Is blogging on the wane?

Chip, the popular tech magazine ran a featured article on the present state of blogging in the face of the rising popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. We had our say on the issue, and gave them some stats to prove it. In the end, Chip concluded that blogging is definitely very much alive.

Anoop Johnson, Director-Marketing and Strategic partnerships at IndiBlogger, which is the largest community of Indian bloggers, feels that even though the number of bloggers has gone down, the quality has definitely improved. “Back in 2007-2008, we used to approve around 500 blogs every month, and reject around 700. Blogs are mainly rejected because they had duplicate content or did not have enough posts because the author ran out of things to say. In 2010, we approved roughly 600 blogs per month, while the number of spammy blogs came down to 500 per month. In other words, serious writers still continue to grow in number, while the half-baked attempts at blogging decrease since those authors have other outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Blogging requires much more discipline and passion than maintaining a social network profile, and there really is no comparison between the two.”

Read the whole article and the stats here.

Is blogging dead?


Blog platforms used by IndiBloggers

Which blog platforms are the most popular among Indian Bloggers? We updated our crawler to identify blogging platforms, and it gave us some interesting stats:

Surprisingly, we only have a single active blog from bigadda on IndiBlogger, out of 9k blogs (No, it’s not Big B’s blog!)

Not surprising are the stats showing the popularity of blogger vs. wordpress.  Hopefully wordpress will catch up soon!

Thanks goes to Amit from Webyantra for this idea!

First WordCamp in India

The Delhi Bloggers BlocBlog Design Studio and Mojo 360 have a great gift for the Indian blogosphere. On occasion of the 5 year completion of The Delhi Bloggers Bloc, they are bringing the famed WordCamp to India on the 21st and 22nd of February – with none other than the founder of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg. For those who aren’t aware, Automattic is the company that owns WordPress, Gravatar, Akismet and bbpress, among others.


For more information on the event and for registration,  check out the official site:

The event is being held at the Adobe office in Delhi.  Registration costs 10$ for both days, and 6$ for a single day. The organizers just announced that they’ve made payments easier by adding a paypal option.

The IndiBlogger team is a huge fan of wordpress (especially the self hosted version) – and we can’t wait to attend this 2 day festival of wp goodness. is an official online partner for WordCamp India, so please do stay tuned for more updates. Official updates from the organizers are also on twitter.

On a different note, I must say that this is the first time I saw Blog Design Studio, and their work looks great!

IndiBlogger theme for WordPress

WordPress theme for Indian blogs released! (Yay!)


Download it and try it out