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What’s up, September? We have some interesting thoughts to share with you all so find a beat and tune in!

Karthik speaks…

Here are a few things I found interesting this week.

Did you know we could see our home through a live feed from International space station? Here it is. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?

Another thing I was wondering about was “What if humans disappeared?” What would happen to earth if all of us simply disappeared? What dependence does earth have on humans? Would the earth suffer without us? Or would it simply get better? Well let’s find out.

And I recently learnt from an interview of one of the greatest living minds of our time, Stephen Hawking that one of the greatest dilemmas of our time is with genetic engineering. It’s going to be possible to dramatically increase the intelligence and life span of a few individuals so that their offsprings are even more smart, intelligent and potentially become a master race. Evolution pays no regards to social justice, as we can observe from our history. We replaced Neanderthals even though it wasn’t their fault really.

So the question is where do you stand with this dilemma?

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“Solitude” Wallpapers by Renie

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Aarushi wonders…

Maybe people in the past didn’t feel the desperate need to travel, as much as people nowadays feel. It probably is because, they weren’t un-naturally connected digitally all the time. When we adapt a new way of life, we tend to lose an aspect of us which we may not consciously realize. Recently I agreed to go on a trek in Himachal Pradesh, during the monsoons, and never before have I felt as vulnerable and insignificant as I did at those untamed heights. With the rains making sure of a slippery footing, the earth emotional, the stones unstable and the water rage; one quickly comes to realize how precious it is to have a life to experience and cherish, for with one quick slip of the footing… and it’s all over.

Just as I reached a cocktail moment of, “why am I here, why am I putting myself through this trek, why did I choose to actually go for this on a rainy day”, and “what if I fall, what I just die, what will parents feel if I don’t return”‘; I began to reconnect with the universe. I began to consciously think thoughts of how amazing it is to be able to experience the vulnerability of being a human in the vast scheme of nature, of how we create our own experiences so each experiences has potential to grow from, of how capable I am for going on a 13km long winding broken path around the mountains, and of how amazing it is to have been there present in the moment to appreciate the beauty of nature!

The moments of internal agony, found its way to peace. What a beauty!



If only, we allow ourselves to remain connected with our natural potential to overcome internal mind-blocks and experience the beauty of life each day; perhaps we would all feel more peaceful. Imagine, how dis-illusioned we have become by constantly being glued to one place, with our networks of comfort available in one touch. What if we consciously chose to take time out, each and every day, to re-connect with who we naturally are? to breathe in a fresh perspective towards life, to allow ourselves to experience different paths and landscapes, to becomes aware towards the magic of the universe.  Contrary to popular believe, I believe that travel is not a means of  escaping reality but rather, a means to re-connect with our own reality. And, travelling does not is not restricted to physically moving to a new destination and spending loads of money; but an inclusion of the many internal journeys that we can travel, and which always lead us to fresh new perspectives of ourselves. Either way, life is a journey which takes us on one magical- ride!

Saurabh recommends watching Peaky Blinders

6 dialogues from Peaky Blinders(TV series) which aren’t just dialogues.

This TV series is based on a local gang who used to operate in Birmingham by the name Peaky blinders. It is a crime drama revolving around a gangster family which came into existence just after the First World War. The name though sounds a little funny but its meaning is as deadly as this gang’s reputation. The members of this gang used to wear hats with peaks. And the peaks of those caps were sewn with blades which they used as a weapon during the fights to temporarily blind the opponents by hitting them near their eyes.

Watch the first episode and you will get hooked to watch the entire season to binge watch. Although, there is awesome work done with direction and script writing for this series but few of the dialogues have caught my attention and left an impression on my mind. Listing out for you..

  1. You don’t parley when you are on the back foot.
  1. I don’t need a knife to stop me telling secrets given in confidence. It is a matter of honor.
  1. He’ll wake up. Granted he won’t have any teeth left but he will be a wiser man for it.
  1. An agreement is not the same thing as an assurance.
  1. For them, family is a weakness and they go after them. For me, family is my strength.
  1. Did you know that madness sets you free? Otherwise we are just peasants obeying the law.

Nihal looks back…

As teachers’ day passed us by, I wondered if it was just me or if this was an actual thing – Do teachers’ kids not care as much about their grades as other kids?
The reason I ask is this – my mum is a teacher and 3 out of 4 grandparents were teachers in their time and I don’t know what it was but back then, getting good marks in an exam wasn’t in my list of top priorities. To be fair, my parents tried every trick in the book and then some to get me to ‘study’ harder, but yours truly just wasn’t buying any of it. As a kid, I would much rather play with my favourite Major Bludd (G.I. Joe villain) action figure or play outside with the neighborhood kids. As I grew older, Music and sports took on importance but my grades stayed at an average of 40% (if I was lucky).

Looking back, I can admit, almost abashedly, that those poor teachers really did try their damnedest to get me (and the rest of the class) to study hard and do well… although at the time, all I wanted was for them to leave me be. I’m sure a lot of us really hated and cussed at our teachers at some point of time during our study years. I can only guess at the courage and dedication to the cause that is required to be a teacher. To all the teachers around the world, Thank you! This song is for you

Are you a teacher’s brat? No? Did you hate study time? Leave a comment, dedicate a song…

As we keep posting our episodes, we have come to realize that reading your thoughts on our thoughts puts a smile on our faces – we just created a blogception!

14 Responses

  1. Rakhee says:

    It’s a strange thing. My favorite teachers are my fellow Toastmasters (members of communication groups). I joined them three meetings ago. They model ideal leaders, and how to be inclusive and caring of others while not just making speeches, but while conducting sessions. They’ve taught me that the best of speakers are not the wittiest, they’re the ones who make you feel they’ve enriched your life.
    I leave for all Toastmasters, this free verse, and this drawing:

    Use wit to entertain.
    Better, use it to inform.
    Better, use it to inspire.
    Better, create it jointly, to empower.

  2. Rakhee says:

    The image

  3. kamar jahan says:

    earth would be better off without us and we should definitely stop interfering with nature

  4. Karthick, this is a thing that has made my mind restless many a times. As a post graduate student in Biotechnology, studying about the potential wonders that engineering with a DNA could do, was so very exciting. But when I landed on a job where I had to inject a foreign DNA into a cell for the first time, I had this eerie feeling, ‘Man, what am I doing?’ How easily scientific advancements let us to manipulate at the core level of existence?! Those handful of individuals we are talking about, how foolproof can this selection be? For instance, going by the disabilities that Stephen Hawking suffered, genes as his would have failed this selection and we might miss such great contributions. Certainly, evolution by natural selection has its own hidden criteria which man is far to get access to. Thinking philosophically, do we even have the neccesity to bring on the so-called ‘intelligent’ offsprings? Anyday I would vote a ‘No’. Imagine an all IITs and no MCCs…….living wouldn’t be great. Aarushi, loved reading your profound thoughts.

    • D R Karthik says:

      Hi Nandini, I understand there are consequences if we take evolution into our own hands, but the thing is we already have once! Every single breed of dogs we see are only because, our ancestors domesticated wolves. Now there are wolves still in the wild but we have what we could arguably call successfully separated a section of it and made them dogs as we see it now. That did not undermine the wolves now did they? However an engineered offspring race could neglect the rest of us if they advance too fast for us to control. This genetic engineering could help cure autism and alzimers, etc. Think of a world with no autistic humans. Avg intelligence would be higher than us right now and there might justbe more than 1 Einstein in the same generation. Its just hard to simply say no to that because some things seem un-natural right now. It was un-natural once to say earth went around the sun.

      • Rakhee says:

        DRK, your last two sentences resonated with me because is something I always say in a different way:
        What is is never what should be. 😉

  5. hi Rakhee from one toastmaster ot the other, actually I am a charter member of two clubs and AC.

  6. Aarushi, the men in the past did travel, and how, they did, that was how syphilis came to east Columbus and seamen(pun intended) brought it to china.

    • Hahah yea Parvati, ofcourse they traveled! Along with a lot of other things and ideas ? I was meaning to touch upon the urban phenomenon, “Travel bug”. I just couldn’t help but wonder that people might have been more content with themselves back then, than us living in the current digital dynamic.

    • D R Karthik says:

      Ha ha…

  7. The epiphany, moment, though dogs were sacrificed or crucified to create blogs on indiblogger, a dog-day-afternoon definitely contributes/

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