IndiBlogger Weekly Diary | Edition 9

Hello everyone! This week on the IndiBlogger Weekly Diary, we scratch the surface trying to understand IndiVine and gain some surprising insights into the type of content that you are blogging about; among other things! We support the amazing #1000Speak campaign and we take an interesting look at the last 10 days on IndiBlogger through tweets! And then, of course, there’s Question of the Week and winners for the last week who take home a shiny new IndiMug!


#1000Speak for Compassion

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.37.18 PM

Rachna Parmar sent us an email asking us to see if we could support this and we thought we should! We put this up sometime on Friday and by evening there were around 25 posts! It’s heart-warming to see bloggers unite for compassion and it’s great that we, the community, want to write and read about it!

Here are some of the posts. If you want to submit or read all the posts, check here.


This week in IndiTweets!


It’s cricket fever all over!

Blogging these days is a key digital marketing strategy for brands.  This was one of our primary business objectives when we set out and now that it’s a reality, we are happy to see a lot of brands put in oodles of creative effort into IndiBlogger campaigns and this one is no exception!


Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.39.11 AM


Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.39.59 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.43.34 AM

Tourism Victoria sent in a nice little pen drive to all the participants of the Melbourne campaign on IndiBlogger. With the World Cup in full swing in Australia, and most of the matches at the MCG, a Melbourne pen drive could be a great collector’s item. BTW, How many of you guys were supporting Pakistan last Sunday? 😀


Have you got your IndiMug and IndiMagnet yet?

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.09.17 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.03.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.38.50 AM

The “Blog Now Live forever” series of IndiBlogger merchandizes is definitely my favorite in the long list of different stuff that we have given out, including the most popular item; the T-shirts! Have you noticed something nifty about the design on the mug (except of course that you can get it ONLY on the Weekly Diary)?

Here’s the thing, only the one who’s holding the cup can see INDIBLOGGER written on it; the others will only see Blog Now Live Forever caption. I thought that was a nifty bit of designing by Renie.


The First Supper!

@AndPicturesIN sent over ‘The Lunchbox’ to the loved ones of a few bloggers to promote the TV premier of the movie “The Lunchbox” on Valentines Day. It even had a personalized note! Words cant really go wrong… unless.. 😉



Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.47.03 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.46.52 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.47.46 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.08.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.47.22 AM


Plagiarism and other woes!


Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.48.01 AM


Plagiarism is one of the worst things that can happen to a blogger. This effectively means that someone else is going to take credit for what you have blogged. You may have pondered over the subject for years and completed a post equipped with all facets of your research and in a blink it’s some one else’s bread and butter! The same goes for other intellectual properties like technology, business models, etc. In fact I think we should have a “Report A Crime on Blogging” feature on IndiBlogger so that we can join the fight against all kinds of wrong doings effectively. At the moment, a few cases are reported from time to time but we need more information and specifics so that we can build rules and a system of governance. For now, you can raise a ticket on any of these serious issues. Also please do your own thorough research on your claim before submitting to avoid any mishaps. Do let us know your views on plagiarism in the comment section below.


Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.44.07 AM


Yea! Us too! Maybe people who read the IndiBlogger Weekly Diary should meet up once in a while as well! What say? We can do some book reading or find someone whom we dont like and create some online mayhem 🙂  Anything goes! Comment on this if you have something to say


Content marketing on IndiBlogger

This week, our stats engineer, Sai, gave me quite a bit of data to study details on content being submitted into IndiBlogger everyday. Although it is impossible for me to go over all the data in a single blog post, I have taken some interesting ones and shared in this post. Am sure you will enjoy these insights! If they surprise or amuse you, do share your views with us. I say that because I was quite intrigued to see some of these facts and figures.

As for all the stats on IndiBlogger, we use our IndiRank measure to figure out the odds and ends of activities on IndiBlogger! IndiVine has 9 main categories and 73 sub categories. Would you believe it I told you that the sub category “poetry” is the most blogged about subject on IndiBlogger with 33,307 posts submitted so far? If this subset of data on the Indian blogging scene is anything to go by, we have a lot of laddies and lassies who reckon themselves to be poets! Bring on the rain! 🙂


IndiVine has an inventory of 4,34,508 posts in its directory as of today!


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 4.57.33 PM


Below are the sub categories that have the highest number of submissions.


Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.14.19 PM


It is humbling to know that a lot of people quietly carry on their everyday affairs on IndiBlogger like posting their newest links, networking and participating to help their business grow among other things. We hope you are fully utilizing IndiBlogger to your benefit as well.

There was, however, a smidgen of a difference between what people blogged about and what people liked more on IndiBlogger. For example, social causes do not have too many posts but have a lot of likes. The number of endorsements or likes by other bloggers for all IndiBlogger posts are staggering as well with 57,87,719 recorded so far at an average of 13 endorsements per post! Photography posts seemed to be the most popular; judging by the number of likes alone with 6,51,504 of them! Poetry was next with 5,23,467 likes. What I also noted was that the interest level seems to drop quite a bit after that with the next few most popular categories being Movies, Blogging and Social Causes with around one and a half likes each.



Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.14.54 PM


All about Blogging!

Here are some facts about posts on ‘blogging’ on IndiBlogger. This data is for a minimum of 130 posts per blogger.

# of Posts – 14,892
# of Likes – 1,50,645

  • Harshavardhan M P with 267 posts has the most number of blogposts on ‘blogging’!
  • Vinay Prajapati has the most number of likes in this category with 2788 on 131 submissions

Here is a table with the top ten contributors on blogging.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 4.34.38 PM


Here are some other curiosities as well:

    • Praveen Kumar from Chennai has the most number of post submissions with 2606 posts for a single category
    • Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai have over 80 Bloggers each in the top ten contributors list of every category in IndiBlogger.
    • Magic Eye from Mumbai has the most number of likes for all his blog posts submitted with 94,330 from 1607 blog posts!
    • The science category has the lowest number of submissions with 4849 posts
    • The Offbeat/personal category and the Lifestyle category has 1,27,33 and 1,25,735 posts respectively making them the most prolific categories on IndiBlogger.
    • The Most number of short stories submitted is by Vikram Karve (731 posts)
    • Sanjay Gulati has submitted 286 of the 598 posts on Mathematics!
    • Firoze Shakir has submitted 2752 posts for two categories namely Photography and poetry. He also has the most submissions in these two categories.
    • Madhu Nair has submitted the most number of posts in the Travel category (650 posts)
    • Sangeetha Menon has submitted the most number of posts in the parenting category (178 posts)


If there are any specific stats that you would like, do ask away in the comments!


Here are the winners of last weeks question:

Abhsiehk Agarwal Alok Vats Sreesha Divakaran


For this weeks question!

This weeks question is based on Deckle_Edge’s tweet to IndiBlogger this week on a statement made by Renie in an interview earlier.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.44.48 AM

So! The question is:

What is Micro-Blogging according to you? and should the term “Micro-Blogging” be associated with blogging?

Well plenty to think about this week and we look forward to seeing you again! Soon!






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108 Responses

  1. First of all thanks to Indiblogger team for providing a gr8 platform for Indian bloggers !

    I Will like to know the number of post under Health category.

  2. Some amazing numbers and awesome stats … just goes to show that blogging is a powerful and emerging medium to voice your thing :)…

    I feel that twitter is a wonderful medium to catch up with daily action around the world its just a notification away, but comparing it with blogging its just not fair i feel, i agree with Renie on the part, blogging is more content driven, researched, and vast compared to 160 character oriented Twitter..

  3. Himani Agarwal says:

    Nice stats once again…I am getting addicted to the Indiblogger Weekly edition.

    For me, blogging is a personal reflection which describes one’s emotion, feelings and knowledge. It can nowhere be compared to the tweets on twitter.
    Though, twitter provides an easy platform to connect and spread out your voice but its more on a personal front where in you express your daily action. On the contrary in blogging you express your day to day feelings and honest opinions.

    for eg- sharing a selfie with a caption feeling excited..India wins #ICCWorldCup2015 #wewontgiveitback
    is the action which we can be limited in 160 words.

    While, if a blog post is written ‘My experience of India’s Match last Sunday’ will describe the complete set of emotions which a true fan of cricket undergoes while watching the game being played. 😛

  4. Aditya Sinha says:

    Amazing stats. Thanks Indiblogger team to share the same.
    It is indeed a beautiful platform to share views among the like minded people. I would say let it be a blogging platform where you ponder over a theme / a situation / an event or anything around you and then respond to it to share your views. Let it not become an instant reaction tweeting site. I feel tweeting and blogging are thus two different phenomenon where blogging is more deep , intrinsic and wholesome. So why mingle tweeting with blogging as micro-blogging?

  5. Thank you Indiblogger team for wholeheartedly supporting the #1000Speak initiative. That is why you folks are so fantastic and compassionate.

    I loved all the stats. Indivine does provide us a great way to get our posts out for the benefit of all.

    About microblogging, I completely agree with Renie.
    Microblogging is to blogging what a trailer is to a movie. Just a teeny weeny glimpse of the real stuff.

    I feel very strongly against plagiarism and also abuse on blogs. I think the idea of “Report a crime on Indiblogger” sounds really good. But it will have to have adequate checks and balances in place to ensure that people don’t use it to settle scores.
    Thanks again for an awesome diary, Anoop.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Rachna, Hey thanks for telling us about the #1000speak initiative. Sometimes when a blogger registered on IndiBlogger tell us its easier for us to prioritize, as we get many of such requests and become hard to know what people want.

  6. Science category has the least number of post! I feel insulted as a science student 😛 . Well,coming to the term “micro-blogging”,some tweets are really creative, i mean some people say a lot with only 140 characters and it’s amazing! But can’t associate it with blogging. As blogging is expressing yourself or writing a detailed thing with proper research. Because social networking and blogging is two different things!

  7. Thanks for bringing the plagiarism topic up.
    To this week’s question- calling tweeting as microblogging is really an insult to bloggers. In that case anyone who tweets becomes a blogger. We lose our identity as bloggers that way. It takes a lot to become and then to remain a blogger. The world of bloggers is different from the rest. Stats, number of followers, comments and the number of posts means something to bloggers which people who tweet might not be able to relate to, exactly the same way.

  8. Though I became only recently active on Twitter but just in few hundred tweets I have come to realize that to write intelligent, meaningful, knowledge sharing tweet takes talent as well as guts. When someone’s 160 word makes me chuckle or think, when I come out of my laziness and click on that retweet button.. When I push myself hard to think of the best sentences and just not write anything.. When I see why I stop and notice some tweets while passing most others.. Yeah, it requires skill.. So, I would not be arrogant to differentiate between Blogging and micro-blogging. For if the former allows me to write my heart out as long as possible then the latter allows me wider coverage to readers.. As not everybody takes out time to read a page full of my thoughts.. But if only I can express myself in some remarkable 160 words in a hard hitting ways then perhaps people might be interested to know more of me.. to read more by me..

    Indibloggers team.. this is for you.. During this break from my active professional life, I am happy because you have given me this platform where I spent most of my idle time whenever my 2 year old daughter allows it.. I want that Mug 😛 and all those IB merchandizes.. I am after all a passionate Indiblogger these days and days to come..

    • anoop says:

      Hey Roohi! he he you are definitely a passionate blogger and I would never question it 😀 I’m rooting for you to get one of them IndiMugs! 🙂

  9. Soumya says:

    The stats look excellent! Having said that, this is the first time I am reading a weekly diary too! I went back to read the previous editions and I loved the grooves by Vineet in the 8th edition 😛

    You guys are doing a fabulous job and I can understand the patience it takes to put up something like this by collecting all the blog posts and tweets. Kudos!

    Twitter can never ever be compared to blogging. Twitter has now become an attention seeking platform and nothing else. Blogging is an outlet for the writer/poet/author/techie in us. Twitter can never be that. It is all about crass and unwanted behaviour.

    BTW, how do I get the mug and the fridge magnet? I want it, I want it 🙂

    • anoop says:

      Hey Soumya,

      Vineets grooves are quite popular. Its of his own creation and only he is courageous enough to do that in public in his boxers 🙂

      As for the mug and magnet, you have thrown your hat into the ring by commenting. Random people every week choose some of the comments and we will dish a few stuff out a few every week! 🙂

  10. Sammya Brata says:

    Haha not sure whether I should say this, but twitter is NO WAY, remotely connected to blogging…neither by concept nor in terms of the ‘target audience’. Blogging, as a whole, is intended towards portraying the entire perspective (be it a photo-blog or a complete descriptive account) where-as tweets are disjointed in Nature. People tend to “sub-tweet” these days but the connection somehow isn’t there. There’s a lot in it for the readers (damn, did I use the word readers for twitter users?- yes no-one reads on twitter…they check only the hashtag results) to assume. And as a result you can attract bizarre responses (yes I often do). That, my friend, defies the entire rationale of blogging. Yes, you can micro-analyze a blog-post perhaps but you can never micro-blog using 140 characters. I’m with Renie on this one.

  11. Hey there Anoop!

    I was starting to think the weekly diary became monthly editions, thank goodness you came up in time to feed my appetite. Atlast, the revered Indi Blog Forever mug, now my training will become more interesting every morning gulping coffee from that mug placed on my table and would surely catch other 177 people’s jealous eyes. 😛 Thank you for the mug. 🙂

    Staggering stats as always, it’s great to see Indiblogger is keeping up with the trending technologies of data sciences and analytics with blogging campaigns as well. Congratulations to the whole back end technical team for that. 🙂

    As per this week’s question, I will describe of what I think of microblogging in short.

    For me microblogging you remember Mark Zuckerberg’s blog called Zuck-o-nit where according to rumors he used to post short updates of his hacks and sarcastic remarks on people? That’s essentially what microblogging is according to me. Updating your readers with brief posts frequently. If you want a live example, head over to ‘’ Matt Mullenwerg’s blog (Founder of blogosphere giant WordPress). Yes I think microblogging should be associated to blogging but only if its on your own personal space I.e. your own blog and not on a public social domain like twitter where your posts are just pasted on your followers news feed.

    Thanks, awaiting the next edition. 🙂

    • anoop says:

      Hey Abhishek,

      LOL! I know! I am missing a few weeks! but its hard especially when I travel, I dont get time to sit down and write something remotely worthy of putting up. I need my table , chair and music system with psychedelic lighting system otherwise I cant write for NUTS! 🙂

      Its good to see a lot of information being conjured out of India and thanks for the comment!

      • Agreed! Table, cozy chair and the revered music from the gods of rock and metal are an absolute necessity for such juicy and succulently good writing and stats! And not to forget the hot steaming mugs of filter kaapi 😉

  12. Weekly diary sums up well!

    Its fun to be part of most of the things if not all that takes place at this haven for bloggers. Melbourne Bat is super-cute and Lunch-Box was very yummy.

    I am fond of twitter but my love for blogging supersedes everything. No way micro-blogging is close to blogging. There are many times when I wouldn’t bother what I have tweeted, it happens at the spur of the moment but blogging takes time. Its about pouring emotions through words selected carefully. For me there can be no word even remotely close to blogging. Its only BLOGGING!!!

  13. nabanita says:

    A tweet could be a pre-cursor to a blog but nothing more…It’s for me an avenue to share about a post..Blogging is much, much more than a tweet..

    And as always thanks for taking us bloggers seriously 🙂

  14. I am pleasantly surprised to find so many likes for poetry. I used to feel disheartened that no one reads poetry anymore; in fact I read somewhere that poetry is the most “destitute of all art forms”! But when you see stats like this, it motivates you to keep writing.
    As for whether tweeting being called “microblogging” is an insult to blogging, yes of course it is an insult. But considering the limited attention span that most people seem to have today, 140 characters are all people have time for! It’s sad, really, and rather insulting to compare the two, but both are means of expressing your opinion – one in detail, one as a stub. I could go on (and compare people reading the headlines vs the whole article) but that would turn this comment into a full fledged blog post of its own, but for similar reasons cited a few lines above, I am gonna zip it up here 😀

    BTW – reporting crime seems like a great idea!

    • anoop says:

      Hey Sreesha, You know what! I thought the same way too. I was thinking ” Do people wake up in the morning to read poetry?”.. well apparently, quite a few do! 🙂

      Yea reporting crimes on blogging will definitely help with at least varied cases being reported

  15. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    Interesting stats! Nice to find the ‘poetry’ sub-group up on the list, for I’m a regular contributor to that. 😀

    According to me, micro-blogging on Twitter is something like the curtain-raiser or trailer. One can post a few catchy lines for an interesting post actually published on her/his blog, just to churn out the excitement for publicity. But twitter is nothing more than a publicizing platform. A blog has depth, emotion and feelings, and a personality of its own. A twitter id has only 140 characters. I never find it anywhere near to blogging. 🙂

  16. Fanstastic Stats! Proud of being part of this awesome community 🙂

    On a side note wrt the question – Micro-blogging is just another form of expression like Blogging is. Calling one better than other, is akin to saying a Haiku is not a poem. People have written sagas to express, love, some need stories, while some do it just by looking.

    I guess serious blogging micro or not, requires passion, dedication and effort. The form is immaterial, what is being said is.

    Just writing random stuff does not make one a blogger, neither does re-tweeting every famous tweet!

  17. Feb
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Fanstastic Stats! Proud of being part of this awesome community 🙂

    On a side note wrt the question – Micro-blogging is just another form of expression like Blogging is. Calling one better than other, is akin to saying a Haiku is not a poem. People have written sagas to express, love, some need stories, while some do it just by looking without uttering a word.

    I guess serious blogging micro or not, requires passion, dedication and effort. The form is immaterial and not important, what is being said & how it being said, is.

    Just typing random stuff does not make one a blogger, neither does re-tweeting every famous tweet!

    (Team @IndiBlogger, there was a typo in previous comment, please use this one).

  18. Salman R says:

    Firstly, where’s my mug? 😛

    Now, coming back to today’s question, I disagree with that. Why? Because Twitter is a different medium.

    Initially, blogging was used mainly as an online diary of sorts ( People just used to write details about their personal lives and put in on the Internet. These were maintained by a single author mostly.

    Later, bloggers realized the power of sharing content with anyone across the world. There were a lot of choices now. We had blogs covering specific topics very deeply (what we call niche blogs today), multi-author blogs (sites like engadget), and much more. Blogging had become a profession now, and not just a hobby.

    Then we had social media, and everything changed. I’ve spent more time on Orkut in my teenage years than I have in my school. Everyone wanted to share something. Join communities which they’re passionate about.

    This is when Facebook and Twitter started too. While Facebook was used mostly to connect with your friends, Twitter was used to share with the world. The one peculiarity was its restriction of 140 characters.

    It took off the load from you. You didn’t have to write anything deep or intellectual. You can still try to fit in something meaningful in so many characters, and I’ve seen many creative tweets, but the main use of Twitter for me is to share your personal life and opinions with everyone without any hassles. In a way, it harked back to the initial days of blogging when people used it as an online diary.

    You can still create a full-scale blog on WordPress or Blogger if you want to share something substantial. But if all you want is to share your opinions and stories with the world, why bother maintaining a blog?

    Even full-scale bloggers can use Twitter to their advantage by gaining followers and keeping them engaged. I’m very lazy with this, but I know some who’ve built up a crazy following over the years.

    So, yeah, that’s why I disagree with it.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Salman,

      Did you win a mug and you havent received it yet? or?

      Hey I like that thing about the initial days of blogging. I also just realized that posts back in the day would be just a few lines and people would say anything from they have the flu or they hate their boss 🙂

      interesting perspective!

      • Yes 😀 Didn’t get the mug, but surprisingly, got the magnet.

        And yes, blogging was something different in the earlier days. It evolved. Now it is something else. But there are so many ways to express and share these days, and Twitter is just another avenue to do so.

        It’s just like art. Whether you are Michelangelo or a 6-year-old kid, the painting you make is still art. We can debate about the specifics later, but we cannot argue whether both should be considered art at all.

  19. Alok Vats says:

    Awesome to see my name in the winners list Anoop. Thank you so much for providing so much stats, these are really interesting, I simply thought my name must be there with something with Blogging category 🙂 but unfortunately I am not featuring there, hopefully will soon be there with something else 🙂

    “Plagiarism is one of the worst things that can happen to a blogger.” Absolutely agree to you, I guess it is something which every blogger hate, but somehow promote it too. Directly or indirectly we all are involved with Plagiarism, but as we say that “Pahle Apne Aap ko Sudharo fir Duniya ke Bare me Socho” I decided to go strictly against it on my blogs. And with my efforts I try to let other implements the same too. There are a few bloggers who are seriously following me as far as blogging is concerned, and I always tell them to go for original content and media too.

    Well coming to this weeks discussion, micro-blogging is a term which came into effect for those who don’t have patience or time to write lengthy blog posts, they usually prefer to write some one-liners or 140 character SMS though they write powerful lines. This being the reason why Twitter became so popular, as majority of us were not use to write lengthy blog posts, but prefer to write short posts and hence the concept of Micro-Blogging came into play.

    Micro-Blogging is one of the powerful way to blog in shortest way and I don’t think that it is an insult to blogging when associated with tweets. This is a point on which I differ with Renie.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Alo, I was surprised too that I didn’t see your name on the list 🙂 But I saw your name in another list of top 10. Let me see if I can dig it up later.

      Ha ha yes calling it an “Insult” is definitely a strong word! But to each his own opinion! 🙂

  20. Mansi says:

    so many stats! really inspiring stuff

    Micro Blogging is a a new, shorter way of expression and it takes a lot of ingenuity to express yourself in 140 characters mostly over twitter.
    We are used to blogs being posts that are in the longer format sometimes with pictures and thus a new term trying to confer the status of “blog” to a short shout-out to the world can be a bit hard to come to terms with. Though not all tweets look like micro blogs(repeated raving/angst display on the same topic again and again :p), some of them are succinct and say a lot in those few words. Also it is easier to be more active while micro blogging 🙂

    Also notice the trend where a lot of regular blogs have tweet timeline running across the margins. Both are amazing forms of expressing your thoughts. Micro blogs are like reading a book of quotes of your favorite author rather than full fledged articles. Both have different readerships but both can be equally amusing and interesting.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Mansi, yes , the stats blew me away too 🙂

      Oh hey and thats a nice way to put it “Micro blogs are like reading a book of quotes of your favorite author rather than full fledged articles.”

  21. Anuja Bhatt says:

    Blogging to me is sharing, expressing, exploring. Blogging needs lots of creativity, analysis and research. Micro – blogging is challenging form of blogging in just 140 characters. When I want to buy a book I always read back cover of the book to ensure whether the story and author will fascinate me or not. I always prefer a glimpse trailer before watching a movie. Similarly Micro-blogging is a way of showing glimpse of one’s blogging style.
    Like trailer speaks for the film and cover speaks for the book in the same way Micro-blog speaks for the Blog. The bloggers who can write amazing 500 words post will always give excellent micro-blog. Blogger is distinguished by writing style, usage of words and deep thinking. The micro-blog posted by a blogger will definitely stand out in the crowd.
    I feel that there is strong difference between tweets and micro-blogging. People may tweet one liner about their recent activities but that is not at all micro-blog. Bloggers like us tweeting about specific niche, politicians sharing their important views, journalists sharing particular news details, celebrities expressing their thoughts can be referred as micro-blogging.
    A 140 character Tweet for any niche which gives meaning of thousands of words is Micro-blogging and such a Tweet is not an insult to blogging.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Anuja, Thanks for the comment! I get that “glimpses” of blogging part.. I guess in a way it helps people understand if they want to know more!

  22. What I write below are independently standing defences for micro-blogging… sense and 140 characters go together.
    If you cannot express clearly in 140 characters, can you survive a comprehension test extending to a thousand sentences?
    I’ve read blogs with a thousand sentences and yet struggled to get even 140 characters of meaning out of them.
    A complete story can be encapsulated in 140 characters garnished with every emotion you can possibly imagine.In brevity is the soul of wit.
    Twitterature is as real as you are, dear friend
    Tweet are micro-blogs and a contemporary trend!
    A political microblog post:
    An anarchist has the right to rule in Delhi, a concrete jungle.
    I’ve tweeted hundreds of couplets that make sense
    Microblogging is twitter and is quite intense!
    Well, those who still think micro-blogging is an apology for blogging, please read my MJMC thesis. Link on Linkedin.
    Renie, come out of convention
    Understand twitter’s intention
    To say more
    Without being a bore
    And increasing a reader’s retention!

    • anoop says:

      Hey Arvind,

      LOL! Two long comments and a blog post on the same subject, am I to understand that you are more passionate about twitter? 🙂

      You are a Blogger at heart and personality. You have too many things to say and twitter is definitely not big enough for you 🙂

      • A simple calculation tells me that I have sent out 40,000 tweets with an average of 20 words in each. This means 800,000 words. The length of an average novel is around 120,000 words (can be more and can be less, of course). So I have actually written 6 novels.

        I have around 850 posts on my blog with an average of 1000 words per blog. This means all the words in my blog actually amount to another 6 novels at least.

        Now tell me one thing… has blogging and micro-blogging been a BIGG waste of time and energy for me? I mean, I could have written 12 novels in the same period even at the easy pace that I have adopted since 2011. 12 novels in 4 years would surely have been a super achievement… right?

        But I’m happy that twitter has taught me to be precise… and blogging has taught me to sit and write longer posts.

      • anoop says:

        Hey Arvind! Thanks for reply! I guess not everything needs to be elaborated upon. Maybe I just had some ice cream and I want to write something about it saying.. “Hey, just had ice cream, its good!” .. We definitely dont always feel the need to say everything on a blog post! 🙂

      • BlogwatiG says:

        I am missing the like buttons on comments. Time to incorporate it, IB. 😀

  23. A blog is an expression, a thought, an idea, a story, a poem, an explanation, an excuse, a submission, a statement, and a retort.
    This is exactly what a microblog is.

    Now this can be in less words or more.

    The truth is that the less you know, the more you add… and it is almost like peter’s principle that talks about your collecting junk being proportional to the number of shelves or storage space you add.

    Do you think a midget is a lesser human?
    Do you think a cursory touch is less evocative?

    let me say that a tweet or a microblog is like a glance that says everything… but then we are Indians who go on staring, don’t we?

    Wake up.
    Less is more.
    And if say more
    You can be a bore!

    So be sweet
    Just tweet!

    Arvind Passey

    • anoop says:

      Hey am curious .. what did you mean by this ?

      “let me say that a tweet or a microblog is like a glance that says everything… but then we are Indians who go on staring, don’t we?”

      • Well, Anoop… read our blog posts, read our newspaper edits, hear our TV debates… the common link is the way we tend to repeat ourselves in the name of clarifying issues. We touch a tree, go round it, touch it again and then repeat it ten more times before we are satisfied that we have communicated what we wanted to. This isn’t a sickness but has to do everything with our inability to be precise in our expression.

        The same analogy holds true for the twitter::blog debate. A tweet is like a glance… and a blog by an Indian is a glancex10=stare. 🙂

        By the way, we anyway love staring without blinking, don’t we? This is quite a common accusation of foreign tourists for Indian they meet on the roads or in markets.

      • anoop says:

        Cool Thanks for explainig.

  24. Let me figure out blogging, then try to get to microblogging.

  25. Those were surely some great stats…!
    I hope my name would be there some day.

    Micro-Blogging in the most simple words is sharing a small message or content. The content too has to be within a defined character limit and the post thus created is called Micro-Post.

    Delivering the right message within limited character length is not everyone’s cup of tea and definitely requires talent and practice. The most common platform for the micro-blogging is twitter. Type “tweets that” and wait for it to suggest the search options. The first two that comes up are – “tweets that changed the world” and “tweets that got people fired”. There is no need of explanation about it’s power. People have shot themselves to both fame and shame (KRK… could not help mentioning it!) with their tweets which might also be termed as micro-posts.

    The answer to question “should the term “Micro-Blogging” be associated with blogging?” might be a tricky one. Being a traditional blogger myself, know how much efforts it takes to draft those great traditional blog-posts. Thus when I answer with my heart, I shout “NO” to this answer. How come those one liners be replaces with detailed and beautiful description.
    But then, a picture speaks a thousand words! Similarly a word might speak a thousand sentences. Thus, giving it a thought from my mind, “YES”, those awesome one-lines might be associated with blogging.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Amita, that’s a lot of posts to write to compete for the top spots! 🙂 but maybe it is the best motivator to put down more creative stuff online!

      and thanks for the comment! 🙂

  26. Also please correct the spelling of my name above in the Diary. Thanks!

  27. If blogging requires as much might as Khal Drogo, microblogging requires as much wit as Tyrion Lannister. #GameOfThrones

  28. Saket says:

    Differ a little from you, dear Renie!

    Blog to Tweet: “Hey you teeny-meeny Tweet! You are just an intellectaully challenged, growth-inhibited version of me!”

    Novelette to Blog- “Hey you insignificantly sized creature! Don’t try to look what you are not-a piece of literature”.

    Novel to Novelette- “Hey you malnourished, rickets-affected creature! You will never be able to attain the respect I command”.

    Movie (Novel based) to Novel- Hey you poor incognito! Nobody knew you till I was made. Come give me a bow!

    Epic to Blog, Novel, and all others- “Who are you guys? By the way?”

    Its not always that the brightest of the thoughts originated from epics. A single word sometimes may lead to a revolution.

    The single hashtagged word may rise hopes, stir feelings, generate ‘Springs’ across continents, and may eventually bring a revolution some day!

  29. For me micro blogging / Tweeter is like a 20 overs game and Blogging is like a Test cricket. A bloggers real test of talent, skill and temperament is tested while blogging on a blog.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Doc, thats another great analogy as well. I am getting so confused with great arguments either ways. Its liek a thriller movie where I dont know who is going to die in the end 😀

  30. Saket says:

    If tweeting is microblogging, then what is ‘Nano-blogging’?
    Perhaps Smilies 🙂

  31. Where do I begin with? First of all – Its been a different story altogether ever since I started being active on Indiblogger. I have learnt a lot, met a lot of people and eventually made a harmonic relation with them. Its been an amazing journey truly. I guess, those numbers are equivalent to what many others feel like me.

    It took so long for this Indiblogger diary to come out :O I actually opened the page quite a few times during that 18-19 days of wait 😛

    Anyways, it was an exciting 2 weeks of Indiblogger. Happy Hours and rain and winning the first ever major prize from Indiblogger in Garnier contest. I felt overwhelmed :’)

    I did tweet a lot with regards to Indiblogger too 😛

    Anyways, let me come to the focus point – Microblogging term.
    I would have just one sentence to actually put my point forward, and that would be – “If you cannot express yourself in 140 words, how would you do it in thousands?” Its simple. People write about their experience in 1400 words – called Blogging, they can write it in 140, called Micro-blogging. You see, the term ‘Micro’ fits in.

    And that is actually a different perspective, for it brings the uniqueness in the field.

    I would love if Indi-diary becomes a weekly diary 😛 If you know what I mean 😉
    Great work though, it was worth the wait 🙂

    • anoop says:

      Hey Tanishq,Hey congrats on you contest wins! You are probably one of the very few guys who gets to win a contest on creams! 🙂

      As for the weekly diary syndrome, my weeks a little bit longer you see, it revolves around a different sun 🙂

  32. Great to read the weekly diary after a long time. It would be really great if there would be something like “Report A Crime on Blogging” feature in Indiblogger.

    About this week’s question: Twitter or microblogging is a good medium to share quotes, micropoetry or haikus, thoughts and opinions on any incident that catches our attention.It is also a good way to promote blogs and books.
    However, I definitely agree that microblogging is nowhere close to blogging as there is a lot of effort and content that goes in writing one blogpost whereas composing a tweet hardly takes much of our time. But this is also true that composing intelligent and thought provoking tweets require a lot of skill. So I don’t agree that the term microblogging for tweets is an insult to blogging.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Purba,The report a crime on blogging is definitely necessary. I second that too.

      And thanks for your comment on the weekly question! 🙂

  33. Parul Thakur says:

    Wow! I am mentioned twice in this edition of Indiblogger and that too for the very first time! Loving the attention.

    Team – The stats are amazing and that’s the magic of number crunching! Anything starts making sense when we can out numbers about it.

    Coming over to this week’s question – I think blogging is expressing thoughts, feelings and sharing it with the world. Whether I write “I love blogging” or I write a 500 word post on “I love blogging”, the intent is to express as long as my audience can relate to the thoughts I want to share. Microblogging is not an insult at all but we should accept that good things come in small packages.
    What say you? 🙂

    • anoop says:

      Hey Parul, Nice to know how you feel about it! 🙂

      Ha ha “we should accept that good things come in small packages”. Thats a topic on its own! 🙂

    • Good things come in small packages… I agree with this one. 🙂
      In fact, there have been times I have told myself that I am like a tweet or a micro-blog with my 5’4″ height fighting with mighty blogs all the time… and winning most battles.

  34. Garima Nag says:

    Hi Team, This is the first time I am reading the Indibliogger edition. Hats off to you guys for working diligently & bringing such elaborate data. I was amazed to see the number of posts active on INdiblogger. Such a vast ocean of thoughts & ideas. Love to be a part of such a wonderful family.

    I loved attending those wonderful & well organised events, made so many friends & loved the pampering ( will not forget Dove meet for a long long time)

    As per the term Micro Blogging goes, I think blogging itself is associated with expression of thoughts in your space.So Whether you express yourself in 14000 words, 1400 words blog post or 140 characters tweet, it shouldn’t matter.A thought is a thought is a thought.What matters is its reach & impact on the readers !!!

    A tweet, a blog post or a book, words are useful as long as they have a soul & connect. I would happily read 100 tweets by a novice over a soulless book even by the most famous author. Any form of expression is neither a threat or an insult to other . Just my humble 2 cents 🙂

    • anoop says:

      Hey Garima, Thanks for the encouragement! as always 🙂

      Another very valid argument “Any form of expression is neither a threat or an insult to other”

      reading everyone’s comments on this weeks post has been quite fascinating to say the least! 🙂

  35. Have written this post on the question…

    Flog the micro-blogger

    • anoop says:

      Hey Thanks for taking the time out to write a post in response to the weekly diary! much appreciated! 🙂

      • I guess you didn’t like my post on compassion… and I thought it was way different from how anyone else had treated the subject. 🙂

      • anoop says:

        Ha ha .. Its definitely not that I didnt like it :-). I try not to judge the posts because its very tough. Some people say very little but it appeals a lot more and others have some great content in length with varied explanations and its really hard to judge what people will like..

        So if i didnt link that post its probably because i only put up a few. In this case (if i remember correctly) your post was on the 2nd page when i wrote this post and I just linked up all the posts that were on the first page of the random list i sorted at the time. I was just trying to be fair because it was for a good cause and I didnt feel it needed to be judged in any way. 🙂

        I will add that post to the list right now just because you asked :-). Its actually that simple on the diary. As long as I know what oyu want, I can definitely do everything to help!

  36. BlogwatiG says:

    Well, Microblogging is like a fling. You may or may not like it. You may or may not return to it. No strings attached. No questions asked. You go with the current flow. People may or may not follow you. One s(c)andal, and you will be(in)famous.

    Blogging is like marriage. The honeymoon period is wondrous, then you have to work at keeping the ship sailing. You have to share the bathroom- EGAD! You have to put in that effort else the attention wanes. It requires discipline, love and lotsa creativity. Being a ‘Yes Dear’ at the beck and call of the muse always helps.

    Both the mediums have their dedicated audience. Alas, I am cursed with the gift of the gab. Since no one listens to me at the PTA, Blogging it is.

    PS : Thanks for featuring me for the #1000Speak Activity. 🙂

    • anoop says:

      Hey Blogwati, I completely relate to that honeymoon thing. i remember the rush I felt when I wrote my first few posts a decade ago.. after that, I cant describe it but it felt like some sort of pressure to write or it was a wierd feeling of being weighed down.. I feel like that sometimes even now.. hmm..

      Thanks for submitting your post into Indi for the #1000Speak activity! 🙂

      • BlogwatiG says:

        I am recommending you for the Paramvir Replier Award……to be able to reply to each and every one, especially when people don’t breathe to stop or stop explaining…………….Brava!

        PS: I ain’t walking in your boots, eva…. *Phew*

  37. Greetings Indiblogger Team!

    It is nice to read such lovely posts on Compassion! I am glad to see such huge number of posts on Poetry and also that it is the 2nd most liked category! Wonderful is that! 🙂

    Coming to this week’s question-

    What is Micro-blogging according to you?

    Blogging or weblog is essentially a medium to convey our feelings, moods, opinions or life.
    According to me, Micro-blogging is “fewer words, more impact”! Sometimes few words may convey a deeper meaning and leave us with thoughts lingering around those meagre syllables and intrigue us to think over them. Yes, sometimes, few words may cast an impact on us and gives us a room to think over them.
    But, saying that the social sites are micro-blogging sites is not completely true. Social sites, be it, Facebook, Twitter are not necessarily a medium to micro-blog, because not everyone uses them to write down or note their everyday updates. Some may use it as a tool for business or promotions.

    And should the term “Micro-blogging” be associated with “Blogging”?

    Well, Micro-blogging is like a thought or idea in a nutshell. It encourages one to think and come up with many conclusions to the same. Micro-blogging can be associated with Blogging if we micro-blog to share our blog posts. A blog post’s main or central idea can be shared through the micro-blog site along with the blog post’s link, so that readers get an idea of what the post speaks about. A micro-blog thus can act as a headline to our blog posts. In this way, Micro-blogging can be associated with Blogging.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Amreen, Thanks for the comment! People really cared about that campaign, it reflected in the quality of the posts and it was really good to see! :-

  38. Hello there,ya’all.Its been so long!
    Nice to read that poetry has a so many submissions!I reckon there are a lot of fellow poets I could vibe with…waiting for the next IndiMeet to do exactly that!
    About the question of the week,well,this is an impromptu answer on a term that I’d never given a thought to,before reading that tweet,so bear with me pretty please?
    Micro blogging,as I comprehend it can mean projecting a thought or an idea in a very limited amount of space.That way,it could be a very precise description of Twitter.But the terms micro blogging and blogging should not be confused,or even associated with each other,as both portray different things!Agreed with renie on that one!Blogging is an entirely different platform,as compared to the microblogging sites we see.No amount of efforts can pack the essence of the vast multitude of ideas we can express through blogging in a limited micro blogging environment.
    In other news,recieved my IndiMagnet,much thanks:)Tweeted about it,but poor tweet wasnt lucky enough to get into the diary!(Someday,though..)
    Those IndiMugs and tees are making me drool*_*
    P.s-I have a birthday coming,soon,on the second of March.*wink wink*
    P.P.S-Should NOT have said that,I know,I know,but yeah,I’m kiddish!Plus,I’m too lazy to go back and delete the comment,so, xoxoxo instead;*

    • anoop says:

      Hey Sagarika, Well I’m not going to be the sap who denied you a gift for your birthday! So there you go, we’ll send you a shiny new “Blog Now Live forever” Mug and advanced Happy Birthday from everyone at IndiBlogger! Have a great one! 🙂

  39. Kokila Gupta says:

    WOW ! what great stats!
    The gifts are looking real cute ..Congo to all the winners.(some day ..sigh !);)
    And hats off to IB for the awesome platform where we write about almost everything under the sun,the moon and the stars.Glad to see the poetry section up there 🙂

    For the question-
    At IB the most recluse (read me) would do networking and these connections,quizzes,reading posts of fellow bloggers open our mouldy minds.So after drinking the bucket full of nectar of writing a blog,I can never be satisfied with a teeny-weeny tweet drop.

    To me, Micro,mini, nano-blogging… all are simply No- blogging !

    Tweeting is concise,to the point and needs skill to pour your thoughts and heart into it but its not Blogging.
    Both are different and as per me we should not compare or confuse these.
    If Tweet strikes like a lightning bolt,blogging is a full raging storm.
    If Tweet is a brilliant moonbeam ,blog is the full moon.Tweet is the sharp needle,then blogging a sword and …. needle can’t be replaced by a sword or vice-versa.
    If blog is a poem/story/experience…. tweet is the central idea.
    So let’s keep these two separate and explore their power separately.
    After all, an Idea can change our blog.. er… lives Sirjee !:p

    • anoop says:

      Hey Kokila! I had a good time reading this comment! 🙂

      LOL “If Tweet strikes like a lightning bolt,blogging is a full raging storm”

      Thanks for the feedback and encouragement!

  40. Zephyr says:

    This Diary thing is really cool. I really love it because it makes me laugh aloud at some of the stuff you guys share. The stats sure are most impressive. Good to know that mine is a miniscule part of the gigantic whole. And thanks for linking my post in #1000Speak.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Zephyr, Thanks for dropping by and leaving us a comment! 🙂 We share those crazy things because that’s who we are and unfortunately no one can change that, so might as well live with it 🙂 and thank you very much for writing for #1000Speak.

  41. I appreciate IB for their efforts to keep engaged with the blogger community. These frequent diary entries give interesting insights in to the indiworld.

    Tbh, I never cared much about poetry, I always thought that it is an over regarded art form. But there seems to be many patrons for it, I may have to reevaluate my opinion.

    I have just added a new entry to my ‘to achieve list’: To get my name inscribed on the illustrious pages of indiblogger weekly diary for doing something awesome!

    About the question-Tweets are like headlines of a newspaper which are good at grabbing attention, but fail to tell the whole story. If you want to know the subtleties involved, their antecedents and repercussions, you need to dig in to the body(blog). Twitter is a very useful tool to increase one’s reach but it could never replace serious blogging.

    Lastly, I had great fun reading all the diverse and creative comments from my fellow indibloggers, keep them coming!

  42. Anita says:

    Thanks for sharing the interesting stats, Anoop!

    I had suggested “Plagiarism” as an IndiSpire topic; however, it received just 2 Votes, and didn’t get selected! Nice that it finds a place in this IB Weekly Diary 🙂
    My Views-
    Plagiarism is an evil, unfortunately practiced by a few.
    May all the angels & even devils get their deserving due!
    May no one take credit of someone’s hard-work, idea or imagination.
    May there be original thoughts & novel & unique presentations!

    This is the age of Micro & Nano! I feel Micro-Blogging is where we post content of smaller length, fewer words and/or express through images or videos. We may express in a few characters, words, sentences or paragraphs. The number/length may be pre-decided or may be our own prerogative based on our wish, interest or available time at hand!
    I love all forms of Blogging! Happy Blogging! 🙂

  43. Tweeting should not be called microblogging. Tweeting is like sprinting. You just need a burst of energy which doesn’t require sustenance. While blogging is like running a marathon. You need perseverance, endurance, stamina as well as skill.
    A witty tweeter may not have the ability to write longer articles and vice versa. But that doesn’t make them inferior to each other. Both have their own significance.
    A tweeter is a hare while a blogger is a tortoise.

  44. This is the First time I’m reading the IB Diary 😛
    But definitely this will be done regularly from now (coz It is awesome!!).
    The stats are staggering and its good to know that the community is growing. Great work with the Diary! It is kind of an amalgamation of a newsletter+diary. Probably, can be sent as one in our inbox too? Just a suggestion 🙂

    Coming to Micro-Blogging.

    Micro Blogging or twitter is a place where you find lazy bloggers (like me :P), spending hours to spread non-sense quite regularly. It is kind of a snack that you enjoy but definitely not the meal you’ll have a feast on.
    In a lot of ways, Micro-blogging helps to keep up with your writing in a short succinct manner, so that you take out time to spend on your blog once in a blue moon 😛

    And yes, both are definitely blogging “technically”. Obviously writing a blog is more satisfying than a 100 tweets sent out. However, Micro or Macro, let’s not discriminate but keep writing what and wherever we like, for the love of it.


  45. Forget Twitter, I don’t even consider Facebook to be a Micro-‘Blogging’ platform. I think micro-blogging platforms can compliment a blog, but can never replace the blog.

  46. Lata Sunil says:

    I am enjoying this weekly edition. The stats are awesome too. My heart goes out to Ganga Bharani as I have seen her struggling to make her voice heard on twitter.

    Regarding Micro-blogging : Twitter is a great way to direct the readers to blogging site. I have seen many people post snippets of their blog with links to read the whole story. It generates interest. There are also standalone micro-blogs like ‘Mughal History in 100 Tweets’ which had happened some time back. The Mahabharat in 100 tweets too was well structured. Though micro-blogging cannot replace blogging. It can only enhance the experience.

  47. shwetabh mathur says:

    Twitter and microblogging?? No way…
    Blogging is a different approach altogether. A full blog post carries a series and collection of thoughts and emotions which really makes a blogger go into a different world altogether so that he can speak his mind freely…

    140 characters and its game over…thats how i describe twitter.its more like short, frenzied bursts of words and nothing more…it wont be able to do justice to thoughts so forget about it being termed as micro blogging in any sense.. the time devoted to a proper blogpost is huge…

    Proper blogging is the real thing..

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