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We are kick starting this week with a round up of thoughts from us here at IB.

Nihal recommends listening to Van Morrison’s Into The Mystic while you read what’s up with IndiPeeps, cheers!

Renie shares what’s new at IB!

Here is a sneak peak into something we are working on…


Karthik writes

(Why) is it monumentally stupid to ask bloggers to send their drafts for review before they are published?

Working with IB over these years has given me opportunities to work with some really great minds and of course, some on the other end of the scale too. As a result, there have been some really great questions that have forced me to do my research, get my facts right and re-think the fundamentals before I can face those questions again… and at the same time, some that have simply sent me to the nearest wall (to bang my head on until I got woozy).

Here is one of those questions that we get occasionally. At times, it’s not even a question. It’s just a plain requirement!

Can you ask the bloggers to send us their posts for us to check? If we are OK with it they can publish. If not, they can make the changes we ask for and then publish it.

Now, as a blogger what is your response? Do you really want to share your opinions or your thoughts “privately” with the company/brand so they can tell you if it’s good to go?

As a short answer, I’d say it’s quite stupid AND counterproductive to ask bloggers/consumers to send you drafts when you are asking for their honest opinions! If you are not asking for honest content, then there is a very different problem that needs to be fixed first.

Let’s look at the long answer.

First, a blogger is simply like any other consumer, except with a louder voice! When working with bloggers it’s important to remember that. Oftentimes, people easily neglect that and just look at them as ‘Heralds’. And mind you, the heralds are consumers as well and their opinions as consumers are what’s going to shape the future of your product. So it’s important that they are really happy with what they see.

Secondly, users are smart. No buying decision is made from reading just one review. For that to happen, one would have to be really confident about the author and the source. This in itself establishes the fact that they have earned that credibility!

Now is it possible to build such credibility by sending drafts to brands to match their requirement? Facts and incorrect information can always be changed or updated to make sure your readers always get the latest information from you. As bloggers, if we fail to give our community of readers the updates and correct information, we will never build that credibility we just spoke about.

There are no shortcuts to creating a community around you and there are no shortcuts to becoming a content driven brand either. If you are afraid that people will say derogatory things about your brand/product, then that’s the first thing we need to battle before we engage consumers and ask about their experiences.

Let’s also explore the reasons as to why a brand would want to proof read a blog post before it is published?

Its either because they do not understand the medium or they are worried about the quality of the post. Most of the time it’s the later because no one wants to admit they don’t understand the medium now, do they?

Quality, however, is always subjective and has little bearing on what goes viral.

“Rebecca Black’s Friday” is something that comes to mind for an example of a video that went viral. And here is another video that also went viral – The Google Ad connecting 2 friends who got separated due to our India-Pakistan partition. One of this is a great video and the other… not so much at least in terms of “quality of content”. This pop song explores the deepest of truths…

“Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’) We-we- we so excited… Tomorrow is Saturday And Sunday comes after … wards”

We already learnt all this way back in kindergarten now, didn’t we? Coming back to these videos, both of these videos went viral irrespective of their quality. Now some would argue that the Friday song is also of great quality – which is what makes it subjective. Irrespective of its quality, any publicity gained is publicity earned.

If given a choice, would you submit your draft to be reviewed before you are allowed to publish it?

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Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments. If you’ve answered a yes to the question above, then please remember to send in your comment as a draft so I can validate it and then let you know if you can publish it as is 😉

Have a great week ahead!

Shady thinks


Sai says

Every Indian gamer ever has faced flak for pursuing their passion, and ridiculed for “still playing video games”. How can we ever have a team that is capable of seriously competing at the International level, when sponsorship and funding are non-existent for these so-called ‘Children’s Hobbies’ ?

With tournaments like ‘The International’ having 7 digit prize pools, the world is slowly coming to accept gaming as a mainstream career option. But in the land of Doctors and Engineers, where gaming and blogging are considered pass-times more than anything else, we are not so lucky. Yet we press on, sticking to what we believe in, and not buckling under the pressure that we face.

Don’t give up; Keep doing what you do! You are the pioneers paving a way for yourselves and future gamers. Even if the country hasn’t caught up yet, it will eventually, and all of this hard work and dedication would not have been wasted.

Saurabh raps

Isn’t it when someone talks about hip hop, what comes to your mind is rap music. But is that what it is? Something that has gained worldwide popularity in such a small time span, can really be just that? It definitely should have something that everyone is able to connect with. Hip hop is more than just a form a music. It is carrying a message that everyone is keen on spreading and letting others know what they stand for. It can be a story telling via music, graffiti on walls, dance sequences or a DJ scratching those turntables. Hip hop is not just about wearing the sneakers or the loose clothes or the big chains. In a Christian wedding the couple wears white clothes which is totally opposite to the Hindu culture as they wear white attire to mourn someone’s passing away. It is just the representation of a culture and their beliefs.

Don’t you get amazed seeing someone beat-boxing, or b-boying or when you figure out all the syllables you just heard in a rap song are rhyming with each other or just by seeing the sheer colorful art on the wall trying to deliver a message.

As Vince Staples has tried putting it in one line, Hip hop is the most imitated, most influential, most creative, most underappreciated, under respected form there is.

Aarushi sees

Spotted spoken silence in colours


Naveen narrates


When I look back, I would’ve never imagined myself working in India or for that matter working anywhere else other than a ship. But then as they say life has its own plans. In the last couple of years I have come to truce with life that we’ve have all been destined for something. Yes Destiny!

People say that we make our own destiny, but I’d like to disagree to that as a lot of things in life are outside our control. We really cannot do anything about these factors. All we can do is, do our bit and brace ourselves for life to happen! Looking back from what I’ve wanted to be doing in life, to where I stand today can be considered as two different extremes. Am I happy about it? Well, the journey so far has been crazy with surprises every now and then! There were a lot of things in life which did not end up the way I wanted them to, like relationships etc. But then when I look back, probably it all makes sense now. Looking back at life, I can connect the dots now.

When we are going through a bad phase in life, it’s extremely important to keep on fighting and not give up. It’s that excruciatingly painful fight back which will eventually take you that extra step in life.

We’ve all been destined for something and we’ll never figure out what it is if we give up! So never give up and keep fighting!

I’ll end this post by a quote which I read somewhere on the internet.

“There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things that we don’t want to know but have to learn and people we can’t live without but have to let go.”

Vineet recollects

The first ever blogger meet for me was in 2008 which I incidentally also hosted for IndiBlogger. I was still in college back then (2nd year of MBA at SIBM) this was probably one of the more constructive projects I had taken up in those two years. Over the last 9 years we at IndiBlogger have more thousands of bloggers and we never seem to get enough of it. Every meet, I usually hold guard at the entry ensuring the legitimate ones make through with a hug (I promise I did not transmit anything to you!) or the shady ones with the bye-bye. So if you were one of those who were ever sent back, I do hope you created a blog after that. I know a few did, and they still send a link once in a while and it’s a pleasure reading all the thoughts pouring through.

If one can remember the scene from the movie, The Time Machine; this journey has been one like that for us. We have seen the times when bloggers were just starting up; and every post was something about their personal lives which otherwise no one was interested in. Now when everyone just wants to talk to “Influencers” we seem to have forgotten about bloggers and blogging. I digress, and let’s keep it for another time.

The blogger meet in Pune was scheduled for 15th March 2008 in the Symbiosis Distance Learning Center. Not sure if they are still around, but we got the venue for 15K; an amount that precisely gets us only one thing in this time and age – nada.

It started with an email approval from Renie.

Meet Approved

Promoting the event in a city which had never seen a blogger meet meant wasn’t easy. We had to promote the shit out of it. Imagine if we were to promote an IndiBlogger meet with posters now! Can’t? Let me help you.


We also put up ads on google, and it had 10 clicks. All by me, and I think Renie was still looking for a refund for those clicks back in 2008. We promoted it on orkut; and thanks to my chimpanzee typing skills I suckered 4 classmates to attend the event for one reason alone – pizza.

This email below pretty much sums up how we looked at sponsors for blogger meets then.


Today there are a lot of communities for biking, photography, trekking etc. and what makes them stick together are events where they can meet, share ideas and talk about the common thread that brought them together. We hear a lot of bloggers complain about the lack of blogger meets in their cities. My simple request to them is to go out and host their own meet. We will help in every way possible, and you never know you could also land up being part of the team someday! One does not have to be a great organizer to pull off a meet in your respective cities; you just need to feel the need to meet other bloggers. If you think you should, just give us a shout here. We might even decide to go back to the old times and print some posters like the old times!


So whether you are from a metro or a non-metro, go out and meet more bloggers. What does it cost to host one of these meets? Nothing really. Pick a coffee shop, a restaurant and bloggers can pay for what they consume. These places may even throw a free meal, or give a discount if you ask for it. If you want to host a bigger one, check with colleges. Their auditoriums are usually given for outside events and they would be happy with a few thousand usually. They might even have WiFi for free.

And to make your city the next happening blogging hotspot write about the meet. You don’t have to write about the sponsor, but write about the bloggers you met, the discussions you had; the ideas you deliberated. Believe me, next time there will be other bloggers who would want to host a meet. And people are watching you on facebook, twitter, Instagram, read news and blogs and most importantly search all the time. In the long run, social media may vanish, but your blog posts will remain for life. It’s immortal.

Blog about every meet you attend. Because “influencing” will come and go, but blogging is forever. Blogs are the real influence. Blog now, live forever!

PS: Always remember to renew your domain names. My original domain name is now offering escort services in Delhi, which I am sure Mr. Karthik DR is making good use off. So I would recommend you stay away from the domain name mentioned in the video!

Renie wonders if anyone in the community has, 

“Have you ever been called an “Influencer“? Do you mind being called one, or would you rather throttle the person who calls you that?

Share your thoughts with us! We want to hear you say it…

47 Responses

  1. The Sorcerer says:

    Gaming isn’t a mainstream career option just with worldwide tournaments where one of the top 5 teams usually win. But you do when you end up working in a company, become a shout caster, game streamer, etc. Comparing it with blogging even how things are in India does not make sense. Many started as individual publishers and now have become a pvt. ltd with a dedicated team that makes great content.

    But in both cases, you’ll have to re-invent themselves when things look sour. Most people don’t do that. They assume that just because its easy to start, its easy to make money out of it. When people get into it for that reason, they’re not different from the odd crowd that looks down at blogging and gaming. Some motovloggers do that in India.

    • Sai says:

      Hey Sorcerer!

      Of course tournaments aren’t the only way to go about pursuing a career in gaming. I simply meant that the size of the prize pools drew enough attention to get people interested in it. A lot of people were inspired to take up gaming as an option when `The International` happened in 2011, announcing a prize pool of $1 million. Fast forward 4 years later, and TI5 had a monster $18.4 million prize pool. But again, all of this does nothing for the majority of gamers out there, who do not compete professionally. Instead, it draws eyeballs to the sheer potential that exists in this industry.

      And whether they hit their mark and win big, or fail,they eventually branch out to the various other forms of work. Be it streaming, or casting, or reviewing, or even testing (No matter how repetitive this would be, still a dream for many). This is actually a very good thing, because as you said, the tournaments themselves cater to a very small percentage of the gaming population, due to the skill requirement. The rest choose whatever way they can to get by, and are even joined by former pros (MYM going into Casting, SingSing and Arteezy streaming, etc. There are a ton of other examples [Yes, I am DotA biased :P]).

      But again, even here, there are challenges. Prominent streamers often face jealousy and hatred (You make money doing WHAT?!) from close minded people. Getting SWAT-ted live, harassed, and spammed, are commonplace here. And when this form of oppression is taken as lightly as it is today, how can gamers ever hope to be taken seriously tomorrow?

      • The Sorcerer says:

        Well, Indian gamers have huge ego for no reason. Then they say lets not have an ego. But then if someone started to make a good income out of it, a bunch cries foul. Its a very toxic community. To a company’s surprise, people play 800 x 600 resolution with CS:GO because it looks smooth. So few already began to conclude promoting stuff with dota2 and cs:go is a no-no. If any Indian streamer gets swatted, it would be very bad compared to US counterparts.

        Bloggers are not really like that. At least if a group of people have that e-peen moment then there are others. I noticed that some bloggers have a bad habit of thinking they are entitled to get something just because they review, but the good part is that readers smarten up and move on. Bloggers will have to be objective by having facts posted. If they don’t, they lose reader base and credibility. There are flaws with bloggers, but at least it gives an individual to be a publisher. How he or she takes it forward depends on how can they reinvent the nature and delivery of content from time-to-time, while maintaining facts to build credibility.

        I don’t hold the word ‘influencers’ highly. I just cringe when someone says they are an influencer. I feel that the basic meaning is that no matter if a product is good or bad, you can influence a certain group of readers to buy/use them. I think a company that went public recently hired influencers in general to have them talk about it and then an agency working with a rival brand hired influencers to talk against it. but it ended up in the news, with price lists and the people hiring such people with examples.

  2. matheikal says:

    Your efforts to improve the quality of blogging deserves a pat on the back. So do your innovative ways of bringing some rewards or benefits to bloggers.

    I agree with Karthik that a lot of blogs would do pretty well with some editing.

  3. This was both delightful and insightful to read. Really appreciate the quality you’ve put into building up this platform for so many bloggers. Well done, IB.

  4. Sonia Rao says:

    I don’t know how I reached here. Pls, IB people, is there somewhere I can subscribe to get these posts whenever they are published? I’d really hate to miss out on these fab pieces of writing.

    On another note, one of the paragraphs in Karthik’s post need a heavy dose of proof-reading. I’m assuming the errors are intentional *hehehehe*

    • D R Karthik says:

      Hi Sonia! There is a subscription option on the right sidebar of this blog under the listed videos. You can use that.

      And which intentional error are we talking about? 😛 Lol…

  5. Rachna says:

    Fabulous! Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the integrity that the team at IB practices and for the lovely platform you have provided for bloggers.

    As for Renie’s question, yes on both counts. Most times when they address me as Dear Influencer, I know it is a chain mail where they have forgotten to address me by name.

    I loved the line: Influencing will come and go but blogging is forever.

    Though I can’t but wonder if people blog to be read or to be paid these days.

    • D R Karthik says:

      I guess there are both kinds of bloggers who blog for their readers and who blog simply to get paid. But the core strength of your blog is based on how many readers you have as that dictates what money you can make from your blog doesn’t it? And that of course is contingent on your content quality. If you are focusing on being true to your readers and keeping them happy, its only a matter of time before you build yourself up to make money from what you’ve put together.

  6. A long & inspiring read after a long time. I had always loved the spirit of IB people since I joined the platfrom. The energy in IB meets is awesome & no one can beat that. I would like to thanks all of you for building a family like Indiblogger. I dn’t mind people calling me influencer with some wire transfers(LOL). Also loved the video from first IB meet.( LOL Vinni.co.in ka misuse ho raha hai …). I will be careful about renewal of my domain.

    • Renie says:

      Good to hear that Awanish, especially the bit about our meets. There was a time when we couldn’t get through a meet without a few backstage beers first, we were so nervous! 🙂

  7. Shivam says:

    The word ‘influencer’ makes me cringe. Largely because I’ve come across a large chunk of people on twitter with bot-following, zero engagement rate and desperate tweets… calling themselves influencers because they are part of certain WhatsApp groups.
    In blogging, I was recently disappointed when I saw a few blogs, with registered domains and media kits and all which hosted posts that are grammatical disasters. How do peeps who get the basics wrong can get so many sponsored projects? :/

    Regardless, you guys should post more often, it’s always fun to read your posts. Cheers! 🙂

    • The Sorcerer says:

      Yeah, but how many people even read such blogs? Significantly lesser compared to websites and blogs of a particular niche with a long-standing credibility and fact-checking.

      • Shivam says:

        Agree with you, Sorcerer. It’s just sad that brands are willing to drop quality standards for reach though…

    • Renie says:

      Yep, it makes me cringe as well… I have no issues really with what happens on twitter, but it irks me when a blogger is called an influencer. The word blogger means much more to me, it’s something deeply personal, and the word influencer sounds more like “screwdriver” – a tool, not a human being. Unfortunately that word is what the industry appears to like now. :-/

      Glad you liked the post! 🙂

  8. Sherna Jay says:

    Yes Influencing will come and go. I believe “influencing” is one of the shades of a blogger albeit not grey. And oh this reminds me, I had requested to co-host a meet. My request went MIA 😉 Hey????

  9. Nikita Ranga says:

    Thanks for an inspring read. This post made my day. And yes, an influencer is not forever but blogging is forevern and bloggers are remembered everytime, and everywhere. I hope to get into the list of good bloggers someday. 🙂 🙂
    Well done IB team 🙂 🙂 The jourey so far since i joined this platform has been amazing. 🙂 🙂

    • Renie says:

      “bloggers are remembered everytime, and everywhere” – we’re glad we made your day, because your comment just made ours! Cheers! 🙂

  10. Sweta Biswal says:

    Wow….a really fab article !! It’s my mouthpiece and I would rather not have people (brands)putting words into it ! Honest even if brutal opinions are what I believe in. And about being an influence, I guess it is a fringe benefit which comes automatically if you have that kinda credibility.

    • D R Karthik says:

      It is a bit of a paradox. When your focus is on writing, and providing valuable info to your readers, your influence goes up. Then if you start focusing on your influence, your writing takes a hit and you inevitably lose influence as well! Its the sort of thing you gain more when you are not particularly guided by it.

  11. shweta says:

    This is a super collection and extremely inspirational too. If there were a may be option for would you like a pre approval for posts before they are approved I would go for may be. I have seen some posts that require a lot of work before they are published 🙂
    I so agree to just open yourself and meet as many bloggers, ask me sitting in Switzerland I just get to see pictures of meets and sulk unless something as grand like BNLF happens. Loved all the sections of this blog post and would love to be a part of one of them.

  12. Deeba Rajpal says:

    What a great ‘think team’. I have never understood submit the draft issue. So glad you raked it up. Great read right down to the end. Thank you for everything you do.

  13. RioZee says:

    Well, God Knows!!!. Ifyou can get what I mean.

  14. I feel like an Alice in wonderland:)

  15. Getting your post approved….well I am not up for it really. One reason probably is because I do not, or have not, written for brands. But when you do write for brands, having a correct set of information does help both the blogger and the brand. But for posts like mine, or people who write like me, in the area of poetry, fiction and its co-relates, getting a post approved would defeat its purpose. Editing for grammar flaws is okay. Renie, “Influencer” wouldn’t sound good for me too. I have opinions but I do not want to ‘influence’ anyone. I would rather have free flow here, of thoughts, of healthy debates. Loved Naveen’s write-up here – resonates a lot with me….connecting the dots of life.

  16. You guys are great, I was looking at that checking the blog draft business, well there are bloggers who write blogs for definite companies on what the company wants, then there are people like me, who are loud mouthed, opinionated now the person who asked you was clear who he wants the hitch he came to the undertaker to buy a christening gift. 🙂 no offense meant.

  17. Nice post! I, too, sometimes do not understand why do they call us ‘influencers’. It is a stong word and they are trivializing it.
    Bloggers can write a story around a product, can help in its launching in the digital media, but we are not salesmen to persuade our readers to buy a particular product.

  18. kamar jahan says:

    I have worked with many brands and I have no issues in submitting drafts as long as brands dont want me to change my opinion.
    In a review of a product i mentioned a competitor and when i mailed the brand a draft they wanted references of the competitor brand to go which i had no problem with.

    In another post related to diwali where i wrote about how me being muslim celebrates diwali with my hind friends i was advised to completely rewrite my blog post. I wasnt happy and the campaign did not happen! I submitted my post without brand links the feedback i was given

    “Not sure of the whole Muslim angle. I don’t think as a brand we’d like to talk in that space”

    When you are being paid you need to probably write with brand sensibilities in mind and Iam in two minds about submit draft issue. A little editing to make the post upto mark is fine but no changes in opinion

  19. Katie Nathan says:

    This post is a breath of fresh air and for once I read a long post without trying to see how long it is. 🙂 A lesson or two for us here. Regarding the ‘influencer’ part – Not sure if any of us can claim so. Let us say I want to buy a juicer, I search through google to find out the products available, reviews at the minimum before creating a short list of my options. Whatever analysis or research I do, the decision is always mine depending on my priorities. so as bloggers what we provide is information and our personal opinion. I would say advertisements as influencing tools but otherwise No.

  20. There was a time I would be highly irked if a brand told me that I had to submit a blogpost for review or that it had gone into some hole of approval or moderation on the other side. But if there is one thing I have learnt in my blogging journey is to respect others POV’s as well. Over time, I understood that perhaps brands may have their own reasons as well as you have pointed them out above and I needed to respect that. This helped me make peace with the fact that some brands do want to see your work before it goes out live. Not all bloggers take care in the responsibility they have for the content they publish on their blog. In all fairness to those folks, it takes just one bad experience for the brands to come up with ideas like these and since we are all truly bloggers by heart we don’t really get to know the depth in their side of the story.

    Speaking from personal experience however, I have indeed submitted posts to a few brands while working with them even though I would like them to go live without any review. But well. Submitting a post pre-publishing is okay, I would say, as I know that would not in any way change the opinions in my blog – they are always going to be 100 percent mine! That’s the authenticity that blogging demands from us, right? Not a single brand till date has asked me to make any changes in my blogposts that I have submitted so far, opinionwise.

    That also takes this debate to another level altogether. If after review, the brand tells me to tweak my opinions then it tells me something else about the brand altogether. If that happens, I always can withdraw publishing the original post entirely since my opinions have now changed. 😉 Important thing is to stay authentic in your domain, have a definite set of principles and ethics to follow and not care what the brand is thinking about you, then you are empowered to speak out your truth.

    Lovely post, always a great pleasure to read the thoughts and get a sneak peek behind the scenes in the IB team. I especially loved what Naveen says about destiny and as far as Renie’s question is concerned… well, I love my peace and hence I don’t mind what people say most of the times. Everyone has a perspective after all, what can we do about that? If that gives them happiness, so be it. If you call a lion a donkey because you think it so… a lion will still always be a lion right?

  21. Jyoti Arora says:

    It has happened only once that a brand asked for the draft of the post for review, in case some factual correction is needed. I did not like it but as I had already attended their event and it was only for factual correction, I agreed. When they sent back the reviewed draft, it didn’t show any factual change. Instead, they had edited my post, changing sentence construction, adding words like awesome, best etc. I discarded their document and published what I had written in the first place.

  22. suraj says:

    very great blog i like it very much by this blog i learn many thing at one place that was great for visitor.

  23. Kalpanaa says:

    Fabulous read. Well, as influencers ‘ahem’ we can write without having our work edited by the person or event we’re writing about. If, on the other hand, it’s a sponsored blog post – then perhaps it’s ok. But don’t go down without a fight – and don’t agree to anything you don’t believe in.
    ‘Influencers’ is a little pretentious I think so I always have to stifle a giggle when I hear myself being called one. I know people who’s plumage is very puffed up when addressed as an influencer. But then, that’s part of the fun of it all isn’t it?

  24. Wow !! A great article from Your side. True that , thst its a stupid thing to ask for drafts before publishing. Brands should respect and dare to accept originality of thoughts. Great work !!
    Its great to be a part if IB and will love if i can assist in more efforts.

  25. good article. I neither choose to say “Yes” or “no” because it depends on case to case basis. People who are engaged in writing up for various things that are very specific like health and hospital services, industrial products like TMT bars etc, leather goods, garments (from the level of manufacturing), software technology (very recent and updated) may require to share thoughts with the organization fopr whom they are writing and even may edit some portions as per the thoughts and knowledge shared by the brand. Again if it is general and things which people know, more of user based write ups then it is mostly not required.

  26. An interesting read. I will not mind submitting my writing for review first, if the final word is mine. I mean, they should not change mine writing without my permission. Though I have written for brands only once or twice, I did not encounter any problem, and my posts were accepted. I think, when you are writing for others, they have a right to look at the final draft. You are free to write whatever you want in your own blog posts. The readers are intelligent, and they know if the posts are promoted by a brand, they might not be totally impartial. If a decide to read a review of a commodity, I always prefer to read reviews from neutral posts.

  27. “There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things that we don’t want to know but have to learn and people we can’t live without but have to let go.”
    Thanks Naveen for this gem.
    All of us who are blogging are connected.We are all storytellers.We are trying to weave magic out of words..
    On the topic of submitting my post for review.I think if the purpose of the review is to improve grammar, that’s okay.Sometimes we all may need a little help with that.But if it’s meant to gontrol our voice,I would rather not.
    That’s why it’s important that we remember that bloggers can make loads of money…but blogging is more than money.
    We are making ourselves digitally immortal.
    That’s pretty cool and a responsibility.
    So I think my primary responsibility is to the reader.
    About Destiny…
    You do what you have to do
    .,What happens is destiny .I am a full time doctor ,a teacher on a medical college,a mommy .Definitely older than many of you.Bit thanks to Indiblogger I have finally found my people in India.
    Bloggers truly understand networking ,like no one else.
    I prefer calling myself a Blogger than an influencer.Somehow the influencer word lacks the honesty that the word blogger brings to the mind .
    Thanks for great thoughts.Keep up the great work

  28. From the very beginning to end, i enjoyed this piece of writing. Really a good one ranging from humor to some in-depth thoughts.
    “Every blogger has its day, keep blogging”. Seriously, this is one thought that keeps me going. 😀
    “There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things that we don’t want to know but have to learn and people we can’t live without but have to let go.” Nice piece of work with nice quote. I really appreciate this work. It’d really something that motivates to write a good quality content. It’s an inspiration!

  29. Sonnal Pardiwala says:

    Hmmm I must express my gratitude for this platform. I blogged on a teleseries n converted it into a Book. That book sits in Limca Book of Records of 2016. I have to own up to being fully out of the game as I have never been offered a single penny for any of the subsequent blogs I wrote on homeschooling to spirituality to Reality shows to Short Stories. So my Question “Do bloggers get paid?” Have I been Somewhere outside this earth’s orbit??? Having said this I say I blog for pure sake of opening my heart out there. After I publish all other concerns of page views and readers and such stuff begins to beseige me. Someone please guide this illiterate blogger where exactly you find anyone who pays for the eclectic mix of personal blabberdash I publish!!??☺

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