Hyderabad Blogger Meet – a review

After a successful IndiBlogger meet in Bangalore, the IndiBlogger team headed off to Hyderabad and started off with the second leg of the blogger meets. We didn’t know what to expect in Hyderabad except that we were going to be ordering a few more pizzas than we did in Bangalore. We were not disappointed! In came a crowd of about 70 odd strong, extremely verbose and quite young. The difference between the Bangalore meet and Hyderabad was the fact that the bloggers here came in communities. This was quite an exciting development for us, as we now understood that blogging communities like the IIIT blogroll team were quite interested in this association. They felt that they needed to reach out to more people and Indiblogger.in could help them gain the necessary exposure.

We made a few changes to the agenda this time around. We worked on some of the feedback that we got in Bangalore and decided to set a time limit for the blog introduction. We also looked at giving the bloggers more time to socialize. As the evening wore on it was quite evident that everyone was having a good time. Some experienced bloggers however seemed weary of the fact that this could be a one-off meeting like some other local meets before this. Before IndiBlogger there was really no one who had this level of focus and maturity in dealing with blogger meets. All the more reason for the IndiBlogger team to return quickly to Hyderabad for another smashing meet!

It’s off to Pune now for the IndiBlogger team. We hope to spread the word and ensure that aspiring bloggers like Balaji (who organized the Hyderabad meet) have something concrete to work with in-terms of building the blogger community, educating them and finally the ulterior motive – making the difference! As for the IndiBlogger team, with 120+ bloggers from two cities alone and a flurry of new registrations, we have contributed to encouraging new bloggers, giving purpose and a road map to the more mature ones and finally giving everyone an identity and a place where they and their ideas will always be welcome! Now that’s IndiBlogger.in!

– Anoop Johnson, the IndiBlogger team

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3 Responses

  1. Karan says:

    Hey, thanks for the wonderful meet.
    BTW, its IIIT blogroll and not IIT.
    you can find it at students.iiit.ac.in/~smr/blogroll

  2. Anwin says:

    Thanks Karan, duly noted down and updated

  1. August 28, 2009

    […] — IndiBlogger meet rocked … Couldn’t write a review coz of this post […]

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