IndiBlogger Meet at Mumbai

April 27th and the IndiBlogger team was looking forward to the Mumbai meet with great anticipation. The hall booked for the event was just perfect and we owed it all to Netra Parikh, who created the perfect environment for a perfect evening at Mumbai. About 45 bloggers attended this meet. This was however the first time in our IndiBlogger road show that a number of bloggers who registered did not turn up. After 45 seconds of intense thinking (read drinking) we realized that the Mumbai Indians were playing the Deccan chargers in the maiden edition of the IPL T20 cricket tournament. The IndiBlogger team will be meeting next week to decide on whether to have cheerleaders for future meets.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the meet. There was a very unique charm and flavor to this meet. I guess it was just the magic of Mumbai and the Mumbai bloggers who made that possible. We had the most fun here and the bloggers made us feel very much at home. Almost every blogger who attended the meet did not blog for money. This was a moment to savor for the IndiBlogger team. “For those about to blog for everything except money, we salute you! We also thank you for that very heartwarming applause when our founder Renie Ravin stated that there would be no advertisements on

We do believe that Mumbai is a huge blogger park and considering the size of Mumbai, we are sure that one meeting in one area will not be the answer to IndiBloggers in Mumbai. We hope to be back sometime soon and inspire bloggers to do what they do best, blog! The Mumbai meet has now set the stage for a grand finale at Chennai. Post Chennai, we will be organizing meets at Delhi and Kolkata. So far it’s been extremely satisfying, and we hope to see you all at the IndiBlogger meet in Chennai.

The pictures of the meet have been put up on Flickr.

Thanks to Kaushal Karkhanis for taking a video of the IndiBlogger skit and putting it up on youtube.

Thank you Mumbai, and good night!!

– Anoop Johnson, The IndiBlogger Team

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2 Responses

  1. Netra Parikh says:

    Thanks Anoop and it was really wonderful meeting you all The IndiBlogger Team. Thou we had little time to talk but will surely have long converstaion next time :)!

  2. hey Netra.. We had a greaaaat time too! Just cant wait to be in Mumbai again! Hope your networking is going great and me thinks we inspired you to take up bloggin 🙂

    Thanks a bunch again and hope to catch up with you real soon.

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