Bloggers Usher in Social Change with #AkshayaPatra

Welcome BloggersIt was the same pleasant weather in Bangalore; something we’ve always enjoyed everytime we stepped foot in the city. The entire team had grouped a day before the event in the Bangalore office to go through the meet agenda. But like every blogger meet we usually end up forgetting the agenda; so leaves us thinking why we have these brainstorming sessions. And we don’t even need an excuse to drink actually!

The meet was a culmination of more than a month of hardwork by all the stake holders prior to the meet. The video showcased at the meet was shot by Anoop; which was not just well received but received a lot of mentions on twitter as well.

IndiBus made a roaring debut with more than 60 bloggers using it to reach the venue and back. Many bloggers liked the fact that they could meet and talk blogs much before the meet and get to know each other better. The super fast ultra mega deluxe blogger meet luxury express  was however late by an hour for the blogger meet thanks to super-fast traffic in Bangalore on the Sunday afternoon.

Akshaya Patra after hosting a very successful contest on IndiBlogger where each blog post fed 50 children made a grand entry into the hearts of the blogosphere with a MASSIVE blogger meet aimed to improving awareness about the noble efforts of the NGO and the lakhs of children who are given nourishing food every day. The success of this endeavour cannot be emphasised enough; because when they started back in June 2000 they were feeling close to 1500 children. Now they are feeling more than 1.2 million children daily making them the world’s largest NGO to implement the mid-day meal programme.

The meet had more than 270 registrations with bloggers from all over the country coming down to Bangalore to meet and network. The meet had bloggers from all walks of life – from homemakers, software engineers, government officials, entrepreneurs to even school students.

Based on suggestions from Lakshmi Rajan, we changed the format of the blogger introductions which went off very smoothly thanks to the system built especially for Blogger Meets. 60 random bloggers were chosen and had 30 seconds to introduce themselves. The screen also showed their blog link for others to see and refer. The bloggers who took more than 30 seconds to introduce themselves were ceremoniously sent to jail. All bloggers who introduced themselves got a photobook specially printed for bloggers by the bloggers. The photographs were taken by Naveen and Sanjeeb.

Next up was the lunch served which was also the same food that children eat everyday. There was bise bela bath and sweet pongal served with some namkeen. Bloggers got to experience for themselves the quality and nutrition value of the food served.

The time tested activity of Live and Let comment then commenced. A few first timers also asked what the chart papers were for and we were only too happy to respond, “You shall soon find out!” Soon the bloggers were seen sketching some funny stuff on everyone’s back. Some were risqué too! Rashmi from IndiBlogger was even proposed to by two bloggers. Why they would want to marry the crazy sketch pen lady of course is a discussion that warrants an #IndiTweetMeet ASAP!

This was followed with a discussion by Akshaya Patra who shared their journey as an organization that is doing social good. A lot of bloggers also shared suggestions for incorporation into their activities. The good thing about the session was that it was yet again proven that the blogging community is always there to support noble causes and would welcome any initiative with open arms. Bloggers also emphasised that they would like to have a long term association with them.

The final session included group discussions moderated by bloggers themselves. Issues ranging from online harassment to technology were discussed by them; and some even taking notes on their iPads and tablets.

This was followed with a team introduction; as usual the person introducing others forgot to introduce himself. This time the victim was Renie, but he really needs no introduction. He is the guy with the porcupine hair; we all know that now don’t we?

After another successful blogger meet in Bangalore, the team headed to The Higher Taste, an exclusive restaurant in the ISKCON premises where vegetarian gourmet food is served. Some patrons of the restaurant later complained about the empty buffet counters.

We thank Bangalore bloggers for being as hospitable as ever and Akshaya Patra for the wonderful work they are doing making every blogger in India proud to be associated with them.

The blogging community is indeed committed to bringing social change in India! has been Bangalored!

The weekend of the Bangalore blogger meet has arrived and we’re very excited to play hosts again!

Last time we had 100 bloggers in a jam packed Kyra and this time we’ll have over 250 bloggers in an equally Jam packed Fortune hotel.


The HP Imaging & Printing Division has an exciting contest in store for #indiblr – all you have to do is take pictures which represent the spirit of Bangalore on your way to the meet. Email the pictures to and they’ll be printed and stuck on a board by the time you reach.  Three winning entries will win a cool HP Printer at the blogger meet! :-)

If you haven’t registered as yet, here’s where you need to go:

Please do reach the venue at least 15 minutes prior to its start. We’ll be there 2 days in advance and we’ll be getting quite bored! :-)

We can also steal a drink or two from Fortune’s pub “Nevada” after the meet. Yes, we will need to steal. :-)


Fortune Park JP Celestial,
No.5/43, Race Course Road,

Bangalore Blogger Meet 2009

Hey hey hey! Its time for round two of the bloggers meet in Bangalore in as many years. We’re excited, pumped up and are hell bent on making this a very fun evening.

Last year we found that many liked the introduction round (now called the “One Minute of Fame”) as it gave bloggers a chance to talk about their blogs and their interests. We had a gala time listening to everyone of you, from the self proclaimed blogger meet virgin Kamal Tripathi, to BlogGanesha, the guys from, and to the very funny Parthasarathi , we had a super cool evening.


We cant wait to see everyone again and also see some new faces and characters. Bangalore has always been close to our hearts, it was our first blogger meet back in february 2008 and it it ranks as one of the best.

Its great when the community can give something back to the community. Enter, they are moderating a discussion on blogging rights and freedom of speech on blogs. So if you are a blogger who speaks his or her mind, this is a topic that you need to closely monitor. Recently a 19 year old was directed by the supreme court to take down his opinion on a political party. I say, what the blazes!!??


This year promises to be smashing with Microsoft providing us with a very cool sneak peak at Windows 7. We have heard a lot about windows 7 on the web and this is a fabulous chance to hear all about it from the horse’s mouth. So be ready with all your questions on Windows 7 this Saturday! Microsoft Bizspark is also going to be present, now for all you bloggers who have start ups and are struggling to find means to source your development tools, this is a great oppurtunity to capitalize on what Microsoft Bizspark has to offer.

Overall, with 75 bloggers registered already, this promises to blow the old numbers out of proportion, so if you haven’t registered at, this is a good chance to do so. If you are in the vicinity of Bangalore, this is a must attend meet for any serious blogger.


Looking forward to meeting you all. We cannot wait!

Official meeting page:

Bangalore blogger meet – it rocked!

Dear Bloggers of Bangalore,

Thank you for coming and making IndiBlogger’s first meeting a success! We couldn’t have done it without all the frenzied interest, thoughtful inputs and hilarious banter that you brought with you.

We’ve posted the pictures of the event here:

If you have any pictures of the meet on Flickr, please post them to the IndiBlogger group as well.

Mrinal, the 24 year old Rich Internet Consultant (by the way, does that mean you have a lot of money?) brought up the topic of ethical blogging, and the need to create a standard for what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s downright nasty. Sridhar suggested having a wiki on IndiBlogger so that everyone can build this page together. You know where we’re going with this don’t you?

Please jump in and contribute – even if it’s only a single line, every little bit helps.

Special thanks to all of you who took the time to blog about the meet – your testimony will bring many more bloggers to future meetings. For those who haven’t seen them, here’s a few:

Many of you mentioned that the agenda should have been announced beforehand, and that the introduction round was too long – thanks for pointing these out, among other things. Your feedback will help us make the next meeting even better.

Balaji is organizing an IndiBlogger meeting at the Microsoft office in Hyderabad on the 1st of March. If you have a few minutes, please wish Balaji good luck and send him your suggestions for the meet.

Bangalore blogger meet

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Bangalore Blogger Meet