… and therefore we blogged. Episode 4

Picking up where we left off, here we are starting off with a Monday!

 Karthik and Sai compete…. Part 2


We have 12 people on the side of Cold Pizzas, and 62 favouring Hot pizzas.

This week we have the two champions representing these two sides. “Sonya Blade” will be fighting on the side of Fire and hot Pizzas, while “Ermac” fights for Ice-cold Pizzas!

Name: Sonya Blade | Fights for: HOT PIZZA

Sonya Blade, First of her name, DwellerofEarthrealm, Keeper of peace, Stylish shades and guns.

Name: Ermac | Fights for: COLD PIZZA

Ermac, First of his name, Master of Telekinesis, Dweller of Outworld, Keeper of Souls.

May the Gods decide the temperature of your next Pizza! May the fight begin!

Warning: Graphic NSFW visual digital content below.

Warning: Spoiler!

As the gods have suggested let’s embrace cold pizzas, and may the 12 soldiers representing Cold pizzas take down the 62 strong unit that favoured fire, over a Meme showdown!


Vineet says…

I was with Sai on the pizza bit till I found the mother of all pizzas. If you could quadruple the amount of meat, cheese and all the good things which usually go in a pizza would you even worry about it being eat hot or cold. I don’t see one of these marvelous creations lasting more than a minute in front of the IndiBlogger team. I vote for Nanny to make one of these beauties.

Recipe here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/alvinzhou/pizza-bowl?utm_term=.gtekPPz6b#.amJQllvDk

Naveen recollects….

That Special Place!

Of all the places I have been to, there is this one place which has a special place in my heart. I’ve always wanted to explore it and finally in December 2015 my wish came true when I was on a bike ride to explore South India. A small town in Kerala called as Mahe (Mayyazhe in Malayalam) is that special place.

The moment I entered Mahe, there was a pure and ecstatic joy in my heart. Every time I try to describe how I felt being there, I struggle. There was a sense of belonging and I could feel my mind and heart establishing a connection with that place. But apart from why this place called Mahe in Kerala has a lot of significance for me, let me share some interesting facts about this small place.

Mahe is a small town on the banks of Mahe River which flows into the Arabian Sea. It has a distinctive feature of being in Kerala and falling under the governance of the Pondicherry. This place has a unique charm of its own. The town is extremely serene except the market area. From the French colonial architecture to the confluence of the Mahe River and Arabian Sea, this place has a French flavour and a lot of special feel to it!

Mahe is one of those places where I would love to settle down one day and just spend the latter half of my life in complete tranquillity. I have a special place in my heart for Mahe and always will!

Do let me know if you have any such special places!



Aarushi believes…

If you focus on the lack of something, the void will grow. If you focus on what exists, its beauty will grow. If you focus on the moment by being aware, you will grow.

Renie reminisces… 


Diana observes…

Community speak: New Blogs on IB!

We all love to travel, however there are a lot of things that always keep us grounded… Our hectic jobs.. Our Salary (which is never enough)… Visiting the unknown beyond…Affordability.. Visas .. phew its a scary list…
This week in the Indiblogger community we have a fairly new blogger who joins us and just may help you walk out on your fears of traveling!

Read all about Kavi Manik Kumar’s blog on http://www.promotraveller.com. He also takes you through some budget friendly holidays and how to travel for free.

We also have a Food Reviewer, blogger and V blogger who joined us this week, who writes a lot of reviews on eating out and some yummy mouth watering pictures along with it… Great job Shweta Java!

You can drool over her blog on http://sugarspicenice.in.

Another blogger joining us this week is Christy Bharath from https://verseherder.wordpress.com who has his blog filled with up close pictures of Birds in their natural environment. If you are a lover of birds and photography do visit his page.

There are more interesting new bloggers joining us this week. Do check them out on the Indiblogger Dashboard.


Karthik shares…

Nihal meme1

Saurabh empathizes with Nihal…


IndiTroll strikes!


 Sai recommends..

A good reflex oriented game that can push you to the limits of your frustration, is Hippolyta. While being over 6 years old, this game has kept me coming back repeatedly. You tell the tale of a legendary amazonian warrior named Hippolyta, who was captured and taken as a slave. There are five levels filled with various types of enemies and obstacles, each that needs to be dealt with in its own way. You will soon come to hate the narrator, what with his wisecracks when you make a mistake. The game is challenging enough to warrant an “Impossible” Badge on the website ‘Kongregate’, making it one of the 52 hardest badges you can go for! The art is wonderfully done, with the feel of being in an oil painting, and the sound track is also very very immersive. Among all the impossible badges I have ever collected, this one is definitely one of the most satisfying to get! Up for the challenge? Good luck, and do post a screenshot of your progress in the comments!  http://www.kongregate.com/games/evildog/hippolyta

Nihal shares…

…. and with this, we start off on another power-packed week! Stay tuned for what more with IB.

21 Responses

  1. Komplzhetly kukoo daah… get the mallu’s to pronounce the first word to get the pronunciation right.

  2. The Sorcerer says:

    I did 14k pageviews yesterday. notice me, senpai!!!

  3. I agree with aarushi’s belief !!
    Love you guys !! Happy to be a part here and will always be ready for more exciting opportunities.. (if any !! Lols )

  4. I loved that thought of Aarushi 🙂
    Darjeeling has always been very special to me. Reading about Naveen’s special place, Darjeeling and also Kalimpong came to my mind immediately. I always have a weakness for the hills in north Bengal.
    And that troll made me laugh. Thanks for this amazing post, guys. It was great reading it 🙂

  5. swati Bassi says:

    It was great reading the post. Pondicherry is in my list of must visit place, shall visit Mahe then. My one special place is Solan in HP, I have lived the best 5years of my life there.
    Cheers to Indiblogger team for all the hard work they do 🙂

  6. Here three eyed ravin is appearing more like “bholenath” and when third eyes of “bholenath” opens, it’s chaos in ‘all seven heavens’ and all ‘old and new gods’ tries to find solution of peace for seven kingdoms….. hoping peace after the fight of shadows.
    Inditroll strikes nicely 😛
    Naveen it’s nice to hear about Mahe, my special place lies in lap of Himalayas and i always like to invade a new one there each time. I recommend, do visit some of them there too. Though, i would like to visit Mahe at some point of time.
    Cheers to IB team!

  7. knitha says:

    I am ROFLing over ‘Asks SIRi for a Joke’, creativity at its best 🙂 Keep rocking guys 🙂

  8. Rakhee says:

    I believe in calling a spade a spade sometimes. Your gaming cartoon objectifies women as commodities for entertainment, with a strong focus on composition using grossly exaggerated sexual features. Does not meet my need for women to be respected as human beings who have talents and intelligence and capability. The male figure on the other hand happens to be fully dressed. Why was he not presented as a titillating piece of eye candy, too? Aren’t women as turned on by males, too? Really makes me want to puke to look at it. Really disappointed.

  9. Ana says:

    Hi guys!

    I’m signing after a long time, you guys are cute as ever!


  10. Ask SIRI for a joke is too funny. Like my 4 year old who ask Sir where are her shoes, lol! Keep it up you guys, very entertaining. 🙂

  11. The Sorcerer says:

    Square pizzas. why is it not still a thing in India???

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