Make Blog Not War – A Freedom of Expression Training for Bloggers

It’s not easy for bloggers to get credible information about their online rights when it comes to freedom of speech and internet censorship. If you would like to have a better understanding of the situation in India as it stands now, and how it affects everyone of us directly, then head over to the Internet Democracy Project. They’re organizing a day-long training session on freedom of expression and censorship for bloggers on the 25th of February 2012 at New Delhi.

In the course of this day-long program, a mix of short lectures and more interactive sessions will take you through:
–       the history of censorship in India and its current status;
–       the legal framework regarding online censorship and the ways in which it may affect you;
–       debates on difficult questions such as where and how to draw the line where hate speech is concerned;
–       what to do if you are served a legal notice;
–       alternatives to censorship to fight problematic content;
and much more. Throughout the training, we will of course be paying particular attention to how all of this may affect your blog and yourself.

Read more about the project, and people behind it, and how you can support it here.

The IndiBlogger forum has a discussion amongst bloggers about internet censorship here.

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  1. I think we indiblogger should conduct a proper Blogging & SEO meet in delhi

  2. I wonder if I could be also the part of the training team in further events and meetings.

  3. Harsha Tech says:

    I agree with every line of this post.. The title was awesome ! 🙂

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