Destination Mumbai IndiBlogger Meet!

Alright! The Mumbai IndiBlogger Meet is now on maximum capacity. We cannot wait to be there and chat with all of you again. The chance of meeting bloggers in your neighborhood is a treasured opportunity as these events are rare and are quite expensive to organize. We all hope that you can make some friends, talk about your blogging and do what you do best, Blog! Blog! Blog!

If you have not visited the meeting page recently, please do as there have been some updates to the agenda and the Meet itself. Hotel Sea Princess is going to be in-charge of the hospitality for the IndiBlogger meet and they did mention that there could be a surprise or two :). Jet Airways has done a fair share in getting this blogger meet organized and thanks to them, this meet should start on time with fewer missing IndiBlogger’s. BigRock is our technology partner and did we hear them say that everyone gets their own .in domain?? The Hewlett Packard Imaging and Printing group will be in the house and they will launch their new IndiVine Channel for Technology blog posts. The Soch Lo contest on IndiVine has brought a lot of very personal experiences to light and they will be here in Mumbai as well.

Overall, there should be something that everyone can take home during this blogger meet, however, our organizational skills  have been compared to a ballet dancing cat on steroids. So, anything can happen :).

To Freedom!

Anoop Johnson & The IndiBlogger Team – The Independence Day Blogger Meet

Its official! will be hitting Mumbai on Independence Day 2010. The 15th of August will also mark 3 years of our existence on the World Wide Web. There are other reasons to celebrate too as Sea Princess will be one of our largest and most charming venues. With over 100 registrations on the first day, we are sure that this will be a spanking IndiBlogger Meet!

We are open to your suggestions for this IndiBlogger Meet. For those of you bloggers who want more than your minute of fame, you can write to us here. We look forward to meeting all of you again.

Be there at 2:00 PM sharp and if Mumbai is flooded, bring your canoes and pick us up from Andheri :)

See you all there!

Details & Registration here

Anoop Johnson

The Black hair, Grey Hair & No-Hair UniverCell IndiBlogger Hyderabad Meet!

It was a hair here and a hair there as the first thing noticeable on a hot summer afternoon in Hyderabad was the age range of the crowd. We had everyone from an 11 year old blogger to others who claimed to have grey hairs of wisdom. Over the past few months we have interacted with over 500 bloggers through blogger meets and online contests. We get tons of your support messages and the kind words in some of them are a boost to us every time. Keep your thoughts coming and thank you for the reviews on the UniverCell IndiBlogger Meet.

The thirty seconds of fame was hilarious as always in Hyderabad. It inspired the title of this post. The blogger who said that, please stand up and take a bow. :-) We got a lot of valuable feedback in the many reviews we have received. One of the bloggers expressed concern that people could not take note of the credentials of the blogger during the 30 seconds. This is a valid argument. If there are any ideas or better yet if there is some free code that we could borrow/ steal, do let us know and we will figure something out. :-)

The chart activity was a great time to connect with friends! I put my comments on a few bloggers. Some bloggers want more time on it. We are still deliberating logistics, but we agree. BTW what is everyone doing with the chart papers?  You guys can put them up too, we’d love to see!

The Quiz by Riyaz Usman was a good little thing for those who had… BRAINS!!! :) After every question, I would turn around to Renie and ask “What was the question??” Aiyo! Very embarrassing!! There were many bloggers who knew the answers and 10 of them won discount coupons from UniverCell, for the rest of us, let’s form a club. :-)  The names of the winners are in this sacred document. As she did with all your sketch pens, Rashmi put this paper in her pocket and sat down somewhere. Kindly excuse the folds. The document was then torn to protect private data.

We also noticed that there was more enthusiasm for the UniverCell blogger contest and we wish you guys the best. This is a great opportunity for bloggers to live the blogging dream, if there ever was one! Anisha @ RCB is doing a great job for the Royal Challengers Bangalore and her work is featured on the RCB website. I am pretty sure that she has tons of fun! The UniverCell contest on the other hand is for gadget bloggers. Staying close to every mobile phone that comes into the Indian market, drool drool!

Many thanks to the core guys and Karthik in particular who got things done in time to make possible this very enjoyable meet. We all felt a little bit different at the end of this blogger meet and a tweet from Sanz4U said it all “Don’t forget Hyderabad”. We certainly won’t!

We hope you guys liked the video prepared just for Hyderabad. We will be uploading it soon after we add a few elements from the meet.

Anoop Johnson & The IndiBlogger Team

Update: The meeting was covered by the Hindu, here’s the online version and the scan is below:

UniverCell Hyderabad IndiBlogger meet 2010

Woo hoo and some loud cheers!!!

The above is how I describe the anticipation and excitement the IndiBlogger team has towards the second installment of the UniverCell IndiBlogger Meet, scheduled to take place in Hyderabad this Sunday, April 11th.

When we had an official IndiBlogger meet in Hyderabad last time, a lot of bloggers felt that the venue was too far. However, surprise surprise and more surprise – It was one of the most tightly packed blogger meet we had ever arranged for until that point of time. Bottom line? Hyderabad bloggers are awesome and they will do a lot to make the event a great success.

This year Univercell, one of the largest mobile retail chains in India, is sponsoring the event. Why would they do that? Univercell is excited and looking forward to working with bloggers across India and we love working with them as well. UniverCell is also promoting a competition to find their official gadget blogger. The blogger will be paid to blog full time on and will be given the title of “The UniverCell Official Blogger”. UniverCell will also bring its wealth of knowledge in mobile phones to gadget bloggers in Hyderabad. More details at the meet ;-).

Where and When?

Sunday, April 11, 2010 from 2:30 PM till 6:00 PM

At Fortune Select Manohar, Begumpet Airport Exit Road, Begumpet, Hyderabad 500 016 .

What do we do at the meet?

  • As usual, we can meet other bloggers whom we have already ‘met’ online and also get to know our blogging community better.
  • Lots of fun and it will be an enjoyable Sunday afternoon
  • Get serious with discussions like – Traditional media and the role of alternative media like blogging
  • Get a first hand look at new gadgets, courtesy Univercell
  • Everybody gets a chance to promote their blog, or a blog post or themselves as a blogger
  • And much more…

For RSVP and more information please move onto

And, did I say it is free? All you need to come for the blogger meet is to have a blog and be in Hyderabad on that day. Simple, really.

Cheers, and see you all in Hyderabad,

The IndiBlogger Team.

The Bloggers Say it all! The UniverCell IndiBlogger Meet at Chennai

Bloggers of Chennai! We are proud to have our HQ in this amazingly vibrant and sometimes unbearably hot paradise. ” The City of Blogs!” is what Chennai is and we think that’s well earned considering what transpired at the UniverCell IndiBlogger Meet.

The registration desk was a bit crammed as GRT had some issue with the WI-FI setup. We did everything according to the book ” Managing Events for dummies” and we still  managed to muck up a few things here and there.

Hitler tries again and this time its the UniverCell IndiBlogger Chennai Meet

The chart session was just brilliant! Here is what was written on Karthik’s chart “Roses are red, Violets are blue, This room stinks, Becuz of you”. Definitely the handiwork of a blogger with a good sense of commercial poetry :). Renie had “Did someone say Old Monk??” on his chart.

The session on traditional media and blogging was actually a concept to figure out a synergy between both these mediums. For some odd reason the discussion started to get personal. That is when we realized how much this medium of blogging meant to the bloggers of Chennai. **Clap** ** Clap**. Dont get us wrong, The best feeling every morning is waking up to our coffee and the morning newspaper, getting some sun on the balcony! I mean where would we be without print media?, paperbacks rule :).

There was also an interesting clash of language. This is a very unique thing in India. With so many local languages and English being the primary medium of communication, some ardent followers were keen on having proceedings in Tamil. When a few bloggers and the media decided to engage the crowd in Tamil,  another set of the audience was unhappy. What could they do when they could not understand the language?. Chennai is a cosmopolitan city and so to over come this language problem has decided to start a new language called ” AjaxMajax”. Kushkush woo woo dingydy ding means ” Dont touch my pants”.

There are a few reviews on the IndiBlogger Meeting page. We agree with every one of you! I guess to get a full picture of the meet we have to look at all these reviews. All those bloggers who took time off to write but not mentioned here can shamelessly self promote in the comments :).

Last and definitely not least, UniverCell, I think it was awesome that everyone welcomed UniverCell with open arms. is very happy to be associated with them and we wish them every bit of success on their first baby steps into this quite maddening world of blogging. Bloggers whose passion lies in the telecom industry could have very interesting partnerships/associations etc. What do you think?

During the Initial round of introducing the IndiBlogger meet, I would like to go on record that I deliberately forgot to introduce fellow team mate BalaGanesh because he didn’t flush that morning.

Well, many many many thank you’s to all who attended. Hopefully you will invite us to host a blogger Meet in Chennai again. Until next time, we love you all! And you know that :)

P.S :- We will put up the pics shortly. For now we can all thank Ram, He has put up a few Pics.

– Anoop Johnson & The IndiBlogger Team


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The UniverCell Chennai Blogger Meet is GO!

We are back in Chennai for the second Blogger Meet and it feels good! The last Chennai Meet was on 08/06/2008. Time just flies and we have conducted 8 blogger meets across India before coming back to Chennai. We remember the last IndiBlogger Meet in Chennai; quite vividly because that was the first time we had close to 150 bloggers in a blogger meet and we had some family there wondering what their kin was doing sleeping during the day and partying through the night. Lemonade started up proceedings for us in Chennai and was quite involved even during the planning stage and helped us with a lot of gyan.

The 2010 blogger meet for us is very exciting. First off, we can’t wait to meet all the Chennai bloggers! Its been too long my friends, too long! We are looking forward to the charts activity that Chennai has not experienced before. There will some very clever comments and it should be a funny read. The final forum/discussion time has been spiked with an intriguing little discussion between bloggers and traditional media. I hope there’s a riot and we can finish proceedings Chennai style :). This discussion will be moderated by Shilpa, an interesting little tweep from Chennai. Her last tweet read “Nothing odd about disliking bad writing. I’m dreading doing the review. Can’t think of one good thing to say about the book!” Needless to say we are looking forward to this little segment. I bet she is doing a mental review of this post right now :).

We have a new supporter of Indian bloggers in UniverCell. Their determination to cover all aspects of mobile phone retailing has made them gracious enough to sponsor events such as this and also start their own blog. The Blog might be unveiled during the blogger meet. Very dandy! They do have activities planned with IndiBlogger’s across India and this blogger meet is only the start of it.

We cannot wait to meet you guys! And please be on time, we know its Chennai and mama can catch you for license or just because he can. I heard its getting hot too but if we are on time we can have more interactions and that’s the best thing about the blogger meets right?

– Anoop Johnson, The IndiBlogger Team


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Kingfisher IndiBlogger Meet at Kyra Bangalore – A roundup!

The fates of about a hundred bloggers were sealed the minute we put the details of the meeting up on the blog. Most didn’t know what to expect, which made it easier because we didn’t have a clue ourselves. To fit a blogger meet in 3 hours was going to take some doing. So we decided to do what we always do – remain clueless. We were banking on the organizational skills of the bloggers, and our friends didn’t disappoint! It was a controlled war zone out there. That’s what happens when you put together about 25 different professions and go one overboard by inviting a doctor. Everyone knew that they had help at hand if they got hurt!

We had Kyra, a nice venue. It was just right for the event. We had Kingfisher, they did not just bring the beer but they brought themselves as well! This was not just a head line meet with a sponsor tag for Kingfisher, they came there with enthusiasm and got the bloggers going. Refreshing! And finally the crowd of bloggers – the moment we saw the room being quickly filled, we knew we were halfway home! A very special thank you to many bloggers for whom this IndiBlogger meet was not their first one.

We got some feedback about the hall at the Kyra theatre being too warm. We think the local electricity department could be the culprit as several power cuts were scheduled all over Bangalore. The “beer is free” menu made a few bloggers ask us about juice, tea and coffee, and we just realised that we had forgotten what it was like to be teetotalers. I guess we were eight or nine at the time. But henceforth, we will remember to cater to all kinds of food/drink diversities. You might be able to get kosher! :-)

We had a good time introducing ourselves, and when our founder Renie Ravin (with alcohol levels dangerously low) introduced his blog that his own mother threw out, we had to laugh! Ha Ha!

The Live and Let Comment IndiChart activity was a lot of fun. Anwin had the first comment with “Fish Molester” on his IndiChart.  A while from there we saw his brother, Edin, walking around with “Fish Molester’s Brother” on his back. That set the tone, and we got to know as many bloggers as we could. Many of the bloggers were writing some hilarious comments like “Lovely fat Ass”, “I came for the snacks” and an accusation “You Just broke a glass!”. I remember talking to a blogger crazy about Manchester United and I shared that passion with gusto, only to write “Man U sucks” on his chart.

One of the topics during the final session was a discussion on finding out the all important question “Why the %#@* do we blog??” . All the bloggers let it rip – passion was a key motivator, money was another and so was sharing personal opinion. We think the answer can’t really be found, the very question, “why we blog?” can only have an opinion as the answer.  The best things in life are when you can make a living doing what you love, while at the same time we can’t expect to be rewarded just because we love to blog. For everything else, we hope there’s master card.

There was some talk about the IndiBlogger community writing our presently non-existent About Us page for us. That’s probably a good idea because we’re not quite sure who we are!

We had most of the members of the IndiBlogger core team in this IndiBlogger meet after a long time. Sitting this one out was stalwart Vineet Rajan (Aka Papu Pager) who agreed to do all our work while we partied.

We thank every one of you for your support. I think we understand each other just like one big family. Many of you ask how you can help at IndiBlogger and we’ll tell you from the bottom of our hearts – you already have!

P.S: If you guys found something funny on your charts, we’d love to hear it!

Pics from the meet:

Event page, attendees, reviews and comments:

Fuhrer’s envy, IndiBlogger’s pride (Title inspired by Mr.R)

– Anoop Johnson & The IndiBlogger Team

Hitler wants to attend the Kingfisher IndiBlogger Meet @ Kyra, Bangalore

More info on this event here!

The Pagoda IndiBlogger Meet

A very eventful Sunday it was for Birla, the owner of Pot Luck restaurant in BTM layout.

His tweet read “Teaching kite flying and chopsticks to 100 kids, hosting bloggers meet and catering for a bday party. ZZZ..What a weekend!

At the bloggers meet is where we all came in.  25 bloggers came together for a time out and we were pleasantly surprised to find the terrace garden venue extremely refreshing. Dhempe wanted to make it into a film studio of sorts.

It was an interesting blogger meet. It did not have the strength of the Bangalore blogger meet before this as we promoted it only through twitter. But I would say that this is the most comfortable I have been with a bunch of Blogger URL’s in a long time!  A lot of jargon was exchanged in the time allotted for discussions and needless to say, it all flew over my head. In times like this, we like to say that we left our technical brains at Chennai, safely with Renie. Everyone gave us some very good feedback. Mohan from Yahoo gave us his view of the voting process in IndiVine being misused. We will be brainstorming this on priority after we brush up on our php skills, re-learn our code and fill up our drinks cabinet. :-)

This blogger meet was ever so memorable for the IndiBlogger team. Even though we were from different professions, our unique hobby made us realize that we shared similar problems. I mean, we hated “The Man”, we abused a few companies/films, we screwed over a few technologies, we shared stories of the many failed companies/blogs we once started :-) and the camaraderie was just brilliant!

The pagoda blogger meet?? Here’s the good stuff; our man Birla definitely put something in the pagodas to get everyone hooked. I ate three plates of assorted pagodas and 2 cups of coffee. How much did everyone else have? It was a very worthy snack for all of us also considering the fact that Birla was flying kites in the morning, literally! :-)

Well, until we meet again, you’ve been awesome; we’ve been IndiBlogger, Goodnight! See the official meet page here.

Anoop Johnson

Kolkata Blogger’s Meet on 8th August 2009

WebReps is organizing Kolkata Blogger’s Meet on 8th August 2009 at

CCD, Adlabs
Sector 5, Saltlake (Near SDF Building)

The program will start at 5 PM – Sharp! If you haven’t registered your name yet, please do it here (Entry Fee = ZERO). The event is sponsored by Indus Net Technologies.

Some of the best web minds of Kolkata will be there. Here is the guest speaker’s list:

To add, there are few awards too:

  • The Best Idea Award: Publish or mail some ideas on how WebReps can take this initiative forward.
  • The Best Marketer Award: Market yourself or your blog in the event. The winner will be decided by votes – on spot.
  • The Best Elevator Pitch Award: Every participant will be allowed 1 minute to talk about his or her blog. The best speaker will be selected by Judges.

So are you ready? Need more help?

Contact WebReps or send a tweet to Kamanashish or Saikat or Anirudh or Shimul or call +919433174311; +919433204293, +919830687878; +919831442066

By the way, don’t forget to follow WebReps at Twitter for ‘to the minute’ update of the event :)