Blog platforms used by IndiBloggers

Which blog platforms are the most popular among Indian Bloggers? We updated our crawler to identify blogging platforms, and it gave us some interesting stats:

Surprisingly, we only have a single active blog from bigadda on IndiBlogger, out of 9k blogs (No, it’s not Big B’s blog!)

Not surprising are the stats showing the popularity of blogger vs. wordpress.  Hopefully wordpress will catch up soon!

Thanks goes to Amit from Webyantra for this idea!

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10 Responses

  1. Pankaj Batra says:

    I am bit disappointed to see this trend.
    Wordpress has more power and potential and it should have been beaten Blogger by a huge number.

  2. Shayon says:

    This is just because most of the bloggers in India are still on the amateurish level or have personal blogs. To be able to unleash the full power of wordpress, you got to have a domain and server space of your own. The free version of wordpress sucks big time, at least compared Blogger, anyway.

    By the way, I’m just curious. You guys do not have a single Yahoo 360 blog registered?

  3. Renie says:

    @Shayon – just 2 from Yahoo 360 which were approved by our moderation team, out of a whopping mega-total of 8. 🙂

  4. shoobhayan says:

    i dont understand why wp is considered more powerful … i mean, isnt blogger waaaaaay more flexibe?

  5. Sriganesh says:

    I too was wondering what was special about wordpress until I shifted to wp.
    My story is over here
    Check it out…
    If you surely wanna develop your blogging career,… do shift to wp soon… you won regret 4 sure…

  6. Blogger is my favourite. Because its simple. Everyone I know uses Blogger. If there is something I need to do to my Blogger Blog I just Google a solution which is so simple and easy and doable. WordPress seems like a complicated and irritating platform for me to make and start a Blog on. Perhaps in the future I might consider it to be a better option. But as of Now BLOGGER is IT for me.

  7. Dishit says:

    I prefer wordpress though I have an active blog on WordPress. Its actually cool and has lot many features than the blogger. But as Blogger was first in the market so that may be the reason of its popularity.

  8. kurianoble says:

    I prefer wordpress…you can see it from my blog
    Blogspot may be more simple.but more stylish themes can be obtained from only

  9. Rocky Singh says:

    Do we have any updated data on this?

    Maybe you could do a follow-up post.

    I’m surprised about the bigAdda thing. I thought it was a popular blogging platform. Maybe indiblogger is not known to them as they have their own forum. Same probably applies to some of the others where we see under 1% share.

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