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  1. Shayon says:


    Do you folks ever plan to have a Bloggers’ Meet in Kolkata, any time soon.

    Basically, I stay in Jamshedpur. Any chances of a meet anywhere nearby, any time?


  2. Renie says:

    Hi Shayon,

    We don’t plan the meetings – you guys do! (We’ll help you out in any way we can though.)

    Why don’t you create a meeting on IndiBlogger for Kolkata?


  3. Bharath says:

    Got myself registered in this site in order to confirm my presence for the Blogger meet in Bangalore. Unfortunately, even after activating my account, the site isn’t recognizing me as a registered user! Guess you really messed up as u mentioned in the third option 🙂

  4. Renie says:

    Hi Bharath, guess you didn’t read the next para on our faqs! 🙂

    Every blog that is submitted for the directory listing is checked manually by a moderator to see if it complies with our submission guidelines, and also to check if the blogger is of Indian origin.

    So even if you confirm your email id, your account is active only if we confirm that you are an IndiBlogger. That’s the only way we can keep our system 100% pure. We’ve just approved your account, you can see your listing here. By the way, we love the title of your blog! 🙂

  5. Nithin Jayan says:

    as per the e-mail confirming my registration I had clicked the activation link. But still when I log in, I am being called a cow-boy…!!! that my blog is not approved yet…!!! …please review my blog…

    Of course life often keeps us on call waiting..i hope this comment will fetch me attention…

  6. Renie says:

    @ Nithin, IndiBlogger doesn’t keep you on call waiting for too long! Our moderators were a bit busy yesterday as we were all at the Bangalore blogger meet. Your blog listing has been approved, Happy IndiBlogging!

  7. azeem says:

    hey was cookin wid hyd meet..!!wat’s gonna b d bone of contention…how do i list ma name in dat?

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