Confessions of a failed blogger (and how you can do it write…right)

Twice. Twice tried and twice failed. You know, for us writers and journalists, not very often does a story come along that offers the potential to identify our own faults (yes, we are only humans, not demi-gods as some may portray!) and rectify it, so to say. For me, this is such a story.

You see, I am a failed blogger. For all my ranting on passion about writing, I just couldn’t keep my blog alive. It offered me all the guilt-free pleasure—a space to speak my mind, to write on things I wanted to—with no extra charge, and yet I couldn’t keep up the momentum of posting regularly. I don’t even remember the domain name of my first attempt!

Anyway, the good thing is that I am not alone (remember the relief on discovering you weren’t the only one getting punished for not doing your homework in class?). A number of people I know, including some of my friends, are on the same boat. They have chosen subjects close to their hearts and yet could not go beyond the first two or three blog posts.

So where are we going wrong? Who, but passionate bloggers who do it all so (seemingly) effortlessly, can answer that? BlogwatiG (, for instance, confesses of slip ups but says that the power her words wield—to make someone laugh or cry or ponder—keeps her going.


“My blog is my playground, so it’s my game and my rules. You are welcome to watch,” the feisty blogger whose real name is Vinita and refers to her online avatar as her alter ego, says.

Her words resonate with other bloggers who profess similar passion. But is that all?

Blogger Arvind Passey ( who has 850 posts on his blog emphasizes on dedication. “I need to keep practicing writing well or I slip back into mundane expressions. So I do it regularly…almost daily. I have a target to write at least a thousand words which can go up to 5,000 on lucky days. There are days when I am not able to write but they are rare,” he says.


Blogging is also therapeutic for many. It is, after all, writing, and words have their way to carve around like a channel, acting like a vent to all your hidden feelings.

Mommy blogger Rachna Parmar ( for instance relates the time when her son had an injury and she was feeling guilty about it. “At that time I found great support from fellow parents (through the blog). It was a moral boost in a time of deep personal stress,” she says.


Others like Aditi Mathur Kumar ( say that their blog helped others discover the ‘real’ person in them. “My husband says he fell in love with me even more after he discovered my blog (we had met only twice until then),” Aditi laughs.

Blogging also helped her realize her long cherished dream of writing a book. “My book dream was as old as I am but it was my blog that gave me the confidence to start writing (it).”


Money follows where the crowd does, and so blogs which are very popular and have a lot of hits are also a favored destination of advertisers to market their products. But bloggers advise caution.

“Brands wanting to associate with your blog is always a good thing and is a big motivation to write more, but I try and pick brands and causes that I connect to and that fit well with my blog. Plugging in products that do not make sense to you or to your reader is something every blogger should be wary of,” Aditi says.

And finally for some dead-serious list of tips for fledgling bloggers (that was the whole point, remember?).

BlogwatiG has six points. “Write what you connect with; know your strengths and weaknesses; follow  bloggers you idolize and you’ll know what not to do; put effort in your post heading; always reply to comments; never be in a hurry.”

But the most important point? Just write, they say. Right.

About the author:

A development journalist who writes mostly on health, women, and children related issues, Azera started her career a decade ago with the India Today group. Seeking greater flexibility (she needed it in ample amounts thanks to her husband’s job—he’s in the defence forces—and now an active one-year-old bundle of joy); she switched to freelancing, and now writes for multiple publications like TOI, Hindu, IANS, WFS, Third Pole; does some editing for publishing houses like Penguin; and also works as a consultant for UNICEF.

She has also been awarded two national media awards and a fellowship in the past. “So if you ask me what I like to do in my ‘free time’—as in, the time I get after tending to my toddler, in between packing boxes during the frequent transfers, and, oh, scraping through deadlines in all my professional commitments—I can only ask, ‘what’s that?’”

6 Easy steps to add IndiRank widget to a blogspot blog

This is a beginner to mid level blogger tutorial – on how to add the IndiRank widget to your blogspot blog in 6 easy steps . I hope it helps :)

  1. Login to and click on ‘Layout’ under your blog as shown in pic.

  1. In the resulting page, click on Add Gadget from the sidebar where you would like to display your Indi Rank Widget. See pic below:

  1. You will get a pop-up where you can choose the gadget to add to your sidebar. Select HTML/Javascript gadget by clicking on the ‘+’ sign to the right of the gadget title. See picture below:

  1. Now, keep these web pages open and log in to Then you need to visit the IndiRank page and select the widget from To copy left click inside white box and then CTRL+C on your keyboard. Picture below:

  1. Come back to the pop-up window where you would see a place to enter the title of the widget and also a large space for entering the code. In the larger area paste the earlier copied code from by pressing CTRL+V on your keyboard.

    Then click on ‘SAVE’. As in picture below:

  1. And Voila’ your blogspot blog can now show the IndiRank widget. Follow same procedure for other widgets and badgets too.

Cheers and all the best!!!

How to add IndiRank Widget to Windows Live Spaces

Some of our IndiBloggers who have Windows Live Spaces blogs have had some problems putting up the IndiRank widget on their blogs. We tested the code and here’s the result.

Comment: However, Windows Live Spaces is not accepting images. Could be a image compatibility problem. We are working on it as we blog.

1) Log in to your Windows Live Spaces blog

2) Select ‘blog‘ from the menu after logging. See e.g. below:


3) Select the widget module:

  • Click on the ‘Customize‘ tab found on the upper right corner.
  • Click on ‘Add Modules‘ sub menu under ‘Customize‘.
  • Then click on ‘Add‘ next to ‘Custom HTML‘.
  • See picture below for details.


4) On the next screen click on Edit button under ‘Custom HTML‘. See picture below for an example.


5) widget code

  • Log in to
  • Visit the widget page
  • Select the blog for which you need the widget for and click on Get Widget button (see picture below)
  • Then click on the link where it takes you to the code for and Windows Live Spaces blogs (See picture below)
  • Click in the code box by the side of the widget color you prefer (see picture below) and copy the code onto the computer clipboard (press CTRL+C on your computer keyboard)




6) Finish, the end, omega, or whatever

  • Go back to your Windows Live Space page where you had opened the edit page for the Custom HTML code (see picture below)
  • Paste the code in the box (CTRL+V on your keyboard)
  • Click on Publish (see picture below)
  • That’s it. Your widget should be visible now.



Happy blogging!!! Visit for a view of the end result.