Plagiarism, the scourge of bloggers everywhere

Remember Milli Vanilli, the pop band that won a Grammy award 21 years ago, only to have it revoked soon after it was found that they used someone else’s voices? It’s recently come to our attention that a fairly well known “blogger” has done the same, taking content that doesn’t belong to him, claiming it as his own, entering into competitions, garnering votes and winning prizes.

Sourav Pandey, we’re talking about you.

Thanks to the sharp eyes of Lakshmi Rajan (who first told us about it) and Eon Heath (who first blogged about it), we’ve been able to uncover a shocking betrayal of the trust placed upon him by the blogging community and his readers. The evidence speaks for itself:

Exhibit #1


Original author‘s reaction: Yeah, that’s actually my piece. I wrote that my Sophomore year in high school for an English class I was taking. Let me know what I can do to help you remove my artwork. I’ve never experienced someone plagiarizing me before.
Thank you for informing me.

Exhibit #2

Plagiarized: The plagiarized post was removed after being warned by Eon Heath. We have a backup copy here thanks to Lakshmi’s early warning.

Original author‘s reaction: Yes, this user has taken my work without permission and posted it as his own. As seen from my copyright information my poem was posted way back in 2009. His copy was posted just weeks ago. He did not credit me to the piece, rather he claimed ownership. I’ve also noticed several images that he has taken from deviantArt and used in his posts.

The post containing my poem has since been removed from his blog but I do happen to have a screen capture from before removal.

I’m not sure how else I can be of assistance but keep me posted. It isn’t fair to any of the parties involved that he takes credit for someone else hard work and creativity and hopefully the matter can be resolved soon.

Exhibit #3


Original author‘s reaction: I’m actually really surprised. I mean, one side, sort of annoyed because it is plagiarism, on the other, sort of honoured because of the comments of people (even though they presume it is him). But no, he didn’t get in contact with me. It’s quite sad that he didn’t just go to the effort of telling people he didn’t write it himself, and simply found inspiration there, but people do that. Thanks for messaging me about this.

The above post was submitted for the Akshaya Patra contest where more than a hundred bloggers came together for the greater cause of feeding India’s underprivileged children. Thankfully it did not win any prizes.

Exhibit #4

Plagiarized copy removed by said plagiarizer, backup copy here.

Original author‘s reaction: I’m actually really surprised. I mean, one side, sort of annoyed because it is plagiarism, on the other, sort of honoured because of the comments of people (even though they presume it is him). But no, he didn’t get in contact with me. It’s quite sad that he didn’t just go to the effort of telling people he didn’t write it himself, and simply found inspiration there, but people do that. Thanks for messaging me about this.

Exhibit #5


Original author‘s reaction: Oh my god, I’m always so scared that this would happen. Thank you so much for spotting this. Yes, this is indeed mine. I hope this case is solved real soon.

Exhibit #6


Original author‘s reaction: Damm !!! This is my original Post which i wrote in 2007 !!

Exhibit #7


Original author‘s reaction (please read the comments): No, I wrote this and posted it in 2007, as you can see. Its old, representative of my early attempts at writing, but the writing is mine with no collaboration.

Note the line at the beginning of the post, which says “Please do not leave half-baked comments, as this is a very personal post!”.

Exhibits #8 – 9



We have similar exhibits for almost every post on Sourav’s blog.

Sourav Pandey, now is the time to do the right thing.

  • Apologize to all your readers via the same channels you used to gain them in the first place.
  • Put up a blog post with your apology so that all your feed subscribers will know.
  • Comment on every one of your plagiarized posts so that those who commented earlier will know who the real author is.
  • Inform all your facebook fans and twitter followers.
  • Return your prize winnings so it can be given to someone who truly deserves it.

At the very least, you owe this much to the community and hard-working authors you betrayed and robbed.

177 Responses

  1. Magali says:

    Thanks indiblogger for this post!
    Now let’s see what Sourav does. Will he redeem himself or just keep being a lying thriving cheat?

  2. All Sane Bloggers says:

    All I can say is that I’m aghast at this expose. I mean I did know that there were some posts that this guy borrowed ideas from. But this is plain propostorous. Either he was stupid to think that all this would go unnoticed and he’ll bask in his plagiarized glory, or he was just too dumb to notice. Sourav C Pandey, how do you sleep at night? I hope not on a stolen mattress with someone else’s sheets on it.

    If I may borrow a famous line that my kindergarten friend first taught me – “Shame shame, puppy shame…”

  3. Snow Leopard says:

    I always thought something was wrong with that creep, the way he asked people to vote for his posts on Indi. Damn great sleuthing guys. We need to expose more of such “Fakesters”, who are a bane on the Indian Blogging World. Magali had also exposed a certain Ankit Bhatija recently.

  4. Kartikay says:

    Wow! Great stuff you’ve done here.

    Incidentally, I couldn’t stop laughing seeing this on his About-Me page:

    Most importantly I love myself for what I am now, in spite of all odds …

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Pandey is really clever chap. Been stealing the awesome write ups with no modesty. He won majority of competitions and money – Thanks Plagiarizing. Aaagh!!

  6. Hemal Shah says:

    This has come as a big surprise. Well I am personally hurt coz he had ran away with so many contest wins. As a Blogger, I personally felt hurt to know that if at all he wont have figured in the list, even i could have had a chance to win the contest. well thats only what everyone else who saw him win the contests will feel.

    Its also a lesson to learn that IndiBlogger team needs to have a strong moderation team. If it was there, he could have identified a long ago.

    Thanks for the expose. Will wait to see what he does.

  7. Balaganeshg says:

    what you speak is from your heart and what you write is from the mind.
    I hope that Sourav realizes his mistake and spends more time in reality and shuts off his dillusion. for who for what and for why? these questions that should ring in his head until the smoke clears.
    People learn by mistakes and it is not a bad way to learn. However what you learned must be preached and applied.
    so, what we learned is that, do read the blogging guidelines and follow them. Simble!

  8. shilpa says:

    Sad! I feel sorry for the original authors. The original authors, readers, all of us, need an apology. This is just S.A.D.

  9. Vidya Sury says:

    Hmm. God knows who else is doing what else out there. What is so difficult about giving credit to the original author?

  10. Purba says:

    Moral of the story – Even plagiarizing requires brains. And the temerity with which he has shamelessly copied. What was he thinking!
    But the chap is indefatigable. First WE Blog and now this. Time you blocked him from Indiblogger.

    • Sourav says:

      Teach me how to copy, I know you are really good at it! I have never said anything bad to senior citizens and I hope you won’t make me do that as well! Behave your age Purba Aunty, please.


      • Purba says:

        I do not appreciate you casting aspersions on my originality. And trying to get personal with a nasty comment – I thought you could do better than this!

      • Sourav says:

        If being good to people elder to you meant ‘casting aspersions’, please accept my apologies Purba Jee!


      • Magali says:

        Senior Citizens are people above the age of 60, Sourav (look it up somewhere!). What’s wrong? Have you gone blind? Does Purba look 60 to you? We knew you were low, but insulting someone personally & accusing them of copying (LIKE YOU) has plunged you to new depths.

      • Animesh says:

        So, first you copy and are not even apologetic for it. You also don’t want people to talk about it. wowwww; who do you think you are?

      • Ruhi Sonal says:

        Wow that’s just so unbelievably rude! Do we have to get into all this mud slinging… I thought it was a simple legal issue…

      • Snow Leopard says:

        Can you even write 1% of what she can without copying? Do you even have any real writing skills?

      • The most wonderful thing about the man is the way he refuses to say sorry and the immaturity and self-love he exhibits in his replies even after the truth being revealed. Even if a person doesn’t read all about the plagiarism thing mentioned in this post, it’s very easy to gauge the person’s character from this very reply, with words like “senior citizen” and using an absurd allegation against one of the most respected bloggers.

      • Vidhya says:

        “…I have never said anything bad to senior citizens and I hope you won’t make me do that as well!..” -Before you write a blog, you might want to start by learning how to frame a grammatically correct sentence.

  11. Monica says:

    Nothing works better den holding the accused publicaly to shame..I hope those who cheat get a lesson frm dis

  12. Eon Heath says:

    Hey Renie,

    Hats off to you people…

    And to all the people who feel indiblogger should ahve spotted it long time before, folks, they have millions of stuff to do…And honestly, after being in touch with them over the past few days, i could actually feel the magnitude of work they do…

    They do the best they can to keep blogger a paradise for us…

    Indiblogger, you got an admirer for a lifetime.

    Eon Heath

    • Bhavana Rao says:

      Oops!! I am late here.
      I totally agree with you Eon that Indiblogger are doing tremendous job to make our work reaching many people across the country and the world.
      I do not like to speak about the great “Hero called Sourav” here and make him feel greatest of the great and famous for all the “BAD REASONS”!!

      But I have this question to Indiblogger and I would like to hear answer from Renie himself.
      They scan our blogs before accepting them. But if they scan our blogs they should be scanning for plagiarism isn’t it? If it was done, then how was these kinds of things are missed out? Or is it scanned for something else? If so I would be glad to hear it.
      We give our permissions ( yes!! permission because its our work) to scan our blogs by Indiblogger and abide by their rules as well. But i feel this is a serious loop hole here in Indiblogger.

      Renie, can you please reply?

      Thanks a lot..

  13. Sourav says:

    Hello Indibloggers,

    It is disheartening to see such public defamation and biased behaviour on a platform which is known to have been fair and just to all the bloggers.

    While I am sure with all the posts on Deviantart, anyone would be easily convinced against me. There are times when you are not in a position to explain. All I can say here is I’ve been writing since late 2005 anonymously on an unnoticed blog (removed from Google and other search engines), which is very personal and contains post which if exposed here would rob me of all my privacy! There was no existence of the Indiblogger or any other blogging platform back then in India. The people who are now complaining against me, are actually the people who I originally should have complained against in the first place! But I never had any such platform back then and anyway I hardly bother for such things, since deep down I know what is right and I am never a beggar for judgements or acceptance of people who are shallow!

    I am sorry I am not in a position to defend myself, since that would involve sacrificing and invading all the privacy and my personal space. Indiblogger or any damned blogger who is out there to abuse and all set to run on a public marathon at the drop of needle needs to understand that I am NEVER GOING to bother replying to them! Agreed Indiblogger has helped me get few honest readers and make some loyal friends, but my blog is not because of Indiblogger or any other platform, and hence nobody is authorised to make me answerable to anybody on this planet!

    While moving on with the transparency that Indiblogger has always (pretended) showing I am now going to question how a very senior blogger, who has been proved a cheat and a fraud is still an Indiblogger? And it is not JUST ONE! There are many here on Indiblogger, who are blatant thieves! Ignoring and killing all the fairness was not what I ever thought of Indiblogger! I am not a person who will stick to dirty tricks to gain popularity and I have usually tried maintaining silence against people who bark and shout in the dark! But this seems to be one apt time to break all the silence and show some stupid bloggers what metal I am made of!

    PS – Lakshmi Rajan, and the respected members of anti-Sourav family thank you for never minding your own business and making me the most important part of your real and virtual life. My apologies to you, but you need to get a hook on your own lives before this fever gets worse and you are addicted to stalking my life and my blog!

    @Magali – Mind your language girl, you hardly know me to comment on anything! I am not answerable to you or anybody on this planet. If you don’t like me, please do not bother about me, seems fair enough? Thanks!

    • Eon Heath says:

      Hey, You missed thanking me i guess…

      True, you are not answerable to us. but saying that you are not answerable to anyone on earth!! sorry “this planet” (your precise words) is a bit strecthing it too far…You are very much answerable to your followers (couldnt google come up with a better word than that??)
      You may not be because of indiblogger, nor would you be because of us. But you are, what you are, because of all those people following you. Try denying that buddy.

      And the other reference, “Anti-Sourav” family…buddy, we arent against you, for you are no one to us. we are anti plagiarism family. We are least bothered about what you do or to know anything about your personal life man. please!!! we have our own dear lives to worry about. But we are a family at indiblogger. Its like a home to us. And what we cannot tolerate is, someone dirtying our house…

      This whole thing is going too far.

      Let me just conclude with a good bye.

      Eon Heath

      p.s. – Your comment about minding ones’ language, buddy, it doesnt ring true coming from you.

    • Magali says:

      Wow, a lying plagiarizing so called blogger telling me to mind my language? That’s rich! πŸ˜€
      As a blogger you are answerable to your readers & the blogging community in general, whether you like it or not. I have exposed a plagiarizer on my blog before (though he wasn’t as bad as you). Whether you choose to keep silent or lash out against your critics is your problem, really. But I will not stand for somebody who has cheated & lied, stolen other people’s works telling me to mind my language, okay? I am answerable only to my mom as far as my language is concerned. πŸ˜›
      I admit that I do not know you. But I do know about the plagiarism, crookery & lies that you have indulged in. So I know all that I need to know about you. And I will continue to speak out about creeps like you. So what are you going to do about it? Sue me?
      BRING IT ON.

    • Bikram says:

      Saurav sir.. mere ko thank you kar do yaar, VOTE FOR ME please .. dire need of some ..

    • Very interesting debate — brilliant investigation (kudos to Lakshmi Rajan) and a pretty lame ass defence from the offender. “I was abducted by aliens who made me copy other people’s stuff” would have been more believable.
      After I expressed outrage against my poetry being copy pasted on Facebook, a friend passed on this link to me and wow, its a minefield!

      All the best,

  14. Ref: To Sourav’s PS

    I have nothing personal against Sourav the individual but I was appalled at the behavior of Sourav the blogger. Unfortunately as part of my lifestyle, I keep reading blog post of various bloggers. Unfortunate to you, I came across the “dream or nightmare” post you have written that I stumbled upon in FB.

    All this started from the post. Can you answer my few question.

    1. You mentioned in the post that you had a dream (nightmare) and requested people’s inference on the same.
    2. You also mentioned it is a very personal post of yours and added “This is not a work of fiction. I had a very strange dream last night, and it is not very unusual for me”
    3. How can a dream you had been written by another author years back? The same dream in same words as you have narrated.
    4. Even as you explained, that you have been cheated and not otherwise. A dream admittedly you had “last night” be found in Deviant 3 years ago?

    P.s> I was just shocked and hurt by your behavior as blogger and I have my own better things in life but that does not mean when I come across a blatant cheating I keep my eyes closed.

    • Sourav says:

      No, I am not going to answer any of your question. Do you have any more or them? If yes, please come to Delhi do a candle march here and you never know you may get lucky! πŸ˜€

      Lakshmi, I always had questions on fairness about the contest that you organised on your Chai-dukaan, but I hardly bother. And fyi I can get some bloggers here to unearth such STRONG questions that will help you lose your sleep for the next few months, but I believe in the concept of ignoring the people who are shallow and live borrowed lives!

      Consider this my last ever reply to you. I wish you a good and sensible life ahead. Take care! πŸ™‚

      • Yes, I know you cannot answer either πŸ˜‰

        Please, do question me. I would be happy to hear your “allegations”. Unearth it and make me loose my sleep.

        Ofcourse I know it would be your last reply since you have many questions unanswered. Wish you too good and sensible life ahead – own life and not “borrowed” Take care! All the best!

      • Hemal Shah says:

        If you are any true, and worth your salt you have to face it rather than run away like a coward @Sourav

      • Mani says:

        What questions? Which contest from Ginger Chai?

      • Magali says:

        Really cheap.
        You accuse Purba & Lakshmi of being unethical cheats. Well, lets see your legal team find some stuff on them. Or maybe your legal team can cook some stuff about them. Hope you’re paying them well with all the prize money you won & cheated other real bloggers of. πŸ™‚

      • Narendra says:

        I take offense in someone talking ill of women. I am reading this post since half an hour now and all I can find from you Sir are baseless, cheap comments and often on women. Probably it is not a surprise to notice that you lack the sensibility that your posts (and the ones that are posted here) seem to posses, because they are torn out of library books!! πŸ™‚ And I understand the ad hominem you are resorting to, its quite natural…

        Lakshmi Rajan is a respectable blogger, I have been reading her since a long time, I am not an active blogger, but you know something, you can really judge someone by the feeling they send across to you. Lakshmi Rajan is not you, and I just want to inform you that the same IPC holds good for her too, It is INDIAN penal code, let us remind you and not Mr.Sourav C Pandey penal code (which I am beginning to feel, it should have been πŸ˜› ).

        Alright, about copying. You did what is right for you, Yes, you don’t have to apologize or admit or whatever, If you have even an iota of self respect you won’t post hateful comments here or anywhere else about this thing, leave posting apology on blog, tweeting, etc! If you are able to stop defending yourself this way I would consider it the movement’s victory.

        My message to you is go ahead, copy from our blogs, post it on yours, win prizes but don’t assume that we are wearing flowers on our ears! Don’t pass such comments on women and if you do want to then please disown us, bloggers, Indians…we would be glad to have this honor…

      • Narendra says:

        Pardon me for messing up with your Gender Lakshmi Rajan, I got confused :p, I was too angry I think (Which is wrong πŸ™ I know). But what is gender anyway? …And…Good work! Let us say, may you not have to do investigative work in finding another such blogger…sigh!

        Sourav, I am pro forgiveness, I think We all anyway ready to forgive you whether or not you apologise. I think you need some time, first overcome the guilt and channelise your frustration in something more creative, You are capable of writing on your own, good or bad, that is not much of a consequence anyway…take my word, just write whatever you feel like, the kind of satisfaction you get is enormous. Then probably NOBODY will comment, probably your traffic may see a dip, doesn’t matter, you showed the courage to get up and walk again. Do not do this to yourself, you deserve better, like everyone else…everything you say will make it more difficult just to you…turn into a better person or let me say, turn off the person you created of yourself, you may be an awesome guy on your end, we do not know and I don’t deny it too. Everybody makes mistakes, cliched as much it is, everybody does…New readers will come in and they won’t know anything about all this, they will discover this someday and then be shocked, don’t shock them this way, I think you really must write a straight from heart post on your blog…May it not be apology if it is difficult, make it about YOU…how you felt and how you can do better…It is okay

        Somebody said, to forgive is divine…it is…but what are we to forgive anybody…if someone realises it themselves and not apologise in words…it still is something…:)

  15. Snow Leopard says:

    LOl @Pandey Damn you are good. You think of unique stories each time. Kind of like the Pakistani administration on the issue of them hiding terrorists.
    Laughed hard at the para about Anonymous blog which has been deleted from search engines etc.
    No Pandey, we are smoking weed or high on any drugs that we will digest any crap you serve here.

    And Magali is a good friend. You dare make personal attacks on anyone and I will personally ram your bloody head up your ass.

    • Snow Leopard says:

      And yes I add Purba to the list of friends too.

    • Magali says:

      Thanks Snow Leopard.
      Maybe he was tripping & when on one of his trips he ‘borrowed’ the posts (unknowingly, of course! πŸ˜› )
      After the claims about the mysterious hidden anonymous blog, anything is possible.
      Maybe aliens brainwashed him to steal other people’s posts. πŸ˜€
      So is he accusing the original authors of being plagiarizers? Yeah, maybe those people came across this top secret blog & plagiarized from there. Yes. I know now. He is innocent & those deviantart writers are plagiarizers! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      If this guy does hire legal help (that’s a laugh!) they will have to work overtime to come up with a good defense.

    • Bikram says:

      Can i come too πŸ™‚

  16. Sourav says:

    People who are replying here are advised to use words in their sanity, as it may turn against them.

    I am seeking legal opinions on such public defamation. And thankfully I have been already informed there are laws under Section 499, Section 500 of the Indian Penal Court to safeguard my interests.

    Sorry, if I hurt have any sentiments but I am not in a position to prove my innocence by getting exposing my private space in public.

    Henceforth all the replies after this one will be done by my legal consultant.

    Thank and regards,

    • Kartikay says:

      Clap Clap! Prove yourself in the court of law!

      By the way, I loved your anonymous blog, was a huge fan. Great stuff you wrote there.

    • Eon Heath says:

      Heard of copyright laws?? against your interests??

    • Snow Leopard says:

      You think you can shut up people by throwing names of a few penal codes. You are just pathetic and you know it.

    • Hemal Shah says:

      Ah yes, you can spend your prize money on your lawyer.

    • Magali says:

      As I said above, bring it on dude! πŸ™‚

    • Bikram says:

      You are good man.. if only you had used the brains for something good. SUE me too.. I got some copies of your replies my friend so watch out or remember what you have said last year.. and during the CWG time..

    • lol says:

      lol, y u seek legal action when it is u who is braking the law? lol, ur smart.

    • Ruhi Sonal says:

      Sourav, that’s a threat for god’s sake! Maybe the matter should be settled in court. One can always apologise and move on, or prove one’s innocence in a logical way (if one is innovent that is) why all the bad humour? It doesn’t prove anything…

    • Raul Nandin says:

      Sourav and everyone else,

      I want to point out a few small bits of information that should also aid in these allegations against Sourav. First, after finding out that my grade school friend’s work was copied word for word onto his blog and won 5,000 rupies, I was overwhelmingly angry. I could not understand how someone could submit a work that wasn’t his and feel content about it…and receive an award for it and still feel content about it. This only suggests that Sourav is a sniveling snake.

      Furthermore, after I found out, I sent out an e-mail to his facebook account suggesting he remedy the situation by giving recognition to where it is due, and to apologize for his actions. In my efforts, I was quickly blocked only to further prove how cowardly this so called writer is and not admitting to his faults. The thing about all of this is, I can understand you have been writing since 2007, but I do not understand or will not dwell on such a perversion that your words are an exact copy of my friends words that post an entry the year prior to your award and recognition. She should have won and the prize given to her.

      For shame, Sourav. You have committed a great act of heresy as a writer. I’ve visited your page and the great deal of clutter that invades it. I could see how you made an attempt to cover up your act by filling your page with a random assortment of pathetic tid bits that hold no real meaning. In fact, the real writers are those of which you’ve taken their work.

      I ask for nothing else but to show recognition where it is due, especially for my friend Megan Celaya who literally writes every single day regardless of tasks. She ties herself to her journal….which reminds me, I find it odd that you took her work, after I saw her write it so long ago and was asked to read it by pen and paper.

      You sicken me…such a vile human.

    • Raul Nandin says:

      Don’t speak as though you deserve some sense of respect, as that was lost as soon as you decided to take someone’s work.

    • swayambhu mukherjee says:

      Now this is getting interesting. Am a lawyer, and would love to see you try and take legal action against the people here. If anything, you’ll only end up blowing the money you earned by winning those contests. And that, I guess, will be a good thing. By best wishes for your legal consultant….and please do pay him his fees. In real currency.

  17. Rahul Ahire says:


    I am not an avid blogger and I am half-deaf with the entire controversy. I just found this link, passed on to me by a friend.

    I strongly oppose plagiarism and the people who do it. I wouldn’t want someone to take credit for the thought I carved in my rotten brain. The same applies with everyone who has been peening down things.

    Taking inspiration from someone to write your stuff is fine, but going beyond that to make your blog seem readable with a CTRL + V is something no one appreciates.

    In my opinion, there should have been a PLAGIARISM MODERATION list implemented before letting anyone place their work in queue for an award contention.

    Whatever goes after this – AGAINST PLAGIARISM ALWAYS!

  18. Balaganeshg says:

    Brother Sourav,

    Like someone said, nobody dislikes you they only dislike your attitude towards blogging. Its a reaction to an action, thats all.
    There is no base law to argue but I believe there is consciousness and wisdom in us that shows us the difference.
    In a community ,we try the best to coexist and develop a healthy culture within it.
    Its a responsibility of each one of us to ensure that it stays that way. What you get out is left to you to take it as it is ,but winning and bagging prices are too small when compared to other great things to achieve.

    Do well and do good. We will regret if you are not in our community anymore. So we really encourage you to do the needful and stay with us.

    And for my fellow bloggers , lets all take a step back ,look at ourselves, ensure we are clean and then step in front. thanks.

    – and its a nice day outside so be gentle with each other.

  19. Neha says:

    This is shocking! I had always been neutral about his actions and he is aware about that very well, but copying posts verbatim and calling them yours is the cheapest thing to do! If that was not enough, instead of apologizing for his actions, he is coming here and humiliating other bloggers! Most of us don’t claim to be great bloggers, I don’t even fall in the category of “good blogger” with the kind of rants I write on my blog (even though they are interesting; the numbers prove that you see!!), but the posts you copied are awesome to say the least! They made me feel – darn, how come i can’t write like that!

    You know Sourav, since you think you are much above everyone else and no other platform can build you, you have been blogging since late 2005 (a few years after Vineet Rajan and Merlin started to blog!) when blogs didn’t even exist etc etc, I think it’s high time you learn some manners! Treat people with dignity especially those whose content you copied shamelessly! Thank Indiblogger for giving you money for the work which was not yours! Abusing and acusing Purba or Megali won’t change the facts!

    You say you have a few honest readers? I am sure they must also be seeing the same dream and writing the same reviews like you do!

    I would never have commented here, but after reading your replies to people, I couldn’t stop myself! If you have even a bit of honesty and dignity left, you should at least apologize once to those whose content you stole! Unless you feel that they stole your original posts written way back in 2005 and posted as theirs!! oh wait, ask them how did they retrive your “deleted” blog!!

  20. Addy says:

    Sourav I am so disappointed in you man! I had always thought of you as the sensible and awesome blogger really! There is proof dude, no denying that! And how can you use such language and show attitude after all this man? All we need is a sincere apology! Not that hard. Please don’t make it anymore difficult for yourself.

  21. This is very disappointing and disheartening. Blogging is kind of like maintaining an open diary with your friends and internet community. If you don’t want to share what you really care about what is the point of blogging?

  22. Stranger says:

    Oh Cm’on Man..
    We are not going to file any FIR against you, it just a matter of an apology!!
    Be Brave n face the music. & last words ‘Behave like a man’ & most imp thing give respect to ur seniors n gals.

    “Weakness of ATTITUDE becomes weakness of CHARACTER” – Albert EINSTEIN

  23. I believe it is a good expose and lesson for us all. Plagiarism is a huge subject matter. One cannot keep churning out posts after posts on any subject matter without painstaking research. Basically blogging cannot be profession for any individual, since it is not a paid form of human endeavour. Unless we consider contests and rewards which are indirect means of earning. I believe whenever a contest is announced due diligence has to be applied before awarding the winner. This is the only solution.

    I am sure Saurav will realise his folly and be man enough if he has committed the transgression to accept and move on in life. After all one should not claim credit for work which is not original or inspired. It will be injustice to the original creator.

  24. Debosmita says:

    One of the posts which seems plagiarised has won a cash prize of fifty thousand in an Indiblogger contest. I feel Indiblogger should make a serious investigation into it and if necessary, the same should be recovered.

    Please be informed that there are several exceptions to an offence of defamation and the foremost being the element of truth. If the words, which are alleged to be defamatory are true then it cannot be said to be defamatory. Please read up the copyright laws and then think of retaliating with threat of defamation laws.

    I never realise why sensible people lose their cool and use foul languages against one another in such a public forum. Everybody (including Sourav, of course) should stop provoking each other to make nasty personal remarks.

  25. Delhizen says:

    It’s our (blog readers) fault Sourav that we thought you to be creative author… which maybe you are since you insist on shouting it out here about it. We deserved this lesson – ppl lets thank him for it!

    And Now; you got offended because Indi and others are supposedly maligning your reputation?

    β€’ How come you never had issues with anyone till they were praising and awarding you for the posts put up on the blog?

    β€’ You didn’t even have problems participating in all those contests with work which wasn’t even yours?

    β€’ You never deleted a comment which clapped at the brilliance of your words?

    If you took all the good words then have the guts to face the bricks and all the harsh but true comments as well- oh and you bloody well not complain because its your choice to not explain your stance on the whole issue! And I don’t think anyone even cares now.

    And how on Earth could you even think of using offensive language? Or does that prove you are guilty and this is the only way you know of dealing with it….

    You still have a chance apologize think this episode was a nightmare (all this started with a dream post, ironical) and move on….

    @ Indi- better late than never- I hope you putting better measures in place to check authenticity of posts that are submitted especially for the contests.

    @ Eon Heath–there is no like button for me to click on your comment– Sooper like!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    That list doesn’t mention one copied post:

    Mr. So Honest Sourav the “writer” whose been wronged’s post:

    No… its all conspiracy of the world against him… he’s one honest man, and we are all mad!
    And if this awesome dude is going Sec 499 for “defamation”…. why aren’t we suing him for copyrights?

  27. Ruhi Sonal says:

    Even Contretemps was copied… and I was getting hooked to that blog. Sad. Very Sad. People are strange n untrustworthy… πŸ™

  28. I’m a big fan of ‘fair’ trial. I always try to hear both side to form my opinion (something Sherlock Holmes taight me through his investigations :P). So after I read this post, I was eager to check what Sourav had to say in his defence and I was disappointed. He couldn’t even put a simple apology and instead showed his attitude. Woh kehte hain na, Chori aur uparse Seena Jori! Hope he gets to learn something. It will be good for him!

  29. Balaganeshg says:

    we do not encourage the ones who wears the black gown enter our premises cuz they too have integrity issues πŸ™‚
    the legal system around here lets you customize the ‘codes’ to your legal needs, it is just a swiss hard transfer away. so , pls let us keep the court , the judges and the great indian law out of this for now !!!

  30. Sunil says:

    This makes me sad. Blogging is such a personal and social thing (yes, both together) that we all feel like a community, friends even though we have never met each other. Such a behaviour to your friends is indeed very disheartening and discouraging to a blogger. Leaving aside all the accusation of stealing content and taking credit for it, the whole attitude from Sourav is very disrespectful and not worthy of a real blogger. Something that could have been resolved with an apology got such a violent and abusive response? Such aggressive threats and refusing to even explain himself? Threats to people for saying plagiarism is bad? It’s definitely indicative of suspicious behaviour. I hope God gives him sadbuddhi and he learns to respect others’ thoughts and their content.

    Otherwise, he can always have a promising career in Bollywood as a music director or screenplay writer!

  31. Mayur says:

    What surprises me is that Saurav is time and again justifying an old hindi saying. “Ulta Chor Kotwal ko daante” Ha ha… No point wasting time on the Pandeys, they speak a lot even after being exposed. I hope the readers get what I’m saying. πŸ™‚

    I had run in to this guy long ago when an innocent friend of mine had posted a story by him. I had my second thoughts and had pulled a leg a bit. But then… as I said… who cares about petty crooks?

  32. Great work @ Indi . Better than late . We are always with you Indi/ hope you continue with the great work . But this a good lesson learnt .

  33. Pallav says:

    Plagiarism is a crime; it’s more than stealing. The scar won’t fade easily.

  34. Bikram says:

    Indiblogger .. I hope you put back those pages that you deleted at that time tooo πŸ™‚

    and how come you suddenly come out with calling Mr. Saurav all this NA NA NA not good ….

    But i guess we too stand vindicated when all brought this out last year ..

    Thanks for putting it up


  35. Bikram says:

    what makes me smile more is people who have commented here were the ones siding him at that time, I will not take names but I hope they know themselves…

    Never mind god bless you all too. One should always choose there sides very wisely.

    I wish I had the screen shots of that thread..
    Thank you Laxmi Rajan .. you the MAN πŸ™‚


  36. Shreyas says:

    I am not part of the Indiblogger. I do not know who Sourav is (I actually stumbled upon this article thinking it was about Sourav Ganguly’s comeback in IPL!). This is actually the first time that i have commented anywhere but this was too good a thread to not voice an opinion. So treat my comments from a very impersonal point of view.

    People seem to be deeply hurt by the Plagiarism of Sourav and Sourav has his own reasons backed by the Indian Penal Code (which is funny). And throw in a bit of blogging prize money won by the defendant in the past, mix it with the feelings of all the bloggers here who now strongly feel that they had a shot at winning those prizes and garnish the mixture with choicest of words used in a heavily one sided YO!MAMA styled blogging standoff, you get a heady cocktail πŸ™‚

    @ Sourav – Evolution occurs when people chose to remove the chinks in their armor.
    @ People – To err is human, to forgive is divine.

    Lets move on! Lets topple another government, get attention towards world hunger and poverty, inspire mortals and make the web 3.0 the best social experience πŸ™‚ There are greater issues to be tackled by bloggers than get psyched and completely frustrated over one mortal’s sin!

    Peace πŸ™‚

    • Animesh says:

      Right, to err is human and to forgive is divine. But to forgive each and every time is foolishness. He is not even ready to realize what he has done. All which was asked is simple apology and what we get in return? A cooked up story of an anonymous blog and abuses and threatenings?

    • Magali says:

      Well as you said, you are commenting from a very impersonal point of view. Let me tell you about my anger, personally. I don’t participate in contest (save for one well over a year ago) so it’s not the whole prize money thing that’s irking me. It’s the stealing other people’s work part. Then the denying it, turning around & accusing the original authors os stealing from his *fictitious* secret hidden blog. He is a pro who has been doing ir for years now. He does it regularly. Very regularly. If he had even been civil about it, we would have forgiven. We have big hearts. But he comes & takes personal digs at REAL BLOGGERS (not so called bloggers like himself. He gets cocky, & threatens to sue Indiblogger & all of us too. [Read: He thinks we’re idiots] & you expect us to just let it all slide. We do have big issues to tackle. Plagiarizers from among us is one of them. I feel proud when creeps like him are exposed. They are backed into holes, don’t know how to deal with it & unnecessarily lash out, which then proves their guilt in everyone’s eyes. So they dig their own graves.

  37. Bikram says:

    Saurav Pandey SIRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rememebr me .. how you called me names πŸ™‚ remember we are still meeting up whenever I land , i do rmemeber that πŸ™‚

    Chor Chori se jaye Hera feri se na jaye..
    end of the day more and more people are getting to know you.

    What can i say to that .. you asking others to look at language look at you how you used the words then.. hope you apologise for them now πŸ™‚

  38. Dear Sourav,

    You’re an idiot.
    I know what I wrote.
    I can tell you exactly how I did it.
    I can tell you the teacher who assigned it to me.
    I bet I could still find the notes I made while working on it.
    You stole my assignment.
    You didn’t steal my artwork, you copied off my page.
    I am a student. You are cheating off of my test.
    Stop it.
    I don’t care about the “crime” involved. I’m talking about my personal hard work and dedication. You rewrote a poem written as an assignment by an, at the time, fifteen year-old Sophomore in High School in the middle of America.
    How can you continue denying this? Does it really make you feel that great to be recognized for art, even if you didn’t create it?
    Maybe that should tell you something.
    Maybe you should try to create your own work.
    Don’t take someone else’s creation, but take their idea, spin your own web of mystique about it. Obviously that’s what attracted you to our work.
    It’s really not that hard. You’ve obviously read and reworded poems, literature, et cetera, so you know some sort of element involved in creating them, don’t you? Can’t you bullshit along with people who critique and comment about the form, beat, style, rhythm, and so on about your art? Or is that what you’re longing for?
    You still have the potential to be an artist, even though you’ve made a terribly taboo mistake of plagiarizing. You can be forgiven of this if you fess up, apologize, remove the plagiarisms, and start from scratch.

    Is it really that hard?
    Are you THAT thick-headed?

    I’m currently a Junior at a University in my current state. I study the visual arts. It’s beautiful to learn an art form, where it came from, how it developed, how it moves.. the written arts are the same way. While what you took from me was just an assignment, there is plenty of artistic value to it, and personal value to me. I am PROUD of MY art. I am proud to be able to say that this artwork is MINE.

    You’re in the wrong. Make it “write” (lol, see, I have a sense of humor).


    • Snow Leopard says:

      Learn something from the Jaguar. Apologize and accept your mistake. He/she has no vendetta against you even though you copied from him/her. And yes, credit the original authors.

      • Samadrita says:

        We’re with you Spotted Jaguar. Because as bloggers, as writers we’re all the same and can relate to another’s sentiments regarding his/her creation. When you find your work being copied with no due credit being given…it’s disheartening to say the least. What’s the point of writing if someone else is stealing your work and claiming it as their own and earning recognition to boot?
        Thanks Renie, Indi team and Lakshmi Rajan for this expose. I’m glad you guys finally woke up and smelled the coffee.

    • Ahimaaz says:


      Know that you are felt. I just read your poem Animal Farm from your deviantart page. This is what I want to say: I haven’t read Animal Farm the book, though I know some quotes from it, and it is on my to-read list. Reading this, I want to read it now!

      It is very sad about what has been done with your original work – is it not only plagiarized it is not apologized for. Some people are not just very thick-headed but comfortably numb too. We can only wish they grow up.

      My best wishes to you.

    • Ruhi Sonal says:

      That’s extremely generous and non vindictive of you. Btw, I just loved that poem “Animal Farm”. Its breathtakingly brilliant! I guess am going to be spending more time on deviantArt now…

  39. Thank you so much for posting this. Please, everyone reading this, stop this person from taking anymore works! These are our creations! Yes, we love to share our wondrous pieces, but not when people steal away our name.

    • Tricia Mayo says:

      I’d like to thank you all for noticing that this jackhole has been stealing works from others. Megumi is a dear friend of mine and I know how much she puts into her writing. I know how much I put into it as well :p (I’m her proof reader) :p And for it to be stolen from her is BS. I hope that he gets what he has coming. What a jerk-face!

  40. Nethra says:

    Well done, Indiblogger team! Good that you guys did expose him at last. Even after deleting the forum where me, swathi, samadrita, raksha and bikram raised our voices against his methods, I’m really glad that you learnt the truth in the end and raised your voice against it.

    And thanks to Lakshmi Rajan for exposing him!

  41. I cannot help laughing.

    Congratulations Sourav, you just lost a friend old pal, to the seed of doubt. But this is not the only thing I want to congratulate you for.
    Congratulations on being able to beat the Google Spider and other search engine crawlers and successfully hide you private space in not so private virtual world. I completely trust you with the existence of your private haven of heartfelt poetry and love articles.
    But then, I’ll also have to commend the original authors (whom you are counter alleging as plagiarists of your private space) to beat you in your own game. Maybe the internet was still a little baby in terms of network security to keep your world safe from them. And look, what easy and simple accusations they have made?
    The way you are defending yourself, ah what pride, what grace, dear old pal, it sure is doing you good. Escalating your position indeed.

    Adieu Ol’ Pal, so long!

    • Tanvi says:

      Anshul I agree with you… I won’t say a word about him, I do know this guy, but doing wrong things is wrong. Won’t support any copied things…

      Well Sourav have a great life ahead, hope you learn from this mistake and to be very frank just mind your language when you speak to people, you aren’t standing in your colony to speak like that… I did not like the way you replied, if you are defending then have some brains, used decent language… I know you are small with brains, hope you grow and learn! Goodbye!

      I appreciate the work of indiblogger!


      • deepika says:

        I wasn’t sure to say anything until this time but now that i have read his ‘replies’…

        You’re a loser. A big time. I hate to say it like this but thats what all you deserve.
        Congrats, you lost a friend(at least i thought you were one), a loyal follower.

    • Well Said..!! πŸ™‚

  42. S says:

    Weblog posted this update 5 mins ago – “IMPORTANT UPDATE : Bloggers from India who are members of the blogging community –, you should know what they are cooking behind the scenes. There will be an update here on WeBlog by tomorrow with all the proofs against the community which is run by a bunch of diplomats, opportunists and frauds! Stay around, this will be huge!”

    He’s threatening Indiblogger now!

  43. Vipul Grover says:

    Aah.. interesting turn of events.. cn js say, Renie, I told u so!!! nd why r his posts still on Indivine???

  44. Ahimaaz says:

    I really didn’t want to comment here. Seeing how things here were during the day, I shot a mail to Renie to let him know how I felt. Anyways, I have one thing to say, just one thing, and it is this: I wish that the people who’ve read the plagiarized materials and liked them go to the original authors’ pages and comment there how much they enjoyed those works so as to appreciate art, creativity, authenticity and such…

  45. Sugandha says:

    I am not going to take sides or comment on anyone since I want to live, without losing my sleep. πŸ˜€
    But, considering that I thought blogging is all about creativity and a passion for writing/expressing, I realize what a noob I still am. LOL, funnily unfortunate episode.

  46. Writerzblock says:

    Aha! Reminds me of someone called Poonam Pandey who resorted to CHEAP TRICKS to get more publicity. Well, atleast SHE was being original!!!

  47. Heronkij says:

    Alright, folks. It’s time for some plagiarism whoop-ass. I have been informed that one of my friends has had their work plagiarized. Unfortunately for us, the internet is a place where almost anything can be taken from. Should it be, however? No. If someone really dedicated their heart and soul into a work, you should at least have the common courtesy to tell them that you want to use it for something. Don’t just flat out steal the thing, because that is just it: Stealing. So bugger off, theives. Next time this happens, I want explosions.

  48. omg says:

    “Since I don’t know you much. I would rather NOT explain anything AT ALL! I have been reading and writing since I was 8!” – Soudrav

    “Please do not expect a reply from me anymore. And my reply may be considered rude, but I am not liable to answer you, nor am I asking you to believe me.”
    – Soudrav
    “I am not liable to answer to you”
    “not liable to answer to you”
    “not liable to answer to you”

    “I am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me and I am FINE ! :)” – Soudrav
    “I am Me.”
    “there is no one else exactly like me”

    I’ve never seen such bullshit.

  49. Anonymous. says:

    There’s just this one thing that I don’t understand.
    Right here at : ,
    (2nd comment from the top) seems to defend Sourav’s position:
    “The lady whose post seems to have been plagiarized, happens to be Sourav’s friend, who had requested him to post that certain post of her’s without crediting her for it.” And in the very next comment, Sourav seems to agree to this.
    But when I visited the original authors’ page, this is what I found :
    β€œFYI: I did not collaborate or share this work with another writer. I have not given permission for this writing to be used by any other on any other site. If you find this writing on another blog or website, it was taken without my cooperation or permission.”
    So what’s this all about? How can you have β€œposted that certain post of her’s without crediting her for it” when the original author itself denies that he/she has not given the permission to anyone to do so?
    Plagiarism is something that seriously needs to be checked. I am saddened as a blogger, to see that people use such means and methods that are unethical in practice.

  50. AndThenYou says:


    You know me, if not from stealing my work- that I put honest effort on, I might add, although I’m sure that you worked hard finding the “copy” and “paste” buttons-, then from the comment I put on your post where you put my work and claimed it as your own. I noticed that after I left a comment telling you to take it down, as it was undoubtedly mine, you did.

    So, riddle me this… if you have nothing to deny, why did you take it down?
    Stop being so self-righteous. Get off your high horse and own up to being a plagiarizing thief. I would put it in a polite way, but, as far as I’m concerned, there isn’t one. I don’t think you realize the full extend of what you did when you stole another writer’s work. We put everything into our pieces- emotions, dreams…and you take them all and make them seem completely insignificant. I have no respect or sympathy for you.

  51. Meher Manda says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    All this while i didn’t comment here, coz i was disappointed in Sourav, the friend. But then when I posted that comment, that was the explanation that Sourav had given me. Since it concerned just one post, I believed him. But then when Eon and Renie came up with so many of them, plagiarized, I do not believe in that crap anymore. Excuse me for that one comment of mine. I do not support plagiarism of any kind, nor ever will. The wrong-doer must apologize instead of showing some tacky attitude.

  52. Meher Manda says:

    Just for reference, please check my comment in Magali’s post referring to the same.

  53. “I am not going to answer/comment to anybody”

    I don’t understand, even he can’t stop himself coming here and trying (unsuccessfully) to justify his attempts. buddy, if you really believe you do not need to answer, then stop commenting.

    PS: That explains how difficult it is for some people to listen to their own thoughts and beliefs.

    PPS : This is not personal. It’s not against a person, it’s against the whole idea of copying without permission.


  54. Write a post on blogger and call it a personal space. Wah! I think we “cheats”, yes, yes, “we” cheats, need to be now use a diary to make our creative writing public, because somehow this gentleman here implies blogger is a private space!

    All replies by the accused will now be coming from his legal consultant. Renie: Are you peeing in your pants already? Are you losing sleep?

    Anyone who is above your age is a senior citizen. I like that logic. I would like to use that on my Manager and see how kindly he takes me.

    We have been invited to Delhi to do a candle march. Let’s do it guys, paying homage to great souls is really good. LMAO!

    But, here is a lesson on true creativity, “an anonymous blog that was deleted from all search sites” – that was original, or so I believe.

    And lastly, the showstopper, “What metal is this gentleman made of?” I say, MERCURY! πŸ˜‰

  55. I don’t think these request going to work!File a DMCA compliant and make their hosting down.These copy cats needs some lessons.

  56. P says:

    Sourav on the other hand is using WeBlog’s facebook page to bring out new allegations against the Indiblogger team. Anyone listening?

  57. Techie Zone says:

    This guy Surav Pandey AKA Content thief must be barred from blogging. He is a Spoiler….Grow up kid..

  58. Gyanban says:

    Everyone has a right to co-exist – with dignity -whether we subscribe to their idea or not.
    If someone thinks his work his original – then that is his prerogative not the world’s predicament.

    The trouble starts when contests are won with such action – that amounts to moving out of your personal space and claiming someone else’s.

    That said, I think this discussion needs to move into a positive forward looking mode.
    Asking now what ?
    What are we going to do differently here on ?

    • Raul Nandin says:

      Don’t make this sound like a one way street Gyanban. As true as you may be, the individual must also face justice. You ask “Now what?” Of course, as the onlookers we want to make sure that we do things differently, secure our writing, be more forward in our approach and trust little….but for the perpetrator, the “Now What?” is pretty easy. It requires an apology as well as going to the people he received awards from and letting them know that he had done wrong. You wish for the rest of us to take the road of being a “bigger man.” When it isn’t us that should, it’s the individual that has becoming a sniveling thief who built much around deceit.

  59. Satwinder Singh says:

    Absolutely shocked to say the least. Out of words. πŸ™

  60. I can’t believe someone can do such a thing. Why the hell is he blogging?

  61. Raul Nandin says:

    I want to make another comment, I’m an American…so your attempt to threaten me or anyone else about your laws and rights is pathetic. We have laws and rights too, they are called copy right laws, and you have broken them, more than once and can be sued for royalties. I suggest you burn that into your conniving head of yours…here in Texas, when we see a snake, y’know what we do? We take a shot gun to it. Remember that.

  62. Dr. Paresh says:

    I used to follow this man(s p) and thought wow! he is growing so fast, impressive!.
    I don’t know who learned what from this incidence but i have learned lot.I have a Dentistry blog.
    I used to download pictures from the web and gave no credit to the author or even using research reports and not even bothering to take permissions or crediting.
    Now ill go back to my blog and remove all pics and use pics which can be shared n credited.Ill edit all the posts (luckily i don’t have lots of) and credit the persons whom i can & remove the matter if i can’t.
    i have taken the step and deleted my post which was submitted for “crushed against chlorine” cause i used three research reports in it without crediting the author.
    Be authentic, Be professional,People read our blogs just because of one thing-Because they like our Content.
    ill keep blogging,ill be authentic,ill give credit,ill respect the licence,ill make my blog ‘mammoth’ one day.

    Thanks for opening my eye! indiblogger.

    • Raul Nandin says:

      You don’t have to do all that. You can always just site the author after each of the sources you use. And from what I’ve read, your blog seems more information based and can easily be remedied by just giving a small citation of the sources you used.

      This however, is not the same, this is actually taking someone’s entire piece and using it as their own. Which is sick.

    • Hemal says:

      Dr. Paresh, better late than never.

      I am personally happy that IndiBlogger made you realize this. Its a lesson well learnt, for you for us and for IndiBlogger and every one else..

      • Dr. Paresh says:

        Im am new to blogging ,I joined IB to learn and improve my skills from other expert bloggers and thats what i am doing πŸ™‚
        No hard feelings. I am Don’t like flaming someone, I just felt bad. What I have learned from my medical field until now is -Secret to success is realization and correction ASAP.

      • Hemal says:

        Yes Sir! Point well taken πŸ™‚ I am happy to know that IndiBlogger s helping you so much. Thank you for your kind comments. I am just as same a member as you!! even I have learned so much from this forum.

  63. Raul Nandin says:

    Author of this blog and whom ever else is involved in this and whatever problem is going on with IndiBlogger,

    I would like to know the status of the man who plagiarized all the work? I want to know what is being done on his behalf and whether or not he is continuing these acts. I would also like to know if his writings and awards are being revoked? You see, I’m a vindictive fellow, and no amount of “pacifistic optimism” that some of you may have or share will sedate me. Thank you, I’d like to be informed of any changes as soon as possible. If not, direct me to someone who can.


  64. Vinay Khatri says:

    Getting prise and winning prizes is very common in India for plagiarized content. Look at HIFI (HIndi Film Industry) you will find lots of them. (e.g. Title song of Maine Pyar Kiya (1989, Sooraj R. Barjatya, Rajshree Production) was awarded by Filmfare for Best Music (Raam Laxman) and Best Lyrics (Dev Kholi). However this song (music and lyrics) was plagiarized from Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called to Say I Love You! (1984))

    With the help of wordpress (or blogspot) or by paying 5 to 10 thousand rupees, one will get blogging software, space, url etc, but where to go to get thoughts? which showroom or website sells skill to convert thoughts in to words?

    If one’s mind is impotent to generate thoughts, instead of going for the treatment of thought impotency, in Gujarati I always write, ΰͺ΅ΰͺΏΰͺšΰͺΎΰͺ°ΰ«‹ΰͺ¨ΰ«ΰͺ‚ ΰͺ΅ΰͺΎΰͺœΰ«€ΰͺ•ΰͺ°ΰͺ£, one will plagiarize!

    good post. now let’s talk for actions. what to do?

  65. There is very famous saying in hindi: “Nakal me bhi akal Lagti he”, I think that automatically applies in this situation, I had a suspicion that he was a cheater because I don’t think even Rajnikanth can win that many competitions alone..!! LOL
    In the end I think he got what he deserved, and I feel even more happy because he unliked my blog’s facebook page some time ago, a thing which I cannot tolerate..!!

  66. pravin says:

    “CHORI PE SINAJORI” good work dud, keep it up

  67. Eddy says:

    I think, you guys can report this blog to Google, as it is hosted in blogspot.

    And rest google will look after, if they find the blog guilty.

  68. Haresh says:

    Loved to see this on IndiBlogger πŸ™‚ To be honest, I didn’t quite like the removal of the thread from IB and similar things that happened in Oct/Nov last year.

    I mentioned about Sourav’s not-so-admirable activities in my blog at that time. And, no one looked bothered at that time. In fact, I kept a watch on number of his Facebook page fans. It kept on increasing. Anyway, I guess I’m digressing.

    This guy actually doesn’t deserve the attention he gets. At least now I wish no more people fall prey to his intentions solely directed for not-so-ethical activities πŸ™‚

    Will he be ostracized? That’s the punishment he deserves, I believe. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it’s going to happen.

    Kudos to IndiBlogger once again πŸ™‚

  69. Abha Midha says:

    Plagiarism is an offence. It may sound different from robbery or other forms of cheating , but it is STEALING. I had heard about this episode some months back, and now Indiblogger has brought this up.

    My advice to you Saurav is to tender an apology to Blogosphere. That will be the quickest way to end this mess.

    Let us all respect a bloggers creativity and say NO TO PLAGIARISM.

  70. Disgraceful act. It drove me to write a short story based on the comments that I’d read.

  71. jsvasan says:


    Didn’t anyone teach you to say a simple ‘sorry’?
    What a pity!

    Old Timer

  72. The first time I saw my blog content being copied and posted on another blog, it broke my heart. That was 2007, a lot of water has passed under the bridge and now I am quite used to it.

    Let me tell you a few things about plagiarists like Sourav, this is from the horses mouth since I had the chance to be in close touch with some of the best (worst?) plagiarists in India and follow their technique.

    First, these people will never apologize. Not even if you poke a pencil in their eyes and tell them that they have been exposed, they would never ever apologize for their behavior. Second, they themselves really believe that they have not copied any content, so its very difficult to make them understand the same. Third, they would always threat you with legalese without realizing that its they who would get into trouble if they do that.

    And Sourav, the “I wrote this in an anonymous blog” story was good. But I expected you to atleast have the guts to admit that you have copied content, you don’t even have that much of courage brother.

    To Renie, are his posts still on Indiblogger? If yes then you too is promoting plagiarism. If not, kudos man!

    To the rest, all this guy wants is fame. So lets not give that to him. Lets ban his blog and pages on FB. Lets report him as spam on Twitter. That would be an apt punishment for him.

  73. Rocky Singh says:

    Unfortunate, what this guy did.

    When I plagiarize, I make sure to mutilate the article in ways that no-one can tell. You’re only a good thief until you get caught. So, I make sure to keep my posts unrecognizable when compared with the original.

    A few years ago when I had copied someone’s blog post, I actually send him a warning that he was plagiarizing from my blog, and the fool removed the post and sent an apology. That is how good you have to be to plagiarize!

    I am starting “The Movement for Support of Plagiarism as an Art Form”. Qualifications shall include having minimum 3 posts which are copied in full content without any credit being given to the original author. Copied jokes will not be considered plagiarized unless accompanied by nude pics of hot women.

    Footnote: This comment is copied from someone else but I will be taking full credit for it. If someone has a problem with this comment or the words in it, please contact me and I will give the original commenter’s details so that you can beat the crap out of him. Hey, It’s not my fault that they guy speaks out inappropriately when there is a serious discussion going on.

    No dogs were hurt during the plagiarism of this comment.


  74. AlphaTauri says:

    I have been an absentee blogger since a few months. I learnt about this today and I am aghast. WeBlog had a human profile on Facebook. I remember I had actually accepted the friend invitation and request to join the FB fan page a few months ago. Something had felt fishy about it back then.

    It’s appalling that Pandey claims to be a writer. There are grammatical mistakes even in the title of his blog. (…in love with me and life). He even has the gall to steal from such easily searchable sources.

    Maybe Indiblogger should scrap the public voting system on it contests and on Indivine. Maybe a panel of judges would do?

  75. Rekha says:

    It saddens me that one who I thought creative was deceptive…I am glad my blog readership is limited and a niche group of poets and writers who are too proud of their inherent talent to resort to copy paste.
    I have linked back to the original sites; even when I have used free photos from Photobucket, Flickr or Google images unless it has been provided by the memes I participate in, the least I can do. My poetry needs images most of the time.
    Sadly I am not good enough for any to flatter me by plagiarising. πŸ˜›
    The worst is the attitude of the person concerned…

  76. This blog post is really interesting. I don’t even know the reasons why bloggers mostly do such a thing, Copying someone’s content and still claiming to be the proud owner without giving good credit to the rightful owner of the content.

    Thanks for the job you’ve been doing here to show us the face of this type of people.

    Thanks once again.

  77. GuruTalks says:

    Thanks for information Indiblogger! I’m shocked to know this.

  78. It is heartening to see the Indiblogger community being serious about plagiarism. Makes me happy to know that a large community of like minded bloggers have my back when it comes to plagiarism.

  79. madhur says:

    woow…good to see such public bashing of a thief…
    BTW where are sauravs lawyers??? where is the notice?

  80. All these posts have been deleted from his blog. Oops!

  81. subroto says:

    Speaking as someone who found his fictional creation being used by someone else on the web I didn’t know whether to be flattered or angry. I know that I am an unknown blogger and what I have are only words and ideas and in my case mostly imperfect ones but they are mine. Had the blogger asked me I would have most probably said sure go ahead. But using it without informing me was not on.

  82. Plagiarism is indeed a difficult thing for bloggers to cope with. Each one of us dedicated bloggers has to spend hours researching on the content & then more time in actually writing it. And the next day we discover the content has been copied and posted by some dubious site. But yes, we’ve got to stand up together and curb the problem right in the bud.

  83. Akriti says:

    Plagiarism well exists in India. Infact, throughout the world. Such strong rooted problems can only be uprooted by scrupulous attitude in one self. We require it. Easy way, always seems attracting.

  84. Afshan says:

    I dont know whether to say Thanks To INDI for revealing this or feel bad as he was a regular winner on all indi competitions!! Whenever I write for some contest, I wait for results and I always used to see his name on top!

    What surprises me most is when people can write all by themselves(taking his other works in to consideration) Y is there a need to copy? ?
    Definitely competitions are not totally creating a healthy atmosphere I guess its now ATMOSFEAR of getting ur work copied!
    Anyway I feel sad as I always respected him and followed his writings and even asked many tips to him!

    I hope Indiblogger stays vigilant when it comes to entries and giving away the prizes! Nothing much to say- Am *SHOCKED* Only thing which will be more dooming is if all those plagiarised entries won prizes! Please tell me its not the case:)


  85. Sneha says:

    I wonder under which mountain was I sleeping when all of this happened.

    Saurav, I am disappointed in you.

    Eon, I am really proud of you.

  86. Sachin says:

    So now can I say “Ek Tha Blogger” ??

  87. Siddhartha says:

    As a blogger, saurav made a bad mistake even coming here. And commenting. His hilarious and supposedly threatening responses made my afternoon. Apologise rookie.

  88. Bhavin Shah says:


  89. Dr.Sadasivan says:

    Hi, when it comes to blogging, we can blog about what we feel about something–our personal take-but it can also be embellished-no pejorative sense intended-with a quote or two.
    The trouble comes only when you steal whole paragraphs, because by its very definition, a blog reflects the author’s own view.
    Right,dear friends?
    Log on to my blogs regularly appearing in in the Self Improvement Section!

  90. Sunny Gupta says:

    Seems strange.. If you comment on his website, he writes: “I don’t Reject any comments from my friends”. Although he seems to be rejecting every comment in the past 5-6 hours. Way to go! πŸ˜€

  91. Puru says:

    This guy made such a big fool of himself ! πŸ˜€

  92. Pooja says:

    Reading this makes me so sad.
    A blog is where people put their own emotions and thoughts; like a journal. How can somebody take credit for what others have experienced in their life? If you can’t come up with anything to write on your own then why make a blog in the first place?! Really really disappointing.

    Good Job Indiblogger and everybody who assisted in getting the plagiarist caught … This will set an example for others who copy things as well …

  1. May 4, 2011

    […] 4, 2011: In a strange happening a certain Pandey was exposed on the Indian Blogosphere, in a postwritten by Renie of Indiblogger. But sadly this Pic Source: […]

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