Bangalore blogger meet – it rocked!

Dear Bloggers of Bangalore,

Thank you for coming and making IndiBlogger’s first meeting a success! We couldn’t have done it without all the frenzied interest, thoughtful inputs and hilarious banter that you brought with you.

We’ve posted the pictures of the event here:

If you have any pictures of the meet on Flickr, please post them to the IndiBlogger group as well.

Mrinal, the 24 year old Rich Internet Consultant (by the way, does that mean you have a lot of money?) brought up the topic of ethical blogging, and the need to create a standard for what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s downright nasty. Sridhar suggested having a wiki on IndiBlogger so that everyone can build this page together. You know where we’re going with this don’t you?

Please jump in and contribute – even if it’s only a single line, every little bit helps.

Special thanks to all of you who took the time to blog about the meet – your testimony will bring many more bloggers to future meetings. For those who haven’t seen them, here’s a few:

Many of you mentioned that the agenda should have been announced beforehand, and that the introduction round was too long – thanks for pointing these out, among other things. Your feedback will help us make the next meeting even better.

Balaji is organizing an IndiBlogger meeting at the Microsoft office in Hyderabad on the 1st of March. If you have a few minutes, please wish Balaji good luck and send him your suggestions for the meet.

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7 Responses

  1. Hehe .. I dont have a lot of money … I just make Rich Internet Applications

    Anyway, Thanks a lot you guys for organizing this event, it was a lot of fun.


  2. Renie says:

    Ha ha… It was fun for us as well!

  3. 2S says:

    Hell loadsa fun!

  4. Munim says:

    The first time something like this happens, and I am out of town! Really looking forward to the next meet in Bangalore!

  5. kunnu singh says:

    i am registered my blog and my blog is also aprooved but i can’t find my blog in “indiblogger” i am search “kunnublog” error show ‘0 blogger found’

  6. Renie says:

    Hi Kunnu Singh,

    You can search by blogger’s name, city or tags – your name in the directory is “kunnu”, as you can see at this link.

  7. the meet was sure fun. thnx renie for leaving this link @ the comment section.. 🙂 looking fwd to meet u guys more often…

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