… and therefore we blogged. Episode 5

It’s Monsoon Monday! We are enjoying the weather and our thoughts, here are a few to share with everyone!

Sai recommends…


This week’s spotlight falls on “The Company of Myself”. This game largely falls into the category of “Philosophical”. I do not want to give away too many details, because this game has too good a storyline to ruin. It can be finished in one sitting, without taking too much of your time. But do expect a challenge! It is a very unique puzzle-platformer, maybe the first of its kind.
Make sure you keep your volume on, there is some spectacular music that ties in perfectly with the theme of the game. For those of you who make it to the end, the whole story will be explained!

Aarushi believes…

In perspective


Those who defend their beliefs, seek acceptance.

Those who defend their actions, seek respect.

Those who defend their words, seek perspective.

Those who defend their definitions, seek limitations.

Those who defend their truths, seek a solution.

Those who defend themselves, seek love the most.

Those who attack others’ beliefs, seek control.

Those who attack others’ space, seek awareness.

Those who attack others’ mentally, seek competition.

Those who attack others’ dignity, seek destruction.

Those who attack others’ truths, seek confrontation.

Those who attack others, seek chaos.

Vineet reminisces…

One of my favorite movies from engineering college is School of Rock. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar and I still nurse that dream that maybe I will get to it. It was one of the reasons why I liked the movie but not the only one. This song was on my playlist for a very long time until recently when I came across another one, where the entire team came together for a reunion. Check them out, and leave a comment on which one you like better.


You can take your eyes of the bassist now; and yes we can all agree Jack Black still got it! While reunions are the flavor of the season, there is one however I would want you to stay away from – Fuller house!

Diana observes…

Community speak: New Blogs on IB!

The new trend these days is for people in India to travel abroad … especially to European countries, and then they get back and say “ooooh what a beautiful country”, “you must explore their town outskirts”, “they are so plush and their trees are so green” and “look at their nature” and this and that… however we forget that India also has a lot of picturesque, barely inhibited, beautiful places and yes, we too have snow covered mountains and beautiful lakes! You just need to explore and take the off beaten path to find these magical places.

Funny thing is, we Indians tend to forget how beautiful our country is until we hear a foreigner exploring and admiring our land!

This week I came across a blog called  One of the Road. This guy has travelled to some amazing places I can’t even pronounce, let alone know they existed (Shangar, Chehni Koth, Jibhi, Jhalarpatan and many more ) and the pictures  of these beautiful places he has taken is truly  amazing and you may never believe that they are actually located in India.

If you are looking for information with regards to GMAT, GRE, SAT or other education information  you should visit https://www.jamboreeeducation.com/blog/ as they have quite a bit of education insight, especially if you are looking to study abroad.

We also have a fairly new blog Bare.Berry.Blush written by Bhavya and Swatirekha who have taken fashion blogging to the next step by not only appreciating beautiful clothes and how to wear them, but also helping others in need of fashion and style. So if you have a VIP event coming up and you would like to get some fashion help, I think these girls are the ones you talk to…..and its FREE!

Behind the Scenes with The IndiPirate

Does anyone remember The Pappu Dance?

*We apologize for the video quality!

A little love from IB!

Renie has created a shiny new wallpaper and made it available for download… (yay!) If you have a specific resolution that’s missing, let us know in the comments. If you have an idea for a wallpaper, that would be great too!


480×800 | 800×600 | 1024×768 | 1280×720 | 1280×800 | 1280×1024 | 1440×900 | 1600×1200 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1080 | 1920×1200 | 2560×1600

Cheers to the chai/coffee and pakodas that make this rainy season so magical… Stay tuned for all the fun stuff next week, Keep Blogging!

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  1. IndiBlogger Team (especially Diana): Thanks a lot for going through my blog and the kind words of appreciation. Totally made my day 🙂
    – One Of The Road

  2. Everything here is just great. The ‘never give up blogging’ spirit of IB always inspires me. Love you IB! ?

  3. I am cycling but it seems up slope…hope I get a down hill soon:)

  4. I loved the wallpaper. Thank you Renie 🙂
    And Aarushi, I loved the poem. So well written.
    Happy monsoon Team IB. It is always so good to read your posts 🙂

  5. Parul Thakur says:

    The wallpapers are very cool and creative.
    Aarushi – good job with that poem. Absolutely thought provoking or food for thought like I would call it on my blog.

  6. awesome wallpaper! We all love monsoons…especially all the samosas and pakodas that come with this season!

  7. How nice the way things are going here. Great experience!

  8. I think i was somewhere lost and those lines are peddling my head to make a come back on my blog. 🙂 🙂

  9. Whoa. This is awesome. Loving the wallpaper.

  10. Cool wallpaper and very thoughtful.

  11. laks says:

    Already using the wallpaper 😀 . Kudos to you guys… you guys are totally rocking it!!

  12. Lovely inspiring wallpaper

  13. The poem is beautiful and the wallpaper is absolutely inspiring.

  14. Customised the image to fit into my Google Plus cover image (480X270 Pixels). It looks amazing. Thanks for the wallpaper.

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