Heavy Metal Blogger Meet – a report (hic!)

This is Dr.Manu Gnanamony and Anoop Zombie reporting live (almost) from the IndiBlogger.in Heavy Metal Meet at Stones pub with KingFisher sponsoring a ton of booze! We basically were thrilled with this meet happening for the first time in India!! It was a thrilling experience to meet bloggers interested in heavy metal. They were running their voices hoarse. There wasn’t a person in there who didn’t know “The Trooper”, his mother and all his grand children! Its nine thirty and the bloggers are still rocking! We can hear “Hail Maiden” and Hail IndiBlogger” in the background. Its madness out here!

Dr. Gnanamony thinks this is amazing and he is also praising Vijay Mallya, am sure it’s for the booze. Diana our moderator muses “free booze, awesome music, and lots of cool dudes” hmmmmm… but good enough for a valentine’s day out? “Bull!” She retorted! But its Maiden time!

A lot of Bloggers had come from outside Bangalore just to attend this meet and owing to office on monday missed the Maiden concert! We thank the guys from Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata! You know who you are… we just don’t seem to quite remember names.. I am not quite sure why. We must ask KingFisher..

We held a quiz a couple of hours into the blogger meet and offered a free beer on top of the other free beers as gifts… we found out that not many people knew every syllable sung in every song of Iron Maiden.. That was sad… cause Dr.Gnanamony and I didn’t know any better.. Having failed the quiz as a quiz master, I decided to retire to a beer.. after all .. it was free… (hic!)

This was the best pre-curser to any concert! Seeing the “Somewhere In Time” concert for the second time just makes us hungry for more. Whatever happens IndiBlogger.in will be there covering the greatest show on Earth!

This is Dr. Manu Gnanamony, Anoop and Diana Signing off… reporting from stones and KingFisher. We think that we have more drinking and singing to do. Until after the Iron Maiden Concert, it’s goodnight Bangalore!!

Check out the pics on flickr >


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  1. June 15, 2009

    […] is to ensure that Indian bloggers get their fair share of free beer. Barely 4 months after our Heavy Metal Blogger meet at Bangalore, Fosters Beer has decided that IndiBloggers need to forget the recession, poor Adsense […]

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