IndiBlogger Weekly Diary | Edition 10

Welcome and welcome! The IndiBlogger Weekly Diary celebrates its 10th post with this special edition! The IndiTroll makes his first appearance on the forum with the intention of causing pain; we read some posts on other pains in the royal a$$, including BeefGate, LawyerGate, DocumentaryGate and I don’t think this covers the half of it! For our cover story this week we take a deeper look at the forum and understand how it has become a hub of learning for Indian bloggers.

As this is an extra special edition we are giving away a set of IndiMug and IndiMagnet for the winners of this week’s comments! Yes you can own both with a single comment on any thoughts you have on this week’s post; including the question of the week!


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The IndiTroll made its first appearance on the IndiBlogger forum. No one has any idea how it managed to create an account without a blog! The Sorcerer is currently taking the MEME WAR fight to the creature. I hear there is a bit of history between the Sorcerer and the IndiTroll on FB of a legendary meme war that has been waged for many moons. Then some brainiac decided to take it  up on IndiBlogger. I suggest that you head over there and join the apocalypse.


Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.03.00 pm


Talking about memes, we have a contest in memes! We don’t run too many contests on twitter because we stick to blogging for the most part , but this was harder to resist! This is one of the few times we have separate prizes for Facebook, Twitter and blog posts! So head on over and take your pick!

Here are a few examples as posted by bloggers:




The Real Brains Behind IndiBlogger:

For our cover story this week, we look at the IndiBlogger forum; or IndiForum as some like to call it. When we first launched the forum a few years ago, we were met with much skepticism. Most of our partners thought it was very web 1.0 and it wasn’t going to be a very useful solution. We launched it anyway. We just wanted a place where members could discuss everything about blogging.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.49.07 pm



An IndiForum for your thoughts?

On the IndiForum, there are over 5000 topics that cover every aspect of blogging including questions for beginners, customization and monetisation of blogs, among other things. It is a treasure trove on everything blogging :-)

The below table shows the number of topics under each category.


Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.04.55 PM


Take these topics for for example:

Complete Guide to Improve your Blog’s Traffic & Value by Debajyoti Das.  This post was created six years ago but still finds its concepts relevant today.

This is another topic on a selfless request by Aditya Dey  to urge IndiBlogger members to review each other’s blogs and encourage them.

There is a lot of encouragement for newbie bloggers as Aersh Danish  points out in this topic that helps break the ice.

The young ones have their own club with this topic; Young bloggers, I mean Teen, early twenty bloggers.. out here?  by Jaynth Busi

Some topics are simple yet inspiring for many. Let us introduce ourselves to the Indiblogger community is one such topic. If you haven’t said hello on the forum yet, this is a nice place to start!

Hey and whatdayaknow!! The IndiBlogger Weekly Diary has a topic too! created by Tanishq

Ritu,  on the other hand, with an army of smileys,  just decides to go to the “Content and Inspiration” section and talk about DDLJ!

The popular topics on the IndiForum!

One of the key things for us was to make a clean forum and, to do that, we had to keep an eye on everything. However, things changed when people were commenting in the forum by the thousands  and then the infamous IndiPolice was created. If this was an episode of Homeland, I would like to think of these guys as the CIA working to keep IndiBlogger free of spammers and shameless people looking to harm the community in some way. DS, Animesh (hey, your domain name has expired dude) and Karthik are the top 3 bounty hunters! :-). These guys have a lot of knowledge on the rules that govern the forum, however, if a thread is locked for some reason and you feel it was legitimate, there is nothing to worry about, just raise a ticket and we will do the needful.


Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.05.39 PM


The proverbial $h1t hits the fan!

The BBC documentary that was banned in India was amusing. I remember some of the IndiBlogger guys were in Delhi at the time. One of the neighbors in our guest house walked in and asked us to download the documentary because he didn’t have a fast internet connection! We didn’t because we were in the middle of some work. It seemed like his whole family had made popcorn and decided to watch it as a “dinner and a movie” concept. The funny thing is that it’s a documentary! With most Indians watching Ye Hai Mohabbatein and Comedy Nights with Kapil and sports and regional movies; I don’t think many would have given too much thought towards a documentary, whatever the content.

If the government had banned the video to increase awareness about the documentary and increase piracy in India, then it is an awesome move by them. Heck! Now people who haven’t heard of the internet will be like “Oh! You can download movies on the internet?? for free???” Strange times!

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Maharashtra decided to go and ban beef. Beef is a source of protein for many across the world. My problem with such laws is that it shows that we are not united in our diversity and our text books were wrong to tell us that “India is a democratic and secular country”. As a layman in this whole charade, I don’t see anything democratic or secular about this law. What’s your take on this show? May be you can express it in a meme 😉

Here are some posts on the various issues highlighted over the past few days!

Nabanita decided to go ahead and talk about those things that were irking her in this post:

A post on Indian women and their leaders by Tomichan Matheikal

A post by Desh Kapoor  with an analysis on the banned video:

A post on why rape jokes are not funny by Swati:

A post in Hindi on India’s daughter by Ashu from Kolkata

Is Gmail and Yahoo also going to be axed next?

An interesting analysis on Beef and its perception by Ramani

Roohi points out the Stairway to heaven in this post

Are you tired of BANS??? then you gotta read this by Chamatkar India

The mutinous Indian has an open letter:

Is the ban justified? A blogger uses her fashion blog to air her view.

A reaction to an age old prejudice with another open letter:

Another open letter :

Another post on BeefGate

Monsoon Breeze tries to understand the latest ban on beef

The budget analyses  was another topic with a number of bloggers submitting posts towards it.

Here are some posts to help you understand the INs and OUTs:

Winners of Edition 9:

We received tons of response for last week’s question on Twitter/micro-blogging vs blogging. Here are some of the answers that we picked:


Wrapping up with Question of The Week:

With all the strange things happening to bloggers who speak their mind across the world, do you feel that you could be prosecuted for airing your views on your blog if your wrote against certain policies by entities related to the governments? YES or NO and why?

So until next time,  here’s to special days ahead for you on IndiBlogger!



The Samsung “It’s Time to Tab” Contest on IndiBlogger

For those of you who aren’t aware of what we are talking about, we had announced the twenty winners of the Samsung “It’s Time to Tab” contest a few days ago. Some of the participants have been quite unhappy with the winner selection and the way the contest was run. You should probably read these first, in case you haven’t done so already:

IndiBlogger Forum: Samsung Mobilers Winners : A Disappointment!

TechJunoon: IndiBlogger-Samsung Conspiracy Against the Indian Tech Blog Community

Tech2Date: Samsung, IndiBlogger And The Rat-Trap

TodayOnTech: Indiblogger and Samsung Galaxy Tab Contest – We call it a Scam!

Firstly, we’re sorry this caused so much distress. We understand how much work goes into a quality blog post, and it’s tough when one’s efforts go unrewarded.

Secondly, there have been several things said about, Samsung India and the winners of the contest, and we intend to shed some light on the same:

This is not a winning entry, this is the correct link.

When Samsung India sent us the list of winners, they had sent the correct link to the winning entry. We normally link to the IndiVine post from the winner’s list – and when we looked for entries by that particular blogger, we chose the wrong one. It was a human error, and it was corrected as soon as it was brought to our notice. The last tweet was also mentioned in this post, leading everyone to believe that we had awarded an entry which only had pictures to a launch event; this isn’t the case!

Extension of the contest by two days

It’s been suggested that we extended the closing date of the contest as there were not enough entries; that IndiBlogger was forced to do so because the promised number of entries was not met. The truth is, the contest was extended by two days because the Samsung Blogger Meet was re-scheduled for the 10th, and we wanted to give those who attended a chance to enter the contest after seeing the device and meeting the Samsung team.


We checked all the winning entries for any sign of plagiarism before announcing the results. Considering that we burnt our fingers once before, we’re quite thorough for all our contests now. It’s been suggested that we neglected to disqualify this winning entry, because the technical specs were copied from here. We did so because technical specs are usually copied – either from the manufacturer’s website or another source, and copyscape/Google will always throw up several results for the same.

Favoritism by the judges/random selection

It’s been claimed that friends of the IndiBlogger team and Samsung have been awarded the prizes. This is not the case – IndiBlogger had no part to play in the judging and Samsung India has nothing to gain by favoring friends – the entries were judged on the selection criteria alone (see below). It’s also been mentioned that winners have been randomly selected, a misconception because we stated on the contest page that the winners are displayed in random order.

The selection criteria

As was stated on the contest page: Entries will be judged based on creativity, relevance, depth, impact and level of interaction.

Judges, in all their wisdom, are only human. Everyone has their own way of looking at things – and what is important to one, may be considered irrelevant to another. We are not aware of the weightage given to each of the criteria above – that decision belongs to the sponsors of the contest, as it should be. Some entries may have been found to be so creative that it caught the judge’s fancy, and it may have outweighed the other factors. Some entries might have been so well researched and insightful that it outweighed the need to be creative. That is why the winners are a mix of techies, fictional writers and comedians. We believe that if the judges disregarded the entries and only chose bloggers who would make good Samsung Mobilers, they would have chosen only tech bloggers (considering they tend to have better reach). In the end, 20 winners needed to be chosen out of 220, and we’re certain that Samsung India gave the judging process the time it deserved. To say that their judgement was flawed by criticizing the winning entries and the work those bloggers put into it is extreme.

Changing the contest rules

When we launched the contest, we had stipulated that only those who promoted the live webcast would be allowed to enter the contest. Unfortunately, this was a bit botched up – this announcement was made on the blogger meet page, and it led to a lot of confusion. Some bloggers said that the webcast was showing up as a blank screen; others thought that they had to attend the blogger meet in order to participate in the contest; some thought that the launch event and the blogger meet was the same; and a few were misled into thinking that the launch was postponed along with the blogger meet. We also had many new registrations during those two weeks, as bloggers were signing up with IndiBlogger purely for the contest. Our moderators had a tough time keeping up, and several bloggers were approved only after the launch event. It was to accommodate for all of this, we had to simplify the rules; and we allowed bloggers to link to the recorded version of the webcast within their entries. We realize that those who abided by the original rules and went all out to promote the live webcast on their blogs, twitter and facebook feel slighted by this change. We do apologize – it was a decision that wasn’t made lightly, and on hindsight, may have been the wrong one. On the other hand, we feel that the change increased the level of competition, and that’s always a good thing!

Former IndiBlogger staff “confessing” the truth

The person in question is a former IndiPolice of the IndiBlogger forum, which is moderated by the community. Members of our team (part time, full time and one-time) are listed here. Unfortunately, he left the IndiBlogger community a while ago, as he did not like the way we handled the plagiarism problem, and wasn’t happy with the way the forum was run. We’re still sorry he left; he brought to light several issues on the forum (carefully disguised affiliate links, for instance) which the rest of us had not realized. His advice to us before he left has proven to be invaluable, and we hope to see him back one day, assuming time really does heal. However, to use the words “staff”, “confesses”, “scam”, “inside story” and “dirty truth” is a tad misleading, to say the least.

To conclude, for today:

We’d be happy to update this post with any questions we’ve neglected to answer. If we have missed out on anything, it’s not intentional; it’s just been a long day and an even longer week. We didn’t mean for all of this to happen, and we certainly didn’t anticipate it. I (Renie Ravin) must admit, I’m not too pleased about confidential emails and personal facebook comments shared out of context, let alone being shared at all. IndiBlogger and what it represents is much more than work for all us; we live for it and we do it 24/7 (much to the dismay of friends and family.) We know this doesn’t necessarily make us right – we’re here to learn from mistakes and make changes, as we’ve done several times before. We do hope that all of you who feel disappointed right now would stick with us while we do so.

The Samsung “It’s Time to Tab” Contest on IndiBlogger Sep24


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Announcing the Samsung Mobiler Campaign

Come the 10th of August, Samsung officially launches the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India – and IndiBloggers everywhere are invited to participate!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch

So aside from the Samsung Galaxy Tab Blogger meet at Bangalore on the 20th of August which promises to be loads of fun, Samsung is also giving away spanking-new Galaxy Tab 750s to twenty bloggers deserving enough to become a “Samsung Mobiler”!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750s

Learn more about the campaign here, and stay tuned for the IndiVine contest and the live webcast on the 10th of August.

It’s time to tab, and keep blogging!

Pepsi Youngistaan ka WOW!

The Pepsi Youngistaan ka WOW! IndiBlogger of the month is in its final phase of nomination. There have been over 80 nominations so far and quite a few of them aiming for the 30,000 rupee cash prize. The nominations will be revealed this week, and the contest will enter the voting phase.

Having read through some of the entries, we feel that these posts are some of the bloggers best work yet. There have been some very creative suggestions on the Pepsi game which is live on twitter with #pepsithegame and is promoted through all channels.

We wish everyone the very best for the next crucial phase of this competition. A good tip for getting more votes is to participate actively within the online community. The winners of the previous IndiBlogger of the month contests have always been amazing in using multiple channels to bring the online community closer to their blogs. This enables them to get feedback on their blogging and also give that little inspiration to write a masterpiece next time around.

If you have not nominated yourselves yet, please do so at the contest page on IndiBlogger. Hopefully this contest would have helped some of you improve your creative writing, get some new followers but most of all we hope that you had a great time blogging!

Anoop Johnson & The IndiBlogger Team

Star Movies, Indiana Jones and blogging!

Indiana Jones came alive for a few weeks when hosted the “Star Movies – Indiana Jones Blogger contest”.

Reema of My Random thoughts and Ali Naqvi of TheReelMag took the top honours. Our hearty congratulations to these two deserving IndiBloggers!

Inceidentally, Reema also won the IndiBlogger of the Month award in the humour category. won the prize for their portrayal of George Lucas and Spielberg’s very first conversations that led to life for Indiana Jones on the big screen. We highly recommend them for some great movie reviews!

The gift hampers from Star Movies were quite enviable and we had to provide a good level of security for it, lest someone stole the book on Heroes or the Casino Royale playing card set.

Look at the glee on the face of Ali Naqvi Co-Editor, We remind him that this is not a pirate movie and that he should share his treasures with the IndiBlogger team. :-)

More pics of the prizes, courtesy Reema:

You can look to the IndiVine channels for more competitions of this kind. Whether you are a sports, science or technology blogger, you can find competitions that choose your writing style and area of expertise within these specific IndiVine channels. The Star Movies blogger contest was run on the Movies channel.

The first IndiBlogger of the Month awards in 2009 will most likely be for blogs on movie reviews. Bloggers will be thrilled to submit their posts on a lot of new movies from Twilight New Moon to The Ugly Truth.

Once again, thank you Winners and everyone else who participated. We had a wonderful time getting this done!

Blogger contest – The most masaaledaar incident of your life!

Is there a comical genius lurking inside you? Um..No…? Ok then, just a comic? Either way, here’s a wacky contest for bloggers from the guys at

Tadka Maar Ke offers you a chance to be a part of the spiciest movement in Indie music in India and grab a few prizes while you are at it. We hereby declare the bloggers competition for Tadka open.

Share with us ‘the most masaaledaar incident of your life‘ and the top five most entertaining posts, as decided by our judge, Sidin (, will get a 500 Rupee gift coupon courtesy Flipkart. Don’t worry if the incident you are going to write about happened with a friend (who may or may not be imaginary). Yes, you can submit more than one entry but you can win only one prize so submit your best ones.

..did we hear you asking ze word limit? ney! this is not for any newspaper, just let your thoughts flow (but dont send a manuscript)

Are pretty simple. Final date of receiving url’s to your blog posts is 25th Nov.
Results will be declared on Nov 30th.

How to Submit

  1. Submit your post to the humour category on IndiVine.
  2. Send an email to with the url of your entry on IndiVine (or) tweet the url with the hashtag #tadka.

There are not one or two or three or four but five!
Five gift coupons, each worth INR 500, courtesy Flipkart.

Don’t forget to visit for more updates. Good luck, and keep blogging!


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NASSCOM Product Conclave 2009 and a contest

UpdateHere’s a cool contest for all bloggers and tweeters who are in or around Bangalore. NASSCOM counts down to Product Conclave and Expo 2009 with a special contest through where one can win NASSCOM Product Conclave T-Shirts, and free passes to the event itself!

The event is to be held on October 27th – 28th at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.

So what’s the deal? All you have to do is write or say something about the following topics on your blog, on twitter or on NASSCOM’s facebook page. Be as imaginative and wild as you want! Just remember to add the tags #indiblogger and #nasscompc. A lucky winner with the best ideas, whacky comebacks or thought provoking one-liners will be chosen every day.

The topics?

  1. Do you think Entrepreneurship can be taught, learned or is it an instinct?
  2. Do you feel Indian Education system needs to focus more on Entrepreneurship?
  3. What is your favorite product startup from India and Why?

So go on, tweet about the topics, blog, comment on this post or post your thoughts on NASSCOM’s facebook page.

UPDATE: 2 passes have been given out already to @sangfroid and @santoshp via twitter. Congratulations! 3 more passes to go!


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Mother’s day contest at IndusLadies

The IndiBlogger team have been asked ‘Where are the women bloggers?’ quite a few times in many of our IndiBlogger meets across major cities in India. We have not missed this question at all. In fact, we have been wondering the same.

So, when IndusLadies contacted us to help them get their Mothers day contest noticed amongst bloggers we thought that you should know.


This is an opportunity for all IndiMommy bloggers to to do what you love to do best, talk about your parenting experiences and also your babies.  What’s more, the winner gets a cash prize!

What are the prizes?

  • The winner gets $200
  • The 2nd place gets $100
  • The 3rd place gets $50
  • And the top ten get cool t-shirts and caps from Indusladies
  • The first 25 entries or the Jaldi 25 entries which will be awarded with the letter holder from Indusladies

How much time have we got?
During the period from 6th April 2009 to 26th April 2009, contestants must post an entry on their blog, and on IndusLadies Entries should be not more than 1200 words, and can have captioned photos.  The entries can be mushy, emotional, tragic, corny, funny, slapstick. The contest entry should have a link to IndusLadies.

How do I participate?
The entries should also display the Mother’s Day picture that is available at the contest link. Visit the following link to learn more about how to participate –

Aside from that, have you seen the IndiMommy badge?

IndiBlogger - Network of Indian Bloggers

Get the code here –

Mother’s day contest at IndusLadies Apr17


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