Back to Kolkata – this time, it’s for the children!

That’s right, comes back to Kolkata after 2 long years, courtesy Akshaya Patra, the world’s largest NGO run school meal program.  Come the 20th of February, bloggers from all over India are going to land up for what promises to be a fun-filled IndiBlogger Meet!

We’ve always told people that our meet at Kolkata was one of the best we’ve ever witnessed, thanks to the warmth and camaraderie of Kolkata’s bloggers. We can’t wait to experience it again!

Since our first batch of blogger meets, we’ve come a long way, and yet, the song remains the same. Pardon us while we take a quick trip down memory lane.

We almost lost BG to a Kolkata tram:

Kolkata Trams

This is Anoop, trying to remember the speech he didn’t prepare:

Kolkata Bloggers

Kolkata bloggers, who clearly did not forget their lines:

Kolkata Bloggers

Our journey back home:

Leaving Kolkata

Kolkata, we can’t wait to see you again! 🙂 If you haven’t registered for this meet as yet, register now!

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9 Responses

  1. Balaganesh says:

    ok…now that is a real bad picture of me. was the camera drunk or the camera man or is it really me man? hey check out Anoop he is scratchy…he he poor scratchy.
    That blogger meet was best ever ! and this one will be double the fun!

  2. Jay says:

    Lol! Typical Indi-humour. Wish you guys a great blogger meet!

  3. Karthik says:

    Nice post dude. Missed that meet, but not this one!

  4. Kiran says:

    Awesomeness! I love blogger meet up. A chance to put a face to the avatar for a change. I’ve had a couple of meet ups here in Orlando, Florida. Have fun everyone 🙂

  5. Addy says:

    Dude BG is that you? 😛
    OMG! You guys a brothel out of a hotel? Who was the one talking in green bubble? 😀
    Dam you people! Out of all those 365 days you guys had to choose the one when I am busy in my college! #facepalm 😐

  6. Welcome back!
    But after a long gap.
    Seems it would be fun again.
    Looking forward for the event.

  7. Yogesh Goel says:

    Write-up by me of the Bloggers meet. Feel free to leave ur feedback –

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  2. February 17, 2011

    […] out their announcement on the offical Indiblogger blog. If you are sitting on the fence, reading this should surely tip you towards the side where we #IndiCal-ers lie in […]

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