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IndiBlogger.in has been Bangalored! 17

IndiBlogger.in has been Bangalored!

The weekend of the Bangalore blogger meet has arrived and we’re very excited to play hosts again! Last time we had 100 bloggers in a jam packed Kyra and this time we’ll have over...

Destination Mumbai IndiBlogger Meet! 6

Destination Mumbai IndiBlogger Meet!

Alright! The Mumbai IndiBlogger Meet is now on maximum capacity. We cannot wait to be there and chat with all of you again. The chance of meeting bloggers in your neighborhood is a treasured...

The Pagoda IndiBlogger Meet 5

The Pagoda IndiBlogger Meet

A very eventful Sunday it was for Birla, the owner of Pot Luck restaurant in BTM layout. His tweet read “Teaching kite flying and chopsticks to 100 kids, hosting bloggers meet and catering for...