Delay in moderation

Those of you who registered with us over the past four days may face a delay before your blog gets listed in the directory. We are all out of office as Anoop (the guy who demonstrates the jig at the IndiBlogger meets) got married yesterday. Rest assured, things will be back on track by Thursday.

As for Anoop – a hearty congratulations goes out to him and Diana from the IndiBlogger team!

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17 Responses

  1. Anwin says:

    Oh yes, congrats and happy wedded bliss to Anoop and Diana 🙂

  2. Rahul says:

    Well got myself & my Blog registered quite a few days ago!
    But till now no Listing.

    Anoop bhaiya ka shaadi to ho gaya ……….Ab mera I mean mere Blog ka keya hoga?
    Please List it.

    P.S. Anoop & Diana wish u guys a happy married life.

  3. I was able to sign in once after getting your email. I signed in and added my other, 3, blogs… I signed out and signed… I am not able to.. If it is because of the delay, as you have said, that’s fine with me… In case you don’t want to approve or something… will you give me a feed back? I have 4 blogs with… I don’t see any reason why you not approve it.. but if there is any I can correct it from my end…Thank you.. And my hearty wishes for Anoop…

  4. I registered my blog few days back, but my account has not been activated….

  5. narayanan says:

    I have a received a mail stating that my account in indiblogger has been activated but if try to log in it is saying it has not yet approved by the moderator.

  6. Renie says:

    @narayanan – your account is active now. Did you update your listing at any point? That tends to put your account back into moderation…

  7. Kris Bass says:

    I think I submitted the blog the day before and I still haven’t received any e-mail confirming your satisfaction in my blog. Should I take you to the court? 😉

  8. Echkay says:

    It has been 3 full days since I joined this website. I still can’t log-in since my request is still pending approval.

    I understand that Anoop got married recently, and currently must be out honeymooning in some exotic location, least bothered about how many new registrations are pending… But what about the other moderators? :O

  9. Supratim Kar says:

    I had registered long before Anoop got married. My best wishes to the new couple and may they enjoy the very best of marital bliss but my blog has somehow got lost in the registration process! Please will someone out there help!

  10. The Big K says:

    Looks like they are not back in the office.

  11. Renie says:

    @ Echkay – Hope you’re able to login now!

    @ Big K – You registered yesterday – we’ll be checking your blog in the next 2 hours. 🙂

  12. arnab says:

    hey renie. i updated my blog 2days ago and its still under moderation..:(

    PS: anoop and diana wish u a happy married life

  13. Sindhu says:

    Renie, I messed up! I changed my blog name after you approved it and I think I’m back to waiting for you to approve. Sorry, I’m like this only! 🙂


  14. Renie says:

    @Arnab – your blog wasn’t working 2 days ago, we were getting a “server not found” error. It’s working now, and we’ve approved your blog. Welcome to the IndiBlogger network! 🙂

  15. Renie says:

    @Sindhu – the blog you registered with does not exist on blogspot! What happened to it? Should I change it to this blog?

  16. Krish says:

    Could you please activate the reg of my blog:

  17. mahul says:

    I registered yesterday and my blog got approved(faster than I had expected, honestly). But I felt I wanted to add some tags and I did. Now, it’s been quite some time but my blog is yet to be approved.

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