… and therefore we blogged. Episode 6

Those days that feel mundane and the routines turn lethal…  step back and breathe in some peace. This week, we have some refreshing thoughts with what’s kicking at IB.

Diana observes…

Community speak: New Blogs on IB!

Fruitarian, Lacto vegetarianism, Vegan, Kangatarian, Pescetarian, Weight Watchers, Breatharian, High-protein…and there are atleast a dozen more out there. Yes, these are different types of diets. Some of them exist for medical reasons as one’s body cannot digest a particular type of food and some exist to help people with weight loss. However with todays growing list of children and adults being diagnosed with lactose intolerance and gluten related disorders there is definitely a need for a healthier lifestyle. A blogger who goes by the name of Green Ninja has written some very beautiful recipes that are completely Vegan (ie. plant based & allergy friendly) do visit her blog The Green Ninja to find a twist to Indian cooking the healthier way.

Another blogger joining us this week is Sangeeta who has quit her day job (CA) and decided to go into story telling, do drop in and read some of her lovely stories at her blog. These are not your typical fairy tales, they’re more folk in nature.

Do visit IndiBlogger to meet our new bloggers joining in our community this week as there are a lot of them out there who have some very nice blogs and are extremely passionate about their writing!

Aarushi thinks…

A brand will only ever do as well as their commitment to connecting with the consumers. The strength of a brand comes from to the extent to which they can respectfully communicate their ideology, with the people. Any entity that stands for something larger than themselves, has the responsibility to sincerely exert in pursuit of the larger picture. Thus, it becomes easy to spot the brands that truly want to engage and connect, and those who put a mask on purely to sell.

Dear blogger, please re-assure your voice for brand led-initiatives that ring true to you. We have the power to shape the influences of our future at a time when blatant consumption overshadows as a lifestyle. Remember and cherish the power of owning your thoughts. Our journeys may be our own, but our paths are connected through our choices, and with every act of choice, we create a space to manifest our chosen future.

Behind the Scenes with The IndiPirate

Who says you can’t get exercise playing video games!

Saurabh shares…

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Renie creates…

A special wallpaper available for download, to keep you blogging!


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Nihal recommends…

A song many of us connected back to; relax, enjoy and sing out this throwback to the 90’s!

We’d also love to hear some of your experiences; how you enjoy your time during the weeks, what food is comfort food to you, why do you like blogging,  some of your favorite songs from when you were younger…  Let’s stay connected!

20 Responses

  1. Vidya Sury says:

    Loving this series! Great wallpaper…and I know all about that parental speech! Haha. Group hugs! Thank you Nihal. Now that song will permanently reside in my head!

    • Nihal Lazarus says:

      Thanks for all the love and group hugs Vidya… I woke up with this bouncing around the inside of my head yesterday and simply had to infect as many people as possible XD

  2. Episode 5 picture is my wallpaper now on every device but I think it’s time to change it with episode 6 picture.

  3. Meenakshi says:

    I so loved the wall paper Renie….it’s ‘so tempting’ if I can say so ☺?

  4. Sweta says:

    Thanks for bringing back the memories associated with this song ! Great wallpaper and a wow article ☺

  5. I can so relate to the pic….but the part that sucks is that I am a parent now guilty of giving those speeches….Yikes….!!! Liked the opening lines. Aarushi raises valid points about brands and their responsibility to maintain their honesty and communicate their integrity to customers….At the same time, bloggers need to reciprocate responsibly too….Songs there are so many, mostly the oldies my mom used to sing when I was little…so cannot name just one…Hopping to Sangeeta’s blog as I really love folk tales….In fact I feel that IB should have a separate category for posts falling under literature and for bloggers writing for children as well….

  6. this series is superb…Totally agree with Arushi as to stay true to ourself and readers and not blindly write for brands! This wallpaper is mind blowingly good…immediately takes me to Tuscany! Did I mention that green is my favourite colour? 😀 Keep the wallpapers coming please!

  7. Indra says:

    Interesting series….liked the blog of Series 6

  8. Tina Basu says:

    Perfect wallpaper to want to take a leisure walk through a Vineyard and as I type this I am craving for some wine!

  9. stuti says:

    Nice wallpapers. Cycle one is cool keeping in mind we need to recycle to save the environment not just the physical matter but our thoughts too 🙂

  10. सच है की ब्लोगिंग भी एक नशा है … एक ऐसा नशा जो शायद वाइन के नशे से भी ज्यादा गहरा नशा है … बस एक बार आदत डालने की बात है … अच्छा पोस्टर है …

  11. I can hear of so many new diets every day. Some are just fads, and some may be harmful in long run. I feel all sorts of allergies are result of rising pollution, and chemicals used in our food. I am curious to see green Ninja’s blog. Wall paper of grapes is very beautiful.

  12. Aasha says:

    Great articles, first of all Thanks for writing such lovely Post! Earlier I thought that posts are the only most important thing on any blog. But here a Shout me loud found how important other elements are for your blog.Keep update more posts..

  13. Ash says:

    Nice article Arushi and renie wall paper looks fab

  14. looking forward to Indipirate

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