Wish, love, live, break-free and run !


I ran barefoot. It's the only way one can. You don't know freedom until you've run without shoes. Without soles weighing you down. Or laces tying you back. Run without inhibitions.


I ran down hills and across busy streets. Feet pounding against hot asphalt. Running through cool, damp, grass. Balancing on curbs. And jogging along walls.


I ran down crowded sidewalks, shoes in hand, not returning glances. Silent questions hung heavy in the air. They watch me as I make my way down the street. I zig-zag past trash bins and over recycle bins. The hurdles of city life.



I cut across lawns. Made my way through parking lots. Past schools, silent, empty for the summer. Ran past yards with inflatable pools and grills waiting to be lit. Through hopscotches drawn in chalk. Yellow dust clinging to my feet.


I ran barefoot. Ignoring snide remarks and odd stares. I just ran. Leaving everything; pain, sadness, fear far behind. With nothing to slow me down. Nothing to hold me back. No boundaries.


I just ran barefoot and for those once I now fly free!

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Alcina said...

Thats amazing!
The feeling of adrenaline rush and out of the world..that is when you fly..

Though it sounds as an escape from something but in the end feels like i have found what i really wanted to do..

Nidhi Gandhi said...

In this HUSH-HUSH of life & its existence, we tended to forget our inner self. The childishness which is in all of us, should be relived at times.
Thank you for reminding that at times its better to flee away from the worries; tensions; boredom; work pressures etc... etc... etc....
Loved your post..!!


Devil Incarnate... said...

Thats like on cloud9, quite away from all the worries, kind of break free.. that impulse doesnt come always, but a marvelous feeling, dont wanna call it adrenalin rush as i feel its much more than tat..

Sourav said...

@Alcina -
Thanks, but you know I never meant running in the adrenaline rush state, it should be understood as as calm as much as wildness! I don't know if I made any sense!

And no, it's not an escape it's self-discovery :)

@Nidhi -
Glad you liked it, at times we should just forget the outer world and breathe for ourselves! :)

@Devil -
You got me right! Breaking free is not always about that rush, it is about finding your own self too !

Being Pramoda... said...

What can i say.. i was lost thr!!

Few moments of such give life ful of pleasures..;

Good one saurav..

Meher said...

Are we all not running, Sourav, metaphorically speaking. We all try to break free from the shackles of societal norms and the common thinking, and all of nurture inside us, the one thought, that would let us be ourselves, do what we want, and most of all be free, and not care about anything else.

Deepika said...

This reminded me of the song by verve band- bitter sweet symphony.
A wish to breakfree of the world's norms.. Seems like dream but yet a hope to achieve it someday.

Priyanka Kamath said...

Nice one:) Enjoyed reading it.. Makes me want to look up to you when it comes to such thoughts.. really nice work:)

Noor-ul-ain Hanif said...

Great post!

Alcina said...

Oops! So sorry..I was telling what it did to me :)

Thanks for telling me your experience ;)

4 those who care said...

becaue for all those 'once' and for 'today' you ran for yourself and not for others!
nice read:)

Alka Gurha said...

Your prose is generously sprinkled with poetry. Lovely.

Someone is Special said...

touched.. I'm wordless..

Someone is Special

Beyond Horizon said...

Once, I tried to ran bare foot with fear...the thorns, the stones pricked my skin... I still kept on walking along with pain and sadness but not with fear this time!

I must Thank You for writing this post, nothing more can I say this time as I always say your words illuminate optimism in souls, and a perfect timing for the post after what I have penned!

megharana said...

i second meher's comment completely!!

p00ja said...

Was this written after the morning walk??? Then you should walk daily!

Sourav said...

@Pramoda -
Thanks! Such moments are made, they never happen though :)
PS - I am Sourav, not Saurav! :p

@Meher -
If you think deeper, you will realize we are not running to break free, we are not running to let lose instead we are running to be a part of this mad race, to be someone we are not! Running barefoot for me is running not with the crowd, but running more towards yourself!

@Deepika -
I know and like that song. Without dreams there won't be any hope, so dream on!

@Priyanka -
Thank you so much. Those were really kind words! :)

@Noor-ul-ain -

@Alcina -
Nothing to be sorry about! :)
My experiences are subtly extremes! :p

Sourav said...

@Stuti -
Thank you for understanding what I meant! :)

@Alka -
It happens on it's own! Thanks :)

@Someone is Special -
Thanks for the comment and the follow. Be around :)

@Beyond Horizon -
Am really happy if I be even a cent of good to you in your bad times, will just read your blog! :)

@Megha -
Well, I don't. And I replied to her!

@Pooja -
No, it was written way before the morning walk! I plan to walk more though :)