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IndiBlogger V3 is out! 25

IndiBlogger V3 is out!

Merry Christmas everyone! What was meant to be our usual Xmas update to IndiBlogger took us much, much longer than we expected it to, thanks to more ideas getting added to the mix every...

Indian Blogger Forum launched! 0

Indian Blogger Forum launched!

Our Christmas update is here again! Last Christmas, we announced the launch of blogger meets on IndiBlogger, aside from a number of bug fixes. This time around, we’ve just launched our discussion forum for...

Reviews for blogger meets 1

Reviews for blogger meets

We’ve added a section on the blogger meet pages to display links to reviews, pictures, press coverage and videos of the IndiBlogger meets. Check it out on the recently concluded Pune and Mumbai meeting...

It’s the Easter update! 1

It’s the Easter update!

We’ve just upped the ante on your profile pages on IndiBlogger. Besides listing your blogs, your city and tags you’ll now see the latest posts from your blogs. We’ve cut it down to a...

Ignore the ice, we have lifeboats 0

Ignore the ice, we have lifeboats

We like to think that we have a tight ship with no leaks – but it’s always nice knowing that there’s a lifeboat handy. In case you ever get lost on IndiBlogger, we now...

Need a hand? 11

Need a hand?

Our first update for 2008 is here! Thanks to all of you who posted your questions on this blog, we now have a page for Frequently Asked Questions. We hope you find what you’re...

One update to rule them all 2

One update to rule them all

Yesterday, we were a directory of Indian blogs. Today, we’re a network of Indian blogs. After weeks of planning, long nights and an overdose of various stimulants ingested in order to keep our eyes...

Updates 1.0 0

Updates 1.0

Added a link to the tag cloud page that shows the entire list of tags – Done Tag cloud for cities – indicates which city has more bloggers | Done Option to sort directory...

Updates .9 0

Updates .9

Login / Logout link -Done Tag Cloud – Done Usability report – Done Gravatars – Done * * Slowing down the site. May not be as popular as claimed.