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Our first update for 2008 is here! Thanks to all of you who posted your questions on this blog, we now have a page for Frequently Asked Questions. We hope you find what you’re looking for. If you don’t – post a comment!

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  1. I’ve been trying to register on IndiBlogger, no matter how many times I resend the sctivation email, I just don’t get it. I’ve already checked my spam folder and trash too, it’s not there. Never got it. I’m sure it’s a bug in the system. Could you help me out?

  2. Ok I did recieve the email but over 1 and a half hour after I registered. Now I see 3 mails from IndiBlogger – My blog Hash being approved, One from your support team, saying that they are looking into the matter, and a third one with the activation link. Now if I even click the activation link, it’s of no use. My account still doesn’t get activated. It shows me this message –


    Your email id is registered with IndiBlogger – however it looks like your account has not been activated. Possible reasons could be:
    You just registered, and our moderators haven’t approved your listing as yet.
    Old jungle saying – Good things come to those who wait.

    Your listing was rejected because it did not comply with our submission guidelines.

    We messed up. Post a comment on our blog and rant a bit so we can help you out.”

  3. Vivek says:

    First of all – Kudos to the indiblogger team. Great effort and a really awesome site design 🙂

    Now, 2 things desperately here
    1. “Contact Us” page – You just point me to IndiBlogger blog page but where exactly should I post a suggestion/bug? Any random post in the blog !!? A dedicated contact page comes in handy here.
    2. Site Map – I know I’ve explored the whole content of a website from it’s sitemap. I understand that IndiBlogger is not such a big website and there’s probably nothing much to put in the SiteMap but it usually makes things clear for people like me.

    Another suggestion – Why dont you guys make this site more dynamic by showing recent posts from the blogs in your directory? Then, the users can sort out recent posts by tags and content. Although, you must be having thousands of blogs in your directory and publishing their recent contents could be hard to manage! What do you think ?

  4. Renie says:

    Hi Vivek, first of all – thanks! 🙂

    Strange coincidence, but Anwin was mentioning the need for a contact page just yesterday, and now that you brought it up as well, we’ll have one up soon!

    Sitemap – you’re right, we didn’t feel the site is big enough for a sitemap just yet. We’ll look into it though.

    Showing recent posts from the blogs – that’s something blog aggregators do, and we don’t want to be doing that. We believe that a blog’s content should be shown on the blog alone, and displaying anything on our site would be stealing! Also, you’re right – sorting out through thousands of feeds can be complicated. Are you a web developer by any chance? 🙂

  5. Vivek says:

    Being a blog aggregator is not *bad*. You’re bringing traffic to the site, not stealing it! 🙂 In any case, these are just ideas, floating around. Butterflies in the head, you know 🙂

    About me – No, I’m not a web developer. Just a computer junkie with marginal knowledge of web design. But I can atleast appreciate quality when I see one.

    Gook luck to you guys!

  6. asad says:

    i recently registered and while i was going about completing my profile,i was stupid enough to ignore the “tags” part..but now i want to enter a few tags as well but i dont know how to go about it..plz help!!

  7. varghese says:

    I am not quite sure if you have activated my account, since it says”Your listing was rejected because it did not comply with our submission guidelines.” If this actually pertains to the present state of approval of this blog, kindly let me know what I should do to get it approved . I have not much knowledge of the technicalities of submission. So if you can just elaborate it in your reply i will be much obliged. Thanks.

  8. Saurabh says:

    I registered with Indiblogger yesterday and after that I made a few changes to tag and city columns [didnt exactly checked out submission guidelines, my bad :(]
    Now I m back to moderation zone and I dont know how long do I need to wait… I hope I have not commited crime of the century… Ranting out loud.. bring me back to the listing please!!!


  9. Saurabh says:

    Well, As I see my previous comment is still under moderation while my blog listing is back! Yippi!!! However I have more to “rant”… 😛 Thing is that I have another blog ( that I was trying to add to my profile. Now what happens is that sometimes it shows there, sometimes it doesnt… and in the process I think it is added more than once to my profile. It is all very confusing. Help!

  10. parth says:

    i have activated my indiblogger account …but still it hasnt been approved…i dont who is at fault coz i dont see myself not following the guidelines….if there is a fault from my side its not clear to me please make clear.

  11. Nachiketa says:


    My compliments for coming up with this site. It looks nice.

    Have some 2-bit feedback:

    1. The registration activation mail takes toooooooooooooooooo…… long in finding it’s way to the inbox. (some thing users have listed in this section earlier) would like to repeat it so that it adds as a vote to better this process. All other sites that I have ever registered on send it within seconds of registration.

    2. Email format of network mails:
    Bloggers have been adding me to their network.. (very flattering indeed). I get emails which inform me about the same.
    Sample below:
    Dear Nachiketa ,

    Your blog The Variable has been added to the network of Noopur Rangera , a blogger from Gurgaon.

    Reciprocation is a good thing. If you like Noopur Rangera ‘s blog, you can add it to your own network.

    Go to your network now.

    The IndiBlogger Team
    In this mail the following are hyperlinks:
    1. My blog name: The Variable
    2. The network page of Indibloggers: “Go to your network now.”
    3. The indibloggers website homepage: “”

    This is such a long process for me to see Noopur’s blog. [after logging in and then viewing my netwrok]
    Why should I have to login to Indibloggers to see Noopur’s blog?

    If you are tracking the traffic, you have driven to a particular blog, then embed the tracker jump URL in the mail itself, Which for Noopur’s blog happens to be “”

    Would urge you to look into this small usability feature, which I’m sure will increase the absolute pageviews for the site aswell.

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