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Happy Independence Day, 2017

Hello Everyone! We wish you a very happy independence day from everyone here at IndiBlogger! We also celebrate IndiBlogger’s 10th anniversary today. More on that in another post and a rather big announcement later...


Zee Cafe Partners with IndiBlogger to promote House Of Cards, Season 5!

In an attempt to find the biggest and most ardent fans of the show in India, they have designed a ten question quiz for IndiBloggers, where each question has to be answered in ten seconds with no “backsies” or second chances. Yes, its as ruthless as the show. Either you are its biggest fan or you are not!


10 Most Awe-Inspiring and WTF Moments at BNLF

Thank you to everyone who turned up over the weekend of 31st Oct and 1st Nov 2015. We know you had a choice of a lot of events happening around the country that day and yet you chose to spend it with IndiBlogger and BNLF. We present, the 10 most awe-inspiring, crazy and WTF moments at BNLF!

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ARE YOU READY???? BNLF Is Now Live: Part 2

Ok! So first things first, IndiBlogger has now acquired a four letter domain,! This website has blogging carved upon its soul and we hope it serves you well. Registered IndiBlogger members have been...