IndiBlogger Weekly Diary | Edition 3

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of the IndiBlogger Weekly Diary! This week we talk about IndiBlogger going dark, our view on “Is Blogging Dead?”, a kid on the IndiBlock making a big splash and a tribute to an IndiBlogger team member on his birthday.



Considering that the human race just stooped to a new low this week, we decided to black out the banners on the home page and focus on the issue at hand. There were tweets from bloggers referencing posts on our twitter as well.

You can read all the blog-posts about #PeshawarAttack on IndiBlogger here.

Personally, I’d like to go at least one week without something messed up happening. Well, third week running and things around the world have gotten progressively worse!

From The IndiVault:

As for our hatred towards tyrants, I dug into the IndiBlogger vault and found an old video that we edited to be a parody of Hitler wanting to get into an IndiBlogger meet, twice! 🙂  Watch the first video carefully and if you NAME THE PERSON in the ‘purdah’ at the end of the film, you can win yourself a mug!






Rising Like A Spire!

I was really happy to see what transpired on IndiSpire this week! No it wasn’t the topic, though it gave way to many interesting blog-posts. Shahen, who posted this topic, is under 14 yrs old if I am not wrong and I believe some of us may have met him at the BigRock IndiBlogger Meet in Mumbai. Well, he beat all you oldies and Ranjit’s “Weave a story on, rubbish” ploy! 🙂





It simply reminded me of the power of being a blogger! Well done Shehan! 🙂

You can support him  by writing for the topic. Relive your favorite movies and submit it to IndiSpire!

For me, my go to movie is Pulp Fiction! I just love the random dynamics of that movie, the engaging dialogues like ‘With sugar on top” , “Honey Bunny”, “Say that again M*** F***R!, I dare you, I double dare you!”… heh good fun! 🙂

Here are some blog posts from this week’s IndiSpire:

Relive Moments Bollywood Ishtyle.

It’s All About That Friday..!!

First Day First Show

1000 Weeks Of Falling In Love

My 10 Anytime Watch list

Death Is Only The Beginning!

To answer last week’s ‘question of the week’, we wanted to understand the state of the blogosphere from some bloggers on IndiBlogger! Here are some excerpts of their conversation with us sometime back.

Tara Sharma, who has her very own show ( in its third season had this to say: “To be honest, in my case, my blog is very much alive and the start point of my show, which is based on my blog diary!.

Heck! I guess you can do anything with a blog these days! 🙂

We asked Purba Ray and she had this to say – “Like any other relationship, your blog demands your attention and love. You either chicken out or give it your all. It takes a talented, motivated individual to maintain a successful blog”.

It’s like raising a chicken!

We asked Anshul Tiwari who writes at“Social networking and blogs play two very different roles. While social networks allow us to express ourselves to our friends and followers, a blog gives you the joy of being self-published and yet connect with friends and followers. For a writer, photographer or a filmmaker, a blog is the home base and social networks are the outposts where you promote the base and your identity.

I agree to this, profusely! 🙂

Anuradha Goyal, who blogs at and has authored the book, The Mouse Charmers, points out a more philosophical truth, “Blogging is content and it will remain there for time to come. Over a period of time, blogs will become the chronicles of our times.

For everyone who has chronicled major events of their life in blog posts, this is time for goose bumps!

Having said all this, I feel what drives most bloggers to be loyal to blogging is the fact that it is the ultimate symbol of freedom of speech. As a blogger, you are the master, you are not bound by the terms and conditions of another website/service – you make your own rules! It is undoubtedly the greatest freedom you can have on the internet.

I do understand why some may think blogging is dead or on the verge of it. Blogging can sometimes be a thankless art. One looks for a lot of information on the internet these days and most don’t stop to thank the author. The fact is that blogging is alive and makes up a huge portion of the user generated content on the internet. Well you can also make a good living out of it!

Here are the winners of this weeks mugs!

Thank you for all your comments. There are many comments that should be getting mugs but alas, not enough mugs!

Vidya Sury: “As bloggers, we have the privilege of making our voices heard to a huge audience. We have the power to support a cause and bring significant changes in peoples’ lives. (INDICHANGE?) And while we’re at it, we have so much fun, making friends, connecting with people and heck, even making money! Blogging is the best of all worlds!”

Arti: “The reason why people say this is because most blogs start lacking any vision or purpose thereby attracting miserable readership forcing them to close down something that they once apparently loved. Question is: can we then conclude blogging is dead? Of course not! It just means blogging is not easy. The efforts, hard work, quality and dedication pumped in by the blogger is what makes a blog truly alive and kicking.”

Aseem Rastogi: “News outlets quote bloggers on various topics. Bloggers are called for movie launches, book launches, food tasting sessions, social causes, mobile launches, car launches and I can go on and on till the cows come home.

It just shows that the kind of importance bloggers are gaining with their thoughts and the written word. And this is where, they have the opportunity to shape the thinking of their audience and the world in general.”

Hrishi: “I think now, more than ever, bloggers are forming communities. Bloggers gravitate towards those whose thoughts and words they can relate to, across boundaries of geography and age. THe thoughts of one can influence so many others like a chain reaction or ripple effect, and it is this connection that is being used to share and spread awareness for the greater good.”


Holidays are here again! What is everyone up to for Xmas and New Years Eve this time around? I know most of us would probably have something lame planned, like going to church 😉 That aside, tell us what you really want to do this festive season – like a movie night, a club party, time with an annoying bunch of friends or alone time with some porn and biscuits or like Karthik who wants to dress up in drag; post your comments and you could win ‘Blog Now Live Forever mugs!


But wait.. That’s not the question of the week!

The Wedding Singer!

Alright, so another one of the boys fell victim to a birthday. This time it was Nihal. I dug into the IndiVault and found a video taken a while ago on Nihal doing a face melting solo performance at a mutual friend’s wedding. Happy birthday Nihal! you are a very decent person apart from your pathetic online RTS gaming skills.

I enjoyed the live performance very much. The singing came second only to the sexy tone on my Fender acoustic guitar!

Question of the Week:

The ‘Question of the Week’ is where you can win IndiBlogger merchandise for your most intellectual thoughts!

This may sound like something you would hear in a Miss World Pageant, but in light of the events around us, the question is, “As a blogger, what is your solution for world peace?”. You can respond in the comments or if you prefer, through a blog post and post the link in the comments!

Thanks to everyone for reading! Until next week, at least, let’s try not to kill anyone.

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102 Responses

  1. DS says:

    Hmmm… I want to sleep during the holidays, unfortunately we do not get any during Christmas. Solution for achieving World Peace – Everyone mind their own business. Love All. Make humanity your religion.

  2. I can see only one solution for World peace: abolition of all religion. We humans – I doubt we should now call ourselves humans just because we have the power to speak – don’t deserve religion. We have turned something beautiful into an ugly, ghastly excuse to kill each other. Better have basic humane rules that forces each individual to respect another individual. A concept that doesn’t abuses children, women and the weak. As long as we will have religion, forget World peace. It will just remain some elusive goal that needs to be achieved, even after 100 centuries henceforth.

  3. Ritu KT says:

    I would love to go out on a movie date with my husband and perhaps get to shop a little more makeup 😉
    For World Peace, I think one solution is to stop being so judgmental! The “I am right, you are wrong” which takes the form of “I am better than you” mentality leads to bad consequences. On a smaller scale it only threatens personal relations but on a larger scale where like-minded people act hiding behind the name of religion, color, age, sex – it leads to destruction.

  4. World peace?! Mental peace is the road to world peace. If every man tries to calm down his own inner self half the problems in the world will vanish. Keeping oneself too busy to care about the problems one has is the best way to achieve mental peace.

    And the easiest way to keep oneself busy is to blog.
    So I’d say if the whole world starts blogging or find a way to keep themselves busy enough with ambitions, passion and goal no one will have the time to do something wrong or even think about it.

    • anoop says:

      Hey good to hear from you GB.. I thought I already replied to this one .. and now I have forgotten the reply I made earlier .. simply put .. I understand the frustration! 🙂

  5. Abhishek kumar says:

    My funda for peace in the world:-

    ‘If you are going wild, look at your child.’

  6. Gaurab says:

    The thing which we all are already trying to do with our blogs. EXPRESS, SHARE, CONNECT.

    I feel there is a huge number of people who are suppressed and don’t have right medium to share their pains and problems. As a blogger, I think to bring forward their point is my duty.

    Zuckerberg is trying to provide free net to the whole world. I think we should help towards putting their points forward and if possible help few more to start their blogs and join us in this wonderful journey.

  7. Indrani says:

    Targeting innocent children to get their message through was the most inhuman act by them and what continued to shock me was India being blamed for it!!!!

    Communication is the only answer to WORLD PEACE! We can no longer afford to live in islands. Terrorists can no longer be shunned; they have to be brought to the discussion table. If a blogger has a role here it would be that of being the mouthpiece to both tribes (terrorists and no-terrorists). For that a blogger has to win the confidence of these terrorists.

    When I see the case of Biswas, the techie from Bangalore who had 17,700 followers I feel what an ideal position he was to bring the terrorists to discussion table. If only he had used his following to a positive use.

    If there is any similar ‘blogger Biswas’ out there please use your following to good use and bring these so called terrorists to discussion table. We need to talk it out and not shoot it out. We have to communicate.

  8. Shivam says:

    World peace? One needs to attain inner peace to achieve world peace. What is peace? A stalemate between purgatory and paradise. Inner peace tips the balance towards peace. Because, people can’t stand either paradise or purgatory. Purgatory: People want to go to paradise, so they will have two methods: either a war or negotiation. Paradise won’t accept either, therefore: war. If all in paradise: Corruption is ought to occur. We humans are a fiendish race. We want good for ourselves and bad for others. So, peace: calm yourself and make the world a better place

  9. Indrani says:

    A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Indiblogger team in advance! I will be on a vacation to Greece! See you all in 2015! 🙂

  10. Tanvi Samel says:

    As a blogger, writing to make a difference is my solution to world peace. Not the entire world but by reaching out to even few of the people will make a difference. Writing to change, is the least we can do. For the inner, mental and subsequently the world peace.

  11. Shivam says:

    World peace? One needs to attain inner peace to achieve world peace. What is peace? A stalemate between purgatory and paradise. Inner peace tips the balance towards peace. Because, people can’t stand either paradise or purgatory. Purgatory: People want to go to paradise, so they will have two methods: either a war or negotiation. Paradise won’t accept either, therefore: war. If all in paradise: Corruption is ought to occur. We humans are a fiendish race. We want good for ourselves and bad for others. So, peace: calm yourself and make the world a better place. Being a blogger: one can change it buy raising a voice and making people aware. One voice may be subdued: but what of 5 billion out of 7.2 billion population? It can’t. Peace can only occur if a just monarch is there. Democracy is corrupt, even with monarchy: there is a lot of chance that it would go bad, but if it goes in the right direction: peace can become a bit easier. And monarchs: why not children? Children are the most innocent souls on Earth: they might be able to achieve World peace rather than succumbing to Greed or corruption.

  12. Ragini Puri says:

    Hi Team IB, thanks for another interesting compilation of Indi-happenings of week gone by.

    Now my festive week planner – what I would really love to do this festive season is eat, drink and be merry. Would love to stock up on all the unhealthy stuff to eat (read wafers, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, Bingo Mad Angles, etc. etc. ) and watch endless reruns of Home Alone Series. And may be also learn a trick or two from Kevin on how to set up booby traps to protect my house in times of similar crisis. 😀

    Now about world peace…Hmmm…what’s that? Was there world peace ever?
    It’s a utopian thought, an impossible dream that cannot be achieved till there are oil wells/minerals/natural resources et al to explore and exploit, till there are brainwashed morons ready to kill and die in the name of religion, till the time there is not enough education for all and till the time there is less food and more mouths to feed.

    Okay, yes…this is cynical. A slightly hopeful answer is – food security and education for all. But wonder if that’s possible at all, another utopian thought, no? #ViciousCircle.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Ragini,

      I didnt expect you to be watching home alone! 🙂 but hey we all have our little quirks .. i cant seem to get enough of the “gremlins” and “Killer tomatoes from outer space”! so there you go.. have a wonderful festive season!

      • Ragini Puri says:

        Didn’t expect? (Innocent wala emoticon)
        You hardly know me Anoop 😛 (Foot-in-mouth wala emoticon too.)

        By the way gremlins, mutant tomatoes and even distorted bozo clowns (Killer Klowns) are beyond my idea of Christmas fun. They are scary. 😛

        Hope you had a fun Christmas! 🙂

      • anoop says:

        Ha ha! .. i just meant by age 🙂 I would expect my nephew to love home alone .. taht sort of thing .. although I see that my words werent to that effect! 🙂 Xmas was indeed fun! Thanks for asking

  13. World Peace can come only when people understand the true meaning of Religion
    R- Rest
    I- it
    as its N-Now or never.. No Religion preaches about its greatness,once people start respecting individuality peace automatically will set in.
    As far as plan for festive season is concerned I have wished Santa to come and bless me so that I can blog daily inspite of my busy schedule.
    I would love to spend my holidays in the best possible way and Blogging is beyond best.

  14. 1) If you ask me honestly, world peace is something like the concept of “perpetual motion” in physics. Like perpetual motion, world peace is also impossible to achieve because of friction(those hunger games of power) and loss of energy(motivation). But still I’ll try to answer how we can add our forces to make a slight change.

    I, as a blogger, am just a drop in ocean. But still if you ask me, how can I bring world peace as a blogger, my answer will be “tolerance”. Most of us, including me, believe that our opinions are correct and they should be respected, but then we forget to apply the same principle to others.

    Our inflammatory/derogatory comments might not cause the world war, but they have the power to make one person hate a whole community. Words have power to change life. Every time I see people bashing muslims, Pakistan or some innocent people in Youtube comments or in blog comments, I feel sad. We need to understand that religion or a country doesn’t make people, but people makes the country/religion, and not all people can be bad. Hatred is a poison which spreads. Like current needs voltage to flow, hatred needs hatred to spread. Let’s not be the haters, but be tolerant human beings who can at least listen to others’ opinion with tolerance.

    2) I’m selfish when it comes to asking for gifts. I won’t ask for world peace or poverty-free-forever-happy world, but I want only one thing right now and that is: A Study Table. I have been using my sofa for writing for so long, but I need a dedicated space so that I can feel a bit less distracted. That’s my excuse, but as my family will say, “That’s just my latest obsession”. So until the next thing comes around, I’ll make do with the dreams of a beautiful study table. (And if you’re sending it to me as a gift, even the ordinary one will do. Don’t ask me to write for happy hours for this as Flipkart doesn’t offer study tables :P)

    • anoop says:

      wow! I love the physics analogy to it all .. “Perpetual motion” .. I guess thats the crux of it ..

      Ha ha .. A study table can actually improve productivity! It doesnt hurt to ask though 🙂

  15. Mansi says:

    Plans for the festive season: Redecorate my whole room, inline with my new year resolutions and also so to increase search ability and aesthetic appeal.(One of my major resolutions is to be more organized :p)

    How to promote/try for world peace as a blogger would certainly entail *more blog posts which celebrate our diversities*. Remind us of the values and responsibilities a connected world bring. We should encourage getting more people onto the blogging platform which will give them a voice, enable us to understand more about people’s pain and suffering and develop empathy.
    Empathy for people across borders and realizing that ultimately the interest of the world is one will help in fostering world peace.

    • anoop says:

      Hey mansi, I just altered my room! and it is the best thing ever! I wasnt sure how it was going to turn out but in the end .. i just focussed on usability of the room and things worked out great!

      yea empathy is key .. A lot of ppl these days seem to be born without it

  16. Swarna says:

    The best time to go shopping. I would love to go shopping and spend quality time with my family. Festivals always add excitement and enthusiasm and with the same

  17. Swarna says:

    For me festival is all about revelry,meeting friends, catching up for a movie, going for a sumptuous lunch or dinner. What else can one ask for. However, the other side of me just wants to stay at home this time. for the God’s most favorite “Kids” have been made silent forever by some monsters in the name of religion.

    Talking about world peace, from the time I have known, there has always been disturbances in the name of religion or for petty reasons. For world peace to attain, one has to have sanity and the monster-minded people will always come on the way of peace and so I just wish the coming generation can at least come forward and fight for world peace. As they say, “Unity in Diversity”. To attain peace we have to come unite together and fight against the evil and only then we can dream of world peace. Otherwise, this will only be an imagination and peace being a fiction.

  18. Rohit Sharma says:

    There are lots of things in my mind to do these festival but thanks to my exams I will be sitting at home and staring at my books.

  19. rio says:

    world peace: One can dream of it, preach of it, strive for it, but achieving it looks after a super disaster where all the politicians in the world suddenly die of an heart attack. Why should all religious heads live. Their tasks to done, they too go to rot in hell. I think then world peace may be nigh.

  20. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    Both the videos are just too good 😀 😀 Just trying to imagine Hitler is shouting to get his blog approved 😀 A wild guess..the person is…Nihal ?

    Holidays are approaching..yay..for me winter holidays mean
    rising up late, reading books with a steaming cup of coffee, attending a couple of family picnics and usual blogging 🙂

    Coming to the question of the week, I want to try in my own little ways to spread the words of peace…we need it very much at this moment, if not for us, then at least for our kids we should raise our voice. Millions of small efforts shall bring the change….for sure.

    • anoop says:

      ha ha ..You are the first one to try and guess the person in the “Pardah” in the video .. well it could be Nihal 😉 but all will be revealed next week!

      You know , you are one of the only ones who seems to positively believe something can be done! maybe that’s what it takes..

  21. Sumit Nangia says:

    Loved the videos and this super awesome edition of Indiblogger Weekly Diary. Three Cheers for the great work done by Team Indi.

    A Plan to visit one’s native in this vacation season is something graduates stuck in IT firms don’t have. They are never really sure whether their manager would approve the vacation mail lying in their outlook inbox.

    Instead we friends decided to celebrate Christmas in office by playing a game called “Secret Santa”, where through chit system every guy is assigned as santa to some other guy and has to bring a gift for him/her. This not just keeps the Spirit of Christmas alive in our heart but also strengthens the bond of friendship.A Christmas Dinner at some fancy restaurant would be the perfect farewell to the year passing by.

    Solution to the World Peace Problem for me is what Dickens suggests in his book “The Christmas Carol” : Keeping the Spirit of Christmas Past, Present and Future alive in our hearts at all times. For me sharing the love and remembering that there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour is the solution everyone is searching for.

    • anoop says:

      Hey Sumit, Secret santa is always good fun .. although the last time I played it I got a deo and a towel 🙂 but the whole idea of it was fun nonetheless!

  22. Essentials of peace– Don’t go Rammohan on me and declare for peace we require war.
    • Live and let live
    • Individually together lets live this life
    • Write hundred times, Peace is spelt PEACE and not PIECE.

  23. sweta says:

    Came back from a month long visit to Odisha (my native) and right now on a cleaning spree 🙁 !! On a more serious note, just want to catch my with friends and relax during the holidays….don’t the call it holidays for a reason ??

    My solution for World peace would be to free everyone’s minds from judgmental thoughts and set notions about everything right or wrong.

  24. We are getting better and better by the week, with the IndiDiary, Anoop. Let us keep up the good work. 🙂

    As for the person in the ‘purdah’, I would pin my guess on Karthik.

    Birthday wishes (belated?) to Nihal as well.

    As for the question of what I’d be doing this holiday season, I

    • The reply got submitted in half I guess. 😀

      I would be attending my School Christmas Carnival with my students, of course. And, I may bake a plum cake, at home.

      I’ve dumped shopping at malls, this season, because you know this startup – Flipkart and this IndiBlogger, right? 😉

      As for the question of the week, World Peace is out of the question, when we are not even at peace with ourselves, in the first place.

      We all need to rise above the petty ego issues and the concept of ‘revenge’, baseless revenge that is, in the world scenario.

      Ego is the culprit here, in my opinion. If we conquer our ego, we can achieve inner peace, as well as World Peace. 🙂

      • anoop says:

        I do like plum cake .. with a little bit of rum in it 🙂 and thanks for the encouragement .. we should be able to crawl by another week! 🙂

    • anoop says:

      Allright! So we have two guesses in place for the person in the pardah! Karthik is your guess, we’ll know if it was him next week! 🙂

      • Wait a minute, Anoop.

        Are we allowed to take a second guess?

        This time I listened carefully towards the end, and it sounded like Karthik – ‘Catch him’.

        So is it YOU in the burqa?

        I don’t know, you’ve confused me now. 😛

      • anoop says:

        I would never get into a Burqa even if someone pointed a gun to my head! 🙂

  25. Sammya Brata says:

    Seems like a perfect mini prompt for Christmas…
    Well, the answer lies in the movie PK (Watch it and come back with your views); and if you ask for my point of view…I’d say combat the sword with a ‘piece’ of Chocolate truffle. And if the situation goes out of control, ask them to watch Kung Fu Panda again! Helps!

    Ummm and how am I going to spend the ‘festive season’? Well, in-spite of having the leverage of block-leaves in office, I’m going on a romantic date with Pie Charts, excel sheets, bell curves and maybe a stray sip of red wine. Cheers to that! Merry Christmas to the entire Indi team! 🙂

  26. Bushra says:

    Peace… Looks like a dream these days!!
    What I would like to say is, “If your religion is worth killing then start from yourself!!”

  27. >> As a blogger, what is your solution for world peace?

    I ask a simple question and you’ll get the drift. Can you differentiate a North Korean from a South Korean? Or an Indian from a Pakistani? The answer in all likelihood is a No, unless you have an eye for detail. When we tend to look alike, why do we mistrust and spread hatred all the time? Would we want our families to be at war? Then why can’t we apply the same analogy with our neighbors? Why can’t we treat them as family?

  28. thank you so much for appreciating my topic and you for putting it up. thank you all voters for selecting my topic this week…this appreciation is more important for me than infinite amount of traffic on my blog!

  29. Ashu says:

    World Peace!!! एक खुबसूरत सोच…
    इतिहास के पन्नों को ढूंढेंगे तो कभी भी ऐसा युग नहीं था जब सारी दुनिया एक साथ शान्तमय थी. अशांति कहीं न कहीं इंसानों के प्रवृति में है और ये अशांत मन ही दुनिया को प्रगृतिशील बनाती हैं. कहीं न कहीं दुनिया नियति के चक्के से बंधी है. चक्के पर एक बूंद गर नीची जाती है तो वो ऊपर भी आती है. और ऊपर नीचे आने जाने का क्रम तो सदैव चलता रहेगा. कभी पश्चिमी दुनिया सारे जहाँ को राह दिखाती थी आज पूर्वी दुनिया अग्रसर हो रही है. स्वर्णिम इतिहास के पन्नों में अपना देश भी कभी आता था,फिर कहीं न कहीं धरातल तक गयी. अब फिर ऊपर की तरफ जा रही है…ऐसा तो चलता ही रहेगा… कहीं ऊपर तो कहीं नीचे…World Peace!!! एक खुबसूरत सोच ही रहेगी.
    इंसान को गर क्रूरता से दूर करना है तो एक ही तरीका है : विकास, Development… इन्हें इतना व्यस्त कर दे की दिमाग कहीं और भटके ही ना. आखिर, newton साहब ने कभी कहा था “every body in this universe wants to remain in rest or in a state of minimum energy” और ये भी सुना होगा “खाली दिमाग शैतान का घर होता है”. विकास के कार्यों में सब मिल जाए तो समय कहाँ है फालतू के मारामारी में…..

  30. इस समय विश्व के सामने सबसे गंभीर समस्या यह है की मनुष्य सब भलीभांति जानते हुए भी मानवता के विरुद्ध ऐसे हथकंडे अपना रहा है जिससे विश्व हानि होने की संभावना ही नही अपितु पूर्ण विश्वास है कि इससे जग का अकल्याण निश्चित है । आज संसार में चारों तरफ अंशाति का वातावरण व्याप्त है। लोग धर्म, रंग, वर्ण, जाति, स्वतंत्रता या अधिकारों को पाने के लिए लड़ते रहते हैं। कोई शक्ति के मद में चूर है, तो कोई स्वतंत्रता के नाम पर मरने-मारने को तैयार। स्थान-स्थान पर किसी न किसी विषय को लेकर विवाद के बादल गहराते रहते हैं। बस कारण चाहिए लड़ने के लिए। इसी श्रृंखला की सबसे प्रमुख कड़ी आतंकवाद है। यह विश्व-शांति के मार्ग का सबसे बड़ा बाधक है। आतंकवादी आज़ादी, श्रेष्ठता और अधिकार के नाम पर सारे विश्व में आतंक फैलाए हुए हैं। इनके निशाने पर हज़ारों मासूम लोग हर वर्ष मौत की बलिवेदी पर चढ़ जाते हैं। कभी यह दूसरों के हाथ की कटपुतली बनते हैं, तो कभी स्वयं अधिकारों के लिए लड़ते नज़र आते हैं। कई देश विश्व-शांति के लिए प्रयासरत्त हैं परन्तु आतंकवाद उनके इन प्रयासों को विफल बना देते हैं।
    विश्व शांति के आदर्श स्वतंत्रता, शांति, और खुशी के बीच में है और, सभी जातियों और भागों या लोगों के भीतर समानता से जीने का अधिकार देना। आवश्यकता यह कि विश्व शान्ति के सिद्धांतों का प्रस्ताव मज़बूत किया जाए। विचारधारा में परिवर्तन अनिवार्य है। कोई धर्म विवाद करना या युद्ध करने की शिक्षा नहीं देता है। यदि मानवता का धर्म अपना लें और विश्व-शान्ति की ओर अग्रसर हों, तो सहज ही यह संपूर्ण ब्राह्माण कुटुंब प्रतीत होगा, जो आपके लिए और मेरे लिए हितकारी साबित होगा।

    – Nancy

  31. Nikhil says:

    Now a days, religion is getting more importance than God. Some bad preachers are spoiling people and their understanding of religion. As a blogger, not me alone but our entire community can form a religion that believes in humanity and peace. We would blog happiness and spread smiles. This looks like a nice dream but it is only when we have a dream that we will work for it.
    For the holidays, I plan to fall sick on the 26th and watch all the pending movies during those 4 days 😛

  32. Anita says:

    My solution for World Peace-
    Let us all speak the language of love & peace.
    My Poem- The Language Of Love

    “Listen with ears of tolerance!
    See through the eyes of compassion!
    Speak with the language of love.” – Rumi

    May everyone be a goodwill & peace ambassador and be simple & innocent like PK (the movie-character played by Aamir Khan)
    Happy Holidays, Anoop 🙂

  33. My solution for world peace would be spreading education and art in a barrier-less world. Indian teachers teaching Pakistani kids. Pakistani businessmen working in India. Once the common men start intermingling and intermarrying, the political forces will weaken. Of course it is a far-fetched idea because political will is absent for such endeavours.

    Now that the internet has crippled these barriers, how about we target the younger generation with such ideas. A course in Pakistani culture for Indian kids with videos from across the border. A blogging contest titled ‘Letters to Lahore’ where we write to Pakistan and let them know we are with them. Where Pakistan writes back to us to let us know that Hafiz Saeeds and Talibanis are exceptions, and there are peaceful people everywhere.

  34. Parul Thakur says:

    Plans for the festive times ahead? Well a mini trip to Matheran and Kashit is on the cards. First time ever to part of country.
    Some gajar ka halwa, sarso da saag cos this is the season for this kind of calories infused food.A lot of relaxing time, a break from work and one task that I am very serious about! Open up my post from last year – check my accomplishments, carry forward the goals I could not work on and set new targets for 2015. I am in HR you see! 🙂

  35. shivani says:

    Oh i am dreaming or rather wishing for a garden of Eden all the time but since Adam and Eve have been banished and sent to the earth and we as the generations of that…can we have World Peace…not really.
    But we can have a better world if…if…if…
    i just want a world without religion…
    Now since a dear blogdost has asked me to shall share my thoughts…which actually is a blog…

    Thoughts…many…and yet none in particular…actually there is chaos…and every time there is chaos i just turn towards nature…Almighty
    …Nature and Almighty are synonymous for me.
    For those who view me from outside but can only judge me might think me to be a religious person but then i ask…what is religion? And am i truly religious? Seriously i feel like a sinner most times and hardly religious at all. For only i know that in my thoughts and deeds how much or up to what measure have i been on the right track which did not impinge upon any other’s. i choose as it suits my convenience and comfort. i guess most of those i have known to be deeply religious have done the same.
    The worst aspect of human nature…the one responsible for most of our tragedies…our propensity for self deception.
    Nature teaches us each day and guides us every moment but do we care or even listen…we do as we please just because we first deceive ourselves and later want it that way calling it OUR WAY…

    What just happened in Peshawar…
    i am thinking if i am clean…are my hands clean or am i too like Pilates washing my hands off it all ?

    It does not seem to work…this count my blessing thing and hugging my own child tight. Well to me it doesn’t. i feel just too frustrated, angry. At everyone and everything…even religion.
    i feel angry at the world politics…at America…at my own country too…
    i feel angry for all the guns being supplied…all the funds being given…all in the name of Jihad and religion.
    i feel angry at the world for just mouthing words and doing nothing and sometimes i feel like religion should be wiped out from planet earth. If it means killing each other then let us all go back to the time when we were neither Christians, nor Moslems , Hindus or any isms for that matter…
    All the isms in this whole wide world and yet we remain a barbarian and those who are not actually spraying bullets just talk and empathize/sympathize, perhaps light candles and then life goes on. So what’s the use of any religion.
    Right from the time of the Holy Crusade…killing…killing…killing…
    All in the name of religion.
    Do we really need to have this religion???

    i fail to understand…Which God in which religion has said, ” Kill if they don’t conform” !
    i look around me and admire nature which i deem as my religion and this if it can be considered as a religion if at all, teaches me, reminds each one of us each day and every moment to respect and celebrate LIFE and it’s many varieties…all creatures great and small.
    For all the governments, policymakers and all the authorities ruling here there and everywhere it should be thus. To celebrate and thus respect the gift of LIFE .
    “Nature is busy creating absolutely unique individuals, whereas culture has invented a single mold to which all must conform. It is grotesque.”…U.G. Krishnamurti

    Well children don’t choose place or religion. They are gifts of nature and are born where they are.
    Now after exhausting ourselves or perhaps getting bored out of the harangued targeting monuments, buildings, social structures and even suicide bombing suits we humans are embarking on a novel way to prove how deeply religious we are …kill the innocent best gifts of nature…the children…
    Sometimes i feel just like the roads of Delhi is not safe for women to commute in the night,alone, so in the same way it is not safe to bring forth any child into this world any more.
    What’s the use…
    We have killed many of the flora and the fauna…and chances are that just like the dodos and dinosaurs many of the going to be extinct soon creatures they shall be seeing only in pictures.
    We have polluted the atmosphere…and are relentless at that. i can testify to a certain extent because just for status sake i see in Delhi many a family of six will actually be using six SUV’S adding not only to the emissions but also to the never ending traffic snarls …and this is just one example…
    About garbage generation and disposal it’s a whole big story altogether rather sometimes i daydream and have visions of our earth turning into a huge ball of wasteland.
    The educated class just wouldn’t care and those who aren’t don’t know.
    Then there are pedophiles lurking around to make a mess of our angels and if at all the angels escape these candy uncles and aunties there is no respite from the tough competition that awaits them at school, college and university so on and so forth. The competition never ends making life an ordeal than a beautiful pursuit of happyness.

    Yeah! anyway the competition is killing them. To deal with and get into the race and emerge out a winner is stealing their carefree childhood away from them. i don’t see children playing around anymore…those that play are all gearing up for some competition at some level and by play i mean the CHILD’S PLAY.
    i see no child actually play the carefree, gay abandon cute, self devised… games anymore…
    And now we are not even sure if they will return home to us safely from school.

    In America, Europe and elsewhere some psychopath will take a gun and go on a random shooting spree or else the self proclaimed Jihadis might target our babies…as if they were sprinkling pesticides over a crop…as if it was a job to be done with in that stipulated hour…
    BTW i want to know from these Jihadis if they have been as pure in their intentions as Abraham had been. Have they used their instrument to spray on their own child and thus splatter their own walls with the blood of their own and only? That is if at all they did it for Kurbaani / Sacrifice sake in the name of religion.
    Strange thing this kind of kurbaani is… strange…
    Never understood this kind of sacrifice too.
    “One of the great tragedies of mankind is that morality has been hijacked by religion. So now people assume that religion and morality have a necessary connection. But the basis of morality is really very simple and doesn’t require religion at all.”…Arthur C. Clarke
    If there is an option then i would prefer a world full of children but without religion. How’s that !
    What a wonderful world it would be. Like a lovely garden…and that garden would be ringing with the cheerful, carefree rippling laughter of the best gift of nature…children…

    Maybe i would like to laugh too and stop with this thought…although an unreal fictional thought. But so what… i want to stop here with this thought simply because it is nice and warm and oh so secure… 🙂

    kindly visit my blog for the lovely vdo that i’m sure will make u feel nice, warm and secure too…and also for the posters that the copy paste couldn’t do it for me. 🙁

    To all those who would be taking pains and giving their precious time…grateful indeed and a BIG Thank You.
    Seasons Greetings to one and all. 🙂
    Also THANK YOU blogdost Anita for considering my blog worthy enough to be here on this page. <3 and hugzz.

  36. इस समय विश्व के सामने सबसे गंभीर समस्या यह है की मनुष्य सब भलीभांति जानते हुए भी मानवता के विरुद्ध ऐसे हथकंडे अपना रहा है जिससे विश्व हानि होने की संभावना ही नही अपितु पूर्ण विश्वास है कि इससे जग का अकल्याण निश्चित है । आज संसार में चारों तरफ अंशाति का वातावरण व्याप्त है। लोग धर्म, रंग, वर्ण, जाति, स्वतंत्रता या अधिकारों को पाने के लिए लड़ते रहते हैं। कोई शक्ति के मद में चूर है, तो कोई स्वतंत्रता के नाम पर मरने-मारने को तैयार। स्थान-स्थान पर किसी न किसी विषय को लेकर विवाद के बादल गहराते रहते हैं। बस कारण चाहिए लड़ने के लिए। इसी श्रृंखला की सबसे प्रमुख कड़ी आतंकवाद है। यह विश्व-शांति के मार्ग का सबसे बड़ा बाधक है। आतंकवादी आज़ादी, श्रेष्ठता और अधिकार के नाम पर सारे विश्व में आतंक फैलाए हुए हैं। इनके निशाने पर हज़ारों मासूम लोग हर वर्ष मौत की बलिवेदी पर चढ़ जाते हैं। कभी यह दूसरों के हाथ की कटपुतली बनते हैं, तो कभी स्वयं अधिकारों के लिए लड़ते नज़र आते हैं। कई देश विश्व-शांति के लिए प्रयासरत्त हैं परन्तु आतंकवाद उनके इन प्रयासों को विफल बना देते हैं।
    विश्व शांति के आदर्श स्वतंत्रता, शांति, और खुशी के बीच में है और, सभी जातियों और भागों या लोगों के भीतर समानता से जीने का अधिकार देना। आवश्यकता यह कि विश्व शान्ति के सिद्धांतों का प्रस्ताव मज़बूत किया जाए। विचारधारा में परिवर्तन अनिवार्य है। कोई धर्म विवाद करना या युद्ध करने की शिक्षा नहीं देता है। यदि मानवता का धर्म अपना लें और विश्व-शान्ति की ओर अग्रसर हों, तो सहज ही यह संपूर्ण ब्राह्माण कुटुंब प्रतीत होगा, जो आपके लिए और मेरे लिए हितकारी साबित होगा।

    – Nancy

  37. Vidya Sury says:

    World Peace? It starts with each one of us taking personal responsibility. Small actions within our own family, then our community. Imagine a world where everyone was kind, brave and accountable to themselves. No more complaining. Everyone minding their own business and looking at someone else’s only to help or encourage.

    Okay man, I can dream, right?

    The great thing is – I am associated with a couple of welfare homes that teach exactly that.

    I am thrilled to see I’ve won a mug. I have a mug-fetish. And this one – I love. Can’t wait to hold it. 😀 ♥

    • anoop says:

      Hi Vidya, Allocating time for welfare will definitely make a difference! Yes I have a mug fetish too .. I just bought a Green lantern mug and I don’t even like green lantern that much! 🙂

  38. Shift all human beings from the earth to mars. All the animals and plants will live peacefully ever after 😉

    Destination Infinity

    • anoop says:

      Ha ha .. I get the irony .. I remember someone telling me that if humans become extinct the balance of power on earth would shift to the dolphins!

  39. Thanks Anoop and the rest of the Indiblogger team for selecting me as one of the mug winners :D. Waiting to have some nice hot coffee to drive away the winter chill here in Lucknow ;).

    For me, this festive season is all about packing and shifting cities to start a new phase in my professional career.

    As far as world peace goes, it all begins from home and school. Yes, a lot of what we learn at home and in school in terms of values, beliefs, culture and the likes is what shapes our future thinking sometimes creating us into future tyrants and monsters who set out to destroy the world in the name of religion.

    Along with the learning we get at school and home, its important to have a strong heart and not be easily influenced by anyone and everyone. Indoctrination and brain washing individuals in the name of religion, region, caste, creed is easy when one is not strong willed in the mind and at heart.

    We as a bloggers can go a long way in helping create awareness on what mistakes even educated individuals commit when they take the path of violence and set out to destroy the world.

    Our blog gives each of us a tool to voice our opinions against the injustice and violence of all kinds that spreads its tentacles in the society around us.

    Though blogging by itself cannot help maintain world peace, we bloggers can help shift perceptions and create a thought process in the minds of individuals that the path of violence is always the path of unhappiness in life.

    Only when we truly believe that world peace can be achieved, will we actually be successful in achieving the same.

  40. veturisarma says:

    I think it is Karthik, coz i felt that the guy in the Purdah had spects, and the man wearing Santa Costume in the last pic also has Spects.

    I may be wrong, but I’ll wait to find out.

  41. As a blogger, I have the greatest power to impact thoughts and so my solution to world peace would be to get people thinking. True religion does not, never, teaches you to hate… forget heinous crimes like killing. Collectively, if we can all strive and make an effort to drive the message of peace and love, the real interpretation of any religion into the minds of people, perhaps then, we could get some work done towards world peace.

    Whoa! I am so delighted for my IndiMug!! It is so pretty and charming. 🙂 Someone please ask Santa to deliver the IndiMug to my address soon. Can’t wait!!

  42. The Sorcerer says:

    To be fair, bloggers get called in because easy exposure. Then again, a lot of bloggers don’t see a lot of attention to detail- or don’t make an effort to. With an exception added to newer/inexperienced bloggers, some matured bloggers (in experience) don’t make an effort as long as they get a story.

    At the risk of possibly getting trolled, I really feel that people who are called in for “movie launches, book launches, food tasting sessions, social causes, mobile launches, car launches and I can go on and on till the cows come home” shouldn’t attend unless they can do it right. They should understand that they’re called in for a reason, and they have to protect their reputation and their reader base from marketing BS. Some have genuine reader base. Some pretend to have it. I’ve been in meets and tech press conferences. In my case- They will not ask relevant questions because they fear that they will not get review samples or called in for press releases. Their content is misleading, inaccurate, vague and looks more like a glorified marketing materials that would put the exotic press release writers to shame. Companies have that attitude that if they can’t get quality exposure, they can easily get quantity exposure. No feedback, no criticism, no point of view, no reflection of their reader base’s opinions.

    Another issue is that lack of research. Brown paper bag covered a story of a game organizer who in reality scammed his way by taking away 7 motherboards, and according to few- couple of Zotac Zboxes and few BenQ panels that was either supposed to be given to a gamer- or for display. I was gobsmacked and I really wanted to give a piece of my mind to them but I decided not to be involved. Unfortunately, he got as a job as a manager in a distributor. Sites like that will just do anything I feel. As an enthusiast, we have a scammer within this line of work.

    I know I am complaining a lot lately, but people need to understand the implications of an article, and therefore must take care. If I point it out in my usual way, it disrupts the lulz for a while and pisses the right people off. But I can’t waste a lot of time on it, but when I ignore it and don’t point it out at the time, some garbage or the other ends up happening. I really don’t like pointing out a site’s name in public, but I am getting really tired of the crap that people do. Don’t get me wrong, but TOI journalists take it to a different level too. Some bloggers simply add more wood to the fire. Brown paper bag shouldn’t have posted that.

    Then again, BS is there in all aspects of life.

    World peace? Oh, not going to happen. Even when we start colonizing habitable planets, we’ll still be at eachother’s throats.

    • anoop says:

      Ha ha .. I like your optimism on world peace.. As for the complaints .. someones gotta do it .. very few people do complain and maybe that’s whats wrong with this world!

  43. Well this year we plan to give dancing a miss and take some kids from NGO for the movie PK hope they dont kill us after watching the movie 😛 . A friend is organizing it and I am happy to do it. Plan is to give them crayons and sketchbooks too. Smile on their face will make for a merrier christmas indeed

  44. Mahesh says:

    More lives have been lost in the name of God and Progress than any other disease. Politics, religion, caste, gender, money and poverty; the list of reasons is long. Perhaps the main reason why there is a lack of peace is our insane pursuit for ‘money’. Whatever one does one’s bank-balance and salary-slip plays a major role in judging a person’s status and position in society. One wonders if one could distribute money to everyone would the problems that plague the world be over. For are not our base cravings for ‘roti, kapda aur makaan’. Once these are in place the rest would follow!

    The world needs a unified government UTOPIA – uniform pricing for every product everywhere. No insane taxes, no passports, no visas, no bloodshed and carnage. Let everyone be a free spirit and travel where one wants and live a life of their calling.

    Burn down the current schools that mass-produce students who have ‘mugged-up’ to crack entrance tests. Create a vocational skill-based learning system that offers every student a skill-based/job-based vocation on finishing school.

    None of this will happen but then we all live trusting one quality – ‘HOPE’ and we ‘HOPE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW’.

  45. Nancy Aggarwal says:

    My comment has bot been published yet. Is it still awaiting moderation ?

  46. The videos were hilarious! I’m still guffawing. XD Thanks and congratulations to the whole IndiTeam for this edition of weekly diary, I absolutely loved it!

    As per identifying the person in the ‘purdah’, I bet all my coffee beans that it’s you Anoop! That’s for sure! (Yay! I am gonna get the mug then) 😛

    My christmas/holiday plans are quite solitary perhaps, Steaming mugs of coffee, chocolates, chips, and unlimited celebration and playing in online MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Dota2. (I’m such an unsocial animal, sigh!) Though my buddies may come over and we may do some LAN Gaming as well! That’s about it, to wrap it up we’re gonna go, watch Hobbit 3. (Yes, I haven’t got the chance to watch it just yet 🙁 )

    The world peace solution: Stop judging everything based on your perception. (You’re no one to judge anything/anyone, mind your own business) Just bring happiness and peace within yourself, the world will reflect peace too then. Stop worrying about world peace, work towards making your own self peaceful first, that’s the only contribution required from an individual for achieving world peace altogether. In short, be the change you want to see!

    Happy holidays to everyone here! And a merry christmas and a happy new year! ^_^

  47. Anirudh says:

    Its little late to tell what I plan for Christmas, so I will just share what I already did> Had a great weekend at Comic Con, enrolled myself at two Secret Santa groups, one was at my workplace! Hosted a Bollywood quiz as part of Christ,as celebration(ya i know out of theme, but who will argue with the boss…haha)
    For New Year, I have planned to meet some close friends and spend time with them. Other than that I ain’t going to Sunburn, so nothing great 😉
    would make “Write, Read & Blog More” my New Year resolution 🙂

  48. I want to be inside quilt and just eat, sleep and write but work work work! Why do these people call us in the morning to do the silly work when everybody else is sleeping :/ Well but still I find time to blog and that time is wonderful 🙂 🙂

  49. I have just returned from a month long break from my married life which got extended unfortunately due to flight cancellations due to bad weather in north. Being at my parents house with my 2 year old, disconnected from rest of the world and now back with fresh vigor in the arms of my beloved husband. We enjoy giving each other breaks as it enthuse us for each other even more. During this one month we tried to experience the world once again with our lone eyes. We saw the pain, struggles of the world by coming out of our beautiful company. And now after reliving that pain I am glad I am back. Though we emerge stronger after these breaks believing in our own independent identities, it is also convinces us of our undying love for each other. So, I am spending this festive season and holidays being with the love of my life. Once again being a chatterbox for him, watching movies with him and making love 🙂

  50. Sanjay Thampy says:

    As a Blogger, my solution for world peace…

    As they say, Charity begins at home, I would rather say, Peace begins at Home.

    My solution for world peace is quite simple, before preaching it, start practicing it inside the four walls of your home. Some people may wonder, what world peace has to do with the quiet ambiance of one’s home.

    But, let me tell you, that’s where it should all begin. We live in our homes along with our loved ones. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that we agree on everything. We do fight, argue and sometimes end up even in blows with each other. And that’s where the enmity begins.

    My suggestion would be that let us try for once to lose an argument to a loved one. Just for the sake of peace at home. Try to agree to our loved one’s views even if we are sure that he or she is wrong. Give our loved ones an opportunity to realize it on their own. Believe me, when they do realize, it will be a real realization.

    Once we practice this at home, we can extend it to our neighbors, our society, our colony, our habitat. And once this habit is inculcated in us, it’s so easy to adopt it across the different spheres. After all, this entire world is just another home.

    This blog is part of my entry for the theme… “As a blogger, what is your solution for world peace?” for IndiBlogger

    My post at

  1. December 28, 2014

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