When they met it was an accident!

Her heel caught in a crack on the old sidewalk that was full of them, and her books fell out of her hands and hit the ground almost rhythmically. He thinks that it's the perfect way to meet someone, cliché and nothing embarrassing. She has had enough clichés to last her a lifetime, and now she thinks very little of it.


She doesn't realize how much time she spends with him until she calls him one night to talk about nothing at all, simply for the purpose of hearing his voice. The realization scares her more than she wants to admit, and when he picks up she tells him that she called the wrong number, apologizes, and hangs up.


He's always like puzzles. When he was young his father would read him Sherlock Holmes novels, even though he often suspected that his father switched words around so he could understand the mysteries better.


He accompanies her to the library on one occasion, and is treated to the most real emotion he's ever seen in her. The books seem to entrance her like nothing else can. She runs her fingers over worn and new covers alike, her eyes filled with delight at the feeling of so many words at her fingertips. He wants for her to look at him that way. The mystery has grown old, and he wants to see her without any obscurities.


He laughs harder, hugs her closer, kisses her longer, but that trip to the library is the only time he sees such a beautiful expression on her face. She seems, to him, almost incapable of trusting anything other than ink or paper. He resolves to show her how to place her trust in people, in flesh and blood, in someone warm who will keep her warm as well. He wonders how many people have failed her for her to have such little faith in him.


"I had a dream about you last night." She tells him. He smiles, pleased at this, and privately considers it a breakthrough.
"Was it a good one?" He asks her teasingly, running his fingers up her arm, just to unnerve her and break through that (now fragile) barrier that she keeps up. She says nothing, but gives him a soft smile.
At the time, he thought that was a good sign, her smile. He realized later that she smiled when she was sad.


He walks into her room and sees her curled up in a chair with a book in her lap. It's not anything unusual; a position he often finds her in, and for this reason he grows almost impossibly angry. The mystery has grown old. He wants to know.
"Why do you persist in this, in fantasy, when life has so much more to offer?" He snaps at her, yet his voice grows softer as he speaks. She thinks he stands too close to her at that moment.
She says nothing, but her fingers clench so tightly on the book in her lap that her knuckles turn white.


Sometimes she wonders if reading about the perfect love so carelessly portrayed in books has made her incapable of ever truly loving.


Her desires change from wanting him to leave her alone to wanting him to never leave.


She hates those stories sometimes, just for making her long for something unattainable.


He used to shout out the endings to books when he could guess them. He was surprisingly good at it, especially romance novels.
"There's only two ways to end a romance." He often told anyone who would listen, "A failure or true love!"
He doesn't know where they fit in.
He wants to shout out the ending to them, the one he wants.
He shouts three little words to her one day, and can't bring himself to regret it.
She cries when he does.


I love you !

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दीप said...

really nice post

Ritu Bhanot said...

A well written piece.

4 those who care said...

"She seems, to him, almost incapable of trusting anything other than ink or paper".
loved these lines,quite close to many. you have a flair for writing perfect romantic fiction!this fiction was ,as usual ,had a perfect ending. :)

PS: the only glitch being, 'perfect' is non-existant in real word! :D

Ashi said...

Very well written! :)

ash89 said...

That Ashi wala comment was mine...sorry..forgot to switch accounts :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

So much happened before between them that I dare say, those three words now when uttered, oh what a cliche!

He knew her, she knew him and there would be a merrily ever after too. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Pooja said...

Perfect. That's it!

Aeish said...

It takes effort to describe a cliche this uniquely :)

megharana said...


Pria said...

sweet :(

p00ja said...

Ohh.. sounds very real, there are lots of us who run away from reality, but i think books are the last cause of it.

Usually its something one has faced or seen in her growing up years, let me tell you, 1 in a million love story is true.

Real love is very rare.

moonlite:D said...

loved every bit of it!!
nice one :)

nivedita said...

I will come back again

Nikita said...

Very Well written Sourav !!!

Its a Magical post....

saburi pandit said...

supa like .... really good !!

Noor-ul-ain Hanif said...

visiting ur blog first tym and find it very nice. You've a new follower :)

Sony said...

so beautiful

Fatima said...

Love is a very cliched term....

At times..yes the calls are just to listen the voice and the calmness in it, and nothing more is needed :)

Take Care.

tinni said...

LOVE....owns endless feelings...

Just another girl... said...

finally a good one frm the king of faff ;P

Jaspreet said...

Yet another superbly romantic piece from you! Kudos!
But I am still wondering where you get such ideas from ;)

Mystic Diva said...

Its worth a read. good one Sourav :)


janavi said...

very romantic!!! feel like having a bf!!!

Nidhi.. said...

Wow This is awesome!! You write so well. Wrote a similar kind of piece of fiction some time ago.. Do check it out if you have time

Deepika said...

I don't know, what to say. She portrays many real girls spoiled by those mills and boon type romances, and trust me, she can never love unless either she finds someone of that sort or she overcomes the wish of having someone as loving as she dreams.
But the guy seemed too unreal. None will be so patient, they give up too soon. Sometimes not trying enough or sometimes not wishing to break the ice.
That was good read. Few words sum up huge feelings, thats remarkable.

Beyond Horizon said...

There may be only two endings in a novel, A failure or True Love! But what about life, can ever the failure be transformed into something more true and love!

Will the hearts be mended as in your post? Yes a little late, but it did!

Imaginary,surreal, yet semblance to reality!

And How can one ever regret for saying those words! I so very wish someone to say the three little words to me someday...sigh!!! ;)

Palak Vasant said...

Reading as a third person after very very long time. P.S. I just loved it!

Cinderella said...

Like a breath of fresh air, this post. After having been the victim of such sad attempts at fiction-romantic fiction rather.


And hey thanks for dropping by Intelligensia. Graced. :)

Sourav said...

@Deep -
Thanks! :)

@Ritu -

@Stuti -
Ohh I am blessed! That's the best part about fictions, we can chose to end it in a much better way than reality! :)
There can be, if you look around! :p

@Ashi & ash89 -
Thanks and thanks! No yu are not confused! :p

@Anshul -
Exactly! Who needs words, when you have real love! Yes, hopefully :)

@Pooja -

@Aeish -
Yes, but this time it came naturally! :)

@Megha -

@Pria -
Sweet and sad? :|

Sourav said...

@Pooja -
Indeed real love is rare, but if you find it you have the best reason to live for! :)

@Moonlite -
Thank you so much! :)

@Nivedita -
Waiting around!

@Nikita -
Thank you so much! Glad you loved it so much!

@Saburi -
Thank you! :)

@Noor -
Thanks a lot, am happy to have you! Keep reading and leaving your views! :)

@Sony -

@Fatima -
Yes, it is!
You said it in one line, what took me one full post! Thank you :)

@Tinni -
Yes, it does!

Sourav said...

@Ivy -
Thank you, queen of crib! :p

@Jaspreet -
You inspire me, tumhe nai pata? :p

@Mystic Diva -
Thanks! :)

@Janavi -
Thanks! Time to find one? :D

@Nidhi -
Thanks! Just checking Nidhi! :)

@Deepika -
Yes, some fictional characters set a benchmark for finding a soulmate for themselves!
I may not agree with that, I know guys who are patient enough. Thanks for liking it! :)

@Beyond Horizon -
Love, wishes and life happens to those who want it to happen to them!
Fiction is always based on reality, isn't it? :)
Ohh jao bacche wardaan diya, wish poori hogi jaldi :D

@Palak -
Time changes, and so does life and people! Thank you so much, be around always! :)

@Cindrella -
Thanks a lot for being around and appreciating! Will see you more, take care :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Aptly said!
"Dreams come true when you act to turn them into realities."

Yes, the root of fiction is reality,just that we are able to carve every emotions and paint it with beautiful colors of life, and look at the tree as we wish for in our Life!

Ohh!!!Dhanyawaad Baba Sourav aapke aashirwad ke liye, mein dhanya ho gayi, parunti hum se pehle aapko koi jald hi mile yahi hamari wish hai...ab ye wardaan deke dekao :P

P.S. yeh kya? Why are you addressing me by my pen name :)