Fosters, bloggers & the art of chilling

Apparently, IndiBlogger’s main mission is to ensure that Indian bloggers get their fair share of free beer. Barely 4 months after our Heavy Metal Blogger meet at Bangalore, Fosters Beer has decided that IndiBloggers need to forget the recession, poor Adsense CPM, India’s poor showing at the T20 and the Indian government clamping down on the internet by simply chilling out at a party.

free_fosters_beerLast evening, the Delhi Bloggers had a ball at the Fosters “Art of Chilling Party” – so much so that they had an entire table filled with beer bottles!

Nikhil had this to say on his blog – “As the world is trying to adopt the “Art of LIVING”, Forster’s idea of CHILLING was simply amazing – FOSTER Beer, Foster hats, babes diving in the pool and loud music.” These happy bloggers tweeted (#fosters) the night away – @kinshuksunil, @yadurajiv @shayonpal @prolificd @simplesumit @twilightfairy @mojosanjay @phoenicks @manugoel @manishbasetia. Check out the rest of the pics from the event on Nikhil’s Flickr set. Kinshuk Sunil had this to say – “The three crucial elements of a good party were all there – the pool, the chics, and the booze. Does it get any better? Yup it can. The beer was on the floor ( as in beer).”

Earlier this month, bloggers from Mumbai and Pune had a great time as well, courtesy Fosters & IndiBlogger. Kiran Pillai from Pune said “I was on for a surprise. A pool party with beautiful babes thrown in man! Awe-fu**in-some!”. We couldn’t help but agree with him when we saw this pic: 🙂

Fosters Babes

Indicentally, Kiran also went up to one of these models and asked her if she had a blog. We’re sure Kiran’s intentions were completely noble – he was simply trying to promote blogging in Australia. We applaud his bravery and devotion to the cause.

Our favourite quote though, has to be from Dr. Roshan:

Free beer, free tikkas, a poolside party, Foreign babes in bikinis, Indian babes in shorts that had me blushing and oh !! Did I mention FREEEEE BEEEEEEEER !!
An afternoon spent pushing a tube down some old lady’s throat and then ventilating her for hours as people fixed her broken arm, covered in her blood till finally I get the pleasure of awakening her , suctioning her oral secretions and retrieving my tube before she decides to chew it like a doggie chew toy.
Ya, right. Big choice, there.

More blog posts from Neeraj JainRavish Mody, Sahil Khan (The Tossed Salad), Prateek GuptaBhavya and Anjuli.

A special thanks goes out to Kinshuk Sunil, Priyanka (aka Twilight Fairy), Vineet Rajan (who helped all the way from Hyderabad), Bhavya, Prateek and Anjuli who went out of their way to help us out.

To sum up, again from the good Doctor:

Overall, it was a great experience. The kind that for me is , quite literally, a once in a lifetime experience. To be able to sit in cushioned chairs, a beer in your hand in front of the pool, watching H-O-T gals dance to great music… That is the good life. This was, indeed, the art of chilling.

I mean, it was all that you’d want to see in a high class party, plus 10 intellectuals as well… ok, bloggers. Indibloggers, no less. (You ain’t an Indian blogger till you’re an Indiblogger, guys and gals. Just remember that.)


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20 Responses

  1. It was great fun dude.. thx to the Indiblogger team for the passes 😀

  2. Karthik says:

    Now, this is awesome to hear “You ain’t an Indian blogger till you’re an Indiblogger, guys and gals. Just remember that.”

  3. Anoopzombie says:

    dai(s)… wheres my free fosters??

  4. Nikhil says:

    yeah!..thanks to the Indiblogger team for making Saturday night a “Party Night” ..Cheers!

  5. Sumit Sharma says:

    Indibloggers team U ROCK …thanks a lot for such an awesum,hot and chilling pary 🙂 U knw y i am saying hot ;)and yeah i am with karthik for the slogan…Hey guys its time to change the slogan 🙂

  6. Sandeep says:

    Yeah…its really awesome party, Indibloggers u rockzzzz.

  7. Vivek says:

    Amazing to see so much advertisement of Fosters in India
    these days.Although I have been staying in Australia for so many years I have never consumed Foster here.Made in Australia doesnt seem to impress Aussie to drink Foster.

    Do you like it…

  8. Anish K.S says:

    Foster my favorite brand 🙂

  9. Ani says:

    thumbs down to the indiblogger team for this.

  10. Vipul Grover says:

    I want those babes in chandigarh 🙁

  11. vinni says:

    Hyderabad! woohoo!
    beer and biryani!

  12. pape says:

    this is fantastic, what an amazing party

  13. I am Coming….. @ chandigarh Fosters Bloggers -The art of Chilling

  14. Was there and done that. Here are the pictures of Foster’s Art of Chilling -@ Chandigarh Club on 4th Oct 2009

    Thanks Renie for inviting me . It was a complete fun.

  15. AakashG says:

    Foster my favorite brand

  16. Ravi Sahu says:

    thanks for encouraging and motivating us

  17. Lavanya says:

    Hey, that was very nice article

  18. Vijaya says:

    Very Informative article you have shared thanks a lot

  19. Vijaya says:

    Amazing article mate, I will bookmark this site surely.
    Thank u very much.

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