– The Independence Day Blogger Meet

Its official! will be hitting Mumbai on Independence Day 2010. The 15th of August will also mark 3 years of our existence on the World Wide Web. There are other reasons to celebrate too as Sea Princess will be one of our largest and most charming venues. With over 100 registrations on the first day, we are sure that this will be a spanking IndiBlogger Meet!

We are open to your suggestions for this IndiBlogger Meet. For those of you bloggers who want more than your minute of fame, you can write to us here. We look forward to meeting all of you again.

Be there at 2:00 PM sharp and if Mumbai is flooded, bring your canoes and pick us up from Andheri :)

See you all there!

Details & Registration here

Anoop Johnson

The Black hair, Grey Hair & No-Hair UniverCell IndiBlogger Hyderabad Meet!

It was a hair here and a hair there as the first thing noticeable on a hot summer afternoon in Hyderabad was the age range of the crowd. We had everyone from an 11 year old blogger to others who claimed to have grey hairs of wisdom. Over the past few months we have interacted with over 500 bloggers through blogger meets and online contests. We get tons of your support messages and the kind words in some of them are a boost to us every time. Keep your thoughts coming and thank you for the reviews on the UniverCell IndiBlogger Meet.

The thirty seconds of fame was hilarious as always in Hyderabad. It inspired the title of this post. The blogger who said that, please stand up and take a bow. :-) We got a lot of valuable feedback in the many reviews we have received. One of the bloggers expressed concern that people could not take note of the credentials of the blogger during the 30 seconds. This is a valid argument. If there are any ideas or better yet if there is some free code that we could borrow/ steal, do let us know and we will figure something out. :-)

The chart activity was a great time to connect with friends! I put my comments on a few bloggers. Some bloggers want more time on it. We are still deliberating logistics, but we agree. BTW what is everyone doing with the chart papers?  You guys can put them up too, we’d love to see!

The Quiz by Riyaz Usman was a good little thing for those who had… BRAINS!!! :) After every question, I would turn around to Renie and ask “What was the question??” Aiyo! Very embarrassing!! There were many bloggers who knew the answers and 10 of them won discount coupons from UniverCell, for the rest of us, let’s form a club. :-)  The names of the winners are in this sacred document. As she did with all your sketch pens, Rashmi put this paper in her pocket and sat down somewhere. Kindly excuse the folds. The document was then torn to protect private data.

We also noticed that there was more enthusiasm for the UniverCell blogger contest and we wish you guys the best. This is a great opportunity for bloggers to live the blogging dream, if there ever was one! Anisha @ RCB is doing a great job for the Royal Challengers Bangalore and her work is featured on the RCB website. I am pretty sure that she has tons of fun! The UniverCell contest on the other hand is for gadget bloggers. Staying close to every mobile phone that comes into the Indian market, drool drool!

Many thanks to the core guys and Karthik in particular who got things done in time to make possible this very enjoyable meet. We all felt a little bit different at the end of this blogger meet and a tweet from Sanz4U said it all “Don’t forget Hyderabad”. We certainly won’t!

We hope you guys liked the video prepared just for Hyderabad. We will be uploading it soon after we add a few elements from the meet.

Anoop Johnson & The IndiBlogger Team

Update: The meeting was covered by the Hindu, here’s the online version and the scan is below:

Hyderabad Blogger Meet in the Deccan Chronicle


Hyderabad Blogger Meet – a review

After a successful IndiBlogger meet in Bangalore, the IndiBlogger team headed off to Hyderabad and started off with the second leg of the blogger meets. We didn’t know what to expect in Hyderabad except that we were going to be ordering a few more pizzas than we did in Bangalore. We were not disappointed! In came a crowd of about 70 odd strong, extremely verbose and quite young. The difference between the Bangalore meet and Hyderabad was the fact that the bloggers here came in communities. This was quite an exciting development for us, as we now understood that blogging communities like the IIIT blogroll team were quite interested in this association. They felt that they needed to reach out to more people and could help them gain the necessary exposure.

We made a few changes to the agenda this time around. We worked on some of the feedback that we got in Bangalore and decided to set a time limit for the blog introduction. We also looked at giving the bloggers more time to socialize. As the evening wore on it was quite evident that everyone was having a good time. Some experienced bloggers however seemed weary of the fact that this could be a one-off meeting like some other local meets before this. Before IndiBlogger there was really no one who had this level of focus and maturity in dealing with blogger meets. All the more reason for the IndiBlogger team to return quickly to Hyderabad for another smashing meet!

It’s off to Pune now for the IndiBlogger team. We hope to spread the word and ensure that aspiring bloggers like Balaji (who organized the Hyderabad meet) have something concrete to work with in-terms of building the blogger community, educating them and finally the ulterior motive – making the difference! As for the IndiBlogger team, with 120+ bloggers from two cities alone and a flurry of new registrations, we have contributed to encouraging new bloggers, giving purpose and a road map to the more mature ones and finally giving everyone an identity and a place where they and their ideas will always be welcome! Now that’s!

– Anoop Johnson, the IndiBlogger team

IndiBlogger Hyderabad meeting featured in The Hindu