Chennai Blogger Meet in the media


NXG, Hindu

Metro Plus, Hindu

We Blog, Therefore we are

Deccan Chronicle

Ergo, Hindu

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17 Responses

  1. lemonade says:

    OMG!!! The whole keep my name a secret thing didnt work at last! lol

    Thanks for the video link Renie! 🙂

  2. Akshaya says:

    An article came in today’s Express also. Kudos to all of you guyz. Btw, I registered in the site…but sumhow I’ve not been still added to the listings. Can you help me out?

  3. Shruti says:

    A hundred bloggers turned up for the Chennai meet! Wow.. that’s so cool! Only 30 in Mumbai.. 🙁

  4. Joel says:

    Hmm.. Is there any Blog meet in Bangalore.? Grr… Waiting to have one…

  5. Rajesh says:

    i signed up and my blog got activated but i’m unable to login..kindly look into it..

    Name of the blog- As I Introspect

  6. Guttu says:

    My blog is not approved. i don’t think it’s against the guidelines. explain….

  7. I have submitted my blog long time ago but I have not received any activation mail so far. Please be kind enough to activate my blog ASAP. I wish to know the status please!

  8. Renie says:

    @Lemonade – So much for staying behind the scenes!

    @Akshaya – Your blog is listed now!

    @Shruti – It was thanks to the damn IPL and those cheerleaders! 🙁

    @Joel – our first IndiBlogger meet was in Bangalore, and it was a real blast! We’ll be back there soon enough. You’re always welcome to use the IndiBlogger network to organize your own meeting though!

    @Rajesh – Here’s your listing.

    @Manohar –

    We just checked your submission, and it’s still “pending” – which means that your email ID was not verified. Did you get the activation link in your email?

    Regardless, we have activated your listing. Welcome to the IndiBlogger network! 🙂

    @guttu – Same as Manohar! Your listing is active, you can see it here.

  9. Balaji says:

    Hey Renie, Congrats!

    Looks like u guys are rocking! Good job man.

  10. Dinesh says:

    Hey I signed up to get my blog listed here. Do I need to add the Indiblogger badge to order to be approved? I was thinking of adding the badge once I got approved, but if the answer to the former is yes then I am in a deadlock.

  11. Renie says:

    @Dinesh – The IndiBlogger badge has nothing to do with the approval of your listing. You registered yesterday, and we normally take 48 hours to moderate each blog. You’ve just been approved – welcome to the IndiBlogger network!

  12. Dinesh says:

    Thank you Renie!

  13. fahd khan says:

    hey renie,
    i had registered to indiblogger on the 4th of july and my blog has not yet been approved.
    at the risk of sounding brash and rude 😛
    a) why is my poor blog being regaled to an anonymous existence?
    b) when, if ever, will it get listed?

    also, cheers to the team for a job that they are obviously doing well!

  14. S.K says:


    Unfortunately I missed the meet! 🙁

    I wish to make contact with bloggers using self-hosted WordPress so that we can exchange our ideas and start a forum for mutual help.

    Could you help me in locating such bloggers in Chennai.

    Thanks and regards,


  15. chethan says:

    guys i am new to blogging arena but have a beautiful blog myself how do i arrange a meeting in my city.?

  16. puyalganesh says:

    In breaking my head about the reason for ‘bad login’ error being shown whenever I try to look at my network I came across this page where thanks to you I got a few seconds fame on NDTV. Those who haven’t seen me can easily identify me. I am the good looking guy with a green t-shirt:-). By the way my problem was not solved.

  17. Renie says:

    @ Puyalganesh – you registered quite a few similar blogs with us, which resulted in your login getting disabled. We’ve fixed it – you should be able to login now!

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