lush green view all around as well as the Pakodas :). Thanks to everyone who made it a success.

  2. Jeet says:

    Where are the pictures guys?

  3. Vinni says:

    Indeed awesome to hear about the blogger meet. Missed something really close to my heart! 🙁 Should have been there.

  4. Birla says:

    It was great hosting this stuff and will be more than happy to do it all over again. I was surprised to huge participation as this was my first meeting. You guys are doing some great work at building blogger community.

  5. Raj says:

    Hey Zombie, nice write up man ! BTW, I ate 2 plates of Pakodas 🙂

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