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Remembering Mumbai 1

Remembering Mumbai

The crisis may be dying down but the people who lost their loved ones will be unable to forget it for the rest of their lives. The people of Mumbai and Indians everywhere must...

Updated submission guidelines 0

Updated submission guidelines

We used to have 3 simple rules for getting your blog on Unfortunately, things don’t get simpler over time. So now, we have 8 not-so-simple rules for getting your blog on The...

3 new badges 1

3 new badges

For all the artists, students, and intellectual-types – check out the new IndiBlogger badges!

Search Indian blogs from Firefox 5

Search Indian blogs from Firefox

Now you can search the IndiBlogger directory for tags, bloggers and find bloggers in your city directly from Firefox and IE7. The engine also uses Google to search for your keyword in all the...

Thank you, dear IndiBlogger 12

Thank you, dear IndiBlogger

This is a special post, and one I’ve been meaning to make for some time now. The IndiBlogger team has made it thus far thanks to one thing – and that’s been all the...

Regional language blogging! 10

Regional language blogging!

For all IndiBloggers who blog in Indian languages, please update your blog listing under your profile, where you can select the language you blog in. The IndiBlogger directory will soon have an option to...

Reviews for blogger meets 1

Reviews for blogger meets

We’ve added a section on the blogger meet pages to display links to reviews, pictures, press coverage and videos of the IndiBlogger meets. Check it out on the recently concluded Pune and Mumbai meeting...

New search bar 0

New search bar

Our weekend update is here. We’ve included a search bar in all our pages to make our tag, blogger and city search more accessible. Have a look! Come next week, we’ll have an auto...