NASSCOM Product Conclave 2009 and a contest

UpdateHere’s a cool contest for all bloggers and tweeters who are in or around Bangalore. NASSCOM counts down to Product Conclave and Expo 2009 with a special contest through where one can win NASSCOM Product Conclave T-Shirts, and free passes to the event itself!

The event is to be held on October 27th – 28th at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.

So what’s the deal? All you have to do is write or say something about the following topics on your blog, on twitter or on NASSCOM’s facebook page. Be as imaginative and wild as you want! Just remember to add the tags #indiblogger and #nasscompc. A lucky winner with the best ideas, whacky comebacks or thought provoking one-liners will be chosen every day.

The topics?

  1. Do you think Entrepreneurship can be taught, learned or is it an instinct?
  2. Do you feel Indian Education system needs to focus more on Entrepreneurship?
  3. What is your favorite product startup from India and Why?

So go on, tweet about the topics, blog, comment on this post or post your thoughts on NASSCOM’s facebook page.

UPDATE: 2 passes have been given out already to @sangfroid and @santoshp via twitter. Congratulations! 3 more passes to go!


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  1. October 23, 2009

    […] and free passes to the event itself! Two passes have already been given away, three more to go. Read their blog post for further information and knowledge about how you can help spread the […]

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