Student Initiative kickstarts at KCG College of Technology, as a part of the Student Initiative Program conducted its first workshop on blogging at the KCG College of Technology, Chennai on the 16th of October 2008.

Students, Lecturers and Professors from various departments attended this workshop. The workshop was initiated by the students of KCG Tech and the program was organised by Sriram, a final year student of Hindustan University, along with his colleague Ferdin of KCG Tech.

These enthusiasts wanted the students to understand the potential of blogging as an influential medium. We were more than glad to conduct this workshop for the students’ community and are looking forward to more workshops in colleges this year. The students at KCG were focused, attentive and interested to know more about ‘blogging’ and were all ready to experience it. Blogging Workshop at KCG Tech, Chennai

I gave the welcome note and it was surprising to see the interest shown by all these students on a nice cloudy afternoon with the smell of rain in the air, when we assumed they would rather be outdoors!

Manoj, a first year student of KCG was the most outspoken of the lot and now has his own blog at This blog was created for him by the IndiBlogger team during the session.

Sandhya, a well-known face with many bloggers and seen at almost all IndiBlogger meets, too joined us to make this workshop a success by taking a session on how to create a blog. (She was the one who created the blog for Manoj.)

Renie‘s session in this workshop was ‘all about blogging’. His session covered an introduction as blogging, the various terms uses, what it takes to blog and why blogging is important to everyone.

Sriram conducted a session on promoting your blog and maximizing readership.

One instance from the workshop which made us proud – Vikraman, another student stood up to make a bold and honest statement that “I always thought that learning to speak in front of a large audience was the only way to make myself heard. I thank the IndiBlogger team for showing us this new medium where we can express, open up, share our views, opinions and suggest our ideas about anything to the rest of the world” . This truth was reciprocated by a hall filled with applause for himself, the IndiBlogger team, the students of KCG, the workshop and the experience of blogging.

I was eagerly waiting for the launch of the ‘IndiStudent Badge‘ at the workshop. This badge is dedicated to the students in our community.

To conclude:

We thank the management of KCG tech in providing us all the possible support for this workshop.

Special thanks to Professor Ravi, Ferdin and Sriram  – Computer Science Dept.

Pictures of the event are available at the IndiBlogger collection on Flickr.

We are on tour! So please do reach us if you want to have a workshop conducted in your school or college.

Balaganesh & The rest of the IndiBlogger Team

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11 Responses

  1. suree says:

    Hi ,

    I have registered at indiblogger almost a month back, i
    haven’t yet got any mail from u guys whether i was rejected or accepted, so please take a look at my blog and inform me asap.

  2. Renie says:

    Hi Suree, there was an error in your url – we have corrected the same and approved your registration. Welcome to the IndiBlogger network!

  3. Yuvi says:

    Hey folks! I’m from the college this event was conducted on, and I can assure you that it wasn’t an OTTE (Out Through The Ear) seminar. One person who attended the seminar had already got interested enough to start a blog (, and I expect this trend to continue. We even have one for our english assignments! (

    So, In short – a personal thank you, and a communal thank you for coming. And do come back!

  4. suree says:

    thanks for aprroving the blog,i have corrected the blog url now, but the link u gave in the comment is not working…please do the needful

  5. suree says:

    oh renie, iam sorry again, i think after changing the url , it has taken me as a new registration, so please approve me again, i am sorry for the trouble

  6. Hi! Recently I came to know about I have just registered. Want to conduct seminars in School across Tamil Nadu and India!
    Jai Hind!

  7. Shayon says:

    Hey Renie,

    How you been doing, man! It’s been really long since I heard from the IndiBlogger team.

    I ppreciate the effort you guys have taken up and it’s heartening to know that you have finally started organizing workshops! i alwatys felt that organizing workshops is a very important ingredient for popularising blogging in India.

    Anyway, if you ever plan to conduct workshops in the eastern or western parts of the country, do ping me up. I’d love to attend and also cover the events. What say?

  8. Renie says:

    @Shayon! Good to hear from you man. Yeah we should catch up, I should be in Bombay soon enough. I’ll give you a call anyways to see what’s up at your end. 🙂

  9. poorna raman says:

    was that just a lingustic knowledge we gain trough writing…? !blogging has always made my vocabulary and style grow bigger and bigger .i often had a discomfort to convey my thoughts .But that wasnt so when i found writing made its best mediator !

  1. October 23, 2008

    […] One of my classmates has started a blog, after an Indiblogger session on blogging. Personal blog. I know her – and gawd can she write! She’s got the customary “O […]

  2. October 23, 2008

    […] One of my classmates has started a blog, after an Indiblogger session on blogging. Personal blog. I know her – and gawd can she write! She’s got the customary “O […]

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