IndiRank gets an upgrade

After completing the successful upgrade to IndiVine, we got down to the next task in our list – the big IndiRank updgrade. Apart from several small bug fixes and performance tweaks, all bloggers who have an IndiRank can now view detailed stats about their blogs under their account.

The new dashboard will tell you:

  • If we were able to crawl your feed properly
  • Your IndiRank history
  • Your Pagerank performance and history
  • Your Alexa performance and history
  • How often you blog
  • Tips on how you can improve your IndiRank

Of course, this dashboard is still pretty basic, and will be updated based on community feedback. Hope you all find it useful!

One major bug that some of you wrote to us about has been squished; the bug where a newly approved IndiBlogger doesn’t find his/her blog in the directory until the IndiRank crawler hits their blog. Now bloggers will find themselves on our homepage the second that they are approved – just like old times.

6 Responses

  1. Fakhre says:

    That’s nice to know that.But my site

    rank is still 79.I love the graphs they are nice.

  2. Many congratulations Renie and team, on a fine piece of work! You guys rock!!!

  3. rush says:

    sounds like fun!!! do i have to install the widget in my blog to be ranked, or it works even withput it??

  4. Dave Joneja says:

    I searched on google, and then you are the only one I picked……Nice, IndiBlogger!

  5. Pothi says:

    I came back to IndiBlogger after a long time. But I was really amazed to see so many improvements that keep me motivated to continue blogging. Thanks so much for updating.

  6. Wow. Cool upgrade. I have a problem with my feed being detected by indiblogger so i cant access these statistics. Speed visibility in the directory is a very good thing you have added

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